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  1. JackaSonBoy !!

    JackaSonBoy !!48 seconds ago

    How do you watch the story from the start? I am still of PTS Naruto Shonen Jump

  2. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj12 minutes ago

    Kurama: exists Humans: hippity hoppity i want u to be my property

  3. marshall hamelin

    marshall hamelin13 minutes ago

    Question. If the 9 tailed fox’s Ying and yang chakra was split up into Naruto and Minuto when minuto died why didn’t that half of the fox get re-born ?

  4. Leila Jarach

    Leila Jarach15 minutes ago


  5. mage night

    mage night16 minutes ago


  6. Iamrllyugly

    Iamrllyugly17 minutes ago

    matatabi is interesting

  7. Butter Gamers

    Butter Gamers20 minutes ago

    And that's why naruto likes ramen so much

  8. Ness

    Ness22 minutes ago

    Chef in South Park is Teuchi in Naruto

  9. Chris From Discord

    Chris From Discord22 minutes ago

    He’s older then everyone

  10. Ray Jordan

    Ray Jordan30 minutes ago

    Cloud village

  11. Lawrence vlogs And reacts

    Lawrence vlogs And reacts31 minute ago

    obito sus your a grown man ;-; get over rin ok you can LIKE now ;D

  12. Lebron the goat

    Lebron the goat46 minutes ago

    You guys should watch ramen guy vs pain it’s the best fight in the series


    TNT THE KILL47 minutes ago

    Who else noticed he said reincarnated i stead of reanimated the whole video

  14. the_endoftimeishere

    the_endoftimeishere48 minutes ago

    bro is he the masked man????

  15. denial lai

    denial lai51 minute ago

    What is this caption my guy

  16. Yurij Kokurin

    Yurij Kokurin59 minutes ago

    Fire: evading atacks using fire like a jet engine, more lightning Air: same as Korra but more movement Water: quickfire bullet like Viper but on the arm like a watch Earth: Dai Li gloves but metall or lava and only like finger guns and more seismic sence ...yes...

  17. Felocity Budmanlim

    Felocity BudmanlimHour ago

    But wait life is a pain.

  18. Elba Fuentes

    Elba FuentesHour ago

    Son Goku

  19. dude boi

    dude boiHour ago

    Can you make a video on Sai from Naruto?

  20. Aayog Patel

    Aayog PatelHour ago

    It sounds like you recorded yourself saying sasuke then edits it inlike in the midddle of the sentence SAAsKI

  21. Felocity Budmanlim

    Felocity BudmanlimHour ago

    Naruto turned kurama to a tsundere

  22. nasri farah

    nasri farahHour ago

    Naruto is my fav charter and he's born on the same day as meee!



    think how this vid take sooooooooo long ti uplode lol

  24. Anthon Allen Seme

    Anthon Allen SemeHour ago

    8 tails

  25. Lamont Matthews

    Lamont MatthewsHour ago

    Tenten is stronger then madara

  26. joshua Castillo

    joshua CastilloHour ago

    zetsu realy looks like obito

  27. Iwatchnaruto Textstory

    Iwatchnaruto TextstoryHour ago



    FATE SONICHour ago

    *story of kurama sees some spoilers* Me:damn it

  29. urxu

    urxuHour ago

    Kurama went from "*wuf ruar!" To a big boi

  30. My Name Idk

    My Name IdkHour ago

    this man really called Hanji Hang LMAOAOA i CANTTT

  31. Axrozy

    AxrozyHour ago

    Itachi be like / \

  32. Stallone Winsor Pascua

    Stallone Winsor PascuaHour ago

    Did naruto die ?

  33. Savage dark Wolf

    Savage dark WolfHour ago

    Your pronunciation sucks

  34. mc rauaska

    mc rauaskaHour ago

    I think we never see ramen guy eyes.

  35. Lake On YT

    Lake On YTHour ago

    Nice videos

  36. Townsend Family

    Townsend FamilyHour ago

    There is only 16 dislikes because everyone loves Avatar: the last Airbender and Legend of korra and its awesome!!!!

  37. Dio but eating uranus

    Dio but eating uranusHour ago

    Nobody cared about sakura being hurt anyways

  38. Stallone Winsor Pascua

    Stallone Winsor PascuaHour ago

    Saske is weak he took kurama to naruto

  39. Dave Sales

    Dave SalesHour ago

    Petition for Teuchi to be the next Hokage !

  40. favour chiduruo

    favour chiduruoHour ago

    does anybody know a site so i could watch tthe great ninga war again

  41. Frodo The Happy Doggo

    Frodo The Happy DoggoHour ago

    I thought his name was ichiraku

  42. It’s me , Teehee

    It’s me , TeeheeHour ago

    No one works as hard as zhu li

  43. Madyn Grafton

    Madyn GraftonHour ago

    I think he butchered sasukes name so bad he had to add him saying it right so that's why it's weird prolly. And this dude butchered everyone's name like he didnt know how to say sakuras name right

  44. Guy Fox

    Guy Fox2 hours ago

    In the latest chapter, it's revealed that Kurama is familiar with advanced scientific concepts such as nuclear fission/fusion and particle physics, things that haven't even been discovered by humans in Natuto's time. Naruto's newest form was inspired by baryonic fusion, consuming both their chakra to create something entirely new. If it wasn't before, it's clear now that Kurama (and possibly the other tailed beasts) know a hell of a lot more than they let on.

  45. Octo Wafflez

    Octo Wafflez2 hours ago

    Obeeto oochiha Adatsooki Huh

  46. SuperBallGamer

    SuperBallGamer2 hours ago

    Kurama is amazing and you can’t lie

  47. Kingston Bittle

    Kingston Bittle2 hours ago

    What if kakashi gave naruto his sharigan

  48. Tiny Diamond

    Tiny Diamond2 hours ago

    I just watched naruto with no fillers

  49. Oh, boy.

    Oh, boy.2 hours ago

    I wonder if Kurama’s warning to sasuke on killing Naruto was supposed to be some unexplored subplot. I really wonder what he meant by regretting it.

  50. madara vids7207

    madara vids72072 hours ago


  51. Blic

    Blic2 hours ago


  52. Dorito Man

    Dorito Man2 hours ago

    Ayame lookin *THICC*

  53. Miku San

    Miku San2 hours ago

    Its it ku-rah-mah or ku-ruh-muh

  54. Psycho SoCal

    Psycho SoCal2 hours ago

    Naruto Shippuden would have ended better without the introduction of Kaguya

  55. beast Animator

    beast Animator2 hours ago

    Pain was lucky that when he attack the leaf village the ramen guy was out of town at that time

  56. Broden Riggleman

    Broden Riggleman2 hours ago

    i love the karuma its the best charecter belive it!

  57. Sad Sad

    Sad Sad2 hours ago


  58. Shadenfroda

    Shadenfroda2 hours ago

    I’m sorry what the hell did you just call sokka? 5:31

  59. Jakab Leonard

    Jakab Leonard3 hours ago


  60. Zoid

    Zoid3 hours ago

    “Yamata” no its Ya-ma-to (pronounced toe)

  61. Envious Gaming

    Envious Gaming3 hours ago

    Ur on trendinggg

  62. Flakes CODM

    Flakes CODM3 hours ago

    Feeling cute today better kill my clan later

  63. Tanmay Mahajan

    Tanmay Mahajan3 hours ago

    Teuchi is the strongest in the whole verse he will just tell Naruto that he will never make ichiraku back and win

  64. Bria Carter

    Bria Carter3 hours ago

    Where are they getting their information? I only remember Rosalee, and Jasper's backstories. Don't be lying to us......

  65. SkyLSLGaming YT

    SkyLSLGaming YT3 hours ago

    Pervey Sage

  66. Aidan Bennett

    Aidan Bennett3 hours ago

    How are you just gonna so confidently mispronounce everything

  67. JonelKingas

    JonelKingas3 hours ago

    Imagine being Aang and not know shit about Raava, then dying lmao same with past avatars

  68. Math Trix

    Math Trix3 hours ago

    Wow, 742K views after 2 days

  69. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson3 hours ago

    "Sasukes forehead protector" this man is an impostor!

  70. diamond tiara

    diamond tiara3 hours ago

    2:24 lmao go Runaan this is literally my father when i do something wrong RUNAAN PUTTED RAYLA IN TIME OUT LOL

  71. Nuada

    Nuada3 hours ago

    Totally forgot what was going on in this universe

  72. Carter A Plus

    Carter A Plus3 hours ago

    Alt title Legend of Korra in 30:00 minutes

  73. True Doggo

    True Doggo3 hours ago


  74. ShakiraTheDevil

    ShakiraTheDevil3 hours ago

    As said by sarcatic chorus: "The sexy elf"

  75. xxxanster_master

    xxxanster_master3 hours ago

    me wtach until end

  76. True Doggo

    True Doggo3 hours ago


  77. Jayden KK Ng

    Jayden KK Ng3 hours ago

    there are more sub skills of earthbending

  78. Yariel Perez

    Yariel Perez3 hours ago

    Yes we all can agree

  79. BuBbLe NuGgEt

    BuBbLe NuGgEt3 hours ago

    I thought it was called the final valley

  80. Mahmoud Betouni

    Mahmoud Betouni3 hours ago

    The strongest person