400k!! NO WAY!!
  1. I simp for hanji

    I simp for hanji5 hours ago

    No it's not true taxes in the city are yellow

  2. Jennifer Farmer

    Jennifer Farmer5 hours ago

    He's NEIL! Everybody give it to for NEIL, NEIL'S the man

  3. porumb ioana

    porumb ioana5 hours ago

    Nice story times. I like them. Keep going. 😁

  4. Brandon Gustafson

    Brandon Gustafson5 hours ago

    I thought it was for that reason but at the same time I figured if the person behind you can’t see tail lights, stop lights, or a bright yellow bus then they shouldn’t be driving

  5. Ray Charles Miles

    Ray Charles Miles5 hours ago

    U can’t

  6. Kenny The Prodigy

    Kenny The Prodigy5 hours ago

    And my name is kenny

  7. TheNew Brazy999

    TheNew Brazy9995 hours ago

    Hey dumbass.... ever think of spraying the window and then using your windshield wipers xD life hack upgraded

  8. Blaine magoon

    Blaine magoon5 hours ago

    Part three from jail

  9. vividpath 117

    vividpath 1175 hours ago

    I always thought it was to try and keep kids from crossing the road untill the bus left, so I thought it was kinda dumb since everyone just walked around it.

  10. Cortavious Reeves

    Cortavious Reeves5 hours ago

    That is funny

  11. Nerd Dude

    Nerd Dude5 hours ago

    Was she black?

  12. Zaumen 32

    Zaumen 325 hours ago

    It’s the snack junkies

  13. Kaden Morse

    Kaden Morse5 hours ago

    I love it man keep up the good work

  14. Julian Jardon

    Julian Jardon5 hours ago

    Thats true even with the parents

  15. Joe Jarrell

    Joe Jarrell5 hours ago

    Kids on my bus were so bad that my bus driver who was also named Bob.... used to kick kids off the bus... just stop wherever we were when a fight would break out and say get off my bus.... then leave and continue on his route

  16. Christian Roach

    Christian Roach5 hours ago

    I know it’s not cap cause my brothers truck key he drives a 99 chevy s10 and he can start my buddys 05 Tahoe

  17. Pollo

    Pollo5 hours ago

    My school calls me gay :(

  18. pakalu papito

    pakalu papito5 hours ago

    Something I know is legal but feels illegal: people who put socks on before tight pants, people who put milk in first, people who don't bring a water bucket when exploring mountains in minecraft, and worst of all... people who interru- we interrupt this message to bring you, yeet. Home yeeto!

  19. Peter Quill The Hedgehog

    Peter Quill The Hedgehog5 hours ago

    For me, the school is divided into 2 halves, A and B A students go on Mon-Tue and then on Wednesday everybody is on google meet (and it’s a half day every Wednesday) while the school gets cleaned. Of course on Thu-Fri B students go to in person school. And you can choose of you wanna go or not. I have 4 kids (including me) in my class rn But recently, the district or county Idk which said that now we are going 4 days a week so yeah. A and B go Mon Tue Thu Fri while Wednesday gets cleaned again. In the OG plan, everything was socially distanced and all, but now, it’s not. I’m kinda scared tbh. Lots of parents are taking their kids out of school because of this now. But I’m having a hard time with online, and it’s hard to do my work, so I need to go back, but I’m also scared. *Any Suggestions anyone?*

  20. LycanrocAtm

    LycanrocAtm5 hours ago

    I had a bus driver like that

  21. Luisito_o21

    Luisito_o215 hours ago


  22. BFD Mod

    BFD Mod5 hours ago

    Do you ever give kids treats on the bus before holidays?

  23. krucial

    krucial5 hours ago


  24. Zaumen 32

    Zaumen 325 hours ago

    Please tell me I’m not the only one looking for these hate comments so can hate on their comments!

  25. dkhill 26

    dkhill 265 hours ago

    Whoever disliked this has no heart

  26. Bres

    Bres5 hours ago

    i dont know how much longer i can handle this, i havent seen my friends outside of discord in months, and im failing classes i did fine in before. i dont know what it is, probably partly because i cant focus for more than 6 seconds at a time, being in my own home with all my stuff and family to distract me, and partly because i cant learn this one sided. especially since our school is more one sided than most other schools, the teacher is usually the only one with their camera on, only 1 or 2 kids at most turn on their cameras, and 1 on 1 assistance is essentially extinct. id love to ask for help, but i have a hard enough time asking for help from someone i know and have met, let alone someone who ive only ever seen through a screen speaking to a bunch of circles on a screen

  27. Flame Fields

    Flame Fields5 hours ago

    Sorry man too late I painted my Lamborghini with school bus 🚌 yellow

  28. Fleeb

    Fleeb5 hours ago

    18 hours later he has 25k more subscribers

  29. Da Red Beast

    Da Red Beast5 hours ago

    Nice I can see u getting major results man

  30. Exlo Yt

    Exlo Yt5 hours ago


  31. Law Nas

    Law Nas5 hours ago

    Your bast drivers

  32. southaussiegarbo 2054

    southaussiegarbo 20545 hours ago

    Here i live they dont really fit them now but the busses that do useally put em on if they are gonna go across all lanes of traffic after leaving a bus stop.

  33. MomoMarethyuTheGhostgodSlayer

    MomoMarethyuTheGhostgodSlayer5 hours ago

    Lol Then there is the one person who says its the best slight of hand someone can do

  34. Lekaya Wilson

    Lekaya Wilson5 hours ago

    Unless you live in New Jersey? Was dat supposed to mean

  35. Josh Moore

    Josh Moore5 hours ago

    Great guy I hope you channel keep growing!

  36. Magnitude

    Magnitude5 hours ago

    Same thing with a lot of heavy machinery like tractors and excavators, they have one brand specific key

  37. The Peepee Paralyzer

    The Peepee Paralyzer5 hours ago


  38. Alex Perucho

    Alex Perucho5 hours ago


  39. The angel dust from Discord

    The angel dust from Discord5 hours ago

    I would love to go back to normal where everyone understands me but ive changed so much that people dont recognize me BEING STUCK AT HOME DOING SCHOOL HAS CHANGED ME no one understands wat mental problems im going through no one understands wat health problems im going through. My parents won't take me to the doctors cause of covid-19/coronavirus. It pains me to sit here say "yeah im okay 😊" then turn around and start crying cause im being yelled at for having bad grades.

  40. 3DP

    3DP5 hours ago

    $110 ON GASOLINE

  41. Kenneth B

    Kenneth B5 hours ago

    How many verses of "The wheels on the bus go round and round" do you know?

  42. TacoBag Charlie

    TacoBag Charlie5 hours ago

    At the truck stops they have long handled squeegees. I usually climb up on my front tire though cause i can put a little bit of muscle into getting the bugs off

  43. IamSIN

    IamSIN5 hours ago

    Led headlights sux always get blind by them

  44. Kenneth B

    Kenneth B5 hours ago

    They can't see a big yellow school bus they're dumber than she'ot

  45. TheNew Brazy999

    TheNew Brazy9995 hours ago

    Right as you go to switch em you pull it out of view.... they both got a yellow tag.... so how do we know its not the same key that was in it

  46. Belle Beglinger

    Belle Beglinger5 hours ago

    My school bus has a fog lights and a spinning light on the top that's on when its foggy

  47. Christian Wentworth

    Christian Wentworth5 hours ago

    Ay bro say anything political and the social media police basically gonna swat you electronically

  48. Thomas Marsh

    Thomas Marsh5 hours ago

    I hate this COVID thing😡

  49. _flashback_

    _flashback_5 hours ago

    Why the fuck is this recommend to me , fuck you USlikes. Why the fuck do I need to know some shitty trivia about Amarican school buses I'm not a Amarican, I've never been in a school bus alone a Amarican school bus.

  50. NesslyCrunch

    NesslyCrunch5 hours ago

    You didn’t get written up because people were a lot more chill back then

  51. Cole C

    Cole C5 hours ago

    Bruh just told gnome them you are the bet USlikesr

  52. Daku

    Daku5 hours ago

    Well, doesnt matter to me. Physical health is more important than mental health.

  53. Phycriz

    Phycriz5 hours ago

    Nah fake

  54. M4R!0 SV

    M4R!0 SV5 hours ago

    U owe ur buss driver big time bruh lmao

  55. Christian Bartlett

    Christian Bartlett5 hours ago

    Don’t you thing they should require busses to have led lights just to make the road brighter for the buss driver to see and make the ride a little bit safer

  56. THEFIRST39

    THEFIRST395 hours ago

    Crazy Karens just keep getting younger.

  57. Yeet yeet Azzzhaircut

    Yeet yeet Azzzhaircut5 hours ago

    The bob story was interesting 💀💀

  58. Luke Garland

    Luke Garland5 hours ago


  59. Ashley Fernandez

    Ashley Fernandez5 hours ago

    I haven’t seen a bus like his in years ..

  60. enderboy lowe

    enderboy lowe5 hours ago

    Coolest man award goes to... that bus driver

  61. Real pro gamer I8

    Real pro gamer I85 hours ago

    I love this guy

  62. Ravyn F

    Ravyn F5 hours ago

    Yeah the padding on the seats are useless hit the seat full force and your most likely gonna be knocked out or bleeding from the head, or getting a sprain, fracture, or broken bone.

  63. Nok4

    Nok45 hours ago

    f for chris sounds like a great guy.

  64. Shea Jones

    Shea Jones5 hours ago

    Speaking of bus there’s a pic of a bus right next to you how funny

  65. speaker gameing e

    speaker gameing e5 hours ago

    He will always be with us in our 💕

  66. My boi jimmy

    My boi jimmy5 hours ago

    I’m guessing that states like Florida doesn’t need them , just guessing

  67. Padawan

    Padawan5 hours ago

    Thats how the Joker got the bus in the movie

  68. Carl Siemens

    Carl Siemens5 hours ago

    This music doesn't feel appropriate.

  69. Lucas Nolte

    Lucas Nolte5 hours ago

    noltznolte on tiktok You’re literally the chillest bus driver

  70. Caden Mooron

    Caden Mooron5 hours ago

    Your chin looks like it would be nice to just touch, like a cat does