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Horror VR is REAL fun
VR RLCraft is Impossible
RLCraft vs Gonzo...
RLCraft  vs A Desperate Man
  1. Cule

    Cule16 hours ago

    i think the only thing i dont like about all these mods are the tornados , they just make this beautifull island more and more ugly over the days.

  2. Rblx- God

    Rblx- God16 hours ago


  3. Miss. sAnIc_ De_Hedmenawg

    Miss. sAnIc_ De_Hedmenawg16 hours ago

    I love zombie hol 2.0

  4. Chris Spremulli

    Chris Spremulli16 hours ago

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    GUCCIWAY PLAYS16 hours ago

    I dropped my burger [email protected]:56

  6. Weaver Inlow

    Weaver Inlow16 hours ago

    is the sound really delayed for yall?

  7. Mary Jasmin

    Mary Jasmin16 hours ago


  8. geuuk kang

    geuuk kang16 hours ago

    What in the world were you thinking-what was the thought process, how did you think of lerting the zombies in 👁️👄👁️

  9. Ananda Kitchenbrand

    Ananda Kitchenbrand16 hours ago


  10. yd

    yd16 hours ago

    "I created the virus" congrats u just got a job offer from wuhan lab

  11. Minchenko

    Minchenko16 hours ago

    When she dragged all the rocks across the inventory i died hahaha

  12. Samuel Rampersaud

    Samuel Rampersaud16 hours ago

    Honestly ive played minecraft for years and i enjoy every minute of your video bro 🤟

  13. SuperPro Gamer

    SuperPro Gamer16 hours ago

    Ooo look at this guy go

  14. YoyoDrawsStuff

    YoyoDrawsStuff16 hours ago

    I respect this mans appreciation for animals Edit: Im sarcastic

  15. Lizurd

    Lizurd16 hours ago

    i love zombie hole 2.0

  16. Christopher Green

    Christopher Green16 hours ago

    The fancy surprise appropriately love because landmine radiologically employ next a premium atom. aspiring, ossified donna

  17. No Lights

    No Lights16 hours ago

    It's really laggy on my screen, probably the 720p befriending your shaders

  18. Fawwaz Ahmad khan

    Fawwaz Ahmad khan16 hours ago

    ur a legend

  19. -Κισούνκεν--キスンケン-

    -Κισούνκεν--キスンケン-16 hours ago

    300 days to kill rahovart



    My bro, I can't believe I just found this channel. This is just brilliant. All I can offer are comments, one like and press the subscribe button. You are a brilliant man and don't stop what you're doing.

  21. Entity No.8

    Entity No.816 hours ago

    I want that goose :D :D

  22. daIQgamer

    daIQgamer16 hours ago

    Make another 100 days of zombie acopyaplce again it was rlly fun watching

  23. ItsAlex YT

    ItsAlex YT16 hours ago

    40:50 i had mini heart attack

  24. M Law

    M Law16 hours ago

    Man, he sure is a man who says “man” a lot, my mans.

  25. Diego Borja Valdez

    Diego Borja Valdez16 hours ago

    Texture pack ?

  26. NK2 Neatt

    NK2 Neatt16 hours ago

    2021 and minecraft is styll pullin millions of views, love 2 see it

  27. hanunija

    hanunija16 hours ago

    The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive one another and love one another. Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ!

  28. hello i am under the water plz help

    hello i am under the water plz help16 hours ago

    give this comment many likes and a will like u : )

  29. hanunija

    hanunija16 hours ago

    The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive one another and love one another. Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ!

  30. ItsAlex YT

    ItsAlex YT16 hours ago

    1 year later... Zombie hole 8274828283.0

  31. RED_ FLAME

    RED_ FLAME16 hours ago

    It's okay dude it was not really ur fault Well u did said ur gonna survive in a 100 days But u didn't say without dieng. right I think I'm right

  32. hello i am under the water plz help

    hello i am under the water plz help16 hours ago


  33. HamsterLegend Alvin

    HamsterLegend Alvin16 hours ago

    I’m so late lol

  34. Tank Tang ke

    Tank Tang ke16 hours ago

    Man I really need gunpowder Ohh look there

  35. ghazi baskoro

    ghazi baskoro16 hours ago

    300 days

  36. Hurry Jack

    Hurry Jack16 hours ago

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  37. joshua driscoll

    joshua driscoll16 hours ago

    how do you join his pagetion and is it free?

  38. Ericka Quade

    Ericka Quade16 hours ago


  39. Matthew Campbell

    Matthew Campbell16 hours ago

    Velociraptors were small.... compared to other dinosaurs but I’m assuming they were human height or even bigger

  40. ItsAlex YT

    ItsAlex YT16 hours ago

    Forge labs: loses 2 hearts Also him: Oh My God! I almost died.

  41. Nigel Schloms

    Nigel Schloms16 hours ago

    Its ok bro and KILL THAT reindeer >:)

  42. Mitymick Melon

    Mitymick Melon16 hours ago

    This isn't right

  43. Muffin

    Muffin16 hours ago

    Can we admire how this dude makes his house appropriate and safe against the apocalypse, but also makes it look beautiful and gives it safe house vibes. Poggers my man!

  44. Minecraft Survival

    Minecraft Survival16 hours ago

    Norwegians felt this

  45. shadow gaming 464

    shadow gaming 46416 hours ago


  46. janny sins

    janny sins16 hours ago

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  47. Niilo Hakanen

    Niilo Hakanen16 hours ago


  48. Princess Patriarca

    Princess Patriarca16 hours ago

    what game is this? i will download it plssss

  49. iMichael

    iMichael16 hours ago

    I like how he found the cow and MILKED the MAN

  50. Jheck Gamboa

    Jheck Gamboa16 hours ago

    What can i say? Yeah..its better than watching movie.. Like it.. 13M.

  51. Duke Kauhi

    Duke Kauhi16 hours ago

    Stupid rain deer

  52. Augustine Mcrae

    Augustine Mcrae16 hours ago

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  53. Nere

    Nere16 hours ago

    what is the name of this modpack?

  54. Ana Surkuljevic

    Ana Surkuljevic16 hours ago

    ohh look at this guy go

  55. Robbie Benson

    Robbie Benson16 hours ago

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  56. Jakob Stanley-Zebrzuski

    Jakob Stanley-Zebrzuski16 hours ago

    U killed 3429 zombiea

  57. Matthew Eroh

    Matthew Eroh16 hours ago


  58. Issmaeel

    Issmaeel16 hours ago

    How the frick do you come up with such names?

  59. Yoshi VS

    Yoshi VS16 hours ago

    Pfew what a ride! This was awesome man, thanks for taking me on this adventure!

  60. Parasitic Cadaver

    Parasitic Cadaver16 hours ago

    I love your 100 day survival videos. You create new cool environments and add so many mods. It creates a wonderful experience.

  61. Dsdertggh 123

    Dsdertggh 12316 hours ago

    This mans got over 1 million subs in 7 months..... just let that sink in. That is how good of a USlikeser he is. Congrats on haveibg 2.45 MILLION subs man

  62. Matthew Ferris

    Matthew Ferris16 hours ago

    Also there is no such thing as a diamond saber

  63. Matthew Ferris

    Matthew Ferris16 hours ago

    I dont like you at all you use swear words

  64. Jason Burr

    Jason Burr16 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, most of the issues he faced were just him being ADD and a bit of an idiot

  65. Rosemilk

    Rosemilk16 hours ago

    I feel bad for the ostrich, to be honest. I was hoping that it would be saved when the tornado came.

  66. DiamondKing

    DiamondKing16 hours ago

    day39: has zombie hole 3.0 day 100: has zombie hole 8164

  67. Al Whiterose

    Al Whiterose16 hours ago


  68. Ethan DuGranrut

    Ethan DuGranrut16 hours ago

    He walked past diamonds on day 41 mine them

  69. Pokémon Gamer

    Pokémon Gamer16 hours ago

    5:00 That’s kind of sad

  70. Gagan Vihari Thamanana

    Gagan Vihari Thamanana16 hours ago

    Wow, on day 22 I feel so sorry for you. That reindeer murdered you and it’s not ur fault. It’s good that you switched to survival mode.

  71. Raimundo Volker

    Raimundo Volker16 hours ago

    please do it again jsjsjsj

  72. Fawwaz Ahmad khan

    Fawwaz Ahmad khan16 hours ago

    btw i love ur house

  73. Alex Francis

    Alex Francis17 hours ago

    Would anyone be able to direct me to a modpack or code to naturally spawn the dinosaurs in the world? I have the archeology modpack and mos creature pack but I don't know how to get the dinosaurs naturally occuring in the world like in this video. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  74. 12bo1012

    12bo101217 hours ago

    those golems didnt even help

  75. Asan Pro Gaming

    Asan Pro Gaming17 hours ago

    Die on hardcore : Second chance came

  76. Flashkey

    Flashkey17 hours ago

    Did anyone see a enderman on day 3???

  77. Macoplay 1831

    Macoplay 183117 hours ago

    Some zombies have ‘ thorns (I II III IV VI)’ so when you hit them u take damage

  78. Lion Hiccups

    Lion Hiccups17 hours ago

    take a shot every time he says man