Cooking With Lynja
  1. Manju Mistry

    Manju MistryMinute ago

    Bacon Brittle Baaaaabbbbyyyyyyy

  2. Henna Collins

    Henna Collins2 minutes ago

    A youtuber has to see this vid but idk how to spell her name-

  3. Patrik the shitpost man

    Patrik the shitpost man2 minutes ago


  4. Ava Czarnetzki

    Ava Czarnetzki4 minutes ago

    Transition was very smooth

  5. Someone Something

    Someone Something5 minutes ago

    Man I would make this but I’m allergic to pineapple-

  6. brupper E

    brupper E9 minutes ago

    She does sound like s1 and s2 marge

  7. Purpley Ayriana

    Purpley Ayriana9 minutes ago

    I made the coicys

  8. Fadumo Sharif

    Fadumo Sharif10 minutes ago


  9. Puro Reading

    Puro Reading10 minutes ago

    She's so funny

  10. ꧁ᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ _ɴɪᴋᴏ꧂

    ꧁ᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ _ɴɪᴋᴏ꧂16 minutes ago

    Have you tried Taco?

  11. Valkner

    Valkner17 minutes ago

    Lynja for president 2024? lets gooo

  12. Jcrew679

    Jcrew67926 minutes ago

    I like a 70|30 ratio for my pb and j

  13. Floren Moya

    Floren Moya26 minutes ago

    Your so cringe your literally not funny

  14. Electric Knight

    Electric Knight27 minutes ago

    This is impossible to make WE need telekinesis

  15. ashley bouter

    ashley bouter28 minutes ago

    Can u do mini pancakes super f*king granny!

  16. N A

    N A29 minutes ago

    Ma che è sta merda ao

  17. Did Kaos

    Did Kaos32 minutes ago

    Lynija you too young for stay in snow.🖖

  18. Kai Animations

    Kai Animations33 minutes ago


  19. teudoongi

    teudoongi35 minutes ago

    grandma I'm not sure if white eggs are good for dogs

  20. Cathie Ure

    Cathie Ure38 minutes ago

    Lynja should be in dude perfect

  21. Cathie Ure

    Cathie Ure39 minutes ago

    Take that mum

  22. DanzTheManz

    DanzTheManz41 minute ago

    Man my banana hit a tree, AND OH MY GOSH THAT LOOP

  23. Ernesto Mendez

    Ernesto Mendez41 minute ago

    2021and u still using plastic straws baby!!! 😎

  24. Cathie Ure

    Cathie Ure41 minute ago

    I love my recomended

  25. MyNamesChilly

    MyNamesChilly42 minutes ago

    0:11 *piss*

  26. daffodil bread

    daffodil bread46 minutes ago

    I love nothing more than to get home from a good days work in the summer and chow down on some baby black kids

  27. Ginzooo Nu

    Ginzooo Nu47 minutes ago

    I wonder she has the behind the scenes of her catching the box

  28. hnmvandekieft

    hnmvandekieft58 minutes ago

    Bruh I’m surprised she knows wat anime is

  29. BlurBoy

    BlurBoy58 minutes ago

    That actually looks good

  30. Insert Username

    Insert Username59 minutes ago

    No wonder old people make amazing food, they have the power of cooks, they can take any bad tasting food and make them delicious instantly.

  31. •{ Azuuky Chu }•

    •{ Azuuky Chu }•Hour ago

    PERFECT where’s tho O? It was supposed to go PERFECTO I LUV YOUR COOKING <3

  32. The_Animal

    The_AnimalHour ago

    My friend always eats After School Snacks

  33. nobody

    nobodyHour ago

    Yes! finally! "Family friendly"

  34. The_Animal

    The_AnimalHour ago

    She’s the only grandma that gets us millennials

  35. glowy the dragon

    glowy the dragonHour ago

    Lynja soo funny I like it;)

  36. Carmine Solimeno

    Carmine SolimenoHour ago

    That Onii Chan omfg🤣

  37. Azriel Rahman Elputro

    Azriel Rahman ElputroHour ago

    This what I was wait for :_:


    WONG YEE FONG MoeHour ago

    It's kinda hard for a 12 year old to make a perfect Peel

  39. daffodil bread

    daffodil breadHour ago

    Wow I love that shirt

  40. Wayne Bermudez

    Wayne BermudezHour ago

    You sound like marge simpson

  41. DaGamingBirdy

    DaGamingBirdyHour ago

    Look at it

  42. Ej Gotgame

    Ej GotgameHour ago

    It’s her sitting in the snow for me 😂

  43. Rodolfo Estillore

    Rodolfo EstilloreHour ago

    She is just a grandma that his grand child wont pretend they like the food

  44. im watching Y O U

    im watching Y O UHour ago

    A*# *after school snack

  45. Lilly Epke

    Lilly EpkeHour ago

    Nooooo that not how you make them but you still did good

  46. Nenys Xx

    Nenys XxHour ago


  47. Hdhrhrhdbf Jehrhhdjr

    Hdhrhrhdbf JehrhhdjrHour ago

    Yes a Tyler the creator reference

  48. Syeles

    Syeles2 hours ago

    She have grew alot. Still remember she had 30k and a video about her husban cooking

  49. iiianna_ kendrickxxx

    iiianna_ kendrickxxx2 hours ago

    tbh she is a better editor than mr

  50. Fire Phoenix

    Fire Phoenix2 hours ago

    The way she touched the pan

  51. Modder

    Modder2 hours ago

    No one gonna talk about her loop are almost perfect

  52. Kris Neil

    Kris Neil2 hours ago

    What does onions chan mean???

  53. iiianna_ kendrickxxx

    iiianna_ kendrickxxx2 hours ago

  54. Luka Gojšina

    Luka Gojšina2 hours ago

    Thank you

  55. เกศกัญญา ปันมาเรือน

    เกศกัญญา ปันมาเรือน2 hours ago

    Can I use Nutella

  56. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller2 hours ago

    Do people actually believe she knows all these internet memes and anime? It's like watching a fouseytube video and thinking it's real.

  57. Snehalata Banerjee

    Snehalata Banerjee2 hours ago

    Rewatched five times just for ~bacon brittle baaaabbbyyyy~

  58. Jay

    Jay2 hours ago

    That's too much butter, you mad old cow!

  59. GALEXY

    GALEXY2 hours ago

    Lninja has the humer as an Gen z person


    DEVOROX2 hours ago

    Everyone: she is a gem, she is just a child in old,s body Me: RIP editor and the scripter who make this video funny and cool

  61. Puddles

    Puddles2 hours ago

    Are you nuts!?

  62. White Creampuff

    White Creampuff2 hours ago

    I wish I was Lynda Doggo🥲 He gets to eat all the food she makes💖

  63. woes of woa

    woes of woa2 hours ago

    rip 6dogs

  64. VultureHavoc •

    VultureHavoc •2 hours ago

    Get an ancient debree and make it edible and thats the minecraft cinnamon swirl

  65. Teddy Bear The Dragon

    Teddy Bear The Dragon2 hours ago


  66. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya2 hours ago

    You are so fricking adorable

  67. JON Hickey

    JON Hickey2 hours ago

    We all now there is a ssss+ their and that is where she is

  68. Samsudin bukan Maret

    Samsudin bukan Maret3 hours ago


  69. LPS cutsy wolf 2000

    LPS cutsy wolf 20003 hours ago


  70. LPS cutsy wolf 2000

    LPS cutsy wolf 20003 hours ago

    She litraly makes my day

  71. Edward Vinch

    Edward Vinch3 hours ago

    Every video is unique. There is really something new in each video which is kinda fun.

  72. Crystalwolf_plays

    Crystalwolf_plays3 hours ago

    She's SOOOOOO funny

  73. Just an ordinary person

    Just an ordinary person3 hours ago

    Why is the cake mix box the same font as the F.R.I.E.D.S title card

  74. Buga Booga Artwork

    Buga Booga Artwork3 hours ago

    Naruto is lynga

  75. DeuxSixTrois

    DeuxSixTrois3 hours ago

    I didn‘t like the voice

  76. bread_studs

    bread_studs3 hours ago

    I want to see you do a cook off with Gordon ramsie

  77. br3qd boi

    br3qd boi3 hours ago

    So my brother doesn't like this woman cuz she's "squeeky". 0-0 He's dead now.

  78. Big Blu Koi Phish • 15 years ago•

    Big Blu Koi Phish • 15 years ago•3 hours ago

    she ended it with the classic naruto “believe it”

  79. Yusef

    Yusef3 hours ago

    Bacon brittle babyyy

  80. Fuck TERFs

    Fuck TERFs3 hours ago

    Did my girl, Lynja get sponsored??