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  1. Andrew Del Mundo

    Andrew Del Mundo14 hours ago

    All I want for Christmas is a new phone

  2. uLtRa tEcH

    uLtRa tEcH14 hours ago


  3. Muhammed Zeeshan

    Muhammed Zeeshan14 hours ago

    Guess the iphone 12 is a bit more durable than 12 pro lol

  4. Mtb Rg

    Mtb Rg14 hours ago

    And here’s me watching on my cracked iPhone 8 lol 😂

  5. Jordan Bhaganooa

    Jordan Bhaganooa14 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣compare it with Samsung Galaxy note 20 and note 20 ultra...iphone 12/pro will be defeated by note 20/ultra

  6. Ess Im

    Ess Im14 hours ago

    Conclude. This is a very strong device

  7. Samuel Dwayne

    Samuel Dwayne14 hours ago

    My wife didn't even know what's going on, not knowing I had her device access on me, her contact and notification only by the help of *DANTECHIES* on Instagram, you guys should give him a try......


    MOHAMED YASIN14 hours ago

    Awesome durability 🔥

  9. Jerica Mae Briones

    Jerica Mae Briones14 hours ago

    Me watching that cant afford an iphone😨😳

  10. CLAYx Gaming

    CLAYx Gaming14 hours ago

    does the ipad air 4 bends?

  11. Pavel Vodnar

    Pavel Vodnar14 hours ago

    those are from Apple?

  12. Cedric Sarmiento

    Cedric Sarmiento14 hours ago

    I wish i can afford that for my online class:(

  13. Martin Grahan

    Martin Grahan14 hours ago

    I just throwed the iPhone 11 pro max to my bed, unfortunately it landed on my keys, the iPhone barely touched the keys and it shattered horrible, luckily I have the apple care insurance, but glass is glass and it breaks like glass don't believe this vids

  14. Xuliang Zhang

    Xuliang Zhang14 hours ago

    5G in US is a joke,,,,,,

  15. Ehsaan

    Ehsaan14 hours ago

    It's fun to watch it But I can't afford it..😶 How can u just break or drop a Iii--phoneee.. 'The I phone

  16. Udaiaditya Baruah

    Udaiaditya Baruah14 hours ago

    I'm gonna buy a 12 Pro Max one day and break it in front of my Apple using friends just to spite them. 😁 I'm gonna act like I'm just bored and pretend that I threw the iPhone at the ground just because I was bored. 😉

  17. Mridhul Pradeep

    Mridhul Pradeep14 hours ago

    Bro plz give me one iphone i don't have any phone this is my mom's phone so plz give me that phone

  18. jeb boy

    jeb boy14 hours ago

    I've been sick because of him dropping things that i can't afford ugh

  19. Zane Gib

    Zane Gib14 hours ago

    ok so I personally like samsung more but I gotta hand it to apple. this is a great product for screens

  20. Vihaan Singha

    Vihaan Singha14 hours ago

    Vid:What’s up guys everythingapplepro here Subtitles:What’s up guys everything output propria

  21. amirrutul

    amirrutul14 hours ago

    On your old video iPhone 6s Plus survived same test. This is more about perfectly flat floor, if you go out and try on asphalt, will break after first drop.


    MARVIN CAMPOS14 hours ago

    My be i can win an iphone


    KRYPTON GAMING14 hours ago

    Plz give me that broken iphone i will run my gaming channel for next ten years 😢

  24. Momofoku

    Momofoku14 hours ago

    Wow! Very durable 10ft but after numerous falls :)

  25. Shawn SQ Zhang

    Shawn SQ Zhang14 hours ago

    I wonder if all those drops might have stressed the glass enough to break it. Would be interesting to know if it would crack with a straight face/back drop from 10+ feet

  26. Ujjawal Singh Krishna official

    Ujjawal Singh Krishna official14 hours ago

    What I say to the iPhone user

  27. DyNasTic KinG

    DyNasTic KinG15 hours ago

    Bsdk ek mereko dede 🥺

  28. The HaxZ

    The HaxZ15 hours ago

    We all know Nokia is the best

  29. Mizanur Rahman

    Mizanur Rahman15 hours ago

    Who here for Tesla model 3?

  30. Sushant Chelsea

    Sushant Chelsea15 hours ago

    Gift me one😭

  31. Come 4 kill

    Come 4 kill15 hours ago

    Please please give one iPhone

  32. yousef fahmy

    yousef fahmy15 hours ago

    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل 😂💔💔💔

  33. Dixon Cider

    Dixon Cider15 hours ago

    This video hurt me soul

  34. barrikaed

    barrikaed15 hours ago

    I got the xr a day after the 12 released (so a couple days ago)and even though it is a two year old release and doesn't have what the newer iPhones have I still love it.Mostly is because I've been using smaller phones for years such as the 6, se 1st gen ,and even the 7 for a while but I just had to upgrade to a bigger display.I was gonna get the the se 2nd gen but like I said I really had to upgrade from that small display.The xr is pretty cheap leaving the se 2nd gen out of the picture.I love my xr so much that I plan on rarely using it, since I still have my 6 and se 1st gen,I'm gonna be using those whenever I'm in the house or at an area that has wifi and using the xr for calls or when I'm somewhere with no wifi since I only have one SIM card which is in the xr.Though it is quite old and even one iphone release away from getting discontinued(but can still be purchased via phone carrier store as well as an apple store since I still see the 7 and 8 still available for sell)from apple's sight,I think it's great if you are on a budget want that new display and some cool apple tech such as Face ID or you can get the se 2nd generation since it has the new A13 bionic chip:)

  35. Jarvis Rai

    Jarvis Rai15 hours ago

    Cutest phone

  36. Sachin S

    Sachin S15 hours ago

    This Hurts !

  37. Tekla Silva

    Tekla Silva15 hours ago

    My heart is breaking when its cracking 🥵🥵🥵

  38. Namozjon Islomov

    Namozjon Islomov15 hours ago

    can you give it to me bro of testing iphone phone. I use it If you don't need

  39. azu ORMAZA

    azu ORMAZA15 hours ago

    aoch do not votr that sirv

  40. Likith k Likith

    Likith k Likith15 hours ago

    Make iphone 12 pro max Unboxing video

  41. kourosh zakipour

    kourosh zakipour15 hours ago

    guys is it me or ios 14 gives u lag spikes i have a iphone se 2 btw is my phone or is it common

  42. Obsidian Mother

    Obsidian Mother15 hours ago

    > phone basically requires a 10ft high fall to shatter > people constantly bitch about fragile phones What the fuck do people do to their phones

  43. farrukh salman

    farrukh salman15 hours ago

    i think they upgrade it 25% not 40%

  44. 4T生

    4T生15 hours ago

    lol iphone SE only goes for around 100$ good condition nowadays

  45. Zoë Lynn

    Zoë Lynn15 hours ago

    2050: drop test Eiffel Tower

  46. Gamers Bloggers

    Gamers Bloggers15 hours ago

    Gift my a broken phone I repair it please a really want one?? Can’t you give me one



    🌵 fact : the gopro has stopped working

  48. Taylor Gang Or Die

    Taylor Gang Or Die15 hours ago


  49. FelixOnMobile YT

    FelixOnMobile YT16 hours ago


  50. ivantoxie

    ivantoxie16 hours ago

    Would be nice if they stopped selling us phones made out of glass.

  51. Eddiemo

    Eddiemo16 hours ago

    Gib mir das Handy du depp

  52. Michelle Richard

    Michelle Richard16 hours ago

    Try hackerzggy on Instagram he helped me to fix my phone. Try him for yours

  53. XxDestroyerxX37

    XxDestroyerxX3716 hours ago

    Ima stick to 11 the bottom breaks easily and its gonna be ugly Edit: im not trustable by holding an iphone

  54. DinoKing22

    DinoKing2216 hours ago


  55. Filip Sofranic

    Filip Sofranic16 hours ago

    iphone XS is best buy

  56. Navro'zbek Ergashev

    Navro'zbek Ergashev16 hours ago

    I consider speed of smartphones belong to when activated. It isn't secret, if you use smartphone for 3-4months, phone's speed will be lower

  57. Bishnu dahal

    Bishnu dahal16 hours ago

    Breath taking video you tube must band such type of video 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    MIDDLE CLASS LONDA16 hours ago

    I need phone

  59. MidnightRyder

    MidnightRyder16 hours ago

    These phones are gorgeous

  60. repair phone

    repair phone16 hours ago


  61. 심바

    심바16 hours ago

    please don't !!! If you're going to keep doing that, give it to me.

  62. Mascadal Roland

    Mascadal Roland16 hours ago

    Try hackerzggy on Instagram to help you to fix your phone....

  63. Ķîňğ Ğãmîñģ

    Ķîňğ Ğãmîñģ16 hours ago

    I need 1Iphone😭😭

  64. jdjed24

    jdjed2416 hours ago

    Is it classed as unethical to buy cheap ones from china and sell them as real iphones at a good discount to the actual current market value 😂

  65. Alvine D. Karugu

    Alvine D. Karugu16 hours ago

    This was so painful to watch 😖

  66. joe kramer

    joe kramer16 hours ago

    “Eco friendly” lmao please.

  67. Phenomenous '

    Phenomenous '16 hours ago

    iPhone 13 is already being made to destroy.

  68. Mascadal Roland

    Mascadal Roland16 hours ago

    Hackerzggy on Instagram helped me to fix my phone. Try that man, his very good

  69. Mascadal Roland

    Mascadal Roland16 hours ago

    Fix my phone by hackerzggy on Instagram.... you can try him I really trust him

  70. s Wraith

    s Wraith16 hours ago

    Can you also make videos of drop test of samsung phones

  71. Paul Nelson

    Paul Nelson16 hours ago

    my first time watching this channel. i do like the tests but they are NOT realistic at all. A Perfectly smooth concrete floor isn't usually a persons problem. People break phones on regular parking lot concrete which is FAR from smooth. MANY phones can survive fine falling flat onto a flat surface. Regular cheap tempered glass would be fine this way as well. I wish the testing was more real world.


    ZEHER GAMING16 hours ago

    Hlo I have to unlocked iPhone 5s help me

  73. Chase Null

    Chase Null16 hours ago

    its still level 6 scratch test, and its still normal glass.

  74. Chum Roeun

    Chum Roeun16 hours ago

    THat Really Hurt Me

  75. Gaane Ki Dukan

    Gaane Ki Dukan16 hours ago


  76. Niña Pagdilao

    Niña Pagdilao16 hours ago

    Iphone 7 is more expensive than 7 plus here in the Philippines🙈✨

  77. Joshua Alabi

    Joshua Alabi16 hours ago

    Pls I need your help

  78. Immanuel

    Immanuel16 hours ago

    From nie on Nobody can say that iPhone Glass is More bad than Glass from Otter phones

  79. Chris PL

    Chris PL16 hours ago

    2 garbage phones, look up the videos on how they cannot be fixed

  80. Siri

    Siri16 hours ago

    Majid was on a Saturday morning to train some troops