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  1. Jayson보라색

    Jayson보라색4 hours ago


  2. Jamie Lopez

    Jamie Lopez4 hours ago


  3. Ganesh Ramnarine

    Ganesh Ramnarine4 hours ago

    Sooo happy.All my favourite singers are performing.👍🎉😄

  4. Akash Sundar

    Akash Sundar4 hours ago


  5. Luciana Posso

    Luciana Posso4 hours ago

    0:00 I’m the only one who think that moment was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE for lili?

  6. john robichaud

    john robichaud4 hours ago

    Fake news very fake news

  7. LA Safari

    LA Safari4 hours ago

    Ok...that was good. Totally miss Morgan. But Rosci is awesome:)

  8. Teller of unfortunate Truths

    Teller of unfortunate Truths4 hours ago

    Sloth and gluttony

  9. ༺ㄒㄖ千ㄩ༻

    ༺ㄒㄖ千ㄩ༻4 hours ago

    BTS 💜💜

  10. LA Safari

    LA Safari5 hours ago

    You gotta pivot Gina!!

  11. ༺ㄒㄖ千ㄩ༻

    ༺ㄒㄖ千ㄩ༻5 hours ago


  12. Admiral Roye

    Admiral Roye5 hours ago

    😭😭😭 I cant believe that my double digit favorite USlikesd has died last year. Rip Steve and we will be with you soon. Hope you have good times up there

  13. Justin Bieber's JUSTICE out on 19th March

    Justin Bieber's JUSTICE out on 19th March5 hours ago

    Jf fans❤️

  14. anibal berganza

    anibal berganza5 hours ago

    BTS FOREVER💜💜💜💜💜💜

  15. kırık gülümseme

    kırık gülümseme5 hours ago

    DUA LİPA ❤️🌺💗

  16. J.K.

    J.K.5 hours ago

    that was acting

  17. park jimin army veliz

    park jimin army veliz5 hours ago


  18. Rutger Neijland

    Rutger Neijland5 hours ago

    Isn't she lovely? Isn't she beautiful?

  19. fatima d

    fatima d5 hours ago

    are whole generation is so toxic and dramatic

  20. mofya 213

    mofya 2135 hours ago

    How can u even dislike this, u probably a kkk🤣

  21. Lily Gaugh

    Lily Gaugh5 hours ago


  22. Taylor Alexander

    Taylor Alexander5 hours ago

    He was doing way TOO MUCH. He could've just said, "no" and kept it moving. He didn't have to lash out and start calling people "idiots" like I'm sorry your daughter is talented but she's no Mariah Carey or no Micheal Jackson.

  23. Lisa Love Ministries

    Lisa Love Ministries5 hours ago

    Proverbs 8:17💕 1 Corinthians 15👑

  24. Lisa Love Ministries

    Lisa Love Ministries5 hours ago

    Proverbs 8:17💕

  25. Lisa Love Ministries

    Lisa Love Ministries5 hours ago

    Proverbs 8:17💕

  26. Lisa Love Ministries

    Lisa Love Ministries5 hours ago

    Proverbs 8:17💕

  27. Liam Healy

    Liam Healy5 hours ago

    I can't believe that: A. Nigella has to explain herself 🤷‍♂️ B. Someone felt the need to put this video together 🙄

  28. Steve W

    Steve W5 hours ago

    They give a grammy award to ANYTHING even the biggest bowel movement....


    xSARGANTx SHAFTx5 hours ago


  30. One Direction Forever

    One Direction Forever6 hours ago


  31. BackToSchool

    BackToSchool6 hours ago

    he died because hes pumped full of roids and hormones. his immune system was completely compromised lol

  32. Vanessa Stefany Moreira Mota Cruz Vanessa

    Vanessa Stefany Moreira Mota Cruz Vanessa6 hours ago


  33. dana4U100

    dana4U1006 hours ago

    And Uncle Kevin is 61? Man he don't look it...

  34. im baby

    im baby6 hours ago

    bts paved the way

  35. Loud Pack

    Loud Pack6 hours ago

    She is the prettiest woman in the world!

  36. doro626

    doro6266 hours ago

    I always thought that Khalil would have made a great back door to a static like character. Even if they dont do his powers that type of story ( referring to the static shock storyline) is something that would do well on television right now.

  37. Jess Wathen

    Jess Wathen6 hours ago

    my heart breaks for their family they’re so so strong i can’t imagine loosing my mum and sibling

  38. lolo Lolo

    lolo Lolo6 hours ago

    A menace to society ...

  39. Hannah 01

    Hannah 016 hours ago


  40. Jayden Murphy

    Jayden Murphy6 hours ago

    Does anyone know the name of the jacket Cole is wearing?

  41. Tina Davis

    Tina Davis6 hours ago


  42. Siti Nurjanah

    Siti Nurjanah6 hours ago


  43. Shia Ni

    Shia Ni6 hours ago

    so happy for BTS

  44. Shia Ni

    Shia Ni6 hours ago

    dam selenas song is so amazing that is sad

  45. Teryn B

    Teryn B6 hours ago

    Chris wanted them to fight over him

  46. prod. Thunder

    prod. Thunder6 hours ago


  47. Anubis M

    Anubis M7 hours ago

    I think he will always regret that he didn't make the effort to fight for his marriage the mistakes he made and for her to do it all on her own

  48. Afia Owusuaa Gyasi

    Afia Owusuaa Gyasi7 hours ago

    Yessss can't wait

  49. Mishka Gordon

    Mishka Gordon7 hours ago

    That man is straight up disrespectful. I get that fact people be like no one can be Beyonce ( I kinda get she is amazing) that man did have do his face like that and act all scornful like Chloe doesn't have talent.

  50. Deya

    Deya7 hours ago


  51. It’s Icy

    It’s Icy7 hours ago

    Bts better win a Grammy that’s all of saying

  52. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick7 hours ago

    Katy is so gorgeous 😍loving her mom vibes 😍she so growing she and orlando are amazing couple.

  53. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick7 hours ago

    Would love avril new music, cant for it her new albums🥰.

  54. Oliver Garrick

    Oliver Garrick7 hours ago

    Zara you delivered such a good album so talented ☺.

  55. Amara Khota

    Amara Khota7 hours ago

    Where’s number 3 how long do I have to wait

  56. Miki R

    Miki R7 hours ago

    His personality is EVERYTHING ! An amazing guy !

  57. Penelope Peterson

    Penelope Peterson7 hours ago

    U know what good for Meghan and Harry for having the B...........pls to escape the royals. Sure it was hell living around these people and rules and controlling every little thing sure Meghan is getting all the blame for leaving but it doesn’t look like she cares and she shouldn’t they have their own family now but financially I hope the royals don’t cut them off because how will they live in LA it’s not as easy as it seems but sure they will have more opportunities in LA then the average Joe so no worries there either. Good for Harry standing by his women and leaving with her and cutting ties with the royal rules and regulations, just hope this didn’t cost his brothers Williams relationship and their children but it won’t be the first family that goes through this either.

  58. BP BTS

    BP BTS7 hours ago

    متأكدة بتس راح يخرطون كل الجوائز

  59. BP BTS

    BP BTS7 hours ago

    BTS the king ✌️😌

  60. Kitty James

    Kitty James7 hours ago

    Ask y it bothers the RF so much when he's not even going to ever b king .... I hope she doesn't end up like his mom.

  61. BTS is ARMY, ARMY is BTS.

    BTS is ARMY, ARMY is BTS.7 hours ago

    I'm so happy about BTS' Grammy nomination. I'm so proud of them I hope their win. BTS is just amazing. Can't wait to see their performance. Good Luck my boys !!!

  62. Leslie //

    Leslie //7 hours ago

    Bts came a long way, I’m proud of them!

  63. Gabriel Pires

    Gabriel Pires7 hours ago

    i'm only interested in Avril's new music. Can't wait for her new record!

  64. Tarisa

    Tarisa7 hours ago

    So happy for BTS💜

  65. WordsWritten By Me

    WordsWritten By Me8 hours ago

    I loved Ginny and Georgia so much. This show should not be overlooked. I spent days watching soaking in the story and characters. The actors did their job.

  66. Lala Chanel

    Lala Chanel8 hours ago

    Hunter 😂😂😂😂🤣

  67. OA Delano

    OA Delano8 hours ago

    Those fool better never come back to UK . The fool trying use royal family to make money 💵

  68. jess burt

    jess burt8 hours ago

    Man im not going to lie i laughed 🤣 💀 im dead

  69. mr_powder addict

    mr_powder addict8 hours ago

    When he blows into the camera it freaks me out.

  70. Peoples Choice

    Peoples Choice8 hours ago

    poor she ...lost everything ....

  71. Sparrkly MoonNme

    Sparrkly MoonNme8 hours ago

    Say it with me now: WHAT YOONGI WANTS, YOONGI GETS 👏 💜💜💜