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Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt

Showcasing our Century 1150R Rotator with videos of recoverys, accidents, and training with local Fire, Police, and EMS. With a few personal videos occasionally. Family friendly channel. Please help me keep it that way. In Missouri we ARE Emergency Service personnel, and as such, are allowed to run "Code" to specific incidents. Hope you enjoy the videos. Thank you and God bless. The videos shown on this channel are designed for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!!! Please do not attempt any of the methods shown in these videos. Ron Pratt and the employees of Midwest Truck Sales \u0026 Service, Inc., are highly trained professionals and will accept no responsibility or liability for anyone not employed by Midwest Truck Sales \u0026 Service, Inc. This channel, the videos, all content, and all rights to any/all, are owned by Pratt Inspirations, LLC. Thanks for watching and God bless

Telehandler Trippin'
  1. HolyLand Fan

    HolyLand Fan8 hours ago

    It is, but isn't, shocking how stupid people are going so fast on that ice. They should at least be slowing down for you, but don't. I don't even get out when it's like that anymore. Not worth it. I've watched too many videos!

  2. incoming duck

    incoming duck9 hours ago

    Always keep the parking lot moving driver and u will rarely get stuck just keep moving

  3. Paul C

    Paul C9 hours ago

    It nice to have equipment to do all these different jobs . And too it all off you get to do it with family and make memories with them as well. Good video and that's why I watch them ..God bless and STAY SAFE

  4. Gregory Miller

    Gregory Miller9 hours ago

    I hope this couple realizes God controls everything and He is blessing this couple!!!

  5. Cathy Yates

    Cathy Yates10 hours ago

    Ethan is an a young worker

  6. Gregory Miller

    Gregory Miller10 hours ago

    Ron you are right, it is emotional to see people helping these two without knowing them. God knows and will reward as He sees fit. You too are showing your character of helping those in need. This shows how God has worked in your life, and how your parents raised you. I wish I had known about this a year ago. I hope the couple, your cousins are doing fine!! I love to see your videos, when it gets personal they are even better!!!

  7. Demicus Maximus

    Demicus Maximus10 hours ago

    Living in the north and driving a good car with good snow tires, I see that road and go "...oh hell no." That there is a widowmaker of a stretch of road.

  8. mr felix

    mr felix11 hours ago

    That is one serious tow truck you have and your knowledge and skills are impressive to say the least.

  9. Down Here

    Down Here11 hours ago

    Air pressure is in question? Aight lemme just...kssssssh...

  10. Cowboy Gaming

    Cowboy Gaming12 hours ago

    Liked great videos very entertaining

  11. Paul

    Paul12 hours ago

    Uh - that was cool

  12. Victor Cascaval

    Victor Cascaval12 hours ago

    This is a good video

  13. Mary Kay Thompson

    Mary Kay Thompson12 hours ago

    Wow, Ron. Some days are more sobering than others.

  14. Gregory Miller

    Gregory Miller12 hours ago

    I am a grown man of 62 years and I am crying, I am saving this video because this is what life is all about!!! I though I viewed this video three years late, I am blessed to see you both, and your children serving Jesus!!!! Thank You for posting this video!!!

  15. alyson hans

    alyson hans13 hours ago

    can't you call for clean up crew? stead of u

  16. alyson hans

    alyson hans13 hours ago

    jamie Davis was on this tow im almost sure. I rem. now, and I made a joke thought and I was like oh ya. I don't rem who was on rescue on this one, but I know and rem. it was a jamie Davis rescue and tow.

  17. alyson hans

    alyson hans13 hours ago

    so ive watched the highway thru hell quicaholla, and heavy rescue and ive never heard of ron pratt, and obviously it's tator man to rescue 401, and lol, but obvs ron is u, do you know anyone from those shows? pratt sounds familiar as hell. jw. ty

  18. Jared E. Scheidel

    Jared E. Scheidel13 hours ago

    Nice job. Keep up the great craftsmanship and hard work Ron. Tow On. God Bless.

  19. lu tomson

    lu tomson13 hours ago

    who was arrested? the passenger?

  20. Arturbonilha Bonilha

    Arturbonilha Bonilha13 hours ago

    the best woking tnks

  21. James Vanscoy

    James Vanscoy13 hours ago

    Hows does a tow trk have lights and siren ur not a emer vech

  22. James Vanscoy

    James Vanscoy13 hours ago

    U do a great job ron

  23. Wesley Martz

    Wesley Martz14 hours ago

    Merry Christmas ron

  24. Pam Howden

    Pam Howden14 hours ago

    Happy new year 2021

  25. Suzanne Benz

    Suzanne Benz15 hours ago

    America needs more men like you RON! You are always aware of what is going on around you! I would love to have had a man like you around me!

  26. Suzanne Benz

    Suzanne Benz15 hours ago

    Ron: you are so Knowledgeable!!! Sounds like you knew more about his truck that the driver did! You are impressive!

  27. Jean McIntyre

    Jean McIntyre15 hours ago

    Well done Ron also Mike you always think of the person's safety thank you from Jean Co Clare IRELAND

  28. Dave medeco

    Dave medeco15 hours ago

    Do you do this often go and inspect purchasing that people want to buy and I| guess the people pay for your trip?

  29. Brent Meiler

    Brent Meiler15 hours ago

    I enjoy your videos.

  30. Wayne Bogatin

    Wayne Bogatin15 hours ago

    Time for new car seat covers

  31. Clappy Editsシ

    Clappy Editsシ16 hours ago

    Tbh at this point these trucks should have sirens.

  32. Gloria Gordon

    Gloria Gordon16 hours ago

    Great job, 🏆

  33. Mary Green

    Mary Green16 hours ago


  34. tomctutor

    tomctutor17 hours ago

    That dude driving that freight truck is not suited up appropriate for the conditions, no boots, not wearing hazard gear. Even I have fluorescents in my little car!

  35. JJR JJR

    JJR JJR17 hours ago

    good job! your helper, David, should look at you when you give him directions - helps David better remember direction/s and focus. He does not always listen to what you say. When you give him a direction/s, ask him: "What are you going to do|"? If David repeats the direction/s, chances are he will remember the direction/s at the time.

  36. Pam Howden

    Pam Howden18 hours ago

    I will pray for the driver of the car that was in the accident

  37. Jason Bernal

    Jason Bernal19 hours ago

    At the beginning of the video when you were talking about your truck, you just described a good marriage as well as your partnership with the Tator.

  38. Tale Gunner

    Tale Gunner19 hours ago

    I love listening to you Ron "Dang it" A majority of our comedians can't get a laugh without using profanity.

  39. Dave Brown

    Dave Brown19 hours ago

    How did you hurt your hand

  40. Loma Rothmund

    Loma Rothmund19 hours ago

    If this car was stolen... hope the thieves landed right in the middle of that poison Ivys/oak. KARMA

  41. NothingSweetAboutMe

    NothingSweetAboutMe20 hours ago

    Damn, that winch requires a degree to use the interface.

  42. Donald M. Lewis

    Donald M. Lewis20 hours ago

    No-Kia, more DAD humor. Smiley face Crying

  43. Random off road adventures

    Random off road adventures20 hours ago

    Slow down

  44. Ken Krom

    Ken Krom20 hours ago

    Ron I. a former first made responder from Washington State and I understand as to how your heart has felt not just on this on but on meany others my first was much to do as to find one , my ❤ is as to your heart with much composition to all

  45. Tina Butkus

    Tina Butkus20 hours ago

    Hey Ron ! I know this was awhile ago but the video shows the weather not to agreeable. hope you didn’t get caught in the lightning storm plz stay safe while out on the highways and god bless you and your crew !!! I sure wish I could do what you do ! Looks interesting ! Something I haven’t tried before ❤️❤️⛈⛈

  46. Skip Truman

    Skip Truman20 hours ago

    Great job men! You do incredible work!!!!

  47. Dan

    Dan21 hour ago

    This was a great video, watched it when uploaded a year ago.

  48. Tina Butkus

    Tina Butkus21 hour ago

    Hey Ron ! Hope your wife wasn’t upset with you for taking the call before taking her to eat ? Sometimes duty comes before dinner !! Have a great night after wards

  49. Tina Butkus

    Tina Butkus22 hours ago

    Great job Ron and mike ! Those vehicles looked seriously wrecked and I pray that the drivers are not hurt real bad !😢💕🙏 that truck is done

  50. Helene Johansson

    Helene Johansson22 hours ago

    I love the new dash cam :) my guess it will be better in daytime with the sun glaring when you use the camera inside the truck. You did this rescue so quick despite the cold and the ice. Good Job!! :)

  51. Duckybob

    Duckybob22 hours ago

    I don't understand why Ron turned the hooks with the opening facing up. To quote Mr. Spock, "It is not logical"!

  52. Jackson Bennett

    Jackson Bennett23 hours ago

    Remember, drive safe if you have warrants!

  53. Craig Smith

    Craig Smith23 hours ago

    Ron, you should get a foot pedal for your Q. It would be less to worry about when trying to shift.

  54. Victor Bailey

    Victor Bailey23 hours ago

    We sure could have used you here in Fort Worth when we had the133 vehicle pile up be safe and God Bless from Azle TX

  55. John Pierce

    John Pierce23 hours ago

    Lol I hear the water in your boots squishing Ok not in the boots lol all around you

  56. Allan McCullough

    Allan McCulloughDay ago

    Looks like weight would have been better distributed if the tractor was loaded with the rear forward.

  57. John Wyatt

    John WyattDay ago

    Where do you guys buy those black reflective jackets?

  58. Terri K

    Terri KDay ago

    That was very impressive and amazing, great job by you all " Great team work " 👏 👍👍👍👍👍

  59. WECB640

    WECB640Day ago

    Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. - Archimedes

  60. Jack B. Nimble

    Jack B. NimbleDay ago

    Ethan doing the job of a safety cone.

  61. John Halstead

    John HalsteadDay ago

    Howdy Ron, have a safe Sunday today. Hope everything went well well with you yesterday. Ice storms are no fun. Stay safe Ron. Bye for now. Johnny

  62. ItsAllGoodDan

    ItsAllGoodDanDay ago

    Gosh those weather calls on the highway can be scary to watch. I can't imagine being out there. Be safe guys. You do amazing work keeping your team safe Ron!

  63. Tim Rock-It Saunders

    Tim Rock-It SaundersDay ago

    Thank God No Wreckers Were Harmed In The Making Of This Video.

  64. Anthony Perry

    Anthony PerryDay ago

    STAY SAFE Ron and Midwest team. You do a superb job. As a former recovery driver, I know the dangers. I did get hit but luckily the Recovery truck took most of the impact. I had severely bruised leg. Metal can be fixed or replaced

  65. Nutthaphong Napha

    Nutthaphong NaphaDay ago

    26 minutes for showing new dash cam?

  66. Allan C-B

    Allan C-BDay ago

    Ron is great. The one thing I see is he's always "Do this... no, I'll do it." (i.e. releasing the slack on the rollback near the end.

  67. Andrew Guthrie

    Andrew GuthrieDay ago

    My heart goes out to you, having to live in a blast freezer on a seasonal basis. Although I live close to Antarctica it rarely gets as bad as those of you in the Northern hemisphere.

  68. Robert Beier

    Robert BeierDay ago

    Your 7:00 minute marker conversation reminded me of the conversation you can have with the fire department about rescuing the rescuer. Its funny but not fun.

  69. MsLeelee94

    MsLeelee94Day ago

    they driving way too fast

  70. RCman

    RCmanDay ago

    Where have ur son been or do he only help in summer ? Cause dont remember seeing him for abit

  71. Ashley Romans

    Ashley RomansDay ago

    Ron, I truly enjoy watching your videos! It helps keep the memories of my uncle alive,in my mind, that was killed over 15 years ago, hooking up a semi on the side of the interstate. Stay safe out there!

  72. alyson hans

    alyson hansDay ago

    put winch line on frame of car.

  73. james rayner

    james raynerDay ago

    I like the dashboard camera I usually don't like watching the scenes where you do all the driving but with the dash camera i enjoy it

  74. alyson hans

    alyson hansDay ago

    nice move and I love that from being a c.n.a, and I don't work there anymore and hospital 3 years of house keeping and they're very strict about the personal, privacy and confidentiality. so, I know what you mean.

  75. Gary Alkire

    Gary AlkireDay ago

    You guys are amazing!

  76. S B

    S BDay ago

    How can you see where the road is with all that snow?

  77. Larry Smith

    Larry SmithDay ago

    Helper should be wearing a hard hat, got in some dangerous areas

  78. Alan Bean

    Alan BeanDay ago

    One of the better videos glad nobody was hurt

  79. Chuck Bowman

    Chuck BowmanDay ago

    Ron you should do a live video chat with your subscribers