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  1. ZaneofAustin

    ZaneofAustin3 hours ago

    yea but let me see it mining

  2. JpNex

    JpNex3 hours ago

    The Rx 580 8gb actually has faster memory speed than the 4gb model

  3. Charles Wagner

    Charles Wagner3 hours ago


  4. Rivalz Carnivore

    Rivalz Carnivore3 hours ago


  5. Clyde James

    Clyde James3 hours ago

    1080 p up to 8Gb 1440p 12 gb and 4k the more the better :D

  6. G W

    G W3 hours ago

    Tech Reviewers after receiving free 3080’s: “you don’t need much VRAM” Tech Reviewers after receiving free 3080ti’s: “here’s why you need more VRAM” My advice = ignore them and buy as much as you can afford. Ain’t their money on the line and they don’t care about yours.

  7. ben borman

    ben borman4 hours ago

    just look at modern cod games that push 8 gigs plus on 3440x1440

  8. MateusMeddeiros

    MateusMeddeiros4 hours ago

    A brand that REALLY surprised me was Scythe, i've bought a Scythe Fuma 2 to cool my 9700k 2 years ago, and holy bejesus, in a typically 30°C room temperature, the cpu almost never breaks 70°C, only in a really really hot day of summer, this cooler is a beast, AND very silent, most, if not almost all of the noise that my pc does, comes from the very loud and very hot Zotac 2080 that i have.

  9. Man of Culture Allanzo

    Man of Culture Allanzo4 hours ago

    All i'm trying to get is a rtx 570 That's all i want 😭

  10. Jeanpierre Fernandez

    Jeanpierre Fernandez4 hours ago

    LOL is the cryo chamber live stream part of your cooling test?

  11. Hyung Kyu Lee

    Hyung Kyu Lee4 hours ago

    cool backdrop bruh. subtle like your opinions. lol

  12. Haleys Core

    Haleys Core4 hours ago

    As someone with a 3070, who, as of late, plays 7 Days to Die religiously, on the highest passable settings, and almost consistently hits their 8gb vram limit: The thought of having that 12gb of vram makes my mouth water.

  13. Garry Whitcomb

    Garry Whitcomb4 hours ago

    Very funny Jay, about the older people following you! I happen to be 72 years young, and I follow you, I’m almost twice your age you little whippersnapper! LMBO! I really enjoy, and always learn something from your videos. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with everyone, including us elderly folks.

  14. BᴀsᴇᴅAᴛʜᴇɪsᴛ

    BᴀsᴇᴅAᴛʜᴇɪsᴛ4 hours ago

    Yeah lets just keep talking about a bunch of GPUs that nobody can buy... I smell a whole lot of BS behind this madness...

  15. Dirac Drynx

    Dirac Drynx4 hours ago

    Jay says 11% overclock on his 3060 and scales similarly so... about the same as a stock 2070 Super?

  16. DeFaux

    DeFaux4 hours ago

    Don't most ppl use 1920x1080 and 3440x1440

  17. sy

    sy4 hours ago

    When buying my rx5600xt and it advertising gaming at ultra settings at 1080p 😂

  18. Smoky McBobby

    Smoky McBobby4 hours ago

    The only game that use all the vram of my 2080ti ( 11 go vram ) is my very heavy modded Skyrim. I knew I needed this amount of vram in order to play it and that's why I bought a 2080ti instead of a 3000 series card as the 3070.

  19. Abdul Rahman

    Abdul Rahman4 hours ago

    Why not directly taking a MoRa?

  20. Stephan Paris

    Stephan Paris4 hours ago

    I'm guessing the answer depends on how much sponsorship Intel does, not necessarily what their actual performance is

  21. James McGinn

    James McGinn4 hours ago

    I couldn't help but laugh every time I heard TEN**

  22. Troy Womack

    Troy Womack4 hours ago

    4:20 3:40 2:00 Jay's brain voltage is too high, his clock speeds aren't stable.

  23. Sebazy

    Sebazy4 hours ago

    Cyberpunk on an 3070 is a great example of not quite having enough VRAM. With some settings tweaking the 3070 has enough performance for 4K+DLSS with an RT effect or two turned on. However you'll very quickly experience the card running out of VRAM and the frame times get wildly erratic. Not a good experience at all.

  24. Cao Sơn Nguyễn

    Cao Sơn Nguyễn4 hours ago

    Holy CRAP 1660ti is 2 years old now. Damn

  25. Anime Clipzzz

    Anime Clipzzz4 hours ago

    Idk what’s worse right now, trying to get Jordan’s off the SNKRS app or trying to find a GOOD cpu and gpu for a reasonable price ? 🤔😩

  26. XDM Studios

    XDM Studios4 hours ago

    also resident evil is a remasters can get VERY vram hungry, seen it take like 12gb once on 1440p

  27. DeFaux

    DeFaux4 hours ago

    The real Question is - Why do we need a 3050 ?

  28. Vandal Circus

    Vandal Circus4 hours ago

    Well if you expand the ram it might not shut down . idl

  29. Jason Green

    Jason Green4 hours ago

    Is the extra Vram useful in Premiere.

  30. Shaun

    Shaun4 hours ago

    XPlane 11 with high def custom scenery eats up video ram like mad

  31. Leroy Hamilton

    Leroy Hamilton4 hours ago

    This video maybe 2 years old but ati static band but he is not grounded

  32. Afterworldstudios Outreach Department

    Afterworldstudios Outreach Department4 hours ago

    Also Jay you should know that if you have less vram the game will use less, if you give it more it will use more.

  33. Bert Nijhof

    Bert Nijhof4 hours ago

    In Q1 2019 I bought a XTech Midi Tower & Power-Supply Combo (600W) for DOP 1500 (~$30). I love the tower, it looks nice and it is completely black. Currently a comparable combo in the same shop would costs ~$40. The metal is somewhat thin, but the tower has mounts for SIX 3.5" HDDs and two DVDs. The tower has space for one 92mm fan in the front; one in the back and two 120mm fans in the side panel. It has two USB 2.0 connectors; a hole for a third USB connector and Headphone/Microphone connectors. It has a reset button and a large power button with a RGB LED strip around it. Powered-on it is blue, when the disk is active, it turns red. I love that Combo, with its mini-RGB and the Ryzen 3 & Radeon stickers. The system runs a Ryzen 3 2200G. Currently through circumstances I use one ancient 2-pin exhaust fan, but temps are always below 65°C and the fan noise is drowned out by my room fan :)

  34. Christian Bivens

    Christian Bivens4 hours ago

    I never knew that thanks for the info sir

  35. Joseph Zepeda

    Joseph Zepeda4 hours ago

    I am curious about how resizable bars affect these results. If you have a resizable bar then do you want more vram and if so how much?

  36. Gregg Roberts

    Gregg Roberts4 hours ago

    I thought about getting my daughter a nice video card but she doesn't have PCIe slots because her pc is getting old.

  37. Afterworldstudios Outreach Department

    Afterworldstudios Outreach Department4 hours ago

    Just like the page file "less is more" too much vram will actually slow gameplay as it requires more transfer protocols.

  38. ErgoProxy

    ErgoProxy4 hours ago

    Dude whats screwed up is even older cards say like one i have that i dont use anymore which is the PowerColor Red Devil Rx 480 8gig which i got used for 100 bucks about this time last year are now going for 300+ i think the highest ive seen and they say it was open box never used for nearly 600. Its nuts! I mean i got a 1660 super ventus for about 370 bucks which im old was about 100 more then i should of paid at the time when this scalping stuff started and i just checked to see prices on the same card i just got and they are nearly twice as much! Its like wtf people.. Anyways.. Id love to have that RTX 3060 if youll part with it lol!

  39. Mike Capps

    Mike Capps4 hours ago

    You need to include Flight Simulator in your tests. In big photogrammetry cities like Tokyo or London, running 4k on my RTX 3080 with 10GB, it maxes out 100% of my vRAM and frame rate drops massively. Lowering to 1080p gives me smooth framerates; 1440p struggles, and 4k is unusable when all settings are maxed.

  40. Alan Stein

    Alan Stein4 hours ago

    Are the the guys besides the host , intern students. 🤣

  41. Eveonline Account

    Eveonline Account4 hours ago

    Has airflow! Provides no testing for airflow, then tells you to wait for water cooling video....FML.

  42. MrJoel_A 'Simba'

    MrJoel_A 'Simba'4 hours ago

    My 2080ti today: beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  43. D.R. W

    D.R. W4 hours ago

    Actual LOL! You had me at iFix-It. Bloody brilliant. looking at your shelves makes me wonder if you are the reason I can't find video cards on Amazon.

  44. Will Boyes

    Will Boyes4 hours ago

    Did my cable management today thanks to these videos! 😄

  45. OneBuckMastering

    OneBuckMastering4 hours ago

    So, you say gaming mouses... mices... mice are more precise for graphic design?

  46. Deeply Superficial

    Deeply Superficial4 hours ago

    Shilling VPNS cost you trust, maybe if They paid as much for actual security as they did for advertising.

  47. Self-Taught DIY

    Self-Taught DIY4 hours ago


  48. followmybel

    followmybel4 hours ago

    If you want a game to use try godfall, it's more a bench mark game then anything else

  49. m0nm0n

    m0nm0n4 hours ago

    none, cause can't buy a GPU

  50. Safety Zone

    Safety Zone4 hours ago

    Still using an RX 570. Runs CoD, Fortnite, Valorant, MC, Rocket League and Cities: Skylines perfectly fine. Heck, I could even run MSFS 2020 if I put the settings on low or medium.

  51. WaLLy

    WaLLy4 hours ago

    We need more videos of Jay doing stuff in the studio.

  52. Matt Meyer

    Matt Meyer4 hours ago

    Heavily modded SkyrimVR with 200%SS

  53. Psiah

    Psiah4 hours ago

    Worth noting that, that number isn't even the whole story. It will use more than it needs if it's available; a game might *try* to use 8 but only actually needs 4 to go full speed. Once again, benchmarks are what matters here.

  54. BiggityBoggityBoo

    BiggityBoggityBoo4 hours ago

    I don't see any mention of the upcoming facilities that allow the PC to use surplus VRAM to supplement the machines standard RAM. Surely more is more in that context as there will no doubt be some things that will run better using a portion of VRAM over the system RAM.

  55. S Voigt

    S Voigt4 hours ago

    I never see anyone do comparisons on Video cards using MSFS... This is probably one of the hardest things to run on a computer with max settings.

  56. Noot

    Noot4 hours ago


  57. AtlasNYC

    AtlasNYC4 hours ago

    This video is timely because I went into micro center yesterday and got my hands on a 3060. Completely by chance. It was the last card they had. Just narrowly missed a ti tho

  58. James Burns

    James Burns5 hours ago

    Jay I have the 4000x Corsair case and it is small, but such a beautiful case. I will post pics to your twitter soon.

  59. Glitch

    Glitch5 hours ago

    V8 and Mesh the holes. I think that would look sweet!

  60. Lucromis

    Lucromis5 hours ago

    There’s a big jump in vram requirements on pc when new consoles come out. Games coming out in the future will need more than games tested that came out on a PS4. 12 is a lot for only a 3060 but I feel like 8 is not enough for a 3070, in the future.

  61. Dougie Lathwell

    Dougie Lathwell5 hours ago

    Ok cool but you didn’t fucking show us what to plug in...😑

  62. ZigguratHD

    ZigguratHD5 hours ago

    Jay, did nvidia pay you to tell people 8gb is the vram sweet spot? I can name at least a dozen games that eat 8gb cards for breakfast at 1440p. Seriously dude. I enjoy your content, but you know that statement is incorrect.

  63. kidfusion3000

    kidfusion30005 hours ago

    phil's insertion of Jay'z VRAM explanation was awesome.

  64. maxx skillz

    maxx skillz5 hours ago

    jay is back !

  65. U WUT M8?

    U WUT M8?5 hours ago

    chillin here with my gtx 670

  66. VRPC

    VRPC5 hours ago

    I finally got a 3070 yesterday! I did have to wait outside in 23 degree weather for 12 hours from closing to opening at a Microcenter to get it.

  67. Mark Portrais

    Mark Portrais5 hours ago

    If they want to get cards into hands of non bots...ship all the cards made to brick and mortar stores and take all online sales away.

  68. KazeXII

    KazeXII5 hours ago

    "If you have a job, school, and studies and u need sleep there is basically no time to play games" Me:"And I took that personally."

  69. yoster77

    yoster775 hours ago

    When I play HL Alyx on my Quest 2 over link cable, it sucks quite a bit of VRAM. In fact on my 1070, I was getting 'low VRAM warning' messages when I first loaded the game. All textures had to be turned to low (and I would still get the message from time to time.) Now with my 3080 it's not an issue, but given the 3080 only has 10gb vram, I'm sure I'm still cutting it close. The Quest 2 has to encode the video before sending over link cable, which sucks down some of the vram in addition to how much the game is pushing out over the 4k screen (or, two 2k screens to be precise for the Quest 2.) When I played HL2 on my old HTC Vive, I didn''t get these low VRAM warnings on the 1070. All of this - I was quite shocked/bummed that the 3080 only has 10gb. I know it's enough for most people - but for the VR crowd and where the eye panels are going - we need more. I'd get the AMD 6800xt with its 16GB but I hear the encoding quality is not great, resulting in less detail for the Quest 2/PC link cable users compared to nvidia. Have never tested a 6800 myself though.

  70. Will Boyes

    Will Boyes5 hours ago

    Now panicking about my 3070s 8gb vram

  71. The Skipper

    The Skipper5 hours ago

    Just an FYI the newer 570x crystal cases come with a pre-installed shroud and lower grommet.

  72. David

    David5 hours ago

    Glad I still have my gtx 1080 ti

  73. ApolloCreedAoC

    ApolloCreedAoC5 hours ago

    Let's focus on what's important. That ladder in the back ground doesn't look like a dewalts ladder. And with any other ladder brand you might as well be strapping stilts to the back of roller blading cats.

  74. SoCalStyles

    SoCalStyles5 hours ago

    Total War: Warhammer 2 - NVidia test lab feature also game load times from the campaign map to the unit combat. Also quality of battle play

  75. nuvisionprinting

    nuvisionprinting5 hours ago

    I'm looking at building a music pc, what would you recommend?

  76. Dayle Baynes

    Dayle Baynes5 hours ago

    Thanks dad! :)

  77. MyCool StrawSir

    MyCool StrawSir5 hours ago

    Internet speeds need to go back bytes and not bits.

  78. GG Next

    GG Next5 hours ago

    You should use open world games like PUBG for testing that have a huge area with dynamically loading textures, and object as you move over the map. I'm curious how much a large Ammon of VRAM helps there. I use DaVinci Resolve, and Fairlight for video editing, and effects. The amount of VRAM Fairlight can use up is .... you have more? gime all of it...

  79. Håvard Arholm

    Håvard Arholm5 hours ago

    ** TEN ** ** 10 **

  80. Peupac TLS

    Peupac TLS5 hours ago

    What about the 3070 and it s 8 GB of VRAM ??? compared to the 3060 ??????? ^^