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Hacksmith Industries

We take fictional ideas from movies, video games \u0026 comics, and make real working prototypes!

I quit my full-time job as an engineer and product developer to make only the coolest inventions -- just for you guys -- right here on USlikes. We show the engineering process of making our projects to inspire others into STEM fields, and to show that anything is possible with science!

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  1. Cliche _

    Cliche _4 hours ago

    Bruh i have like that exact same toy lightsaber

  2. Fiery Minus

    Fiery Minus4 hours ago

    anyone else notice he searched up toes for pictures of humans?

  3. Sandhawalia99

    Sandhawalia994 hours ago

    Agg Lagade Agg Kagade

  4. Scorpion

    Scorpion4 hours ago

    Hey thats my line GET OVER HERE

  5. Alpha

    Alpha4 hours ago


  6. LR - 07MA 756253 Treeline PS

    LR - 07MA 756253 Treeline PS4 hours ago

    dam that’s a really fancy flashlight

  7. Majesticcake 325

    Majesticcake 3254 hours ago

    You guys get to live out every kids dream, Keep it up you guys.

  8. Javier Santana Avilés

    Javier Santana Avilés4 hours ago

    Now we only need lightspeed flight and we our planet will finally be able to be a part of the galactic community

  9. Nanda Ashoka Halim

    Nanda Ashoka Halim4 hours ago

    Why you didnt use jojo bizzare dio scream

  10. rizki idr

    rizki idr5 hours ago

    Its just like flamethrower gun

  11. Skyblock Pro

    Skyblock Pro5 hours ago

    it would have been cooler if he did like a stance and said something and the blade fully fire like burst yk xd

  12. Student Fischer Biesinger

    Student Fischer Biesinger5 hours ago

    iron man mark 5 suit case

  13. Cams IV

    Cams IV5 hours ago

    it literally sounds like a legitimate light saber unless thats sound effects

  14. Rey Patino

    Rey Patino5 hours ago

    Hey you should make Fortnite Drift outfit

  15. Sparks

    Sparks5 hours ago

    wait so darth maul wouldn't have been cut in half



    Anime is not cartoon 😡😡🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Orange27ben

    Orange27ben5 hours ago

    My brain this entire video:YoUr HoRtInG mY bRaIn tO mAnY bIG wOrDs!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Lemon Lam

    Lemon Lam5 hours ago

    Shot on iPhone meme video failed haha

  19. Kun Srisong

    Kun Srisong5 hours ago

    5:10 Omg, you look like Jesus.

  20. Greyson Kapavik

    Greyson Kapavik5 hours ago

    Can you make sasuke's grasscutter from the Anime naruto

  21. zaid asif

    zaid asif5 hours ago

    whats a vpn? its a vpn!

  22. Bily Plays

    Bily Plays5 hours ago

    Okay, even if it don’t have all the fancy stuff all I would want is a bed where I can go in and out with a button!

  23. Swing

    Swing5 hours ago

    i will try it at a park

  24. ironmansux

    ironmansux5 hours ago

    Who watch this year 2021?

  25. ironmansux

    ironmansux5 hours ago

    Imagine if elon musk hired you to build a flying car I bet your gonna build it

  26. LaZ

    LaZ5 hours ago

    The only bad thing about the movie was the fact that Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero, and Scorpion weared ARMOR, something only wussies wear in a Mortal Kombat fight.

  27. ironmansux

    ironmansux5 hours ago

    We grew up the same I play mortal combat a lot I got addicted...but keep up the good work :D

  28. ironmansux

    ironmansux5 hours ago

    Complete all suit PLEASEEEEE

  29. Toni Loc

    Toni Loc6 hours ago

    The instructions were unclear I didn’t try it at home like you said I took it to the park and still got burned

  30. Jaden Marchelle

    Jaden Marchelle6 hours ago

    What if he did Beric Dondarrion’s sword from Game of Thrones Like so he can see

  31. Peter Toth

    Peter Toth6 hours ago

    did James got to actually fly this thing, i cant find the follow up video if there is any

  32. Bily Plays

    Bily Plays6 hours ago

    When he was saying all the stuff I just herd “numbers numbers numbers, word word”

  33. Famishedbat

    Famishedbat6 hours ago

    Dhshdhdnzbhshevzgjendghendhxbdhd hzbdhrbsyh duhrbxuhr dhkrnd chine shxhhdnxbgfjrndhxuei ebz

  34. Ethan Matas

    Ethan Matas6 hours ago

    how is he rich and famous for being a nerd

  35. The Scorch 93.6

    The Scorch 93.66 hours ago

    Could you guys make a retractable sword and combine it with original saber?

  36. Philip Drew

    Philip Drew6 hours ago

    Do something useful!

  37. Bruce Bates

    Bruce Bates6 hours ago

    OK I have an idea for an invention, a Mary Poppins style umbrella were you can hover

  38. Juazz

    Juazz6 hours ago

    Don't worry, I won't create a homemade lightsaber and put my hand through it at home

  39. eyhe

    eyhe6 hours ago

    I wanna see them make the leviathan axe (from god of war)

  40. Christopher Otero

    Christopher Otero6 hours ago

    Gracias por la pagina por bloquearla en mi pais(:O

  41. Kirito Yager

    Kirito Yager6 hours ago

    Idea time : da vinci tank build ?

  42. Mccree

    Mccree6 hours ago

    Can you kill someone with this ?

  43. Mccree

    Mccree6 hours ago

    You have beautiful costumes

  44. Sleepy's Box

    Sleepy's Box6 hours ago

    I’m wondering this how does hack smith industries make money other than USlikes like how are you guys paid

  45. Mr. Glenor

    Mr. Glenor6 hours ago

    0:49 the best thing is I understand what does he say because I'm Russian.

  46. jose-ole'

    jose-ole'6 hours ago

    Really bad engineering. The blade has no aerodynamics

  47. happyskull42 39

    happyskull42 397 hours ago


  48. Aldred

    Aldred7 hours ago

    I mean... moving your hand through it really fast is not much different than when you move your hand through a candle's fire. :3

  49. Rogue Gen

    Rogue Gen7 hours ago

    Disney: we made the first retractable lightsaber! Me: um no you didn't...

  50. Flaze

    Flaze7 hours ago

    In legends the first lightsabers had cords, correct me if im wrong



    Me:He is enjoying this Also me: He is too dangerous to be alive

  52. James Latta 2029

    James Latta 20297 hours ago

    hol up, it was realesed on my birthday :) thanks for remebering!

  53. SamIsACoward

    SamIsACoward7 hours ago

    Not bad. Now make Johnny 5.

  54. Kirito Yager

    Kirito Yager7 hours ago

    You melted your name… but now the diamond play button is truly the only one of its kind

  55. Critixil

    Critixil7 hours ago

    it only gives a 3rd degree burn a 4th degree burn is a hole through your skin

  56. harry truman

    harry truman7 hours ago

    He did this with a ring on

  57. Gavinplayz MM21

    Gavinplayz MM217 hours ago

    Omg I went to that exact ripleys believe it or not

  58. X slayer X

    X slayer X7 hours ago

    If a lightsaber, can a crucible?

  59. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider8 hours ago

    I’ve loved the Ghost Rider for the longest time

  60. LiamCrypto95

    LiamCrypto958 hours ago

    How did you transmit the high voltage to the air? I want to build something like this for a Science experiment.

  61. Invalid_Person

    Invalid_Person8 hours ago

    You should try to do something like the batpod from the dark knight and dark knight rises

  62. fakhri arrazi

    fakhri arrazi8 hours ago

    2:37 shot oh iphone

  63. A G

    A G8 hours ago


  64. Carson Dinwoodie

    Carson Dinwoodie8 hours ago

    Light saber bbq chicken, steak, shrimp and vegies. You have the choice of cooking talking like and dressing up as the swedish chef; or, a classic french chef with an outrageous french accent.

  65. AY Little

    AY Little8 hours ago

    Can I say it please please PLEASE,GET OVER HERE

  66. papasmurf 4102

    papasmurf 41028 hours ago

    Anyone else just skip to the test part?

  67. petr Mk

    petr Mk8 hours ago

    Government agent: nah no one will be able to brake my car's window they'll take yrs Hacksmith industries: we must do all this in 2 mins deal? Let's go

  68. papasmurf 4102

    papasmurf 41028 hours ago

    15:20 the part of the video you actually want to see

  69. Josh Ward

    Josh Ward8 hours ago

    You guys should make a Darth Maul lightsaber.

  70. Josh Ward

    Josh Ward8 hours ago

    You guys should make a Darth Maul dual bladed lightsaber

  71. AMPdotcom

    AMPdotcom8 hours ago

    Karen vs Edith

  72. Christian Klasen

    Christian Klasen8 hours ago

    I think a real light saber could work with some kind of microwaves in an electro magnetic cage 🤔 sorry for my bad english.

  73. Smyth Family

    Smyth Family9 hours ago


  74. Smyth Family

    Smyth Family9 hours ago

    Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu peess not its hot

  75. Jonathan Mills

    Jonathan Mills9 hours ago

    I’ve only come hear to say I disappointed we haven’t seen captain Canada yet

  76. Sheila olfieWay

    Sheila olfieWay9 hours ago

    it's pretty clear that star wars lightsaber is more focused and intense than the real one you have

  77. Erick Boby

    Erick Boby9 hours ago

    We’re can you by one

  78. Ravaezaki Pepez

    Ravaezaki Pepez9 hours ago

    "Why are going to japan?" "ANIME"


    OMEGALOVANIA X9 hours ago