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Saying Goodbye...
Doing What's Right

Doing What's Right

9 months ago

First Date Does My Makeup
  1. pvp1123 Karl

    pvp1123 Karl21 hour ago

    Thestradman dad has dead

  2. jakes baby bubba

    jakes baby bubba22 hours ago

    Omfg I'm so stupid jeffree cut his hair for Daniel I know hes really problematic but that really kind and loving

  3. Hind Paris

    Hind Paris22 hours ago

    No one cares abt ur approvement ! Xoxo

  4. Wendy Woods

    Wendy Woods23 hours ago

    Dallas society queen! 💋

  5. boohoo

    boohoo23 hours ago

    Not the spencer

  6. Happy boi

    Happy boiDay ago

    u are a gay

  7. Maria ahmar

    Maria ahmarDay ago

    "Your makeup is clown makeup" Then millions of people wanna be clowns.🤡🤡

  8. Gabby

    GabbyDay ago





  10. Mama Try's

    Mama Try'sDay ago

    Listen I know this is a 2 yr old video but dang u can ship me all the stuff ur trashing. Whenever u need to do a clean out I will gladly take things off your hands. 😂

  11. Antonio 24

    Antonio 24Day ago

    Cause u aman

  12. Rochelle Leigh

    Rochelle LeighDay ago

    I will help you clean your brushes anytime

  13. Rhiann Rose

    Rhiann RoseDay ago

    I watched this 3 months ago and thought I fell in love with Daniel then. How I hear you boys are in the hospital. I adore this man he's so sweet so kind and and positive and all love and positive vibe to you Daniel.... and Jeffree. Lots of peace and love! 🌈❤️

  14. Jordan Luces

    Jordan LucesDay ago

    You should be leaving USlikes for hell's sake! Your toxicity is just too much!

  15. RBF Momma

    RBF MommaDay ago

    Sending ur friend love. I just lost my mum to Breast Cancer relapse on 1st of May.

  16. Imbad

    ImbadDay ago


  17. Nathan Morales

    Nathan MoralesDay ago

    9:18 Lol almost die 😂

  18. Jasmine Moreno

    Jasmine MorenoDay ago

    Love this video ❤️

  19. Dania Cruz

    Dania CruzDay ago

    Claires’s packaging is way better. That says a lot.

  20. Jerry H

    Jerry HDay ago

    Jeffree & Daniel, you both are blessed, beautiful and courageous for all you both have been through. I don't know you guys personally but I wish I had friends like the two of you! Love you both! -Peace Jerry ✌️❤️

  21. Jerry H

    Jerry HDay ago

    Jeffree & Daniel, you both are blessed, beautiful and courageous for all you both have been through. I don't know you guys personally but I wish I had friends like the two of you! Love you both! -Peace Jerry ✌️❤️

  22. mommy and daughter Wilkerson

    mommy and daughter WilkersonDay ago

    God Bless you Daniel. You have a true halo. I pray you continue to be cancer free. And may those horrible people that are so ugly learn to be better people.

  23. Rene Reveron

    Rene ReveronDay ago

    Is it me or.. i see something different on jeffree's face?? Somethings different... and i love his hands without the nails... cure..!! Love his very pink fingers..

  24. Stephanne Huff

    Stephanne HuffDay ago

    I love you so much only you would do anything like this!! I would do this just not as graceful by any means!! Ur an amazing person not the nasty people say!

  25. Lisa Harker

    Lisa HarkerDay ago

    Much love and healthy vibes to you Daniel!!!

  26. Sandra Evans

    Sandra EvansDay ago

    shit, i'll be lonely with jeff. hmu.

  27. Eduardo Chacon

    Eduardo ChaconDay ago

    Oh I realized that the cosmetic object is vegan free!(: yay.

  28. rio

    rioDay ago

    the intro is so funny to me idk why i cant stop replaying it lmfao

  29. joann's vlog

    joann's vlogDay ago

    Wow so cute 🤩🤩🤩

  30. Jennifer Rhoades

    Jennifer RhoadesDay ago

    I don't understand how people could say things like that 😕 😪 wow

  31. Jennifer Rhoades

    Jennifer RhoadesDay ago

    He's so strong 💪 I hope it stays away forever now

  32. Jigglypuff

    JigglypuffDay ago

    Lmao is Mitchell wearing nates necklace 😂

  33. Bailey Herring

    Bailey HerringDay ago

    "FOK, bruvva" oh my god lmao

  34. Carrie Teller

    Carrie TellerDay ago

    Omg he does look like Eugene from tangled Flynn Ryder

  35. Dreu Thomas

    Dreu ThomasDay ago

    Hey Jefree I'm really sorry about your car accident I had a bad one june 24th 2020 broke both of my ankles and every rib except for 2 of them and cracked my spine punctured my lung and was in a fucking nursing home all suffer with the covid lockdown. I am so sorry for you and I hope they gave you all the pain medication you wanted and you heal quickly and feel better your a survivor and so its your friend I love you hun.

  36. Elizabeth Iferd

    Elizabeth IferdDay ago

    6:17 getting up close and personal there lol

  37. Xia Thao

    Xia ThaoDay ago

    Hey Jeffree, can you review atomy mineral compact.

  38. Stephanie Scapegoat

    Stephanie ScapegoatDay ago

    Daniels In and Out cup tattoo!! Love it! Congrats on your recovery!

  39. Adam H.

    Adam H.Day ago

    omg that foundation looked terrible in the end

  40. Marla Wettstein

    Marla WettsteinDay ago

    He’s so nice to Maddie/Maddy/Madi (however it’s spelled)

  41. Amanda Wallace

    Amanda WallaceDay ago

    why he have foundation on his head already

  42. Kay Marie

    Kay MarieDay ago

    I met both of you at Maryland's warped tour ! Happy Daniel is doing better 💕

  43. Lexi Loo

    Lexi LooDay ago

    Omg when Jeffree was a mannequin!! Loved that❤

  44. Tabitha ASMR

    Tabitha ASMRDay ago

    I just got my Blue Blood palette for Mother's day! Two years later, I am in love!😍😍😍

  45. Isabella McCarty

    Isabella McCartyDay ago

    why was this video so... awkward

  46. prashil taide

    prashil taideDay ago


  47. chantel le

    chantel leDay ago

    jeffree makes really good reviews but too bad he doesn't fix his mistakes :/

  48. boxy aalt

    boxy aaltDay ago


  49. boxy aalt

    boxy aaltDay ago

    it is so pretty

  50. boxy aalt

    boxy aaltDay ago


  51. Tina Trueman

    Tina TruemanDay ago

    I love you ❤️

  52. Janae

    JanaeDay ago

    Then not everyone was creamated people were buried as well. Some people act like they are the only people in the world.

  53. Charles Avila

    Charles AvilaDay ago

    @2:36 Vice ganda 😅🤣



    OOH YASS GIRL that mascara is THE BEST

  55. Lilly VD

    Lilly VDDay ago

    must be nice mot having to worry about money <3

  56. DrJotsna Naidu

    DrJotsna NaiduDay ago

    Hey ! You better stick around okay !! We love you so much!

  57. Renay Peach

    Renay PeachDay ago


  58. Kat Kaotika

    Kat KaotikaDay ago

    LMAO at 1:34 Who would have known then that almost 3 years later, Jeffree created the same thing LOL but I know he was just listening to customer feedback.. I personally don't like the "boring" nude shades cuz I like my makeup to be extra ASF.. Even if I'm just wearing one colour of shadow, nothin special, no liner etc, it has to be a colour that will stand out.. or a dark colour like black or dark grey or hunter green.. But to each their own!! I love jeffree's formula and the crazy colours are my favourite!! I wish I was into make-up when this palette dropped.. I just got into makeup a couple years ago but I love the stuff I have!!

  59. Honey Pot UK

    Honey Pot UKDay ago

    Bless his heart ❤

  60. Dream of Leah Ashe Pink star

    Dream of Leah Ashe Pink starDay ago

    I feel bad for him

  61. 340HP

    340HPDay ago

    The fuck is this? LMAO

  62. Tiffany Stockman

    Tiffany StockmanDay ago

    Jeffree love Wyoming 💘 so much open space my hubby's a truck driver we go everywhere its just Beautiful i would so 💘 to try ur products 💖 I just know they will be Amazing

  63. Redefine Art Boutique

    Redefine Art BoutiqueDay ago

    He’s literally the strongest person on earth rn. Surviving 3 stages of cancer??? That’s crazy. Props to him 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  64. Tiffany Stockman

    Tiffany StockmanDay ago

    How just Beautiful u r Jeffreestar love the pink hair 💗 and tatts

  65. Monica Hyland

    Monica HylandDay ago

    My son was born at 24 weeks and his Intestine burst he had a colostomy bag. I’m so happy you are bringing awareness to this because no one talks about this. Thank you Daniel. You are beautiful lots of love to you ❤️💕💜 thank you jeffree love you lot’s 💜💕❤️

  66. Monica Hyland

    Monica HylandDay ago

    I was Conceived in 1978 while my dad was doing Chemotherapy for leukemia he had the Disease 4 times throughout his life. Different cancers at different times and different stages. He passed away in 2005 age 58 from a Massive heart attack. He was a fighter. Daniel you got this ❤️✊

  67. Scott Rogers

    Scott RogersDay ago

    So a skincare line from someone who gets work done. 🙄🙄🙄

  68. 了了

    了了Day ago

    Demons, let them go

  69. April Hutcheson

    April HutchesonDay ago

    You guys are amazing!!! Anyone that hates you either envy's you or is jealous! I absolutely LOVE your confidence and personality!!! I love how brave you are and have the courage to be whatever you want to be!!!! I will ALWAYS support you!!!! Laugh at the haters ...look at what you have achieved and overcome!!! You are an amazing person in my book!!!! Wishing you the best Daniel the new lips!!!!!💗💗💗

  70. Graeme Mannion

    Graeme MannionDay ago

  71. Socorro Soria

    Socorro SoriaDay ago

    They are so cute😁😍❤💙💜

  72. O R

    O RDay ago

    I really hope Maddie is ok.

  73. •Dark• •Wolf•

    •Dark• •Wolf•Day ago

    I swear to God. The amount of clothes this dude has can do a lot to charity...i swear that there is atleast 20,000 clothes He/she hasn't even worn in 10 years.

  74. Erin Haley

    Erin HaleyDay ago

    A lot of those shades I love so much I'm just intimidated to try

  75. Gaming toons

    Gaming toonsDay ago

    I head you are billionaire but I had one doubt that you are boy or girl as i am confused

  76. J Mac

    J MacDay ago

    Watching this, enjoying being able to laugh at something. When did life get so serious. Come back Shane.

  77. Amit

    AmitDay ago


  78. Jessica Horne

    Jessica HorneDay ago

    ❤️ing Jeffree's hair very noice take on Sia's hairstyle

  79. Ann Glenn

    Ann GlennDay ago

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