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  1. TryHard Clan

    TryHard Clan23 hours ago

    Who is watching this in 2021

  2. Λουκάς Καραογλάνης

    Λουκάς Καραογλάνης23 hours ago

    I would like the iPhone because I don’t have an iPhone currently

  3. Ninaad Daga

    Ninaad Daga23 hours ago

    the polp is kinda not a life hack look you just meed to strain it that is dumb you can just make the juce

  4. PixersKev Production

    PixersKev Production23 hours ago

    Donlad Parents were drunk when they submit his name... it was supposed to be Donald.... J.... I won’t say the last name...

  5. I am Gamer

    I am Gamer23 hours ago


  6. Quinn Wells

    Quinn Wells23 hours ago

    Yo that’s his omg 😎😎😎🚖🚖🚖

  7. EMP

    EMP23 hours ago

    FAZE Rug mug snug thug hug bug chug lug sub rub bub lube pooh Pete LamaDamaDingDong


    TONI WORLD23 hours ago

    Me and my dad and Alot of other people are going around the world to help the homeless and we really care for what your doing thankyou and we give them a care package with a blanket,sandwich,clothes,and Alot more I glad my dad has help me accomplish my big dream this really warms my heart it just makes me cry in joyful tears thankyou faze rug for doing good in this world

  9. Molly Dolly

    Molly Dolly23 hours ago

    Uhhh why is the tile “firing”

  10. Fatima Mastoi

    Fatima Mastoi23 hours ago

    Rug why 🥺 I would still be your fan no matter what ever in you pranked me

  11. Jean-Francois Chartrand

    Jean-Francois Chartrand23 hours ago

    Faze I swear I saw a girl in a white dress with hair on her face be carful

  12. Faze god God

    Faze god God23 hours ago

    Man he was such a nice guy even when he is homeless so nice

  13. Archieh552 Bob

    Archieh552 Bob23 hours ago

    I love that lazerbeam and rug have the same subscribers

  14. Siamak M. Davani

    Siamak M. Davani23 hours ago



    XXXTENTACION King23 hours ago

    Wait did anybody saw what I saw omg

  16. White YT

    White YT23 hours ago

    24:14 that thing in you dor wad blinkin wtf

  17. Psilapsed Fyzics

    Psilapsed Fyzics23 hours ago

    imagine having a cousin like Rug, Rug is honestly one of the nicest people i have seen

  18. TankTilter Playz

    TankTilter Playz23 hours ago

    When donlad said he can see the neighbours it sounded SO CREEPY

  19. Vanessa R

    Vanessa R23 hours ago

    God loves you, he wants you to come to him. Give your life to Christ for he loves you💕

  20. B Love

    B Love23 hours ago

    I miss hammy

  21. Lisa Conboy

    Lisa Conboy23 hours ago

    Can I have a PS5

  22. Ivana Bradasevic

    Ivana Bradasevic23 hours ago


  23. Cool Kids

    Cool Kids23 hours ago

    That was kinda mean for making him talk to his biggest crush 😻

  24. Tammy Martin

    Tammy Martin23 hours ago


  25. Jess Mariee

    Jess Mariee23 hours ago

    When you have these things on a normal basis 😂🤷‍♀️

  26. Kim andre mathisen

    Kim andre mathisen23 hours ago

    i think faze rugs brhoters egg survided

  27. Yassin Ahmed

    Yassin Ahmed23 hours ago


  28. Rayan LSYT

    Rayan LSYT23 hours ago

    Lol the Tesla honk noise sounds like a clown car. You need to get her back lol

  29. Rueben Bailey

    Rueben Bailey23 hours ago

    I no