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  1. Switzel

    Switzel5 hours ago

    Dollightful: “I have this She-ra doll.” Also Dollightful: *So, I stared blasting.*

  2. Simply holo gurl

    Simply holo gurl5 hours ago

    Are you sure this isn't a stock box?

  3. Isabella Genova

    Isabella Genova5 hours ago

    I’m glad I have most supplies to make a doll so all I need is msc and hair

  4. Adalay

    Adalay6 hours ago

    Water dragon, earth dragon, fire dragon, air dragon. long ago the four dragons lived together in harmony-

  5. MeDoes Art

    MeDoes Art6 hours ago

    P1: Were stranded on a deserted island with no way of getting back home! What do we do? P2: Hang on let me finish my custom doll

  6. Hailey Kight

    Hailey Kight6 hours ago

    Oh no! Todoroki no not the tea pot!

  7. Hannah Gs

    Hannah Gs6 hours ago

    Coming back to this after watching the live action Mulan, delightful must have done amazing historical armor research or Disney copied her armor design haha

  8. Libbie Studios

    Libbie Studios6 hours ago

    No one's gonna see the front of the watermelon :C

  9. Ash666Bloodly

    Ash666Bloodly6 hours ago

    She looks amaizing!!!!

  10. Achita ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Achita ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ7 hours ago

    I like how she said ‘ Hey disability’ then moved on like that’s how you do it right.

  11. Madelyn Bohacik

    Madelyn Bohacik7 hours ago

    Get it on the wrong head

  12. Starrygloss Studios

    Starrygloss Studios7 hours ago

    Why does he kinda remind me of Edward Cullen from Twilight? 😂😂

  13. CooperGal24

    CooperGal247 hours ago

    I bet if you'd like, you'd make a doll custom of Tiffany, aka IHasCupQuake. Her videos are SO fun and she's so fun, colorful and such! She likes things like rainbows, astrology and video games, like Animal Crossing! I think she's still searching for Judy, the pastel colored cub! ^^

  14. CRAFTY Likes cats a lot like a lot lot

    CRAFTY Likes cats a lot like a lot lot7 hours ago

    Child: Mommy, the creepy lady is hanging dolls again... mom: hurry, back inside

  15. Purple Crewmate

    Purple Crewmate7 hours ago

    6:49 cat: get that light outta mah face! I’m trying to sleep! D:<

  16. Matthew Homan

    Matthew Homan8 hours ago

    i love the yarn, its like really thick dreads and its beautiful

  17. Lizzy Tyler

    Lizzy Tyler8 hours ago

    Give him love tattoos

  18. Washing Machine

    Washing Machine9 hours ago

    “Why don’t you take a photo?” Because I want a painting, not a photo!

  19. Judson Crowder

    Judson Crowder9 hours ago

    hi I am Kate and I love you work and sometimes I wish you had a web sight if you do pleas someone teal me

  20. Beja Vue

    Beja Vue9 hours ago

    I think you did a fabulous job one her!! You are too critical of yourself. She turned out really good!! I really love the glow in the dark!!

  21. Rainbow Butterfly

    Rainbow Butterfly9 hours ago

    Ok every time I see her doll legs...I see pink😕

  22. ꧁Lexi Gacha꧂

    ꧁Lexi Gacha꧂9 hours ago

    This is so cute! I really wanna be like you making such cute dolls!!

  23. Raisin Bran Cereal

    Raisin Bran Cereal9 hours ago

    So uhh you gon repaint that rainbow high doll anytime soon 👀

  24. ToastTGT

    ToastTGT10 hours ago

    Why does it look like a pink celestia to me-

  25. Macha Puchre

    Macha Puchre10 hours ago


  26. Riley Kerr

    Riley Kerr10 hours ago

    make a coraline doll :))

  27. lisa baird

    lisa baird11 hours ago

    isn't silvally pronounced sil val ly

  28. lisa baird

    lisa baird11 hours ago

    i know this was a long time a o but can you make a cookie dragon named nuyx pronounced nuy x

  29. Curator

    Curator11 hours ago

    She turned out wonderful! You did such a great job!

  30. FrankiValerie

    FrankiValerie11 hours ago

    the original hoody you did, the monster high guy pattern, would be near perfect for a Little Nightmares Six doll.

  31. Jimmy Peak

    Jimmy Peak12 hours ago

    I love you’re videos thare so cool

  32. Littlemiss Crazy

    Littlemiss Crazy12 hours ago

    Who else wants to make a doll but have little time and don’t have half the tools to do it🥺

  33. evil art fox

    evil art fox12 hours ago

    If you really like dragons then you should try to read wings of fire those books are all about dragons.

  34. Evoleth Urdaneta

    Evoleth Urdaneta12 hours ago


  35. Ruhy Begum

    Ruhy Begum13 hours ago

    wait so..... nobody is gonna talk about how she.... *FLIPPED IN THE BEGININNG OF THE VIDEO*

  36. Dorie Pigut

    Dorie Pigut13 hours ago

    im 8 and barbie freaks me out

  37. Zane Griffith

    Zane Griffith14 hours ago

    plz sell these online ill buy it PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Hannah Hoke

    Hannah Hoke14 hours ago

    6:49 he looks so kind!! Me want pet!!

  39. Zane Griffith

    Zane Griffith14 hours ago

    MAKE A FRANKENSTINE OR A BAT ONE .PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  40. R011lerSk8ing0nlem0ns

    R011lerSk8ing0nlem0ns14 hours ago

    I’m sobbing!!I’m disabled, I’ve been like this since the start of quarantine because of a car crash.Dollightful. If your reading this.Thank you!I finally feel apart of something, Really. Thank you :)

  41. scarlett_snow26

    scarlett_snow2615 hours ago

    This eevee never has to worry about being an adult because she will never age

  42. •Amaterasu-Senpai•

    •Amaterasu-Senpai•15 hours ago

    you should make an anime doll series

  43. Patrick Wentzell

    Patrick Wentzell15 hours ago

    Scarecrow : " this year I'm really going to scare Batman and Robin and I'll do it without fear gas...let's see what can I use to spread holiday fear this time. let Killer Croc out of his cage... tempting but no he will get me... ask Penguin to unleash his army of birds on the Batman would disrupt the brain control devices on there head...what's this in the Gotham Newspaper? near woods caught on camera what appears to be a strange Goathuman like creature. it's perfect I will find this thing and use it to scare the life out of others." so Craine sets off into the woods to find the goat being however he finds a tall skull goat face staring closely at him. and Scarecrow then stops yells in fear then runs in the opposite direction. quickly the mask is removed to reveal Batmans partner in crime fighting. Robin : " happy Halloween professor Crane in Arkham Asylum." Batman : " nice work partner let's go home and have dinner." Robin : " sounds good after dinner we can watch the movie Ghost Ryder."

  44. Sophie Damianakos

    Sophie Damianakos15 hours ago

    when you talk about your dolls separately they sound very different but when they all stand together they go beautifully together

  45. Patrick Wentzell

    Patrick Wentzell15 hours ago

    Beetle Juice : " hey how are ya? let me ask you something I got this Demon girl that wants to meet me at a Halloween party tonight. and she's expecting me in a few hours so can you help me get out of here so I can get there? oh in order to get me out all you gotta do is just say my name three times." Sabrina : "" Beetle : " awe come on!" Zackary : " I just want to be human again now I'm a black cat on this television series all thanks to a curse from the Sanderson Sisters." Morticia : " gentlemen it looks like you both might get what you want tonight that's the spirit thing land a hand." the hand walks around as to how that crawling limb body part will conduct spell casting is a mystery.

  46. OutdoorAcorn594

    OutdoorAcorn59416 hours ago

    since their fashion sense is the opposite i guess you could say..... they’re a Hetero couple....

  47. OutdoorAcorn594

    OutdoorAcorn59416 hours ago

    the mask reminds me a lot of princess entrapta from the she-ra reboot and idk why.

  48. mintea playz_yt

    mintea playz_yt16 hours ago

    how will u brush the hair

  49. Jurand Von Spychow

    Jurand Von Spychow16 hours ago

    can u pls make more doll customizing videos? pls? :)

  50. Xx_tiny_fnaf_potato_xX :D

    Xx_tiny_fnaf_potato_xX :D16 hours ago

    *”m O i S t”*

  51. Ray Smith

    Ray Smith16 hours ago

    i wish i could do this

  52. Žęrø

    Žęrø16 hours ago

    Could you customize an lol doll?

  53. Summer Dorsey

    Summer Dorsey17 hours ago

    This doll is so insanely gorgeous and detailed. I absolutely adore her! this is one of the dolls I would be terrified to touch lest I hurt it.

  54. Louise Roberts

    Louise Roberts18 hours ago

    Very or gown

  55. Morgan Rice

    Morgan Rice18 hours ago

    some random hiker: *sees her making a doll scene*

  56. Dem_Teenie_Weenie_Weebs

    Dem_Teenie_Weenie_Weebs19 hours ago


  57. Sam Dearing

    Sam Dearing20 hours ago

    The discarded limb box is so cursed and I would love to see either a full on custom made from a bunch of different parts or just a horrible amalgamation of pieces that will forever haunt my dreams if you’re ever interested in making something with those bits


    [DELET3D ID3NTITY]22 hours ago

    12:58 "There's a doll in there somewhere 😀"

  59. HellHoKitty

    HellHoKitty22 hours ago

    Where are her cannabis leaf earrings? Lol

  60. HellHoKitty

    HellHoKitty22 hours ago

    I love this doll, I just don't have the patience for apoxy personally :-D

  61. What Is my name

    What Is my name23 hours ago

    Can you make an angle gf for the demon girl?! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  62. HellHoKitty

    HellHoKitty23 hours ago

    Id like her better if the constellations and stars were also glow in the dark. It would look more like space at night, but also may distract you from sleeping. Still I think itd look cool.

  63. Only In Dreams

    Only In Dreams23 hours ago

    I love Espeon's eyes, she's so pretty!

  64. Jaime Thomas

    Jaime Thomas23 hours ago

    Why did she ungloss the doll if its the light dragon? Wouldn't you want a little bit of shine to it (I'm not angry)

  65. Liela Hancock

    Liela HancockDay ago

    Which doll is the purple one in the beginning?

  66. Orian Evenlight

    Orian EvenlightDay ago

    I get waaay too inspired watching this! Even if I don't want to redo the face for my doll, I enjoy this content. Good tips, nice and friendly guide who happens to love the same styles I like. dear Heaven! Too perfect for me!

  67. Adelaide Molitz

    Adelaide MolitzDay ago

    Dollightful: beat the paint into the fibers- Me: uh... Why so much violence!!! You know what, forget I even thought abt the fact that you said this.

  68. Amelia Garrison

    Amelia GarrisonDay ago

    Wait a minute you collect Pokemon cards and figures

  69. Anonymous Commentator

    Anonymous CommentatorDay ago

    Nobody: My thoughts: Wig SNATCHED

  70. WeaselCult FNAF

    WeaselCult FNAFDay ago

    My ideal body type.

  71. Romero

    RomeroDay ago

    Ohhh! It just hit me!! since Dolllightful has a looked into diffrent cultures and folk stories for inspiration. I would really like to see her take on "La Llorona" (The weeping Woman?). As a Latina it would be really interesting to see. I hope the whole wendigo situation dosen't stop her to take inspiration form other cultures...

  72. KreepyKitty Creations

    KreepyKitty CreationsDay ago

    Amazing! 🥰🥰 she's a masterpiece! Where did you buy such tiny magnets? 🧲 😶

  73. fox and membos gacha

    fox and membos gachaDay ago

    Hi i love your videos anyway i thought an idea which fnaf lovers may like if you make a fnaf charecter into a doll like maybe foxy so please do this on your next video thc

  74. Just another Fnaf fan

    Just another Fnaf fanDay ago

    I have a idea for a doll you don’t have to do it, it’s just a request. What if you made a FNaF theme doll? If you do. Can it be a girl version of Freddy fazbear?

  75. Hyon_Nation

    Hyon_NationDay ago

    11:06 me realizing that at some point in my life my dad bought me the doll that came with the bag: FINALLY,SOMETHING I CAN TRY!

  76. •Evulution•

    •Evulution•Day ago

    I love playing a french game called "Loup Garou" its like mafia for anyone who knows that game

  77. AubShine

    AubShineDay ago

    It’s kinda cool it’s a rainbow color acheme while being water based too Bc of rainbows being caused by the sun shining through water droplets

  78. norayong yishuen

    norayong yishuenDay ago

    Honestly I usually hate dolls but now I actually like them a bit more It's so prettyyyyyyyyyy pink

  79. Hannah Hoke

    Hannah HokeDay ago

    Don't ask me to explain but she's definitely a tsundere

  80. Leah

    LeahDay ago

    so many comments from 2019. little did they know about what would happen in the next 2 years