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Spearfishing \u0026 freediving

I'm from NYC, but currently live in Bali, Indonesia

giant tuna speargun
  1. HAPpy :D

    HAPpy :D4 hours ago

    Did you know that only 10 people die of shark attacks per year? dies of shark attack and becomes one of those 10 people

  2. Jocelyn Jones

    Jocelyn Jones4 hours ago

    Can I steam my fish? I dont like raw

  3. Nappy Grimm

    Nappy Grimm4 hours ago

    Hey but if you kept 100 sharks in a tank and pulled on them repeatedly the sharks would take that number easily

  4. blue gravity

    blue gravity4 hours ago

    How the hell do you die from taking a selfi? HOW

  5. Neisha Shakira harahap

    Neisha Shakira harahap4 hours ago

    This video makes me happy because there's a low percent that someone talking about my country home

  6. b loa

    b loa4 hours ago

    Falls out of bed *Guess I'll die.*

  7. Trilly Locke

    Trilly Locke4 hours ago

    What a life... it looks so great.

  8. Rowan Cody

    Rowan Cody4 hours ago

    Prepare yourself for triggered vegans

  9. Arcaneus Umbra

    Arcaneus Umbra4 hours ago

    Well yeah but how many people hang out in the ocean every single day?

  10. Sahroni Bwi

    Sahroni Bwi4 hours ago

    Garbage everywhere

  11. 衪迮訇訄郇 訄郇迮訄

    衪迮訇訄郇 訄郇迮訄4 hours ago

    I nearly killed a female co-worker with a champagne cork.

  12. Maxwell Brown

    Maxwell Brown4 hours ago

    And got the fuck out of there

  13. Sahroni Bwi

    Sahroni Bwi4 hours ago

    Wow my country

  14. Werewolf Gamer

    Werewolf Gamer5 hours ago

    "only 10 people a yeat die from shark attacks" so do you wanna read out the amount of people who lose limbs over shark attacks ruining there lives or should i

  15. Brent Kim

    Brent Kim5 hours ago

    To be fair we spend much more time around all those other things than near a shark

  16. REFLEX

    REFLEX5 hours ago

    It also held preserve the quality of the meat ironic

  17. Official comity of time travelers Member 0-13

    Official comity of time travelers Member 0-135 hours ago

    0 dollars if you just run off into the woods never to be seen or heard from again

  18. JackoMac

    JackoMac5 hours ago

    We call them mother in law fish, cause they taste that bad, thats who you give it to

  19. Azza Vlogs

    Azza Vlogs5 hours ago

    Can someone tell me the song?

  20. Tomlin Davis

    Tomlin Davis5 hours ago

    Do you treat the raw fish or is it fine to eat?

  21. Kushman 206 420

    Kushman 206 4205 hours ago

    Trump 2021

  22. Trilly Locke

    Trilly Locke5 hours ago

    You can say all of that... But... For those less than 10 people a year.... THEY DIED TO A FUCKING SHARK.

  23. Eunwoo Gaming

    Eunwoo Gaming5 hours ago

    animal abuse

  24. curtyct {ct

    curtyct {ct5 hours ago

    You know what you're not twice as likely to get killed by a cow s*** changes if you spearfish every day

  25. SkSDood

    SkSDood5 hours ago

    I know but still, sharks are fucking scary

  26. bmx bmx

    bmx bmx5 hours ago

    The first time I was ever in the ocean ,shit u not it was also my first jaws moment .I'm unlucky .if theres a lottery for getting kicked in the balls sign me up.

  27. ChickenDetective :3

    ChickenDetective :35 hours ago

    Okayyy we know not a lot of people get killed by sharks but how many get attacked and get an injury for life

  28. Lens Perspective

    Lens Perspective5 hours ago

    I ate gonna eat fish dats been eating that much trash

  29. Ben10usr 123

    Ben10usr 1235 hours ago

    This dude said you could die from a selfie lol. The most I would have said would have been blindness.

  30. DeltaWolf

    DeltaWolf5 hours ago

    Personality I would have gone for the shark thinks he's the predator of the water well I'll change that

  31. Jomes Home

    Jomes Home5 hours ago

    I would have bought a colt 1911 or maybe an AR-15 or even a repeater but a spear gun is cool to Quick question can you use a spear gun in self defense and are spear guns considered in humane on humane

  32. State Hollandia Mapping

    State Hollandia Mapping5 hours ago

    Human: Kills mutlible fishes Also human: Yes that shark is deff aggressive

  33. Tyrone Davis

    Tyrone Davis5 hours ago

    I won't swim in the ocean, because I know what's in there, and it scares the shit out of me, not knowing if there something by me

  34. Ebrar Vuthaj

    Ebrar Vuthaj5 hours ago

    Its the same for chickens its better to chop their head with an axe than cutting it witha knife

  35. Jomes Home

    Jomes Home5 hours ago

    No any responsibil citizen would have bought a real gun

  36. Ghostly

    Ghostly5 hours ago

    This guy is dumb because if you're wearing a wet suit to the shark u look like animal they can eat and specially if your in great white shark area your (dead)

  37. w4shep

    w4shep5 hours ago

    Q: Should you be afraid of shark attacks? A: No, but they still terrify me.

  38. The Grim Reaper

    The Grim Reaper5 hours ago

    We see americans getting free money why out goverment strugling to give canned foods but at least we have free healthcare

  39. Berend Van Beerschot

    Berend Van Beerschot5 hours ago

    Everybody lays in bed, everybody drinks champagne, everyone has a heart that can fail, but almost nobody goes swimming in the middle of the ocean... So percentage wise this is not that correct.

  40. Bangtan_Skz 0413

    Bangtan_Skz 04135 hours ago

    I know I'll never be attacked by a shark because why would I be at the ocean/sea when I have thalassophobia

  41. Labtoad

    Labtoad5 hours ago

    Sharks are to fatty I just wanna slap that and watch it jiggle

  42. Hanshagen

    Hanshagen5 hours ago

    Those odds aren't very accurate because the odds of you being is waters where sharks are active are wayyyyy less than standing near a vending machine so the odds when you are scubadiving and get bitten or killed by a shark is way more than all named of the above.

  43. Lil Loud Pack Larry

    Lil Loud Pack Larry5 hours ago

    Motor bike typically run more concentrated emissions than cars, just the volume of exhaust gas are less, which make people think they are better

  44. Shiela May Reyes

    Shiela May Reyes6 hours ago

    me: is that a little shark? what I realized: oh it's deep

  45. soulstick guy

    soulstick guy6 hours ago

    0:24 0:28 dead

  46. Yeet 0907

    Yeet 09076 hours ago

    Ahhh yes like vietnam

  47. SolaceDotExe

    SolaceDotExe6 hours ago

    'Less than 10 people every year die from shark attacks' and one just so happened to be my mother's friend's daughter's best friend, and we live in a country of only about 5 million. Imagine the odds of having it be someone I've met.

  48. willsham45

    willsham456 hours ago

    Well most people survive a shark attack. So they tell everyone about it. Know who always kill when they attack? Dolphins

  49. alonedigz

    alonedigz6 hours ago

    quick vegans save them fish before i eat them

  50. That One Crusader

    That One Crusader6 hours ago

    Sharks look chill at first but then they open their mouth


    THE MITTEN SPY6 hours ago

    The Death by cows wouldn't be so high if humans didn't breed so many and same for the methane level they produce

  52. Nameless Void

    Nameless Void6 hours ago

    Yes... it is cruel... Now show me more!

  53. Malvino Owen

    Malvino Owen6 hours ago

    Whats the title of the music?

  54. Loveeasethesoul forevertruetoself

    Loveeasethesoul forevertruetoself6 hours ago

    I would love to try some of that fish

  55. Mr.Tryhardguitarguy

    Mr.Tryhardguitarguy6 hours ago

    Taking it somewhere to have someone else grill it for you? What the fuck?

  56. Jeremy Surya

    Jeremy Surya6 hours ago

    Thats in my country Indonesia ,Bali is a popular island in my country ,it has many beach ,its the beach thats making it popular

  57. mrgrise

    mrgrise6 hours ago

    You are ten times more likely to die from listening to baby shark then a shark attack

  58. Titik- O

    Titik- O6 hours ago

    Deep fry rice and dont cook the meat...this dudes livin on an upside down plane of reality

  59. Donna Wright

    Donna Wright6 hours ago

    If you see a shark punch in the nose

  60. Ezwar

    Ezwar6 hours ago

    But it's never a zero tho....

  61. N P

    N P6 hours ago


  62. rabea karaman

    rabea karaman6 hours ago

    I hope a shark gives you a big hug and teaches you how to be more compassionate

  63. Kazuma Sama

    Kazuma Sama6 hours ago

    Eits itu sapi yg tanduk nya gede mirip anoa

  64. Richard Kulessa

    Richard Kulessa6 hours ago

    That means you just don't eat pork and chicken and also why do you catch fish everyday we might run out and then we might all starve because some people are only fish based and also some animals really need fish to survive so don't fish everyday just fish every week and everybody should do that and everybody should have the same schedule as you which is a week

  65. Nameless Void

    Nameless Void6 hours ago

    That rent seemed good until you realize how much those folks make a year.

  66. oldmanjenkins

    oldmanjenkins6 hours ago

    He looks like horizon from apex legends in the thumbnail.

  67. Josh Crofts

    Josh Crofts6 hours ago

    Environmentally friendly until theres millions driving around in one area

  68. Eric Craig

    Eric Craig6 hours ago

    I dont really think its cruel but it does put it out of its misery

  69. Kamran Rashid

    Kamran Rashid6 hours ago

    But how many people go diving?

  70. ANTique !

    ANTique !6 hours ago

    Love how he ends the video by putting a fish out of its misery under a subscribe button.

  71. quan s7skfg

    quan s7skfg6 hours ago

    Can you make videos

  72. Tay Wan Yi

    Tay Wan Yi6 hours ago

    I mean i already know but im still afraid man

  73. Kyura_25 YT

    Kyura_25 YT6 hours ago

    I hate DUMB fish -Aquatic Apes

  74. Kyura_25 YT

    Kyura_25 YT6 hours ago

    This fish is very very DUMB -Aquatic Apes

  75. Mohammed Voneza

    Mohammed Voneza6 hours ago

    Sorry but most Indonesian know that our habit of using motocycle create worse polution than car

  76. Trisha Mamerow

    Trisha Mamerow7 hours ago

    How do you die from selfies

  77. Jeremiah Wright

    Jeremiah Wright7 hours ago

    "And I reported him to peta for animal abuse" "jk" Peta isn't a ligament animal organization

  78. Kevin Fico

    Kevin Fico7 hours ago

    I'm from indonesia

  79. Harvey Jay David

    Harvey Jay David7 hours ago

    Why are there 31k likes?

  80. Brandon Silcock

    Brandon Silcock7 hours ago