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Jack Mancuso
Jack Mancuso

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  1. ja c

    ja c13 hours ago


  2. alida flus

    alida flus14 hours ago

    I love your video’s but this one I’m sorry dude but you might as well eat it raw lmao that shit is so bloody looking like not even cooked at all

  3. Geoff Bailey

    Geoff Bailey14 hours ago

    People who eat it like this I'll never understand lol, but to each their own

  4. Hasoon! Macaroon

    Hasoon! Macaroon15 hours ago

    Literally laughed out loud at the ending 🤣

  5. vinrock

    vinrock15 hours ago

    It looks like sashimi

  6. insert Youtube Algorithm comment here

    insert Youtube Algorithm comment here15 hours ago

    love how all of these experts in the comments are acting like they've ever cooked or even looked at a piece of Wagyu before lol, stfu you jealous mongrels, it's his piece of meat let him eat it how he wants to.

  7. Peter Swarts

    Peter Swarts15 hours ago

    Would you like some bread with your ribs 🤔

  8. B L

    B L16 hours ago

    Perfectly done

  9. Alexander Rank

    Alexander Rank16 hours ago

    Everyone that thinks it’s to rare doesn’t know a good steak

  10. Scare Hub

    Scare Hub16 hours ago

    Looks amazing!

  11. Malcoms 12inch

    Malcoms 12inch16 hours ago

    Plot twist: lonely

  12. k3ron m3iller

    k3ron m3iller16 hours ago

    That is not cooked 🤦🏾‍♂️

  13. C.J. Anderson

    C.J. Anderson16 hours ago

    Extremely rare steak is bomb you can’t change my mind about that

  14. Alu Hasbar

    Alu Hasbar17 hours ago

    So a raw steak is SUPER ULTRA DIAMOND RARE, Grow Up

  15. [LvPnG]AVO

    [LvPnG]AVO17 hours ago

    That looks fire!🔥

  16. Benjamin Danklin

    Benjamin Danklin17 hours ago

    CaUsT iRoN sKeLlEt

  17. Manny Reyes

    Manny Reyes17 hours ago

    The way you cut tomatoes bothers me

  18. Wesley black

    Wesley black17 hours ago

    You suck at cooking torching ?? Kk nice butane taste bye

  19. ricorico2384

    ricorico238418 hours ago

    Do u have a 9-5 kitchen job?

  20. Grumpy

    Grumpy18 hours ago

    This dude’s just baiting at this point.

  21. Bandit Keith 2019

    Bandit Keith 201918 hours ago

    Is that post malone

  22. Up Nu

    Up Nu18 hours ago

    Got to marinate in orange juice overnight. Try it next time. Thank me when you do it. Did not watch till the end until I was done commenting. What the hell is wrong with you spitting it out. Come down to Florida. I'll show ya how it's done.

  23. Sammy Vazquez

    Sammy Vazquez18 hours ago

    Raw my guy

  24. Samir Dizdarevic

    Samir Dizdarevic18 hours ago

    That is nasty bro cook that meat. Lol my God

  25. Daboy ZAYYY

    Daboy ZAYYY19 hours ago

    Good job on eating nothing but blood tf was that might as well serve me the whole cow 💀🤣🤣

  26. Soccershoes

    Soccershoes19 hours ago

    This looks DISGUSTING!!!

  27. David May

    David May19 hours ago

    By the way. What is that hair dryer looking thing. I’m assuming a blow torch type food thingy. Lol

  28. David May

    David May19 hours ago


  29. Scooty

    Scooty20 hours ago

    "Grow up.." *My dude you should take your own advice.*

  30. Peter Burke Jr.

    Peter Burke Jr.20 hours ago

    Im sure it’s delicious, but “blue” really is pushing it

  31. Warren Pouyer

    Warren Pouyer20 hours ago

    DAMN... I'm hungry now..!

  32. Kyle Scott

    Kyle Scott20 hours ago


  33. plaguedr88

    plaguedr8820 hours ago


  34. Dont Trip

    Dont Trip20 hours ago

    Idk I love waygu and I love fettuccine Alfredo.. I wonder if they’ll be good together.. like you imma break tradition and give it a shot 😂

  35. OkekeTV

    OkekeTV20 hours ago

    Nigga it’s BLEEDING😂😂

  36. LocalKefGuy

    LocalKefGuy20 hours ago

    Might as well just take a bite out of the cow

  37. HTK G

    HTK G20 hours ago

    That ending tho 😂😂😂

  38. The Danimal

    The Danimal20 hours ago

    That "Bruh" ending was f*ckin hilarious!

  39. HTK G

    HTK G20 hours ago

    I like to watch your videos 🙏🏼

  40. Jane Lane

    Jane Lane20 hours ago


  41. Ian King

    Ian King21 hour ago

    “Big girl gotta eat!” Lmfaooo

  42. Ian King

    Ian King21 hour ago

    What’s that black seasoning you put on it?? Wanna see if I can find some.

  43. Ian King

    Ian King21 hour ago

    I know that’s fuckin stoooopid good bro

  44. Adam Popky

    Adam Popky21 hour ago

    While I’m sure that tastes amazing, it is in no way shape or form a Philly cheesesteak lol

  45. Datley Stewart

    Datley Stewart21 hour ago

    Woo cookinggg

  46. Michele Davis

    Michele Davis21 hour ago


  47. Rapid Turtle

    Rapid Turtle21 hour ago

    Did he just put cheese on that steak

  48. Goochie Thanos

    Goochie Thanos21 hour ago

    Alligator tastes so good, but I think if you eat too much you get a little nauseous feeling 🤢😬

  49. StankyWafers

    StankyWafers22 hours ago


  50. Gabriel Kielland

    Gabriel Kielland22 hours ago

    That looks pretty good

  51. alex varela

    alex varela22 hours ago

    Lmfao those were some hard chews in the end there buddy steak look pretty raw to me lol

  52. Brenda Orr

    Brenda Orr22 hours ago

    Finally...we now see where you got your damned good foody skills from! Learn all you can cause that's what's gonna keep your bed warm at night!😁⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  53. Ivan Drago

    Ivan Drago22 hours ago

    That cow is still moowing

  54. Evan Hoback

    Evan Hoback22 hours ago

    That shits raw grow up

  55. Sharon McHugh

    Sharon McHugh23 hours ago

    I’m sorry to say this but nothing about this looks good to me. I don’t like my steak burnt but that’s definitely too rare to me especially for a sandwich. Not crazy about the bread either. But to each his own. I’m from Philly. I will stick to our version of a cheesesteak.

  56. Chonch Zone

    Chonch Zone23 hours ago

    Shit. I wish I had the money to ruin meat like that

  57. sinnottboy

    sinnottboy23 hours ago

    Clearly you don’t know anything about Wagyu or else you’d know that it’s high fat content means you should cook it medium rare to medium to get it really juicy as the fat will melt throughout the meat. Smh

  58. promethazine popcorn

    promethazine popcorn23 hours ago

    the fuck is you talkin bout dumbfuck ain’t nun blue there at alll yo

  59. Angel 999?

    Angel 999?23 hours ago

    Im trying to find out how this is authentic 😐 stop trying to whitewash food

  60. Jimmy Nachbar

    Jimmy Nachbar23 hours ago

    That shit looked BUSSIN

  61. Youngstunna_01

    Youngstunna_0123 hours ago


  62. Mikayla’s Mindless videos

    Mikayla’s Mindless videos23 hours ago

    I might just be new or something but But when he said clay and dirt I was like hello what

  63. Victor Navarro

    Victor Navarro23 hours ago

    hook it up with a steak bro it’s gonna be Mother’s Day soon and I wanna get het some special since covid

  64. Brenda Orr

    Brenda Orr23 hours ago

    Dude...I don't know who "Linda" is...but I'll tell ya this, she has made one positive impact on your cooking. Just when I thought you could do no better...now it's off the hook! Man...you should see her more often cause I wanna see what else you're inspired to make!😁⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  65. Christian Brightman

    Christian BrightmanDay ago

    This will make any gamer nut

  66. NeoTrons

    NeoTronsDay ago


  67. Drae x Senpai

    Drae x SenpaiDay ago

    The ending couldn’t have been bette r

  68. Elizabeth Medina

    Elizabeth MedinaDay ago

    Did you wash your hands

  69. Bailey Dubois

    Bailey DuboisDay ago

    Idk about tough but when I had it it tasted like chicken with a fish texture it was more tender than chicken but it did have this like fatty texture which is what i think the chewy hes talking about but he had a tough part like the tail so its to be expected

  70. Robert

    RobertDay ago

    I have an emotional attachment to Montreal too🤣🤣🤣🤣

  71. Absoluteanglers

    AbsoluteanglersDay ago

    Hell nah i don’t like raw sushi sorry

  72. C J

    C JDay ago

    Sick bot

  73. Ali Sharaf

    Ali SharafDay ago

    It's so raw a live cow is more cooked than it

  74. Joseph C

    Joseph CDay ago

    "Blue rare" aka raw

  75. in zoom class butt ass naked

    in zoom class butt ass nakedDay ago

    lmao it looked so good too

  76. A H

    A HDay ago

    Ruined it with the leaves on top

  77. Gabriel Grgic

    Gabriel GrgicDay ago

    why put dirt on it?

  78. jack powell

    jack powellDay ago

    You cooked a beautiful steak then fucked it up with that dish!!

  79. Michael Orozco

    Michael OrozcoDay ago

    Ranch is better

  80. Joseph Sabbah

    Joseph SabbahDay ago

    Oh snap, I’ve gone to north star