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Jeezy - Don't Make Me
Jeezy - Look Like
Jeezy - 1 Time
Jeezy - Spyder (Audio)
Jeezy - G-Wagon

Jeezy - G-Wagon

3 years ago

Jeezy - Recipe (Audio)
Jeezy - U Kno It

Jeezy - U Kno It

4 years ago

Jeezy - Goldmine

Jeezy - Goldmine

4 years ago

Jeezy - J BO (Audio)
Jeezy - Gold Bottles
Jeezy - Gold Bottles
Young Jeezy - I Luv It
Young Jeezy - Nothing
  1. clife komana

    clife komanaMinute ago

    Jay Z Flow & beat


    THA GENIEMinute ago

    Dont get it twisted... USlikes is slowing the views "algorithm"...

  3. Jay Coelho

    Jay Coelho3 minutes ago

    Welcome back snowman

  4. Cheikh Magassouba

    Cheikh Magassouba6 minutes ago

    Love the punch line . Gucci is Goofy . Meaning the brand and Gucci man both 😂

  5. Tez uno

    Tez uno6 minutes ago

    I can smell war thats why im lacing up my boots💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Durand Parker Jr

    Durand Parker Jr7 minutes ago

    Jeezy, Gucci and Ross are all legends and an inspiration to myself ⛄️🥶💯🔥🐐

  7. Gabs

    Gabs9 minutes ago

    Buford Hwy all day !!!! To live and die in the A !!!!

  8. Deonterryo X

    Deonterryo X9 minutes ago

    Rick Ross verse tho

  9. Joey Harris

    Joey Harris11 minutes ago

    I Like 👍🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  10. Deonterryo X

    Deonterryo X11 minutes ago

    Bout dat time

  11. Jonathan Marmolejo

    Jonathan Marmolejo13 minutes ago

    This was dope

  12. Tony Snow

    Tony Snow20 minutes ago

    The song hard but lets put this in to auction asap

  13. Hoosier Daddy

    Hoosier Daddy33 minutes ago

    gucci did it 1st with buy back the block feat rick ross

  14. Paul Becker

    Paul Becker33 minutes ago

    ayoo!! this song is FIRE!!!!!

  15. Khalil Attiba

    Khalil Attiba34 minutes ago

    @ least he's walking around with his colostomy bag!! And not in a wc!! JS

  16. daboss 450

    daboss 45036 minutes ago

    The black mafia

  17. J Jam

    J Jam37 minutes ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 the beat hard but he saying something on the track let's normalize that again 👌🏿👍🏿

  18. Triple Delight

    Triple Delight40 minutes ago

    PAY WHAT YOU OWE US .......

  19. Romane 954

    Romane 95444 minutes ago

    Know some niggas down in broward still believe in Fraud🔥💪🏾

  20. Jamaal Thurston

    Jamaal Thurston51 minute ago

    This shit is wack Jeezy let down..smh

  21. Dwane Michael

    Dwane MichaelHour ago

    Great response for guccie

  22. villain6oi

    villain6oiHour ago

    Realist and the most Relevant track that Jeezy made!

  23. Frederic Reid

    Frederic ReidHour ago


  24. Frederic Reid

    Frederic ReidHour ago


  25. Felicia Hunter

    Felicia HunterHour ago

    Barack Obama will forever reign as POTUS!!!!

  26. Shirley Pettes

    Shirley PettesHour ago

    Demi lovato made this song🔥🔥🔥

  27. Darren Sullivan

    Darren SullivanHour ago


  28. Justina Razo

    Justina RazoHour ago

    E-40 a vet! I know Jeezy been around since I was in my early 20's but 40 Water awesome too .. These new rappers suck!

  29. Salvador Sumbane

    Salvador SumbaneHour ago

    JeeZy obrigado pelo bit. Wssumbane mozambique



    Oh my Lord..... Rick Ross did this Yes this may be jeezy song, but it got the Boss written all over IT...

  31. Latorvis Underwood

    Latorvis UnderwoodHour ago

    He's back🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

  32. Purp 101

    Purp 101Hour ago

    You can't deny greatness, Tha real is back!!!!!!!!!!

  33. slottie Bob foster

    slottie Bob fosterHour ago

    Damn, it's been 20 years. An to see the evolution of Young. Is dope, from street dude to real estate mogul!

  34. Strawberry 1317

    Strawberry 1317Hour ago

    Yes he back it’s all true what Mr.17.5 .Saying I ❤️ love this man Team Jezzy.❤️🎶😎🍓

  35. Dojuan Brown

    Dojuan BrownHour ago

    MAN THIS SHIT 🔥 🔥 🔥

  36. Krista K.

    Krista K.Hour ago


  37. Vince Loyal

    Vince LoyalHour ago


  38. BIG DAWG202

    BIG DAWG202Hour ago


  39. God dess

    God dessHour ago

    Love me some Jeezy

  40. #Gud Gainz

    #Gud GainzHour ago

    Classic JEEZY 🔥


    TRAILBLAZER INLINE 62 hours ago

    Thanks fam💪

  42. 007Demenguez Carpouloe

    007Demenguez Carpouloe2 hours ago

    Frank Lucas

  43. City of Lost Angels

    City of Lost Angels2 hours ago

    Damn he really loves homegirl...Jeezy put her on her video

  44. biran

    biran2 hours ago

    Frank lucas nicky barnes..... Black dollar 💯💯💯

  45. Brittany Dillard

    Brittany Dillard2 hours ago

    ❤️😊 this song does something to my soul 😌

  46. Bossman kyle

    Bossman kyle2 hours ago

    Big snow ......let's get it...

  47. Taye_Ra

    Taye_Ra2 hours ago

    This shit weak. Not hating it just don’t jam. The message is needed tho.

  48. More Knowledge

    More Knowledge2 hours ago

    Wayne woulda killed the feat.

  49. mwla mmbi

    mwla mmbi2 hours ago

    Snow Man

  50. Tina Peittway

    Tina Peittway2 hours ago

    God said the chosen people will suffer the most🤔well guess who he's talking 2🤔All my nubian brothers/sisters not black or people of color know who you Are👍🏽kings&queens😃

  51. back to Nature

    back to Nature2 hours ago

    Musically wise gucci is jeezy son

  52. That Two Stroke Guy

    That Two Stroke Guy2 hours ago

    Hot Cheeto what I snack on 😂💯

  53. Yung and Black Business LLC

    Yung and Black Business LLC2 hours ago

    💪💪 lets go

  54. king Crow

    king Crow2 hours ago

    Need us an almighty black women at our side first dont you think

  55. LOSO G

    LOSO G2 hours ago

    Dis shitbe sliding 💯 , 🔥

  56. Mike Maxwell

    Mike Maxwell2 hours ago


  57. Searbhreathach Leòdhas Réamann

    Searbhreathach Leòdhas Réamann2 hours ago

    Too bad you're gonna lose it all.

  58. MrBp954

    MrBp9542 hours ago

    had he wore that during the vz he could have won the fashion vote

  59. Travoris Harris

    Travoris Harris2 hours ago

    Young done laced em with this one. Some niggaz still gonna miss it! Album cover of the year.

  60. Appetite 4 Chic

    Appetite 4 Chic2 hours ago

    I’m just realizing Keshia Ka’oir is in this video 👀 ... this song still a bop tho! Makes me miss the clubs

  61. TheCamille1304

    TheCamille13043 hours ago

    Love this Jeezy and Demi Duval🔥🔥🔥

  62. Michael Scott

    Michael Scott3 hours ago


  63. Jimmy Silcox

    Jimmy Silcox3 hours ago

    Jeezy dont sound the same to me, maybe its the beat throwing me off .

  64. Martez BooGeez

    Martez BooGeez3 hours ago

    This song gets me together. Jeezy he is back. Looking like a black panther on the album cover.

  65. Strawberry 1317

    Strawberry 13173 hours ago

    My man is back long live Jezzy Mr.17.5 . Got to love him 💯🍓🎶😎

  66. Rikki Freeman

    Rikki Freeman3 hours ago

    THIS IS IT!!!!

  67. Raymand Doks

    Raymand Doks3 hours ago

    .."Can't vote for Donald cos that nigga won't feel us, can't vote for Donald cos that nigga gon kill us".. damn!

  68. Shawn Parker

    Shawn Parker3 hours ago

    Jeezy still on top

  69. christian kozak

    christian kozak3 hours ago

    Skate 3 ???

  70. gerard joseph

    gerard joseph3 hours ago

    I’ve been waiting for a celeb to put this msg out for soo long thanks geezy. As a culture we out so much of our dollars in places to where it doesn’t benefit us

  71. Kaka Omogbai

    Kaka Omogbai3 hours ago

    This is straight pouch to Gucci mane face

  72. Karl McMichel

    Karl McMichel3 hours ago

    When that beat drop damn

  73. Sonya lewis

    Sonya lewis3 hours ago

    U is the shit

  74. Jemimah Ngu

    Jemimah Ngu3 hours ago

    This is really good

  75. M. Abram III

    M. Abram III3 hours ago

    u go broke just to wear it....facts

  76. Rondae Akins

    Rondae Akins3 hours ago

    Grown man shit✊✊✊

  77. R.I.P DUNK

    R.I.P DUNK3 hours ago


  78. Malace From the Palace

    Malace From the Palace3 hours ago

    It's winter time and the snowman is BACK!!BITCHES!!!!! 😂

  79. Jacquin Thomas

    Jacquin Thomas4 hours ago

    Yessir the real we need to hear

  80. Nate Dogg

    Nate Dogg4 hours ago

    What the fuck rick ross is actually rapping kind of