1. Dtrap7 Tv

    Dtrap7 Tv2 hours ago

    you should react to footasylum does the shoe fit

  2. mexican killz

    mexican killz2 hours ago

    Dontai is the only person to make a 4 minute vid into a 14 minute vid. case closed

  3. Itsafish

    Itsafish3 hours ago

    make it boom


    G AND A CONTENT3 hours ago

    the least fav Rico/jack

  5. S Ayman

    S Ayman3 hours ago

    The Hoevid-19

  6. Joshua Brough

    Joshua Brough3 hours ago

    I would curse me ass off in that

  7. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix3 hours ago

    JJ when he works out heavy he is shredded

  8. Lost

    Lost3 hours ago

    MY NIGGA 45 FOR A HOODIE and 25 for a shirt I love you dontai but that overpriced as hell

  9. GlockBBY 18

    GlockBBY 183 hours ago

    Long live the like button we smashed it regarding to the dislike button-FNG🖤 {\__/} ( •.• ) / > ❤️

  10. Tony Btx

    Tony Btx4 hours ago

    Man, I really hate that there is so much difference and hatred towards another ethnicity, because in the end the only difference between us is melanin, it doesn't matter if you are white or colored if you made a mistake. I have known people of color who have gone through so many ugly and meaningless things in the first place speaking, that is, what I mean is that now you are judged first by what color your skin is, then whether you did or did not do

  11. lorenzo mossucca

    lorenzo mossucca4 hours ago

    Do the reaction a Juice Wrld-conversation

  12. Floyt

    Floyt4 hours ago

    this how the friendship w X started aswell

  13. Jose Encarnacion

    Jose Encarnacion4 hours ago

    Killed it

  14. Jose Encarnacion

    Jose Encarnacion4 hours ago

    benzino daughter

  15. Bean!

    Bean!4 hours ago

    can we get a rap feature on this shit

  16. Daniel

    Daniel4 hours ago

    Can you react to 20 WOMEN VS 1 SIDEMEN: HARRY EDITION??


    JAKSYN BLACKMAN4 hours ago

    Jojo Siwa sounds like Jojo see why

  18. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix4 hours ago

    Babutunde is special

  19. مضحي البصمان

    مضحي البصمان4 hours ago

    Bruh react to snitchnine instagram vid

  20. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix4 hours ago

    Emily Applebee needs to be brought back. For Sidemen 20 women 1 Sidemen series.

  21. BGaff

    BGaff4 hours ago

    Heard about a few females who listened to this song and they ended up with a black eye

  22. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix4 hours ago

    Just because JJ is the most popular between them he get's all the credit and recognition. That is that fair to the other six who work their ass off everyday to make entertaining and original content.

  23. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix4 hours ago

    Abigail is my type of girl

  24. Da’Juan Jones

    Da’Juan Jones4 hours ago

    Dontai a clapped friend for leaving Ricky confused and Rage with PTSD

  25. DreamFusion

    DreamFusion4 hours ago

    5:04 *HAD ME DYING LMAO* 😂😂😂

  26. Frosty zero

    Frosty zero4 hours ago


  27. Zennn

    Zennn5 hours ago

    3:53 dontai realize that kong will stand up

  28. xd_KURSED

    xd_KURSED5 hours ago

    I remember one kid told me that all brown people live in huts and are poor then pulls up the next day with his moms shoes on 😂 he also asked me to fight then snitched when I went outside 😂

  29. Da’Juan Jones

    Da’Juan Jones5 hours ago


  30. Uhhhcracked

    Uhhhcracked5 hours ago


  31. sav

    sav5 hours ago

    braindead song lol

  32. UncleHange

    UncleHange5 hours ago

    ImDontai is appreciated by not only the USlikes community, but also the twitch and hip hop community. You really can’t hate him. FNG!!.

  33. FBI Agent

    FBI Agent6 hours ago

    Going to school tomorrow wish me luck

  34. SspinksS

    SspinksS6 hours ago

    9:52 = my dirt bike 10:01 = my dirt bike + me when it turns off

  35. Kevin Gonzalez

    Kevin Gonzalez6 hours ago

    Did anyone get a rick roll ad? Is that even possible?

  36. Daniel Ciavaglia

    Daniel Ciavaglia6 hours ago

    He throws that shit hard

  37. RealismailGuyo

    RealismailGuyo6 hours ago

    When I heard they took 15 state championships I went from 🙂-😂😭😂😭😂😭

  38. Aidan Buchert

    Aidan Buchert6 hours ago

    This is to funny I stg

  39. ILZY-

    ILZY-6 hours ago

    I have to agree with chat L

  40. Victor

    Victor6 hours ago

    The rugrats one KILLED me

  41. Mountain Dew

    Mountain Dew6 hours ago

    shouldve put the ninja one with the laughter yoga one

  42. Nothing But Nothing

    Nothing But Nothing6 hours ago


  43. Christopher Fuentes

    Christopher Fuentes6 hours ago

    The “I liked it” 😂😂 lmao movie looks like whoever made the plot was on every drug the could find

  44. Abraham Pelayo

    Abraham Pelayo6 hours ago

    I legit jus got into his music this year bro why did he have to fuck his career up with this

  45. Cj

    Cj7 hours ago

    For somebody who never wants to show her face she is beautiful asf

  46. wweyuio

    wweyuio7 hours ago

    But blm right

  47. Ben Davis

    Ben Davis7 hours ago

    Thug would have been magical on this

  48. Im Kayla

    Im Kayla7 hours ago

    1:11 it was the face 😭😭

  49. ItsEmazeOG

    ItsEmazeOG7 hours ago

    Mind ya buisness 😂

  50. FrostDeezAKA

    FrostDeezAKA7 hours ago

    Never streamed overwatch? @instilldontai this you?

  51. FrostDeezAKA

    FrostDeezAKA7 hours ago

    Wait a second. Its all coming together... the child... the gay rap... the james charles obsession... Griffy isnt gay... Griffy is a.. Is a... A... W

  52. Brinley Ketter

    Brinley Ketter7 hours ago

    I never noticed the tattoo on yo hand is that the majin mark

  53. Michael Ifante (Student)

    Michael Ifante (Student)7 hours ago

    Snoop dog, Justin Berber, Ariana grande, Donald trump, and COVID will end in 2022 and the rest will die mark my words...

  54. JellyBOOF

    JellyBOOF7 hours ago

    Petition for dontai to be in the next sidemen tinder.

  55. E banks

    E banks8 hours ago

    You Pmo

  56. Jrexxy

    Jrexxy8 hours ago

    Idk bout y’all but I heard “Dennis up “

  57. Aaron Burge

    Aaron Burge8 hours ago

    dontai my birthday was the 26 and i turned 15

  58. Aaron Burge

    Aaron Burge8 hours ago

    everyone knows adin is gay

  59. Naseem Nsioui

    Naseem Nsioui8 hours ago

    Tra Rags is a menace to society

  60. Alex Simmons

    Alex Simmons8 hours ago

    20:28 if the chat wasn’t moving I would have thought that my screen froze 💀😭

  61. Josh CAMP

    Josh CAMP8 hours ago

    Wlr has the best production out of any carti album

  62. D A

    D A8 hours ago

    Don’t react to Lababy anymore

  63. WakandaBro

    WakandaBro8 hours ago

    That tittle bro😂😂

  64. Dylan Clarke

    Dylan Clarke8 hours ago

    Bruh this shit happened 3 fucking blocks from me and I didnt even no about it until I saw it on the news

  65. Asivus

    Asivus8 hours ago

    20:13 that’s exactly how I felt

  66. NotoriousX24

    NotoriousX248 hours ago

    Dontai friends with everyone in music game Jah,laroi,scheme and more

  67. 999 Time

    999 Time8 hours ago

    Dontais so entertaining I fall asleep listening to him

  68. Bryan Edwards

    Bryan Edwards9 hours ago

    This guy made twerking look straight

  69. Yung The Heat

    Yung The Heat9 hours ago

    Fun fact: internet money is a youtube label, and grew into being huge and making songs like f*ck love my x and trippie redd

  70. CD Player

    CD Player9 hours ago

    Dontai: **starts video** also Dontai: 👁👄👁☝🏾

  71. Human Humor

    Human Humor9 hours ago

    damn nigga bout to make me act up

  72. the carZon.

    the carZon.9 hours ago

    24:10 you gin make me act up

  73. Gotenks The God

    Gotenks The God9 hours ago

    He talks like that because he wants to stretch the video

  74. surge

    surge9 hours ago

    React to AP

  75. damian

    damian9 hours ago


  76. restful 夜

    restful 夜9 hours ago

    Who you got. Obito or Goku in a battle if obito can't be hit

  77. MGC Maverick

    MGC Maverick9 hours ago

    I have officially watched every video that dontai has ever posted

  78. MGC Maverick

    MGC Maverick9 hours ago

    I actually feel bad for that woman that had no one show up to her yoga meeting


    YVNG SPARK9 hours ago

    Why he break his back like those