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  1. Maia Carey

    Maia CareyHour ago

    privacy tokens are just never going to make it

  2. gianfranco Razzeto

    gianfranco RazzetoHour ago

    Yes more money to play

  3. Billybong Thornton

    Billybong ThorntonHour ago

    1400 won't buy shit for Bitcoin lol

  4. Christian Perea

    Christian PereaHour ago

    BNT wallet all in

  5. justin

    justinHour ago

    ETH, VET, AAVE for sure will moon. and some of the NFT tokens will super moon this year

  6. 4drturbo85

    4drturbo85Hour ago

    ETH $400 again. Can't wait

  7. MrKenski12

    MrKenski12Hour ago

    Love the btc logo man :)

  8. ggg lggg

    ggg lgggHour ago

    ETHEREUM Below 600k is ridiculous

  9. Andrew Castro

    Andrew CastroHour ago

    BitBoy Likes MOPAR ~ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  10. J T

    J THour ago

    my brain is gonna explode to the moon with every coin under the sun mooning. This is outta control.

  11. Ernie Lozano

    Ernie LozanoHour ago

    It must pass, the stock market is tanking. It still has to pass the house on Monday.πŸ€”πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰ From the Wild Wild West California Central Valley

  12. ijeomah sampson

    ijeomah sampsonHour ago

    Eth to the moon 5k

  13. Travis Blackburn

    Travis BlackburnHour ago

    VET to the moon HBAR to the moon!!

  14. jd dewart

    jd dewartHour ago

    Worse video. Crypto rich was not ready for this

  15. gui93alves

    gui93alvesHour ago

    This guy should check out NOIA (Syntropy). Its a routing/encryption protocol that can run on top of the current internet. the future

  16. bodyemcal

    bodyemcalHour ago

    Decentraland to the moon!!!! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  17. Around The World

    Around The WorldHour ago

    Elrond will be huge !

  18. Perotti 31

    Perotti 31Hour ago

    Love some Dragon, Now I’m gonna look into ARRR

  19. jd dewart

    jd dewartHour ago




    0x is going to explode 🀯

  21. Drazhil Gloom

    Drazhil GloomHour ago

    ADA πŸ”₯πŸš€πŸŒ™πŸ€‘

  22. noack5200

    noack5200Hour ago

    Yes the senate passed the bill but it still has to go back to the house for a final vote before it goes to the president because the senate version has revisions to the original house bill. Its highly likely that it passes the house again but not a done deal yet.

  23. Jordan Wertz

    Jordan WertzHour ago

    Unfortunately the bill has to go back to the house for final approval because there were modifications. It could still take a couple more weeks.

  24. James Taylor

    James TaylorHour ago

    I don't like money but I do like wealth

  25. Mr. Me

    Mr. MeHour ago

    Klever coin πŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸš€πŸš€

  26. Mr. MC

    Mr. MCHour ago

    Yoo.. Those rims on the Hellcat are HAAARRDD!! Needs some red or Yellow somewhere though..

  27. Eric Siddons

    Eric SiddonsHour ago

    CME coming up, and it will effect btc price.

  28. gordan perkins

    gordan perkinsHour ago

    Seems like pirate coin is not listed on major exchanges.. what a shame :/

  29. johnnathandejesus

    johnnathandejesusHour ago

    Orchid Protocol (OXT) is the king dVPN service!

  30. Airex Axe

    Airex AxeHour ago

    2700 loaded combo pizzas

  31. total1ful

    total1fulHour ago

    Cardano ADA 100 %

  32. Jason H

    Jason HHour ago

    BTC if it dips again. Every other Altcoin follows the KING!!

  33. Cemal Gulcen

    Cemal GulcenHour ago


  34. Aidan M

    Aidan MHour ago

    Cryptorich youtube link has an extra "youtube" in it.

  35. Deric Crawford

    Deric CrawfordHour ago

    The Graph 🀀🀀

  36. R KD9

    R KD9Hour ago

    Loading up on UNI and Aave.

  37. Roger Allen

    Roger AllenHour ago

    Hey! Is that a Bass boat I see in the background? That’s something we have in common besides owning BTC !

  38. t-roy H

    t-roy HHour ago

    My comments automatically get deleted if I post my btc wallet address? But scammers on here all day and nothing happens??

  39. shawn shawn

    shawn shawnHour ago

    Chronobank πŸš€πŸ“ˆ



    Where can Americans get ARRR

  41. Dirk Stephens

    Dirk StephensHour ago

    Let’s gooo ETHπŸ’°

  42. journey_2_310b

    journey_2_310bHour ago


  43. shawn shawn

    shawn shawnHour ago

    Chronobank πŸš€πŸ“ˆ

  44. Maksim Goodlooking

    Maksim GoodlookingHour ago

    ))))) be careful F2 pool waiting for this too.

  45. t-roy H

    t-roy HHour ago

    Why can't I post my btc address?

  46. scoobiedoobie84

    scoobiedoobie84Hour ago

    Gongrats on affording the Hellcat with the sunroof

  47. 6M&Hb

    6M&HbHour ago

    The big whales are going to buy Bitcoin. Retailers might buy cheaper coins. Printing money is only going to help crypto and gold / silver

  48. Mr. Me

    Mr. MeHour ago

    Eth and ada

  49. Ben Springer

    Ben SpringerHour ago

    FRM presales πŸš€

  50. Billy V

    Billy VHour ago

    Get your treasure chest. 😎

  51. Efren barraza

    Efren barrazaHour ago

    What r ur predictions on ethereum classic?

  52. Daniel Spiegel

    Daniel SpiegelHour ago

    ETH to $2,474, correction down to $2,008, then a $2962 Ethereum by the end of March.

  53. FL Space Bear

    FL Space BearHour ago

    100% of my check is going into crypto🎯

  54. Ben Loud

    Ben LoudHour ago

    Actually some decent content from BitBoy for a change

  55. Brandon Outdoors

    Brandon OutdoorsHour ago

    ETHA TO 10k by summer

  56. Twisted Times

    Twisted TimesHour ago

    The money with be put into ETH for someone who's never bought crypto before. The ones who are about crypto will add to both I think. I'm putting mine into cardano.

  57. Toteki Products

    Toteki ProductsHour ago


  58. dirtydog288

    dirtydog288Hour ago

    ahhh bullshit!!

  59. On The Hunt

    On The HuntHour ago

    Signed by Biden by the 14th. Money in accounts starting maybe 4-5 days later.

  60. HEX DEX

    HEX DEX2 hours ago


  61. Cornelius McCoy

    Cornelius McCoy2 hours ago

    Eth 11k

  62. Encryptic TV

    Encryptic TV2 hours ago

    now people talking crypto behind the dumpster πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  63. Antony Brown

    Antony Brown2 hours ago

    Pirate chain has amazing tech, and a great community already. Glad it’s getting some recognition. ARRR!

  64. Mly Phone

    Mly Phone2 hours ago

    ETH to 3.55 k

  65. Philth- E

    Philth- E2 hours ago

    Car wash tokens, ready for liftoff?

  66. DJ FEEN

    DJ FEEN2 hours ago

    Im a mountain man and i love mount'en women

  67. Benny Aminov

    Benny Aminov2 hours ago


  68. Leon

    Leon2 hours ago

    @bitboy I'd love to hear your opinion on the G999 coin

  69. Joshua Love

    Joshua Love2 hours ago

    decentralised DEFI haha

  70. Gazorpa Zorp

    Gazorpa Zorp2 hours ago

    Um the Republicants didnt agree to shit, they all voted against it.

  71. dante velacion

    dante velacion2 hours ago

    The House still has to sign. The Senate made some changes to the Bill that was sent from the House.

  72. Ahmed Sharif

    Ahmed Sharif2 hours ago

    and in the UK they getting goverment grant around same time. so i will be buying bitcoin too. it will moon. but what would your recommend? to buy bitcoin or ethereum?

  73. Team DeBay

    Team DeBay2 hours ago

    Just stop!!! Since everything is on the moon, let’s just go to Jupiter

  74. Luke jones

    Luke jones2 hours ago

    All Satoshis Matter

  75. Tom NGUYEN

    Tom NGUYEN2 hours ago

    ThαΊ­t don't mean all those money go into bitcoins lol, alots people are late in bills

  76. Harry C

    Harry C2 hours ago

    Bitcoin is the feature investing in it now is the wesest thing to do now especially the current rise

  77. Horror Station

    Horror Station2 hours ago

    Love From India ❀️

  78. Jeffrey Palmer

    Jeffrey Palmer2 hours ago

    eth 20K BY October sell before the crash

  79. Mark Krysinski

    Mark Krysinski2 hours ago

    Stock market crashes so does crypto.