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Not assigned

Not assigned

2 days ago

Sunshine Returns
  1. Sir Isaac Mormont

    Sir Isaac Mormont2 hours ago

    Does anyone know the update of this case?

  2. gordon cramphorn

    gordon cramphorn2 hours ago

    Are you here because you saw a article on trump and his red button and you wanted to see him press it 😂☝️

  3. Sunshine Island Girl

    Sunshine Island Girl2 hours ago

    This doesn’t make sense this smell fishy

  4. ひ†Dylan

    ひ†Dylan4 hours ago

    Damn all them witnesses an he still beat it👀

  5. Dion Hall

    Dion Hall4 hours ago

    You gots to be kidding me 😑

  6. dizzzy dizzzy

    dizzzy dizzzy6 hours ago

    The level of inaccuracy of the this news is too damn high

  7. Saab Replay

    Saab Replay8 hours ago


  8. Melissa Hendrick

    Melissa Hendrick8 hours ago


  9. john payton

    john payton9 hours ago

    I've seen this crap over and over again during the last 30 years. Some punk shoots someone or sterols a car and gets killed. Then the family comes out and says what a great kid he happened to be; how he was working to have a good life and even that he was going to attend college. All of it bullshit and if you look at the kids rap sheets it will show he was nothing but a styreet thug. The family spews this crap with the hopes of laying a foundation for a lawsuit and making some quick money.

  10. Jeff Nasser

    Jeff Nasser9 hours ago


  11. Jeff Nasser

    Jeff Nasser9 hours ago


  12. Kavan Singh

    Kavan Singh10 hours ago

    "These are phones"

  13. Magic World

    Magic World10 hours ago

    Beautiful....... There's going to be a bidding war.

  14. FDSeoul

    FDSeoul14 hours ago

    NO Father to be scene for miles.

  15. Vincent Vegas

    Vincent Vegas14 hours ago

    After they pay for what they did to him, he shouldn't be worried about a mortgage or where food is coming from.FTP

  16. moonji Munji

    moonji Munji15 hours ago

    now i want a diet coke

  17. izaye johnson

    izaye johnson15 hours ago

    I’m sure he has more waiting for him.

  18. Camille Ridley

    Camille Ridley15 hours ago

    Let Us Give Great Thanks for The Maker of The King of Lunchmeat!

  19. Worst Experience

    Worst Experience16 hours ago

    should've cared for ur given....WOULD HAVE STOPPED HIM FROM DOING STUPID SHIT

  20. Discri J

    Discri J16 hours ago

    Street justice

  21. Pharium

    Pharium16 hours ago

    Parents raised him wrong, they should be crying over their bad parenting, not their kid.

  22. Iwwy Iw

    Iwwy Iw16 hours ago

    Diet Coke addicts are what happens when people don't do real drugs. I can relate lol

  23. Daphne Rodriguez

    Daphne Rodriguez16 hours ago


  24. Iwwy Iw

    Iwwy Iw16 hours ago

    He should have pressed it

  25. john barajas

    john barajas16 hours ago

    the firefighter needs a gold medal sad but true Metallica

  26. V MAC

    V MAC17 hours ago

    give it time theyll getem in prison...

  27. Wayne Garrison

    Wayne Garrison17 hours ago

    Boat the law. You have no problems...

  28. chrisbea49

    chrisbea4918 hours ago

    "These are phones" no kidding don, I thought they were dishwashers, you're so smart

  29. iknitbecausemurderisfrownedupon

    iknitbecausemurderisfrownedupon18 hours ago

    After the fact?...oy...

  30. Nyasan Creations

    Nyasan Creations18 hours ago

    Can’t believe this is real but hey Joe needs a button for medication that seems fair

  31. stevemc 01

    stevemc 0118 hours ago

    In a nutshell, not all of America can agree on how Trump had changed it. But we can all agree that for the memosphere, Trump may've been for the better. :D

  32. Tobi_GnG

    Tobi_GnG19 hours ago

    Legend says he took the button home with the butler



    Miss stevens if you see this im sorry to see some of these comments . And also thank you for being fair and not blaming the "man" for this tragedy 😢

  34. Turtle Gang OrDie

    Turtle Gang OrDie19 hours ago

    Justices 💯 bless the lord

  35. Sheryl CPT

    Sheryl CPT19 hours ago

    It shows you his character, which he has none.

  36. Selene Adelaide

    Selene Adelaide19 hours ago

    I wish I could see the man who saved my life again, I hope his doing well.

  37. Mike Homan

    Mike Homan20 hours ago

    It was really for coke, wink wink.

  38. Kentucky orphan Brigade

    Kentucky orphan Brigade20 hours ago

    Ma'am your son is dead because you failed him miserably as a parent He would still be alive if he didn't try to Rob somebody's vehicle.. Dont blame the firefighter blame yourself & your lack of parenting skills and your son for making a stupid fatal decision! Your son's nott above the law either!!!..

  39. I Am Reper1483

    I Am Reper148320 hours ago

    How much did Fox get paid for that one. We have not forgotten your earlier treachery you crooked POS.

  40. Alex Darr

    Alex Darr20 hours ago

    I hope that the family doesn’t get a settlement for this, but they probably will.

  41. Lynette Tillman

    Lynette Tillman21 hour ago

    Fantastic restoration! Wish I could afford to live there. Thank you for showing to us.

  42. DRK-Mist

    DRK-Mist22 hours ago

    Yh man I just wanna see it in action 🤣

  43. Raymond Rodriguez

    Raymond Rodriguez23 hours ago

    He won't last a year in the joint. Sooner or later they find out what you did, and then the inmates justice starts. Daily beatings, are so common that the guards don't bother with really controlling the inmates. They just wheel the "victim" into the medical office. Killing a child isn't tolerated.

  44. Raymond Rodriguez

    Raymond Rodriguez23 hours ago

    He won't last a year in the joint. Sooner or later they find out what you did, and then the inmates justice starts. Daily beatings, are so common that the guards don't bother with really controlling the inmates. They just wheel the "victim" into the medical office. Killing a child isn't tolerated.

  45. Shae C

    Shae C23 hours ago

    Holy shit... I can't believe this was real.... Good Lord I'm glad he's gone.

  46. Max Aggropop

    Max AggropopDay ago

    its coke OR pepsi you have to commit you absolute maniac

  47. Jan T

    Jan TDay ago

    If I bought it I would have vintage themed parties. I just adore this house!

  48. Mikes Videos

    Mikes VideosDay ago

    Shouldnt have stolen someones property, got what he deserved.

  49. Nazar hamad Abu Gour

    Nazar hamad Abu GourDay ago


  50. Hunter 1213

    Hunter 1213Day ago

    Hahaha all dude got was a ticket for that what’s that 2 days? On his murder charge he’ll be aight hahaha

  51. Hell Rell

    Hell RellDay ago

    he lil dumb ass shouldn’t have tried to steal his shit !!!!

  52. Ana Santana

    Ana SantanaDay ago


  53. Michael 69

    Michael 69Day ago

    I hate coconut oil, sorry to people who like it but I smell it I start to puke.

  54. Fear the Unknown

    Fear the UnknownDay ago

    Behold..... The healthiest man alive

  55. Armando Gutierrez

    Armando GutierrezDay ago

    Teach your children well... Life is hard... It’s harder when you are stupid...

  56. Jayy From FL

    Jayy From FLDay ago

    Damn o block still crazy

  57. Mr. Mister

    Mr. MisterDay ago

    Love or hate trump you have to admit, he was the source for a lot of good memes

  58. Lawrence Shuda

    Lawrence ShudaDay ago


  59. Frank Vella

    Frank VellaDay ago

    It's probably haunted !!!!😣😢😳

  60. Thor Odin son

    Thor Odin sonDay ago

    Just cut the boots off. Duh

  61. - Gage -

    - Gage -Day ago

    Teacher at my school got caught doing coke like 13 years ago b4 I was in the high school, it happened to be my freshman history teacher that caught him 😂, he was really chill and would tell us about it

  62. Pink Skin Can't Handle The Sunlight

    Pink Skin Can't Handle The SunlightDay ago

    Rather smell coconut oil than dealing with a certain group of kids that contact head lice in their hair. Lmao

  63. Hello It’s me

    Hello It’s meDay ago

    So glad we are done with this babbling buffoon

  64. Mercury

    MercuryDay ago

    That’ll wake him up lmao

  65. Instrumental X

    Instrumental XDay ago

    I think she was spiked with something. Someone gave me chewing gum back in the 90s and it was laced with LSD.

  66. ymh1253

    ymh1253Day ago

    Homeboy should have got a job and bought his own wheels. Shame

  67. Eureka

    EurekaDay ago

    I’m here after its been revealed that button was for ordering Diet Coke on a Silver Platter. Rumor: Some are saying he drank 12 cans a day.

  68. Paco A

    Paco ADay ago

    Twitter be like oh Biden got rid of it lol and then a picture of Obama has one LOL

  69. Abner

    AbnerDay ago

    Ohh well,he was gonna kill someone later on so bye Felicia

  70. ket

    ketDay ago

    It’s really real…

  71. Grey Star

    Grey StarDay ago

    No wonder he's obese

  72. Goonbelly

    GoonbellyDay ago

    If I were the President, that button would get me a shot of cask strength bourbon.

  73. Caroline Carpenter

    Caroline CarpenterDay ago

    these idiots just watch her...without offering must ve just watched het the whole time...where are the security personnel that walk around hotels?

  74. Tromp Entertainment

    Tromp EntertainmentDay ago

    I have something in common with trump is we both love Diet Coke and I love Pepsi

  75. Terry Wallace

    Terry WallaceDay ago

    This idiot should be in prison!And made to pay all these victims back their money! 30 years in prison should be sufficient for him.

  76. John Kelley

    John KelleyDay ago

    That towing company should be shut down and refund the man the extra money that he paid because they way overcharged him because it shouldn't have been $37,000

  77. Hazel Gumbs

    Hazel GumbsDay ago

    She was also drugged that's the way alcohol and drugs makes a person act misecated

  78. Tyrese Eyeoyibo

    Tyrese EyeoyiboDay ago

    An hour omg

  79. Gerald Voss

    Gerald VossDay ago

    This pos slob is rite up there with micheal moore.

  80. Rick Payton

    Rick PaytonDay ago

    I am sorry but this is a problem. Let’s lock up these kids for a few years that’s the only way your going to stop this carjacking