Jiggin' With Jordan
Jiggin' With Jordan
Jiggin' With Jordan

I search for River Treasure in some of the most beautiful places in the world! My friends and I dive down and look for lost valuables and try to get the items back to the owner! We clean up all the trash we find along the way! Join me on all my adventures here on USlikes!!

  1. Craytonhs ff021

    Craytonhs ff02118 seconds ago

    Tá sentindo a energia do anzou kkkk😂😂

  2. Norma Zarr

    Norma Zarr3 minutes ago

    REALLY? Your own personal diving "Body Guard"!?.😣

  3. Norma Zarr

    Norma Zarr9 minutes ago

    Hey Brandon, I used to like your videos alot. It seems to me that all you do is make videos of yourself having fun to entertain Rich people that have it all, but are too lazy to get out there and have their own experiences! Just saying! GBU.,NZ.,😣

  4. wheelzz wheelzz

    wheelzz wheelzz33 minutes ago

    The person who lost that prob has two legs one for fuckin shit up and a good one so they prob weren't to mad bout it and insurance pays for those just sayin

  5. Gerry Taylor

    Gerry Taylor35 minutes ago

    Fish dams and tunnels always good spots .

  6. Cameron Dartez

    Cameron Dartez56 minutes ago


  7. Michael

    MichaelHour ago

    Wonder why people have no respect for the police.

  8. Jmoney

    JmoneyHour ago

    I’m really tempted to unsubscribe

  9. fred dieckmann

    fred dieckmann2 hours ago

    Forget the storm... I wonder if you will survive the dog.

  10. Aaron Adornetto

    Aaron Adornetto3 hours ago

    I bought one of your jigen shirts

  11. Aaron Adornetto

    Aaron Adornetto3 hours ago

    Love your video's and it' is not at all messy in the boat

  12. 日本から見て日本か

    日本から見て日本か3 hours ago

    i’m clinching my cheeks watching this

  13. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross3 hours ago

    I've always wondered what do you do if you shoot an illegal fish?

  14. Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus4 hours ago

    This is why I get intimidated around cops they make things up

  15. Fishing hunting Indoors and outdoors

    Fishing hunting Indoors and outdoors4 hours ago


  16. Fishing hunting Indoors and outdoors

    Fishing hunting Indoors and outdoors4 hours ago


  17. Fishing hunting Indoors and outdoors

    Fishing hunting Indoors and outdoors4 hours ago


  18. Fishing hunting Indoors and outdoors

    Fishing hunting Indoors and outdoors4 hours ago


  19. Fishing hunting Indoors and outdoors

    Fishing hunting Indoors and outdoors4 hours ago


  20. Fishing hunting Indoors and outdoors

    Fishing hunting Indoors and outdoors4 hours ago


  21. Tristan Merkin

    Tristan Merkin4 hours ago

    Did A.P just say last name?! <3 1:48

  22. Lynette Rushmore

    Lynette Rushmore4 hours ago

    28 feet

  23. Brenda Utz

    Brenda Utz5 hours ago

    U should collect the cans in a huge container and every so many months make a video of how many cans u retrieve. U can call everyone out about doing there part in cleaning up. Then recycle the can for $$$$$$ keep it or donatate to as good charity

  24. Neomax25

    Neomax255 hours ago

    Omg I was totally thinking "that is sooooo dangerous" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. K R

    K R5 hours ago

    Update did you find the owner? Any local prosthetic company can help.

  26. Hannah Deese

    Hannah Deese6 hours ago

    I think he can

  27. angel wraith

    angel wraith6 hours ago

    get the trio back <.>


    EL CAPO BARRIONUEVO6 hours ago

    A alguien que le aparecion en los recomendados suscribete a mi canal si es haci XD

  29. Иван Гончарук

    Иван Гончарук7 hours ago

    У нас таких какашных блогеров полно,которые снимают розвод для лохов.

  30. Nichole Ruys

    Nichole Ruys7 hours ago

    So basically san Antonio sucks. Can't touch the water?? Can't film outside?? That is actually against the law you are allowed to film outside in public. So lame. So even if you get the permit to dive miss film police will get you from recording the dive lol.

  31. William Muzzey

    William Muzzey7 hours ago

    I love those grouper sandwiches

  32. Pls Production

    Pls Production7 hours ago

    Good deal bro glad y’all was able to help that family

  33. Albin Lagos

    Albin Lagos8 hours ago

    That stupid title is disrespectful to the people offer u the house.

  34. allen bisset

    allen bisset8 hours ago

    That was awsome dudes wish I had friends like you three are.

  35. Hyper YT

    Hyper YT8 hours ago

    Those power poles are strong we pulled it behind the boat and dragging them on Land it's so strong

  36. Ellie Keefer

    Ellie Keefer9 hours ago

    So are we ever gonna get a video about who won your truck?? Starting think it’s was all a scam to buy your merch.

  37. Stuart Jobnson

    Stuart Jobnson9 hours ago

    Im disappointed he didn't whislendeisel that ski

  38. Sopa DeQuesoCaliente

    Sopa DeQuesoCaliente9 hours ago

    The only places that i know you cant film is in privately owned places or federal buildings.

  39. Jessica Gray

    Jessica Gray9 hours ago

    I love you guys! Im your biggest fan ! I was on crutches when i first caught my catfish and kid you not it went from my rips down to my feet ! So seeing the awesome video is an awesome experience for all of us ! Thank you jigging with jordan

  40. Johnny Goat

    Johnny Goat9 hours ago

    Typically don’t comment on videos but just giving you a heads up if you really want your Jetske to stay in good shape. before you start riding it right away give it a minute or two to warm up

  41. Julie Yes

    Julie Yes11 hours ago

    Your vids ar always interesting 😯

  42. Alex Nunez

    Alex Nunez11 hours ago

    Looks like y’all were fishing in winter lake rd

  43. Mike Harrison

    Mike Harrison11 hours ago

    That’s kind of annoying

  44. Mize Bailey

    Mize Bailey12 hours ago

    Pink blue

  45. Jennifer Swan

    Jennifer Swan12 hours ago

    Hey Brandon I don't know if you will see this but can you post a video explaining how you own the pond? I am so sick and tired of seeing comments from people who talk trash that you don't own it and shouldn't complain about people trespassing and ignore the fact that you spend a lot of time and money on it. I decided to leave this comment on a more recent video in hopes you will see it. 😔

  46. Kevin Chambers

    Kevin Chambers13 hours ago

    I love florida living and would love to visit this place. Can you tell me this location...PLEASE

  47. Veli Yilmaz

    Veli Yilmaz13 hours ago

    I dont want to spoil it but you didnt restroe this bot.

  48. Yuda Dodol

    Yuda Dodol14 hours ago

    Nyasar Bang😂

  49. Phillip Scharf

    Phillip Scharf18 hours ago

    bread made from dried crushed seaweed... actually I'm not sure if that's possible and as a side note most Caucasians do not digest seaweed.

  50. Kayla Davenport

    Kayla Davenport18 hours ago

    Your girlfriend is so beautiful thanks for the video I love you

  51. doug jacob

    doug jacob18 hours ago

    That a high quality check with va or Wounded Warrior Project does a lot of activities like that

  52. FLBarrelRacer851993

    FLBarrelRacer85199319 hours ago

    It is impossible for me not to laugh or at least smile when you boop a creature under water lol. Also, I've lived in FL my whole life, I've only been to 2 springs, your videos make me want to go to them all. So beautiful!

  53. Favio Chavez

    Favio Chavez19 hours ago


  54. Norma jean Hoorn

    Norma jean Hoorn21 hour ago

    Those are fun but I never took it personally I was with a group down in the Florida Everglades

  55. Christina Carnicom

    Christina Carnicom21 hour ago

    Should be a number on it somewhere

  56. Brenda Utz

    Brenda Utz21 hour ago

    That cop said they drain that river yearly and clean everything out doesnt make sense that the iPhone was so old how could they miss that. Lolol

  57. Juan Salgado

    Juan Salgado22 hours ago

    That shit looks like rocks spray painted gold

  58. Toản Văn

    Toản Văn22 hours ago

    Giới thiệu quá nhiều. Không hấp dẫn

  59. Collin

    Collin22 hours ago

    Awesome boat dude 👍

  60. Nancy E

    Nancy E23 hours ago

    I’m sure you will find it❣️❣️❣️

  61. bluedeva

    bluedeva23 hours ago

    Thank you for trying to get prosthetic leg back to its owner, prosthetic legs like the one you found costs approximately $10-15k and can take over a month to get recasted and fitted for a new one and that’s before the dealing with their health insurance company to cover the replacement cost So glad you’re trying to find it’s owner as they are most probably forced to using crutches or a wheelchair to get around their daily lives 🤗🦿

  62. Junior lifestyle of fishing

    Junior lifestyle of fishing23 hours ago

    What's up bro keep up the good work I am a fan of your Channel I am only asking you if you can to subscribe to my USlikes channel God bless you keep up the good work

  63. DatJhit Diesel 💰🏃‍♂️

    DatJhit Diesel 💰🏃‍♂️23 hours ago

    Frank Sheeran be like

  64. Ryan Blajda

    Ryan BlajdaDay ago

    came for the treasure hunting. stayed for the excited noises

  65. cole graf

    cole grafDay ago

    So you let a hackable company manager you're money

  66. Dancerpointe90

    Dancerpointe90Day ago

    Huh a permit to clean out the water ..really ? That's so dumb .. don't touch the water ... hum why ... you put a river in the middle of the city and told you can't touch it and now you can't film without a permit ...

  67. Dancerpointe90

    Dancerpointe90Day ago


  68. 努力生活的Sandy

    努力生活的SandyDay ago

    I thought Grass carp are illegal to harvest🧐

  69. Ocean Guy

    Ocean GuyDay ago

    Do you have cover for that bad boy

  70. Gehrig.mp4

    Gehrig.mp4Day ago

    I love the beautiful camera shots Brandon!

  71. Bjorn Burke

    Bjorn BurkeDay ago

    We’re do you buy your wetsuits?

  72. Phill Good

    Phill GoodDay ago

    Your videos are lame asf

  73. Leah Kaufman

    Leah KaufmanDay ago

    It’s such a beautiful place where he is diving!

  74. D M

    D MDay ago

    lol. Nor fair Jordan. Tristan and Jake find iphones and gold stuff and you find a fake leg.

  75. lazer poophead

    lazer poopheadDay ago

    Where is that place I would love to go there

  76. badass station

    badass stationDay ago

    Love you Jordan ❤️