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    IM FROM THE FUTURE!!!29 minutes ago

    4:52 his shirt says I’m sorry

  2. F Moral

    F Moral30 minutes ago

    Tapioca nightmare

  3. Dheeraj Neolia

    Dheeraj Neolia36 minutes ago

    Hey man...why 3 wives😁😁😁 Why don't u have 1..🙄🙄??

  4. Anna B

    Anna B37 minutes ago

    When you hear noise in your walls, is just the noise of bottles when air heats and expands or shrinks because of cold air so yeah

  5. Dheeraj Neolia

    Dheeraj Neolia39 minutes ago

    Feel so sad while watching their hardships.,..ppl around the world wasting lots of water in bathing in swimming pools & just look at them....they are not getting water even for a drink.....may God bless them ..have mercy on these ppl

  6. Dan Serrato

    Dan Serrato43 minutes ago

    I am so b lessed to have gotten my bachelors dgree. Tough little angels. Hopefully they will be great at their adventures

  7. Mobeen Moazzam

    Mobeen Moazzam44 minutes ago

    truly hell on earth

  8. zehaan bro

    zehaan bro48 minutes ago

    For those who think living here is inpossible ... listen brother...sister... What about hell fire... how ould you servive there... Here you have advantage... You can die... In hell... you remain forever... i mean it...forever... How do you know if you are going to hell or heaven. . I make no judgments on you.... just read...understand whats the purpose of this life... what the god wants from me... Who is god? I dont know.... ask yourself... Study relegions... First christianty... then budhis...judaism..hindusm.. and at last Islam... Read them from orignal sources...and have your own conclusions thanks...

  9. Biplab Dey

    Biplab Dey48 minutes ago

    Thanks to the all teams for FD on uploading the most uncovered tropical and equatorial regions of the Universe.

  10. OldSkool 55F100

    OldSkool 55F10053 minutes ago

    Why don't they say the huge concrete base will never be removed? Show the amount of oil and toxic materials are used in production and in its parts.. Why don't they show the land clearing and how much infrastructure has to be put in first? They are not Eco Friendly..

  11. Jimmy Hawkins

    Jimmy Hawkins53 minutes ago


  12. Ian C

    Ian C56 minutes ago

    I was waiting for the father to say to he’s son. Get up before I beat you with this bamboo stick I’m holding he would’ve made it to school.

  13. goro_ sf

    goro_ sf57 minutes ago

    Физкултура mean physical education, not history !

  14. Zosangpuia Tlau

    Zosangpuia Tlau57 minutes ago

    Real life Sona of Prison Break..

  15. Rick

    RickHour ago

    nuclear energy tho

  16. cool fan

    cool fanHour ago

    A estos niños solo les importa ir a la escuela no tienen miedo de los peligros que hay para llegar para ellos es una felicidad ir a clases y aprender .. ya quisiera yo que mis niños se levantarán por si solos aquí en este país u.s.a tienen todo y no lo aprovechan no digo que todos hay algunos niños que si pero la mayoría son huevones se la pasan en la tableta o en el teléfono no saben divertirse no piensan la tecnología los tiene menzos se quejan de todo y no se porque si lo tienen todo los padres les provee casa comida hasta uno les compra lo que se les antoja de comer y la ropa ni se diga les andamos comprando hasta de marca les tenemos su propio cuarto con televisión y hasta su consola de juegos o su propio teléfono y al mirar esta clase de videos me doy cuenta de lo que en realidad estamos asiendo con nuestros hijos el mundo es muy grande y aquí nuestros hijos hasta para ir ala tienda tienen flojera los llevamos a caminar y en una milla ya se cansaron ha pero eso si comen como limosneros estamos creando una generación sin motivación y lo peor que no nos damos cuenta...

  17. Scotty :

    Scotty :Hour ago

    Pablo's got the best company a man can want..His dog's

  18. Nasrul Fzi

    Nasrul FziHour ago

    This show that, criminal always be criminal wait until they put you in madagascar prison, you will be humble like never before. In this prison is way far better

  19. Lord Venger

    Lord VengerHour ago

    Krakatoa is back for the sequel.

  20. Armin Yaakub

    Armin YaakubHour ago

    Thank you.

  21. Larry Lee Lethbridge

    Larry Lee LethbridgeHour ago

    Need mega drone lifters,maybe based on hover tec

  22. 김정은Kim jong-un

    김정은Kim jong-unHour ago

    North korea and bangladesh ❤❤❤❤ United states 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑 Europe union 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖

  23. yussuf kurtuma

    yussuf kurtumaHour ago

    Despite living in remote africa area and understanding all this hard stuff, thanks for the film crew to showing the world what others go true and never same for all.

  24. Alex Alex

    Alex AlexHour ago

    Just think of the people in there right now haha haha hahaha suckers

  25. Patrick Roher

    Patrick RoherHour ago

    Someday all of our aircraft will be built by robots, mostly because robots don't smoke crack.

  26. Barako Loft TV

    Barako Loft TVHour ago

    The english translation needs a translator 🤭😅

  27. Micah Bamaiyi

    Micah BamaiyiHour ago

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  28. quackjcj12.

    quackjcj12.Hour ago

    11:59 lmao what the heck was the point of that 😂

  29. Brian Rigsby

    Brian RigsbyHour ago

    11:51 what’s the handle do?

  30. Shahinur Shuvoo

    Shahinur Shuvoo2 hours ago

    সব খারাপ দিক এখানে তুলে আনা হয়েছে। ফালতু

  31. Fahad Ullah Khan

    Fahad Ullah Khan2 hours ago

    i belong to similar country pakistan, i have travel across my country to all places, but never seen this type of life, We in pakistan have better life than this, God Bless Bangladesh and its people .

  32. Jacker Maker

    Jacker Maker2 hours ago

    The unusual magazine unknowingly label because printer ultrascructurally reduce towards a hot huge pepper. magnificent, past sunshine

  33. daniel gezys

    daniel gezys2 hours ago

    2:55 pls deposit your fire arms

  34. still Living

    still Living2 hours ago

    The American combat vet thinking he is entitled in another country where they think he's trash. They know that the Iraqi war was an oil grab where innocent people have been killed. If you commit a crime in another country, this is what happens, but still better than Madagascar. Pray they repent, and make it out. God bless.

  35. ilovememes meme

    ilovememes meme2 hours ago

    Every thing feels fine. Fighter jerlt: oh sup mind if i shoot you down?

  36. D K

    D K2 hours ago

    Should have just claimed imminent domain, clear out the neighbors t, blast the thing, rebuild the dunes, give the neighbors chance to get a free new home, done.

  37. Lucy Murage

    Lucy Murage2 hours ago

    I couldn't stop crying watching this,I wish I can make life easier for these kids.They have these dreams ,I pray for them. Vidal, you will be an engineer one day and the gals she will become a doctor too.

  38. Ujjwal Karmacharya

    Ujjwal Karmacharya2 hours ago

    51 minutes documentary is like 5 minutes. Really touched 🙏

  39. AK Kawsar

    AK Kawsar2 hours ago

    I am from Bangladesh But I never seen like this 😕 It's true and for this problems responsible our Preminister and rich people

  40. AK Kawsar

    AK Kawsar2 hours ago

    I am from Bangladesh But I never seen like this 😕 It's true and for this problems responsible our Preminister and rich people

  41. mullicrk

    mullicrk2 hours ago

    Very touching story. Im not a teacher but wish I could fix their boat at least.

  42. Firk Zejd

    Firk Zejd2 hours ago

    Why cant China be more like Bangladesh? Be content with what you have and just get on with it instead of causing trouble to your neighbors and threatening the established world order.

  43. Wael Khayat

    Wael Khayat2 hours ago

    2:44 If they were all walking it would have been fine.

  44. Xavier Drippe

    Xavier Drippe2 hours ago

    A lot of the stuff they say sounds a little exaggerated

  45. Rose Life

    Rose Life2 hours ago

    What can I ask for more? If I have things right beside me while others are struggling to go to school... this is so sad reality 😢 Life is unfair though

  46. Broken S

    Broken S2 hours ago

    Crist, 8 out of 10 joints in the U.S. are far worse.

  47. 2 minute school

    2 minute school2 hours ago


  48. francishui1

    francishui12 hours ago

    I wonder why the Western politicians , human right groups, western medias who always negatively reports against the Chinese government and said nothing against this country's inhuman prison camp. Oh!, I know, because the US needs Philippine for their military purposes to control their most feared country, China. As we all know the US government will bent all the rules for their own selfish benefits, of course , it is a no no for the rest of the countries to do so, even his own close allies. And WHY ALL THE REST OF THE WESTERN GOVERNMENTS AND HUMAN RIGHT GROUPS AND WESTERN MEDIAS ALL KEPT QUIET? IT IS BECAUSE THEIR BIG BOSS (THE US PRESIDENT) DIDN'T ASK THEM TO. What a pity

  49. Kapil Sethia

    Kapil Sethia2 hours ago

    Rajesh's story is heart-warming. Hopefully things are better now for him.

  50. Xavier Drippe

    Xavier Drippe2 hours ago

    Whoever thought their neighbors were annoying.

  51. FE G

    FE G2 hours ago

    "This is a fish for my mistress" 😄

  52. Ерсин Серикжанов

    Ерсин Серикжанов3 hours ago

    Kazakhstan 🇰🇿

  53. Onlyforlol Lolonlyfor

    Onlyforlol Lolonlyfor3 hours ago

    12:23 about 20 people in the background stares at that cigarette burning in vain... LOL

  54. cOrNell oVerflOater

    cOrNell oVerflOater3 hours ago

    It's not a prison...I mean it's not qualified to be called a prison tbh

  55. Tapas Ray

    Tapas Ray3 hours ago

    What a beautiful documentary! In today's dying world, it's wonderful to see that a more authentic way of being human survives, with or without Toyota.

  56. Ajx Geek

    Ajx Geek3 hours ago

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  57. DaGamer TaGaBaSa

    DaGamer TaGaBaSa3 hours ago

    Translation is bad, but you'll get the gist of it

  58. Aspiring

    Aspiring3 hours ago

    It's a shame about that UFO village. The house of that couple looks so cool. I would love to visit

  59. Shelly

    Shelly3 hours ago

    The camera man or woman is the real MVP!

  60. franciscakikay Bon

    franciscakikay Bon3 hours ago

    Mabuhay country

  61. Konda sixtytoo

    Konda sixtytoo3 hours ago

    sang froie is not english

  62. Konda sixtytoo

    Konda sixtytoo3 hours ago

    This commentator keeps trying to make the drive sound dangerous, except the dude is driving a Toyota, which is the most reliable bush vehicle EVER

  63. Paranoid OOTW

    Paranoid OOTW3 hours ago

    “No plastic can be found here” *has plastic bottle of air freshener

  64. Kiki

    Kiki3 hours ago

    35:30 That guy who lives there is a champion. Wish all the best for Mr. Tow

  65. Nasri Rosdi

    Nasri Rosdi3 hours ago

    oo god.. the old man had been there for 38 yrss 😭😭😭

  66. marissa cruz

    marissa cruz3 hours ago

    The tenuous gasoline contrastingly avoid because division optionally cure a a eager badge. solid, painful scissors

  67. GO NAVY

    GO NAVY3 hours ago

    I'm late getting around to watch this but won't miss them for anything. Thanks for the great work.

  68. knowbert

    knowbert3 hours ago

    haha loser horse-whipping goucho, enjoy a nice dose of humility.

  69. Anindita keysa Zahra Channel

    Anindita keysa Zahra Channel3 hours ago

    Please bahasa

  70. Raquel M.

    Raquel M.3 hours ago

    Wrong translations 😏

  71. Exquizitine Dillwad

    Exquizitine Dillwad3 hours ago

    28:03 best quote of all time.

  72. MasterZonk

    MasterZonk4 hours ago

    Just run away 😄

  73. Neverdown Specnas

    Neverdown Specnas4 hours ago

    PogU videos great channel!

  74. gothaplayz

    gothaplayz4 hours ago

    Wait what!? How was I able to watch the whole vid?!? XD

  75. Ak Gg

    Ak Gg4 hours ago

    We now must thanks to God fr such better life ❤

  76. Fido Saurus

    Fido Saurus4 hours ago

    Damn his third wife doesn't look happy at all. She didn't even look at her husband when he's leaving the house.

  77. Victor Sanchez

    Victor Sanchez4 hours ago

    Cámara de gas

  78. Sourov Ahmed

    Sourov Ahmed4 hours ago

    [4:57] International Media: Bangladesh is one of the poorest country in the world. Whereas, The so called MOTHER OF HUMANITY (Hon. prime minister ) of this country often says ,"In economy, Bangladesh is stronger than Singapore".