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  1. Shred Progression

    Shred Progression17 hours ago

    Phil didn’t even think this was a big deal until H3 called him out for being silent on the issue. What a coward

  2. i f*ck w/ beats

    i f*ck w/ beats17 hours ago

    Big tech and the twitter mob that they serve can go fuck themselves. :-)

  3. wade0955

    wade095517 hours ago

    Having been a loyal follower for years, I'm afraid you're losing me. Your take on Gwyneth Paltrow is just you, following the mainstream narrative. If I want that, I'll turn to CNN or any of the other mainstream news outlets. I'm afraid that you've had a sip of the purple Kool Aid and have decided you like it. Please get back into your groove.

  4. aaron 0289

    aaron 028917 hours ago

    20 15 years after it came out now ppl are doing what they did in the game? I dont think so.

  5. K and all that glitters k.

    K and all that glitters k.17 hours ago

    FINALLY!we are talking about it!Seth my heart goes out to you💙💙💙!It is disgusting despicable unacceptable!I dont care male or female it is assault💙As a woman i have had enough Men have a right to be heard💙Seth💙 katia

  6. Logan Rassman

    Logan Rassman18 hours ago

    The trauma from SA ruins a person’s life. Consent is essential.

  7. youraveragedude

    youraveragedude18 hours ago

    No Philip you completely misunderstood him. What he's saying is, getting rich off of just trading whats technically not there like stocks and crypto currency isn't good for the civilization because YOU'RE NOT ADDING ANYTHING TO IT.

  8. Ashten Healy

    Ashten Healy18 hours ago

    They need to take responsibility for what they did

  9. Minnie Manson

    Minnie Manson19 hours ago

    Thanks Ethan & Trisha ❤️

  10. Minnie Manson

    Minnie Manson19 hours ago

    Cancel David Dobrik. He’s a gross human.

  11. Kristy Strives

    Kristy Strives19 hours ago

    USlikes recommended this and my dumbass clicks on it all excited thinkung it was a new video

  12. Beka East

    Beka East19 hours ago

    “Her statements aren’t simply false” yeah ew f him

  13. lil art person

    lil art person19 hours ago

    Phil hit the nail on the head with the Grand Theft Auto debate. It's about poverty and the lacking opportunities. Nicely done.

  14. DigitalCube

    DigitalCube19 hours ago

    I always feel those social media celebrities have questionable character. They may seem nice and is popular but keep in mind they are master in marketing and presentation. Time will tell whether more will come forward. I have my popcorn ready.

  15. Norbert P

    Norbert P19 hours ago

    You miss the point the old rich guy made. His company is all about Value Investing. AS in finding companies that are worth more than the price would suggest. It's a very responsible investment strategy. Not sure about Berkshire involvement in 2008 crisis but they are not an investment bank and overall I doubt were heavy on that. Bankers and Hedge funds in general are bad for the economy but lets not generalize. He calls the new investing stupid because it's gambling. I'm a leftist who is very class conscious and I wouldn't call it classist. I doubt he would have issues with people investing on robinhood in different ways.

  16. Sian

    Sian19 hours ago

    I’m so glad that the comments aren’t full of people defending David for this. Male assaults need to be taken just as seriously as females do.

  17. April Allen

    April Allen20 hours ago

    seth literally paving the way to coming out about SA being a male. proud of u. but im sorry it has to even be this way. you have more people who believe you than who do not. please don't give up we are here for you till the end!

  18. The Majesty

    The Majesty20 hours ago

    Why do you think it’s false?

  19. Gajanan kale

    Gajanan kale20 hours ago

    If a common girl had done this tweet, no one would have taken it so seriously. But this tweet was done by the most beautiful girl in the world, so there was a fire in the backyard of all these people.

  20. kerry sweeney

    kerry sweeney20 hours ago

    Wonder what video games where about when they burnt people alive and tortured people instead of addressing the issue theyr blaming games its stupid

  21. Clarissa Carrillo

    Clarissa Carrillo20 hours ago

    Shoutout to FRENEMIES!

  22. ThatRandmRPG

    ThatRandmRPG21 hour ago

    Omg i live in ri

  23. Jordan Ziegler

    Jordan Ziegler21 hour ago

    zackscottgames is awesome

  24. GeeksandGaming

    GeeksandGaming21 hour ago

    Does anyone know if Phil ever covered Tara Reade's sexual assault by Biden? I don't think I was watching the channel back then, but he very well could have skipped it because it hurt his favorite candidate's image.

  25. Md Masoom Rana Dewan

    Md Masoom Rana Dewan21 hour ago

    David's fans understand consent the same way he does. Not surprised one bit that this was happening behind the scenes. People who have copied him have done the same. I hope Seth gets justice the way he sees fit.

  26. Haatchii

    Haatchii22 hours ago

    Lol, fuck you Phil. Seriously. Moneymoneymoney

  27. N ROOD

    N ROOD22 hours ago

    i think anyone who wants to invest their money into whatever stock. go ahead and do it or not. invest in whatever stock you want and however much you want. my only advice in it all. just be careful. and learn all you can about the companies you want to invest in and the whole stock trading world as a whole. the more you know. the better you will be in it. just be careful in it.

  28. Harry Blaine

    Harry Blaine22 hours ago

    5:05 Actually no. A better comparison would've been tricking a girl into making out with a 45 yo woman, not a guy.

  29. Kantb Tamed

    Kantb Tamed22 hours ago

    Pretty sure gang culture is responsible for crime in Chicago and not GTA.

  30. laughter enthusiast

    laughter enthusiast22 hours ago

    If you cant handle being pranked, why join a group of youtubers known for pranking each other?

  31. Taylor Watson

    Taylor Watson23 hours ago

    As a Canadian with literally ZERO skin in the game I have to say I applaud Phil here for saying we have to take all these accusations seriously. I remember talking to people during the election about Biden's accusations and them saying to me "Ya well trump has X number of accusations about him". This disgusted me, just because Donald Trump was a creep (possible... ok almost definite sexual predator) doesn't mean you should just ignore the Biden issues because he is "on your side"! Now that the Orange Man is out of office it seems like it is finally ok to call Democrats out on their BS. I look forward to the "Orange Man Bad" syndrome going away, and (almost) equal news coverage of faults on both sides!

  32. Tegan Burns

    Tegan Burns23 hours ago

    This is a joke, he mad out with a person in a monkey costume, man or woman that's your fault.

  33. Tegan Burns

    Tegan Burns23 hours ago

    You makeout with a 6ft 200 plus lb person in a gorilla costume... it's your own damn fault? This has no legal standing.

  34. Stacks

    Stacks23 hours ago

    Glad you FINALLY talked about this..

  35. Melanie Anne

    Melanie Anne23 hours ago

    Thank you for covering the story on David. More people need too.

  36. Kath H

    Kath H23 hours ago

    So it took Ethan to call you out before you finally cover this David business , Oh Phil .

  37. Nintendo Music

    Nintendo MusicDay ago

    Did he ever called out dr mike for traveling and partying on a yacht

  38. Jeff Gavin

    Jeff GavinDay ago

    CUOMO STORY AFTER ALL!!! Im proud of you bud! I never thought youd go there.Good for you.

  39. Kyle Ellis

    Kyle EllisDay ago

    When is Paltrow going to be banned from social media for spreading misinformation on Covid.

  40. amitrajeet jana

    amitrajeet janaDay ago

    David is the best bro❤

  41. XizzyXgreen

    XizzyXgreenDay ago

    Ive personally never liked David I can never put my finger on it but i just don’t trust him... his content has always been making “his friends “ do things they did not agree with for his personal gain. He’s like a typical “abuser” he does mean things and then gives you a car (or expensive things) just to make you feel special and then he repeats the same behavior

  42. Serena Bean

    Serena BeanDay ago

    10:32 my health teacher lets us use phones in class because he wants to teach us how to have a emotionally well rounded and he will have have us do an exercise where we message someone anyone and you ask how you make their day better or you go on a kindness spree and you message people and like posts on social media Other exercises are photo hunts find a photo of food you made or ate find a photo of someone who inspires you etc Or find a song that makes you happy My health teacher is Andrew Milne and he has done a ted talk called something along the lines of this is not your parents health class

  43. TheCreepypro

    TheCreepyproDay ago

    I love Phil's point during the Cuomo segment it was well said

  44. Will Templeton

    Will TempletonDay ago

    Phil exposes himself as the same sort of shallow, shortsighted, and greedy media personality that can be seen on CNN and Fox News every time he does one of these investing/stock market stories. Charlie Munger is not criticizing individual investors. Charlie Munger criticized momentum trading, a strategy used in day trading, something which Phil himself says is a something to be wary of (0:54). Berkshire is not elitist, has always been transparent about their trading strategies and timelines, and has consistently given strategy advice publicly at shareholder meetings that anyone can watch and at countless media appearances. On the topic of momentum trading, it increases volatility in the market and amplifies the risk to individual investors and hedge funds using long/short strategies. Munger and Buffet have railed against this type of investing strategy for the last 50 years. Munger is not elitist and to characterize him as such is either disingenuous or ignorant. My gut feeling is that Phil is not so foolish as to actually believe what he says in these past few investing segments. The easily available evidence clearly demonstrates the inaccuracy of these opinions. It seems more consistent with Phil's typical acumen that he is intentionally stating an opinion to fit what his audience already believes and wants to hear. Phil is essentially the same as Tucker Carlson or Rachel Maddow in these moments. He seeks not to help people derive a conclusion from available facts, but instead galvanizes his supporters loyalty by saying what they want to hear without facts or support for the opinion. It's really disheartening that this perversion of honesty has tainted even little Philly D.

  45. FaintCelerity

    FaintCelerityDay ago

    if you pay for tweets, you're a sucker

  46. Nugget

    NuggetDay ago

    DAMN watching david thriving and getting a new house based on the torture he put his friends through hurts to see.

  47. AgapeForgotten

    AgapeForgottenDay ago

    Twitter protects those who hurt kids and animals, please do NOT pay them anything..

  48. Deeply Superficial

    Deeply SuperficialDay ago

    You can always tell who Philip “betterhelp” Defranco is acquainted with by employing a simple hack of observing who is in news and who Defranco easily criticizes and who he refuses to even address, in other words, if someone is in the news and Defranco criticizes that person =Defranco isn’t acquainted with that person. Person in the news and Defranco utterly ignores it =Defranco knows that person.. objective “journalism” at its finest.

  49. FOX

    FOXDay ago

    Man I feel awful having watched that content in the past and thinking it was even remotely okay. I thought like many; that it was scripted. But even then I remember feeling very uncomfortable seeing it and now I know why. Kinda sickens me a bit. I hope Seth Francois takes the action required. To think you can pull stuff like that is unacceptable. We're humans and it seems David has lost that sign of respect and empathy just to get his funny video quota in for the day.

  50. Becca Wheeler

    Becca WheelerDay ago

    i remember seeing that video of them tricking Seth into kissing Jason when i was really into their videos... it made my stomach turn but i thought "well since it's up, Seth must be okay with it, he must think they just got him real good" ... god it makes me want to cry too, Seth. Fuck the vlog squad honestly.

  51. Bicer

    BicerDay ago

    God I need to get out of the south. These people are crazy.

  52. Stephen Underwood

    Stephen UnderwoodDay ago

    how is it essentially all news outlets are just.....entertainment?

  53. Ran ran bo ban Cheeseburger

    Ran ran bo ban CheeseburgerDay ago

    What a great way for the left to dehumanize who they disagree with. What is this 1940s Germany?

  54. srkajol86

    srkajol86Day ago

    This is serious- history could repeat itself- because this is what led to the murder of Scott Amedure. Amedure, a homosexual man, confessed on a TV talk show (Jenny Jones Show) that he secretly admires another man, John Schmitz. Schmitz, a heterosexual man, was so publicly embarrassed by this confession that he shot and killed Amedure a few days later. The scary part is, when you watch the segment, Schmitz seems unbothered by it. You never would’ve guessed he was that angry. A seemingly small action can lead to fatalities or serious consequences. It’s happened before, it can happen again.

  55. Bethany Cornish

    Bethany CornishDay ago

    Took ya fucking long enough 😒

  56. Madelyn Cesa

    Madelyn CesaDay ago

    Thank u Ethan

  57. Oliver Rockets

    Oliver RocketsDay ago

    Super weird to hear Phil talk about BC news, and explain how our government works. You should talk about BC more, Phil

  58. Emily

    EmilyDay ago


  59. Jan Gubb

    Jan GubbDay ago

    Sexual assault is never funny!!! And are we going to talk about David’s lack of accountability for his past RACIST “jokes.

  60. Hanya Utama

    Hanya UtamaDay ago

    Prank is so 2000s

  61. Angela Vera Catarine

    Angela Vera CatarineDay ago

    I applaud that you are finally talking about this👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Believe the victim!

  62. Luis Mojica

    Luis MojicaDay ago

    Frenemies really bullied you into making this video

  63. AsIsWritten

    AsIsWrittenDay ago

    The first story and the last story have me feeling disgusted honestly. I've never watched content from that channel but I can't imagine sitting there and going "yeah this seems totally ok" It's not. The rising hate crime in Canada isn't something I've directly seen because I don't leave my home very often anymore, but it's vile that it's something that's on the rise and I'm disappointed with my fellow Canadians behavior.

  64. Tayler Phillips

    Tayler PhillipsDay ago

    Seems pretty shallow that she would offer the $500K for her dogs and not the identities of the people who shot her dog walker. You reported this story terribly Phill.

  65. Evan Smotherman

    Evan SmothermanDay ago

    Phil: i act like im being recorded at all times Also phil: lets talk about that PP

  66. Hannah N

    Hannah NDay ago

    a lot of people are only talking about the first instance and forgetting that david tried to do it AGAIN. that says loads about what kind of person he is. in the first case, consent was never asked for. in the second, it was asked for and got a clear and hard NO, and he still tried to do it anyway. fuck that and fuck david.



    Finally another channel besides H3H3 is talking about this yay! Go Philip!

  68. Alex Fontainne

    Alex FontainneDay ago

    Out-of-touch elites aren't in touch with the woes of the common man?! Say it ain't so!

  69. Ramsey Omery

    Ramsey OmeryDay ago

    Loved your Ted Cruz take

  70. Natalie Horyczun

    Natalie HoryczunDay ago

    Wow I remember watching these videos of seth and big nick. It's so sad

  71. Michael Viken

    Michael VikenDay ago

    I just wonder. With all the proof Seth has for sexual assualt and support from H3h3 and all.. why don’t he sue? Just seem weird that he doesnt

  72. Sara Lindstrom

    Sara LindstromDay ago

    Would highly highly recommend watching the interview with Seth on H3’s channel. Seth is exceptionally well spoken and his story really needs to be heard in full.

  73. Keni How

    Keni HowDay ago

    They are trying to ruin him before he try to run for president

  74. Ryan Mullen

    Ryan MullenDay ago

    The second time Seth gave him permission on video to trick him into kissing Jason. You conveniently left that out. Just like the regular media this is FAKE NEWS. bunch of clout chasers.

  75. satsubatsu347

    satsubatsu347Day ago

    Good close.

  76. Rae M

    Rae MDay ago

    Seedlip non alcoholic cocktail mix is SOOO TASTY guys. I still make fun of Goop even tho Functional Medicine is a huge interest of mine. AHEM PHIL try to avoid mocking the natural health industry if you're going to continue hawking natural health supplements. I know you're getting paid by a supplement brand.