Hi! I'm a self-taught editor, USlikesr and Twitch live streamer that mainly plays Rust.


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  1. FeTTi Pulse

    FeTTi PulseDay ago

    I think its funny cause there are those people who talk shit after you kill them in game and them come into the comments and are like "yoooo no way I died to you!!!"

  2. Hubert John Villafuerte

    Hubert John VillafuerteDay ago

    i just subscribed bruddah, i love this:>

  3. FordPower5288

    FordPower5288Day ago

    Fuckin decent ass vidya.

  4. SycheL Playz

    SycheL PlayzDay ago


  5. Hugo Inacio

    Hugo InacioDay ago

    they got so big that they stopped caring obviously

  6. Unus Annus

    Unus AnnusDay ago

    That “I’m not blooprint” voice needs a major upgrade

  7. Xxnaif Xx

    Xxnaif XxDay ago

    strmh baka

  8. carson price

    carson priceDay ago

    im noob but bloo you shudnt use rock at start just kill a naked and farm them for a bone club it gives u 3 less or something and it mines quicker so you can get materials to get a stone tools much quicker i think you shud upload that on the blootorials channel :)

  9. Cyddal

    CyddalDay ago

    I fkn loved this video, was so frak´n good OMFG

  10. vuwsleeps

    vuwsleepsDay ago

    11:27 was that supposed to be a compliment or an overly gassed joke

  11. H A K U

    H A K UDay ago

    there will always be a camper:))))

  12. Waterguy

    WaterguyDay ago

    Lingerdinger is so nice lol

  13. KHOTIC

    KHOTICDay ago

    Aye man it’s 5:57 time to see old blue😊

  14. MattDP

    MattDPDay ago

    Bloo you dont get raided you quit the server 2 days after the wipe when its monthly wiped

  15. Chencakes

    ChencakesDay ago

    Very nice vid BP i love the editing

  16. -Shapi -

    -Shapi -Day ago

    What base desing is he using?

  17. jay channel

    jay channelDay ago

    28:49 i'm focusing so much in your shooting and i'm thinking you are cheating...look at that spray you never never never had him in your aim and you hit him anyway...i dont get it...and i'm looking all your videos always like this...

  18. Dan Guțaș

    Dan GuțașDay ago

    37:08 Blooprint:"3 geared guys down the hill" Me: I paused for 5 seconds the video and still see nothing 😥 Might need better glasses, s*****

  19. Ice Skiller

    Ice SkillerDay ago

    hey blooprint i love you

  20. lizxard

    lizxardDay ago

    things i learned scream to avoid being shot

  21. Qutls

    QutlsDay ago

    learning from ur vids and stevies from when rust hits xbox. i watch every single one of your vids at 2 am til 6 am

  22. HONG

    HONGDay ago

    17:00 welcome to the dark side

  23. XceDRa

    XceDRaDay ago

    12:47 "ohh fuck me" mom WHY ARE YOU USING THAT LANGUANGE! lol

  24. Scax

    ScaxDay ago

    I am going to be honest and say that the video did not feel like an hour long but with that gameplay combined with the twist at the end really felt like 10 minutes.

  25. claytonsmoking

    claytonsmokingDay ago

    42:08 welcome to my nightmare of being solo

  26. The_Rain

    The_RainDay ago

    Crap I watch the entire Video!!! GG

  27. James Merritt

    James MerrittDay ago

    On a million and it on it's way to 2millon

  28. James Merritt

    James MerrittDay ago

    Now got Hamilton and it is on it's way up to s million

  29. Lukas Schuster

    Lukas SchusterDay ago


  30. uwuguyy

    uwuguyyDay ago


  31. ImDoggo

    ImDoggoDay ago

    i personally would have offlined them

  32. Silent Night

    Silent NightDay ago

    at 43:54 you can just tell Blooprint is just pissed at that moment of the complete silence

  33. CzartanxD

    CzartanxDDay ago

    Women: Men only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting What Men really wants: 19:30

  34. Vyzroh

    VyzrohDay ago

    Free my man Wojtek, just can't catch a break.

  35. Cooper Ross

    Cooper RossDay ago

    17:09 man got the black ice

  36. Valeas Mundum

    Valeas MundumDay ago

    Amazing video Bloo ❤️ I didn't even realise you can build in abandoned cabins 😱.

  37. Hypnotize

    HypnotizeDay ago

    You should not be at 1 million subs you should be at 20 million subs

  38. xqces

    xqcesDay ago

    so late but what is that LR skin? I can't find it

  39. VanaCake

    VanaCakeDay ago


  40. mayo1x

    mayo1xDay ago

    Good fucking video man

  41. youssef ahmed

    youssef ahmedDay ago


  42. Harrison Folliott

    Harrison FolliottDay ago

    Hey blooprint, would love if you brought chapters back in the youtube video

  43. DesignedKhan

    DesignedKhanDay ago

    jOiN tHe CoNgA LiNe

  44. Joe M

    Joe MDay ago

    I wanna do all the cool stuffs like blooprint then remember that I'm a bot. Sad boi

  45. Nigerian Killer

    Nigerian KillerDay ago

    You got the spoonkid curse

  46. Benjamin M

    Benjamin MDay ago

    “I messaged an Admin” bruh youre the owner

  47. raymond ferrel

    raymond ferrelDay ago

    Green key card shop pls

  48. DesignedKhan

    DesignedKhanDay ago

    Honestly Bloo is so lucky he has people to play rust with him i always do solo because no one plays with me

  49. Michael K

    Michael KDay ago

    you dont last long solo.

  50. Anonymous User

    Anonymous UserDay ago

    Alternate title: Blooprint chases his components from base to base in hopes of getting them back

  51. CosmicCreation _

    CosmicCreation _Day ago

    "You guys are so bad" *I mean.. you missed point blank with a rock...*

  52. Harrison Folliott

    Harrison FolliottDay ago

    Just watch motion get killed as his video sits in the top right for reccomended.

  53. Jacob :D

    Jacob :DDay ago

    Blooprint lemon in diff vids in stevious servers lemon is Stevie

  54. MrYeetus

    MrYeetusDay ago

    Who would win? 22:11 A pro player or a medieval boy

  55. pablo peyrano

    pablo peyranoDay ago

    No entendí nada pero 🤝

  56. telepixTV

    telepixTVDay ago

    nakeds: stupid bloo: god tryhards: fortniters hotel: trivago

  57. Billy

    BillyDay ago

    When the music starts playing... 👀

  58. Too Ezy

    Too EzyDay ago

    This video is fucking awesome

  59. Lucas Dombroski

    Lucas DombroskiDay ago

    Sick beat with the wall building too

  60. Adrian Little

    Adrian LittleDay ago

    I am a big fan and this video beats all of the Welyn videos Spoonkid and Hjune videos!!!!

  61. Iced

    IcedDay ago

    My Swamp! 6:30

  62. Lucas Dombroski

    Lucas DombroskiDay ago

    Stevie on that beat

  63. Chase Chase

    Chase ChaseDay ago

    Do u have a vedio were u did take over a island

  64. vStrik3z

    vStrik3zDay ago

    the first 45mins just sounds like every single one of my wipes

  65. Oreo God

    Oreo GodDay ago

    “Bro they didn’t even have much just grub kits,” says with with bow double barrel kit 🤣🤣🤣 love ya blue amazing 👍

  66. Devoid Cow

    Devoid CowDay ago

    We want to see linger more

  67. Nodestalker

    NodestalkerDay ago

    Bloo got those laxative tea's

  68. Polar

    PolarDay ago

    What’s the base design Bloo

  69. vincent vezina

    vincent vezinaDay ago

    47:37 just marking where i was (:

  70. sky lar

    sky larDay ago


  71. Lil God

    Lil GodDay ago

    Ouu sheese

  72. Quy Tu

    Quy TuDay ago

    The anxious hyena proportionately borrow because land natively clear throughout a vague print. tasteful, straight japan

  73. Ethan Johnston

    Ethan JohnstonDay ago

    Dude I can’t understand why people split stack of comps to recycle it doesn’t make it go any faster

  74. TARHAV

    TARHAVDay ago

    Who else watches all of these rust creators?, and was surprised and happy to see them together.

  75. mikhael reiko

    mikhael reikoDay ago

    Harder version of the floor is lava

  76. Waydon Chan

    Waydon ChanDay ago

    This man had the same lr the entire time without losing god danm what a legend.

  77. forgetme

    forgetmeDay ago

    i honestly wouldnt know what to do if blooprint didnt welcome me to rust

  78. Lucas Avila

    Lucas AvilaDay ago

    Uuuuu Christmas starts choping a dead rain deer

  79. Yg._ oh

    Yg._ ohDay ago

    you’re too cute. wanna get sone soon 🔜 i’ve

  80. Mud

    MudDay ago

    this is so fake