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  1. Louise Gibbon

    Louise Gibbon12 minutes ago

    Ryan needs to get a grip maci has done a great job in bringing up Bentley on her own he's a credit to her hard work and dedication what a father figure he has been the worst ever. X

  2. Stephanie Martinez

    Stephanie Martinez29 minutes ago

    You can tell Briana lies about the relationship Devoin has with his daughter. He does lives on Instagram with Nova and you can tell she is around him way more than it’s portrayed. She is very comfortable with him.

  3. Louise Gibbon

    Louise Gibbon59 minutes ago

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree and it shows what family means to them all which is nothing.

  4. light laugh

    light laughHour ago

    the way grace drags these people is giving me life

  5. Liselotte Andersson

    Liselotte AnderssonHour ago


  6. Liselotte Andersson

    Liselotte AnderssonHour ago

    Thank YOU! You was more calm now whit your voise.

  7. Crystal Austin

    Crystal AustinHour ago

    Devoin got to talk. Amazing. Honestly I think he won't be fake and MTV & Brianna don't like that. How come he don't make what other father's make? Yet him and his family are talked about almost every episode. He should fight for joint custody. Don't leave your baby girl with any guy but dad 💯

  8. Ellen Fern

    Ellen FernHour ago

    Triple aaa is about 2p a month

  9. Ellen Fern

    Ellen FernHour ago

    I never not showed up to pick up my kids lol

  10. TheLawrence Homestead

    TheLawrence Homestead2 hours ago

    Lisa rinna is an actress

  11. Ella Marie's Vlogs

    Ella Marie's Vlogs2 hours ago

    No tbf one of the men she was with brought up about the girl taking a pic of her first and she just said after “yes I noticed and it happens a bit” something a long them lines 🤷‍♀️

  12. Melinda Sierra

    Melinda Sierra2 hours ago

    I disagree I think kail kept it very professional. She asked all the right questions. Saying that she made it all about Briana is just trying to bring more drama where there is none. Kail is doing bigger and better things she's not even thinking about Briana. I'm glad devoin finally got to explain his side tho.

  13. Soph Nesbitt

    Soph Nesbitt3 hours ago

    Cate has become middle aged before she’s 30.

  14. Mariah Howell

    Mariah Howell3 hours ago

    I agree. The only people I trust to watch my son is my mom, my bf, and my sister. People are sick.

  15. A g a k

    A g a k3 hours ago

    What song is playing in the background at the end of the episode where the girls are at the fairground 🤔🤔

  16. Angi Thomas

    Angi Thomas3 hours ago

    I like Devon and he isn’t all that bad but when you get caught up just admit it and quit with the lame ass excuses. His ass was so damn high he forgot that’s probably closer to the truth lol

  17. Mindy !

    Mindy !5 hours ago

    Sometimes I don’t like how Maci leaves it up to Bentley to make a decision. But I also see where she’s coming from! Like sometimes I think children are just too young to decide if they want to go to their other parents house. Like it makes me wonder why she won’t allow him to choose what time he eats or sleeps or what he eats or when he goes out yet she lets him choose if he wants to see his dad. I think as long as there’s other adults there (like his Mimi and Papa) then he should basically be pushed into going and trying to work it out. Idk why I feel like Maci’s intentions are good one minute because she genuinely loves her son so much.. but other times, I think she’s purposely trying to pushing Ryan. She knows her son already feels neglected by his biological father. I think by her not encouraging him to go and be with the family and go be at their house, she causes awkwardness and she knows it upsets Ryan. It’s fuel to the fire. But I’m not saying Maci is a bad person. I just think she should have told him that if he was willing to go to his grandma&grandpa’s for the party, what’s the different if it’s at his dads? The party will still have the same people. So that’s where I stand. But as far as Ryan calling her that name. Uncalled for. Not surprised because he’s been nasty towards her since they were 16. And Mackenzie does rub me the wrong way majority of the time🤷🏼‍♀️

  18. Be Be

    Be Be7 hours ago

    He has her humor, i think that is soooo cute🥰 i adore that she's a mother of all boys🌻

  19. mizzourigirl 211

    mizzourigirl 2118 hours ago

    I pay $86.00 a year for AAA lol just thought I'd throw that out there

  20. Murad Wessel

    Murad Wessel8 hours ago

    Not a fan of Ellen.


    SEBASTIAN K9 hours ago

    loved crystal but she seems too nice to be in RHOBH , PROBABLY eaten alive by this flocks of hyenas hahaha good luck crystal KUNG

  22. Sara C

    Sara C10 hours ago

    Okay but No... his name is spelled the way it’s supposed to be pronounced.. Devoin... People just don’t have common sense & don’t realize that there are names other then the common names

  23. Jackie Hall

    Jackie Hall10 hours ago

    It's a good thing that you got custody of Jace. Because I know how much he missed being around you a lot

  24. Terria Jones

    Terria Jones10 hours ago

    I feel like briana is jealous because her two daughters have fathers and she didn't have no father growing up and she like to give them hard time

  25. Absolutely Rae Fabulous

    Absolutely Rae Fabulous10 hours ago

    Abort..... 😆😆😆😆

  26. Laura Ben

    Laura Ben10 hours ago

    Yes 🙌🏼 I feel you on this

  27. Linds Thomas

    Linds Thomas10 hours ago

    Do you have kids? Cuz you certainly have a lot of opinions on how others choose to raise their kids, but if you aren't a parent, your opinions aren't really valid. It's hard to form an opinion if you've never been in that position yourself.

  28. Sally Fisher

    Sally Fisher10 hours ago

    You got to listen and pay attention to your kids!! Bentley is old enough to know right from wrong!! There's a reason why he feels the way he does about his Dad and his Mom makes sure you discusses things with him! Plus most kids want to see both parents even if they aren't such good ppl!! If the child strays away... plz pay attention

  29. The Robinson Family

    The Robinson Family12 hours ago

    Popping in to say I love your videos!

  30. Katie lol

    Katie lol12 hours ago

    Ryan never wanted a relationship with Bentley I feel sorry for him I feel like it's only been push because of Ryan parents

  31. Gabriella Diaz

    Gabriella Diaz12 hours ago

    And Ryan is nothing more than a 2 but junkie with low self esteem and can’t get over the fact that maci moved on to bigger and better things, while he’s just there being his families biggest disappointment 😂

  32. Maya Lea

    Maya Lea13 hours ago

    Probably why Nova is always crying they confusing that lil girl and she also plays off of Briana’s manipulation. Nova reacts the way she thinks her mom wants her to react to situations because she wants to make her mom happy. Nova probably looks around and sees she’s doesn’t look like the other people in her home and the person she does looks like her mom treats like sh!t.

  33. Maya Lea

    Maya Lea13 hours ago

    I think he meant he could trust his friend around Nova. He’s not saying that he would leave Nova with him. I took it as him saying he’s not friends with people who are perverts.

  34. Q Ibarra

    Q Ibarra13 hours ago

    Grown up yeah okay still acting ignorant

  35. Rita Esposito

    Rita Esposito13 hours ago

    drugs plastic surgery drugs drugs drugs

  36. E W

    E W14 hours ago

    Ryan’s whole family just reminds me of the freakish family from GET OUT😂😂

  37. Rita Esposito

    Rita Esposito14 hours ago

    its spelled like that but you're right nowadays spelling out da window on how people prefer there name to be said what counts dunno

  38. Jenna Melton

    Jenna Melton14 hours ago

    I love watching your videos! You're the best 🥰🥰

  39. Frank I

    Frank I15 hours ago

    I love that you say “ nip it in the bud” It drives me insane how many ppl screw that up

  40. Patience Rush

    Patience Rush16 hours ago

    I just dont understand how someone who has been pregnant/popped out 3 children already in their life can be so confused about whether they're pregnant or not!? I mean come on now lol If you are that concerned about it GO TO THE DOCTOR!!! Duhhh

  41. robin devine

    robin devine16 hours ago

    Picking you kid up takes precedence over everything. There is NEVER an excuse to forgetting to pick ur kid up. People wonder why she has anxiety. She’s still really young, that’s not okay. Ever!! Get Nova first and ur friend and his flat tier can wait.

  42. TheShrunkenviolet

    TheShrunkenviolet16 hours ago

    brianna seems to have a complex where its like she wants the dads to be deadbeats but yet when they step up they also get super salty

  43. Ludachrisduh

    Ludachrisduh16 hours ago

    At least Farrah got on birth control after her teen pregnancy. And she doesnt put her stds on blast...i cringe when i see her but at least there is no man hitting on her or her kid

  44. Patience Rush

    Patience Rush16 hours ago

    Grace you look absolutely beautiful and glowing😍😍😍 I could watch/listen to you everyday!

  45. Markieh Warren

    Markieh Warren16 hours ago

    Wth am I gonna do u til mid late March Grace? This is what gets me through the day while my man is at work lmao

  46. Violet Alice Evans

    Violet Alice Evans17 hours ago

    I mean idt we can tell him how his name is pronounced lol I actually think it could happen with the tire but idk. I kinda like him as a person though so i think i am biased toward him. Yeah some people cant afford AAA and Tow trucks. Omg they made it out like he wasn't there?????? Breana said THAT?! She's a d!ck.. wtf...

  47. Jill Kramer

    Jill Kramer17 hours ago

    In Minnesota, if the child is born during a marriage, the husband is the legal father, unless paternity of another man is legally established. Outside of marriage, a single father’s name placed on the birth certificate is not enough to legally make him the father. He can become a legal father by co-signing with the mother a legal document called a Recognition of Parentage or ROP and properly filing it with the state. When paternity is established this way, the ROP is enough to make a claim for child support, but it is not sufficient without a court paternity order for the father to have the right to custody or parenting time, known as visitation. When the parents are not in a cooperative relationship, if a man wants to assert his rights to fatherhood or if a woman wants to establish paternity (often to seek child support), either of them may file a paternity action in state trial court. In that lawsuit, both parties may submit relevant evidence and genetic testing may be ordered by the court.If the court determines that the man is the father of the child, an order will be issued establishing paternity. In that order, the judge may also include provisions for child support, physical and legal custody, and visitation.

  48. Jessica Deshazor

    Jessica Deshazor17 hours ago

    Idk how it's out there but here in the US you not allow to have phones in a court house

  49. Nash

    Nash17 hours ago

    Love your content and my gosh your hair tho!😍⚡️⚡️👑

  50. Dani Lynn

    Dani Lynn17 hours ago

    She could bail kieffer out but needed Kail to bail her out 🤣

  51. Jill Kramer

    Jill Kramer17 hours ago

    28 years old, wow! I have a 29 year old daughter and I can't imagine her being in such a situation or similar! Dr. Drew is a sneaky, ruthless guy and would have set up this crap, that's wrong, if he was there. It's more dramatic of course. There is a ROP, recognition of parentage in Mn.

  52. Sarah Stringer

    Sarah Stringer17 hours ago

    Are you kidding me now they want him to Completely cut Bentley off I seriously hate Larry and Jen now ughh there making things worse why not just cut off Ryan Bentley needs the grandparents ughh

  53. Dani Lynn

    Dani Lynn17 hours ago

    She admitted about marisa but at the time she denied it all

  54. Dawn Lee

    Dawn Lee18 hours ago

    Ryan tries to blame maci but when his son actually comes he shows him no affection at all I think Ryan looks at his son with hate and takes it out on him!!!

  55. Mrs Gonzalez

    Mrs Gonzalez18 hours ago

    Brianna is a miserable spiteful baby mama. First she wants COMPLETE control then she wants the fathers to do more..there's no middle. She might be bipolar or she has some serious dad issues spilling over onto her relationships with the fathers of her daughters. Also Devoins flat tire story sounds plausible..It seems like he would have those types of friends who DON'T have care insurance..

  56. Jill Kramer

    Jill Kramer18 hours ago

    Your top is so pretty. You are beautiful all around, inside and outside. You're funny and your snark is all legit and not nasty or cruel. Boy do I wish all Creators would learn from you. This is why you are trusted, popular and don't get dragged into the garbage social media drama. Idk if you inherently behave appropriately. Being able to view situations objectively and dimensionally is a true skill. My husband was born with it. I think that your previous work experience helped you to enter this environment and read people on point. Thank you, again, a breath of fresh air. Truthful content and fresh material is hard to find these days! Bentley is such a good little man. Yes, he deserves some privacy going through this stage in life, not to mention dealing with visitation and his dad's terrible behavior.

  57. karanique’s korner

    karanique’s korner19 hours ago

    Cheyenne been announced that she’s pregnant with him lol and they’re having a boy. Cheyenne does seem like she’s coming from another world.🤣🤣🤣

  58. Ludachrisduh

    Ludachrisduh19 hours ago

    Cole is a drunk. He hides it really good but i was raised by an alcoholic. I see him

  59. Kimberly Hansen

    Kimberly Hansen19 hours ago

    Not his issie brianna bought an house for. Everyone

  60. Kimberly Hansen

    Kimberly Hansen19 hours ago

    Take nova to the mall with you then

  61. Jacqueline Balistreri

    Jacqueline Balistreri19 hours ago

    Do you only have compliments for the blacks?????????

  62. Moroccan Queen

    Moroccan Queen19 hours ago

    I just feel bad for those children 💔 especially Kaiser

  63. katie schoener

    katie schoener19 hours ago

    that's why she was so dead Caitlin so desperate to have another baby instead of finish in school Tyler needs to be smart and run

  64. Handling The Howard's

    Handling The Howard's20 hours ago

    Not everybody has nor do they use AAA. Anytime I have had a flat tire I always called a friend.

  65. Jessica Peralta

    Jessica Peralta20 hours ago

    As you can see it's all about money !!! Briana family is all about money and fame !!!!!!!! Duh !!!

  66. Yari 😘

    Yari 😘21 hour ago


  67. Paola A

    Paola A21 hour ago

    Can we all agree he noticed her because she’s always there lol 😂

  68. Stevie M

    Stevie M21 hour ago

    Nova Austin is just a cooler sounding name, anyway.

  69. Stevie M

    Stevie M21 hour ago

    kail + briana both should be REQUIRED to take paternity tests immediately after each of their kids popped out, honestly. if i were a man, i wouldn't conceive a child with someone unless they were willing to commit to taking one within the first 48 hours. the more you bond with a child, the harder it will be (speaking as someone who found out a family secret about myself in my 30's) thankfully i have the best dad in the world but it kills me at the same time to know even if i ever had a kid, i'd never see his face in them which is why i'm 100% pro-adoption now. like they say, any dude can knock a girl up but it takes a real man to be a good and loving dad. ❤️

  70. Veronica Pomar

    Veronica Pomar21 hour ago

    I’m waiting for Brianna’s tweet that says how dare you Kailyn have Devoin on your podcast too bad her sister can’t fight her battles now right?

  71. Marlena Atene

    Marlena Atene21 hour ago

    Omg not even 30 seconds in and u mention catelynn and Tyler raw dogging it i can't fucking breathe rn 🤣😭

  72. Marie Romilus

    Marie Romilus21 hour ago

    Grace.... I would love to listen to you without you constantly slamming all the cast members

  73. Merlyn Dee

    Merlyn Dee21 hour ago

    I could have done without the 10 minutes of discussion about Divoin's name.

  74. KT

    KT22 hours ago

    I remember one of your videos I said I liked Devoin and I got attacked. I feel vindicated now bc I really think he has to put up with alot with Briana and her family.

  75. Donna Johnson

    Donna Johnson22 hours ago

    That's why jenelle don't have her first born

  76. Jolene Windham

    Jolene Windham22 hours ago

    Ryan’s parents are a big reason why he is the way he is! I can’t believe after all that Macy has done for them keeping Bentley in their life that they so easily turn on her and him. They all act like Ryan hasn’t done anything wrong all Ryan has to do is go to counseling. But they all made excuses especially his ugly wife When he was falling asleep going to marry her. He acts like he’s on drugs again. Acting like this is all Macy’s fault what a freaking punk.