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  1. Rowland Buck

    Rowland Buck55 minutes ago

    I can easily see how it probably looked closer from the ground than the camera angel. It barely cleared the foul pole and was fading inward a bit. Closer than most people realize.

  2. jjww30

    jjww30Hour ago

    Canseco was not a nice guy. Tried charging me $50 for an autograph during a game. I promptly tore up his card in front of him. I was 10 years old. Got McGuire’s autograph though. Quality dude.

  3. Ebony Queen

    Ebony QueenHour ago

    Give me back my board Lance!

  4. Cl4sher

    Cl4sherHour ago

    Wtf is diz



    Goddamn mongowians ruining my city wrestling...

  6. Hanwen Tian

    Hanwen TianHour ago

    Kyle Seager ... he's probably overpaid

  7. John Mark

    John MarkHour ago

    After wearing all these mask we could try this competition

  8. xXInsan3Xx

    xXInsan3XxHour ago

    Most "lets fucking goooo" on youtube. Love it

  9. Whoop Mgee

    Whoop MgeeHour ago

    Great analysis of the anal sisses around that diamond

  10. bluez blue

    bluez blueHour ago

    That coach deserves some sort of award with his massive animated Yoooouuu! wobbley headed Yoooouuu! You blokes should make that a weekly segment thing the crazyest coach reactions thats a winner views gallore and when it amps up the views you can give me a shout out for the brilliant call

  11. Taran Temple

    Taran TempleHour ago

    You can’t call borderline strikes high, low, and inside all on the same guy. Especially on curveballs. Makes it hard to hit. Don’t agree these are all good pitches. Maybe in high school, not the bigs

  12. Christian Kelley

    Christian KelleyHour ago

    You know, that pitcher was the first person they should’ve interviewed after the game and really drove it home like “Puffy McDoucheface, you were very confident going into the ninth inning, shouting those words of encouragement to then absolutely blew it for your team, most likely causing their loss and essentially diminishing all chances of your baseball future...Now that you’ve made yourself the laughing stock of College Baseball, ESPN has to ask, Do your parents know of the type of person you are and do they despise you as much as the rest of America?”

  13. Metric Hotrods

    Metric HotrodsHour ago

    Surprised bellinger put his bong down long enough to snag that

  14. A B Cars N’ Guitars

    A B Cars N’ GuitarsHour ago

    ‘you’d think people would be upset , I’m not upset’

  15. Metric Hotrods

    Metric HotrodsHour ago

    I would love to see Jomboy break down a supercross race. The less he knows about the sport, the better the breakdown

  16. bluez blue

    bluez blueHour ago

    Watching with smoldering intencity he was too

  17. Steven Kazanjian

    Steven KazanjianHour ago

    Everyone seems to underestimate the value of choking someone out to yet them under control lol

  18. TCT UnknoWn

    TCT UnknoWnHour ago

    Your videos are probably the funniest videos I’ve ever seen

  19. Estelle Getty

    Estelle GettyHour ago

    Hit the over and covered with that swing. I’ll never forget it I was dead going into the ninth.

  20. K'apliel D

    K'apliel DHour ago

    What an absolute psycho

  21. Caramel Shoes

    Caramel ShoesHour ago

    0:34 *What a freaking shot that was*

  22. Doug G

    Doug GHour ago

    Stealing home with 2 outs tf you doin

  23. James Latter

    James LatterHour ago

    This show is so well edited...I know he lost EOW last week but this content!

  24. bluez blue

    bluez blueHour ago

    You crack me up mate

  25. Ma Ur

    Ma UrHour ago

    You've got to remember the away bench is over where he left. Whereas the home goalie sits comfortably between both benches. Adding to the salt

  26. Aerodoc78

    Aerodoc78Hour ago

    That ump should be fired and never allowed in a game again.

  27. macdaddymario

    macdaddymarioHour ago

    Man. Imagine being so weak you feel the need to eject someone from a game for a glove. Imagine backing that call too. Shit, a leaf hit me the other day, should eject the fucking trees right out of the Earth, huh?

  28. Peter Arnberg

    Peter ArnbergHour ago

    Why do much hate for those uniforms? They were weird but some were really awesome. Griffey in that future Mariners look is about as cool as baseball has ever been.

  29. DL Thomas

    DL ThomasHour ago

    Reaves is the great great great grandson of the first black lawman west of the Mississippi river. Long line of men with heart

  30. xINF4MOUS

    xINF4MOUS2 hours ago

    Man these Umps really do make it about themselves

  31. Nate Manthey

    Nate Manthey2 hours ago

    Not a Yankees fan but just having baseball back makes me so happy

  32. OT S

    OT S2 hours ago

    shes cooler than you, mate

  33. rafa57games

    rafa57games2 hours ago

    The guy is a good player. It's sad that he's so dirty

  34. Donnie Lang

    Donnie Lang2 hours ago

    Dog whistle.

  35. Milan Bhimani

    Milan Bhimani2 hours ago


  36. Matt Carey

    Matt Carey2 hours ago

    "Don't bunt to break up a no hitter." Why should you just give the pitcher a no hitter? He's trying to get you out, why can't you try to get on base? Screw that guy.

  37. LSG UK

    LSG UK2 hours ago

    This is gold. I'm British and have no interest in baseball, but this commentary is great. F***face podcast brought me here.

  38. Zachary Signor

    Zachary Signor2 hours ago

    Don’t think you’ve ever done ovechkin knocking out a rookie last year

  39. brucetopher

    brucetopher2 hours ago

    Idk if the MLB has something against the tigers, but the same exact thing happened to Verlander. Great game

  40. Cody

    Cody2 hours ago

    You guys should ad "the weekly video dumb" category to your weekly dumb just giving an award to top dumb of the week. Sounds like something that needs to be there and if you think other wise just think is a bird in the hand worth two in the

  41. evilResident100

    evilResident1002 hours ago


  42. Fire 100

    Fire 1002 hours ago

    That sounds like a setup like you reading the games fix game it's not sports.

  43. Fire 100

    Fire 1002 hours ago

    Playing baseball game was this you play to win a sport get the money go home at the same time and have fun on the unwritten rule that's another stupidest thing I heard

  44. DK

    DK2 hours ago

    Binnington is such a douche.

  45. Gijs

    Gijs2 hours ago

    Of course it's weird if it's not the same as your sport. It's a different sport, what do you mean. Rugby was played before american football, sO wEiRd l0Ok aT tHeSE gUyS sM0kIng cRacK thAtS nOT rUgBY... ???

  46. Carl Garner

    Carl Garner3 hours ago

    How old are they.

  47. Big Gucci Cholo

    Big Gucci Cholo3 hours ago

    If I was good at baseball and built like a tank id hit a homerun, pimp it then proceed to whoop you like a step child if you wanted to start something

  48. DiskoSpider

    DiskoSpider3 hours ago

    There's gonna be some brown on the mound if he can't get 3 down

  49. Brushcrawler

    Brushcrawler3 hours ago

    What a brutal altercation 😁

  50. Geomac1310 BCP

    Geomac1310 BCP3 hours ago

    Man that’s awesome. You guys are the best keep on growing.

  51. 1204murph

    1204murph3 hours ago

    I like this guys videos a lot but I hate how he doesn’t spend half a second to tell us the final score at the end. He does that a lot.

  52. Malcolm Holmes

    Malcolm Holmes3 hours ago

    Screw the rules i have money

  53. E P

    E P3 hours ago

    Not a fan of the way people miss title videos, he was not ejected after hitting a home run he was injected after pulling that crap at the plate let's get it right man then you could argue whether or not it was justified

  54. Zirob

    Zirob3 hours ago

    The Mongolians were right tho

  55. Coin

    Coin3 hours ago

    Enjoyed watching you grow over the years. Congratulations fellas!

  56. DiskoSpider

    DiskoSpider3 hours ago

    What history is he making in the bottom of the second? Sorry I don't follow baseball as much as some.

  57. Zirob

    Zirob4 hours ago


  58. Michael Durán

    Michael Durán4 hours ago

    Tigres equipo chico

  59. Cathy Ross

    Cathy Ross4 hours ago Signori, la convinzione di alcuni oppositori gioca un ruolo decisivo nelle attuali condizioni finanziarie e amministrative. E gli scenari di base del comportamento degli utenti saranno resi pubblici.In generale, ovviamente, la consultazione con un'ampia risorsa gioca un ruolo chiave nell'analisi dei modelli di comportamento esistenti. Nella nostra ricerca per migliorare l'esperienza dell'utente, ci manca che i prototipi interattivi siano ambigui e diventeranno uno zimbello, anche se la loro stessa esistenza è di grande beneficio per la società. As conclusoes tiradas com base na analise da Internet permanecem ate hoje o lote de liberais que estao ansiosos para serem identificados como candidatos ao papel de fatores-chave. Senhores, o fortalecimento e desenvolvimento da estrutura interna e uma etapa qualitativamente nova de novas propostas. Alias, representantes das reservas sociais modernas, que sao um exemplo vivo do tipo de cultura politica continental-europeia, serao verificados com o tempo! As tecnologias modernas atingiram tal nivel que a solidariedade da equipa de profissionais revela a necessidade urgente das condicoes financeiras e administrativas existentes.

  60. Isaac Kroll

    Isaac Kroll4 hours ago

    Dumbest shi ive ever seen

  61. Kai Schniedergers

    Kai Schniedergers4 hours ago

    You guys should hire nba storyteller

  62. SenorSlim1

    SenorSlim14 hours ago

    I love this shit

  63. Mike Fantasia

    Mike Fantasia4 hours ago

    Wow jomboy doin gods work. Let's start leaving bad reviews in rotten tomatoes

  64. Byan Baasith

    Byan Baasith4 hours ago

    Wth is this sport

  65. mu96y

    mu96y4 hours ago

    2:33 he is not kissing the mat !!! He is praying like Mohamed Salah do after he scores, as muslims this how we thank the god ♥️

  66. b zanon

    b zanon4 hours ago

    another little attention craving twa...

  67. Tha yang

    Tha yang4 hours ago

    Plot twist: The old man doesn't have his left ear but uses metal ears with silicone plastic.

  68. Timgibbs

    Timgibbs4 hours ago

    Great story. Great channel. But best of all, the timing. I’m a Brit and your delivery of comic timing is a wonder to behold.

  69. lisa

    lisa4 hours ago

    Hey Ump, ya Blind? i love White Sox, btw. silliness all over the place, huh? thanks for the upload. 🙂👍

  70. Rich Drury

    Rich Drury4 hours ago

    You mean that's not an elastic band?!? 😐

  71. jhgolf85

    jhgolf855 hours ago

    Jomboy makes for great RADIO. That's all I have to say...

  72. Alomar Ybarra

    Alomar Ybarra5 hours ago

    Why does he sound like pat

  73. CryptoHX

    CryptoHX5 hours ago

    Jigsaw's games be like :

  74. Heytaco

    Heytaco5 hours ago

    The most annoying part of baseball is the umpires attitudes. Such bitches

  75. Jordan Nesmith

    Jordan Nesmith5 hours ago

    Astros still my team

  76. Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson5 hours ago

    This show is so dumb. I have no idea what is happening. But I’m always exited for new episodes. I love the strict attention to hygiene. Top marks.

  77. Tanner Roberts

    Tanner Roberts5 hours ago

    I quit life. I've seen it all.