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  1. cmor

    cmor4 hours ago

    a man of his word, no click bait


    ART DE FUTBOL4 hours ago

    That server is so trash lol

  3. IM A SIMP

    IM A SIMP4 hours ago

    Thanks you now I always gonna do this lol

  4. ATK Clan

    ATK Clan4 hours ago

    Soon as he spawns tug boats I quit watching

  5. HamshankFrank

    HamshankFrank4 hours ago

    Riders On The Storm! A man of culture. Singing a brilliant song from the most brilliant band ever, whilst creating a brilliant video

  6. bgboy1879

    bgboy18794 hours ago

    Bro I was in the blue demon

  7. Ryder Bond

    Ryder Bond4 hours ago


  8. XxSCORCHxX -

    XxSCORCHxX -4 hours ago

    I’m a bald ass bitch x4 I’m with the make a wish x4

  9. The Shmurderer

    The Shmurderer5 hours ago

    This absolute gamer didn’t use a thumbnail upsetting the status quo

  10. STI_Clone

    STI_Clone5 hours ago

    "Who clipped my foreskin", aw god I'm crying

  11. Gabe Cast

    Gabe Cast5 hours ago


  12. Ace Space

    Ace Space5 hours ago

    What a goober!

  13. AudibleVisible

    AudibleVisible5 hours ago


  14. Mr. Hiatus

    Mr. Hiatus5 hours ago

    Welyn playing with another of my favorite USlikesrs let’s gooo,pumpkin squad

  15. garbage disposal

    garbage disposal6 hours ago

    I love how the adult and soup are having fun, and this little fetus comes in “YoU cAnT dO tHiS oR tHaT yOu’Re NoT dOiNg It RiGhT”

  16. Chugz

    Chugz6 hours ago

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  17. Braeton Halverson

    Braeton Halverson6 hours ago

    I couldnt do gta v rp I'd try tk have fun and mess around and everyone seems like they take it super serious

  18. Brother Weber

    Brother Weber6 hours ago

    Gotta love when a guy named himself Adolf Trump Hitler goes n cries to the admin. When did people become such hypocritical pansies.

  19. Eggman2324

    Eggman23246 hours ago

    Why are there armed guards at a convenience store

  20. Toxic Creeper53

    Toxic Creeper536 hours ago

    Alt F4

  21. DivineYT

    DivineYT7 hours ago

    My mom walked in at the beat drop

  22. Ob1 Kenobi

    Ob1 Kenobi7 hours ago

    These are the gayest and neediest rooms I've every seen

  23. J. Breezy

    J. Breezy7 hours ago

    The double nut shot damn 9:05

  24. Suicide Klown

    Suicide Klown7 hours ago

    The best way to lag troll in GTA V: Fly a small plane and spawn tugs above your targets

  25. Grant Leason

    Grant Leason7 hours ago

    Have laughed at like two of your videos if anyone acts like a two year old it’s you, I feel dumber after your videos

  26. Connor North

    Connor North8 hours ago

    Yo Soup new outro song link?

  27. Suicide Klown

    Suicide Klown8 hours ago

    I seen a guy pull a shotgun out of his sweats befire, but not an AR, that's dope.

  28. Andrei

    Andrei8 hours ago

    Loving the GTA videos keep em coming soup!!!

  29. Chris Britner

    Chris Britner8 hours ago

    This one was a bit much, just saying ! Stopped enjoying like 2 minutes in

  30. Daniel Nevin

    Daniel Nevin8 hours ago

    Ok that part with the kid and the bus was pretty funny and cute ngl

  31. 64 Day

    64 Day9 hours ago


  32. William Poole

    William Poole9 hours ago

    Keep it upp

  33. Thomas Reigelsperger

    Thomas Reigelsperger9 hours ago

    I’m glad you mess with the people who take this game so seriously like I understand they are trying to do a role play but lighten up

  34. Coco Quinn

    Coco Quinn9 hours ago

    Gucci belt

  35. Jasyonex san

    Jasyonex san9 hours ago



    THANOS ORION10 hours ago

    I LITERALLY SAID Arab Arby's AND Araby's before you guys! That's fucking hilarious!

  37. Jogos Unlimited

    Jogos Unlimited10 hours ago

    Rust is the best game ever, BUT it shows exacly what the people can do in a apocalipse. Kill to survive

  38. Spicy Boi

    Spicy Boi10 hours ago

    Were those dudes really white-knighting that chick over a hotdog 😂

  39. Ban

    Ban10 hours ago

    Bro at 1:11 i was on the floor

  40. romeo

    romeo10 hours ago

    loud = funny btw

  41. a literal head of lettuce

    a literal head of lettuce11 hours ago

    "Saw you wearing a red coat had to do my job" got me laughing like a fucking manic

  42. SSupressor

    SSupressor11 hours ago

    i dont see how these admin kiddies have fun

  43. DJ Raven

    DJ Raven11 hours ago

    6:23 OMFG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 funniest shit ever

  44. ManWithAMask

    ManWithAMask11 hours ago

    When that one kid said “Trebuchet.”, I felt that.

  45. Zack Orion

    Zack Orion11 hours ago

    Bro imagine acting like that admin

  46. Krill_YT

    Krill_YT11 hours ago

    1:05 oblivion dialog

  47. Jeremia-E. Pindra

    Jeremia-E. Pindra12 hours ago

    the first part, when you was speaking with the guy, IT WAS 100% Oblivion

  48. 1neurotic

    1neurotic12 hours ago

    Stick it to the rp admins, Little twats they is. Only cool one was the star wars one

  49. jarceo20 Unknown

    jarceo20 Unknown12 hours ago

    All of these servers are trash

  50. Rubby Vasquez

    Rubby Vasquez12 hours ago

    Please get that guy in more videos , This is hilarious 🤣

  51. Justyn Demers

    Justyn Demers13 hours ago

    Watch with headphones up to maximum volume for full experience

  52. ITz_Spaced Spaced

    ITz_Spaced Spaced13 hours ago

    Dingle berry sniffer im fucking dead

  53. Ziggie Montes

    Ziggie Montes13 hours ago

    Soup said the n word

  54. Poq

    Poq13 hours ago

    those kids at the end make me so disappointed to be British istg

  55. iTzHero

    iTzHero13 hours ago

    did the fbi actually see this??

  56. LogicalGamer412

    LogicalGamer41213 hours ago

    The problem with the buildings is because you can’t run fivem with ultra graphics

  57. Gillzy

    Gillzy13 hours ago

    I say Bradon should make a USlikes channel. That would be awesome

  58. Stripysniper 187

    Stripysniper 18713 hours ago

    I love how Soviet described him self then everyone just laughed a little and acted like he didn’t do it

  59. Neceros

    Neceros13 hours ago

    "My roleplay scene" omg imagine gate keeping rp

  60. ogugua obidike

    ogugua obidike13 hours ago

    23:55 to 25:00 I threw up in my mouth from laughing so hard Chatleys scream killed me

  61. Chris Longbrake

    Chris Longbrake13 hours ago

    Whats a good FiveM server?

  62. OpenTag

    OpenTag13 hours ago

    You know the confederate flag was actually stolen and wasn’t made by confederates

  63. João Pedro Fortes

    João Pedro Fortes14 hours ago


  64. Penguin Knight :D

    Penguin Knight :D14 hours ago

    Why is that thumbnail so good? 😂

  65. Gaming with Chronicle

    Gaming with Chronicle14 hours ago

    Bro I was at the dealer ship when u did that

  66. Shayne Moy

    Shayne Moy14 hours ago

    The dude said holy shit its the dooo..... And friends 😒

  67. Nathan Drake

    Nathan Drake14 hours ago

    12:57 best part lmao

  68. Neceros

    Neceros14 hours ago

    Been a while I laughed this hard

  69. half eaten tortilla

    half eaten tortilla14 hours ago

    very nice thumbnail, people might say “oh 30 minutes is too long” i promise you soup, 30 minutes is perfect for me thank you

  70. Swrvz

    Swrvz14 hours ago

    It's funny to see on I used to play on

  71. Justin Long

    Justin Long14 hours ago

    Just saying maximum destruction was better

  72. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler14 hours ago

    The attack of the storm troopers

  73. Michael Moreno

    Michael Moreno15 hours ago

    Monke mMan

  74. Seamus Byrnes

    Seamus Byrnes15 hours ago

    Ah yes the classic 1000 year ban

  75. Caleb Allen

    Caleb Allen15 hours ago


  76. Reedboy33

    Reedboy3315 hours ago

    Please do this on Gmod DarkRP

  77. SDxD DoMz

    SDxD DoMz15 hours ago

    Who else found this video randomly in 2021 Also if you see this your a true subscriber

  78. Trippie Gaming

    Trippie Gaming15 hours ago

    Turd Pix?

  79. Nicmartin4

    Nicmartin415 hours ago

    Its cancer, but the good kind

  80. Jackie Kraus

    Jackie Kraus15 hours ago

    The rabid nancy osmotically pause because citizenship quantitatively lick pace a tired digger. absorbing, unhealthy break