"Thank you for everything."

  1. Asia the Smol Bean

    Asia the Smol Bean3 hours ago

    Just the part where William is dancing made me burst out laughing

  2. TnTina

    TnTina3 hours ago

    I Need all the songs names Please!!--

  3. Aestheic Games

    Aestheic Games3 hours ago

    Entense present drop

  4. Aestheic Games

    Aestheic Games3 hours ago


  5. Emily Shelton

    Emily Shelton3 hours ago

    Nu it's not peter pan it's eater pan✨✨

  6. *Coin oofr*ʕ·ᴥ·ʔツ

    *Coin oofr*ʕ·ᴥ·ʔツ3 hours ago

    Half of Chris death is Williams fault. Reason: william gave more attention to Chris which made michal sad angry at Chris (this is all ik btw)

  7. RJ Gaming

    RJ Gaming3 hours ago

    Not even a single tear In my eyes😦

  8. fadea fathel

    fadea fathel4 hours ago

    Bakugou = back you go

  9. Pika Pika

    Pika Pika4 hours ago

    Micheal: Shut up burnt spaghetti. Ennard: im a exotic butter nowT^T Pray for the Spaghetti.

  10. Jose Sandoval

    Jose Sandoval4 hours ago

    Elizabeth: IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME GOOOOOOOO Me: shut up you burrito bag

  11. Itz_Crystal!

    Itz_Crystal!4 hours ago

    Your edits are so beautifullll ❤️:o

  12. Būbbłės_ĖdītsØwØ

    Būbbłės_ĖdītsØwØ4 hours ago

    why am i cryinggggggggggggggggg i need my snacks T^T

  13. •Sweet Dreams and Billie•

    •Sweet Dreams and Billie•4 hours ago

    Me before watching this video: I won’t cry Me after watching it: Don’t cry Don’t cry Don’t cry Don’t cry....

  14. Daisy's Bøbãs

    Daisy's Bøbãs4 hours ago

    *Me wearing headphones with my volume on max* later crying because my eardrums blew up

  15. Naisha Holmes

    Naisha Holmes4 hours ago

    Clara look like she's broken

  16. Dalila Besic

    Dalila Besic4 hours ago

    Those caracthers look exactly lile skyla playz-

  17. meh gacha

    meh gacha4 hours ago

    Do you want some vanilla cream soda yum!Like my comment plz! Edit:1 like that's cool!

  18. The Flame -w-

    The Flame -w-4 hours ago

    Awwww poor William

  19. One Blood Camp

    One Blood Camp4 hours ago

    this made me cry to much, instead of an abusive dad, it was a kind dad who didnt know how to take care of his son and love him. it's honestly beautiful 💜

  20. I_Not Brianna

    I_Not Brianna4 hours ago

    Who else is eating a straw meanwhile watching this 😀

  21. Pokemin_fan

    Pokemin_fan4 hours ago

    Clara is beautiful in that last pic

  22. Olli K

    Olli K4 hours ago

    I beliv

  23. Joseph Prieto

    Joseph Prieto4 hours ago

    Wait... If William got springlocked his brain got smashed

  24. Leticia Benitez

    Leticia Benitez4 hours ago

    This Is how much people cried 👇

  25. ツMadalinaツ

    ツMadalinaツ4 hours ago

    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂


    AICHA EL MOUSTAKIM4 hours ago

    I've heard that if you say the creators name three times you get pinned MAXX CHELLE MAXX CHELLE MAXX CHELLE

  27. Daisyflowers Allday

    Daisyflowers Allday5 hours ago

    My eyes are just sweating that’s all. 🥺

  28. Maria Carrillo

    Maria Carrillo5 hours ago

    I want to talk about how Williams kills with a knife ok

  29. meh gacha

    meh gacha5 hours ago

    Omg William running with Michael that was funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. •lil mochi San•

    •lil mochi San•5 hours ago

    Meme glasses

  31. meh gacha

    meh gacha5 hours ago


  32. MuiMui Molachi

    MuiMui Molachi5 hours ago

    this is me : about to subscribe wait- i already subscribed

  33. Aestheic Games

    Aestheic Games5 hours ago

    I'm not crying- Im uncontrollably sobbing 🌚

  34. Krew-Fam

    Krew-Fam5 hours ago

    I love your au like William loves Mike but he doesn't know how!

  35. Melody W

    Melody W5 hours ago


  36. ᴇʟɪмᴀʏ Mochi

    ᴇʟɪмᴀʏ Mochi5 hours ago

    Can i make fanart max chelee

  37. Ester Sepe

    Ester Sepe5 hours ago


  38. Fenic Verity

    Fenic Verity5 hours ago

    and this is why William doesn't like Mike

  39. Erm Hi?

    Erm Hi?5 hours ago

    Yuh. Just came from skyla plays collab with the afton tubers in a room together

  40. Georgia Moncrieffe

    Georgia Moncrieffe5 hours ago

    did William call Chris MIKE?

  41. Isa’s Place

    Isa’s Place5 hours ago

    Literally me when my mom die

  42. •Addison The Puppy•

    •Addison The Puppy•6 hours ago


  43. Zaram Agbasi

    Zaram Agbasi6 hours ago

    Michael is in trouble

  44. Imran Nav

    Imran Nav6 hours ago

    Have I just realized that in a friend group I'm just like mike like so nice and stuff

  45. • a n g e l i n n i t •

    • a n g e l i n n i t •6 hours ago

    *tubbo* 😭✨

  46. lemon_flower

    lemon_flower6 hours ago

    I like how william isn't really abusive and Mikes friends didn't force him to do anything

  47. Ash Rain Gaming

    Ash Rain Gaming6 hours ago


  48. Imran Nav

    Imran Nav6 hours ago

    I swear why didn't William block the credit card lady

  49. Le Hanako Simp

    Le Hanako Simp6 hours ago

    4:46 lol- I can’t-

  50. Anarae Ergeshbaeva

    Anarae Ergeshbaeva6 hours ago

    Mikey: I’m busy I can’t do the siblings dance After 5 seconds Mikey: dancing

  51. Sleepy_couch :3

    Sleepy_couch :36 hours ago

    Such a overprotective father that is sweet

  52. •Inot Jamie•

    •Inot Jamie•6 hours ago

    This makes me frickn cry tha best :')

  53. Melissa Rohland

    Melissa Rohland6 hours ago


  54. LA - 04AC 837824 Dorset Drive PS

    LA - 04AC 837824 Dorset Drive PS6 hours ago

    This is my life- this bishs in class tells the teacher I'm cutting her or his hair when I'm not the teacher asked me if this is true and "I was like this b*tch wants a haircut?" So I just cut and said it's true

  55. samer alsaidani

    samer alsaidani6 hours ago

    Is there a four siblings one if there is can you give me the link pls? (dont rickroll me pls)

  56. Imran Nav

    Imran Nav6 hours ago

    It's not even Simons fault it's William because he put the spring locks and everything

  57. Gacha life gacha club fan Fnaf fan

    Gacha life gacha club fan Fnaf fan6 hours ago

    I like how william dropped the pressent

  58. Cherry Vibes

    Cherry Vibes6 hours ago


  59. John Arvin Ramirez

    John Arvin Ramirez6 hours ago

    Ill rewatch this TwT

  60. NotModz X

    NotModz X6 hours ago

    M ore plss

  61. Kevin Miyamoto

    Kevin Miyamoto6 hours ago

    Ok pls don’t do that heart beat thing ya gunna wake up my mom she’s in my bed sleeping lol

  62. Cherry Vibes

    Cherry Vibes6 hours ago

    Crying unstoppablely

  63. Koi

    Koi6 hours ago

    This is a quality you tuber

  64. Cherry Vibes

    Cherry Vibes6 hours ago

    It kinda was tho

  65. Cherry Vibes

    Cherry Vibes6 hours ago

    It’s not mikes fault it’s his friends it was a dare

  66. 생활LonelyAlpha생활

    생활LonelyAlpha생활6 hours ago

    William: throws 100 bombs gets back home Mike:where are the groceries Willay: I forgot- Clara: oh Michael what took u so long~ Mikey: EXPLODES SCREAMING

  67. Shan

    Shan6 hours ago


  68. Alexander Pham

    Alexander Pham6 hours ago

    That drawing was 👌🏻 Noice.

  69. •VelvetBush fnaf

    •VelvetBush fnaf6 hours ago

    At the end it took me awhile to figure out you where editing

  70. Shuya

    Shuya6 hours ago

    Omg it's funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣