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  1. Baba Vice

    Baba Vice2 hours ago

    I still think this is Walmart version of hunter hayes somebody’s heartbreak

  2. Alys Hus

    Alys Hus2 hours ago

    for the 346 people that gave it a dislike something is roung with you morgan wallen never made a bad song

  3. Haidyn Findlay

    Haidyn Findlay2 hours ago

    This is my second favorite singer my first is Kane Brown but they both have amazing music they are both the best I love you both

  4. jordon wiese

    jordon wiese2 hours ago

    dad:turn it down me:why tho dad:bc we got better speakers down stairs and there louder kid:yep that's true were on are down stairs to blast this song dad:good

  5. Alys Hus

    Alys Hus3 hours ago

    who is still watching this in 2020

  6. Alys Hus

    Alys Hus3 hours ago

    morgan wallen can never make a bad song

  7. kimberly Flowers

    kimberly Flowers3 hours ago

    Im absolutely obsessed. Thank god for turnin to the right radio station. 🙏

  8. Matthew Neitz

    Matthew Neitz3 hours ago

    Have been waiting for this to release and we’ll waiting definitely paid off this song is amazing

  9. A Patriot

    A Patriot3 hours ago

    Dude please don’t join the 27 club!

  10. HunterS 29091

    HunterS 290913 hours ago

    omg i love and your songs

  11. Jacob Inge

    Jacob Inge4 hours ago

    Here before 1 million views lol

  12. Andrea Trujillo

    Andrea Trujillo4 hours ago

    Long time since a country song has made me feel so HAPPY and JOYFUL! Remind's me of growing up in TRUCHAS, NEW MEXICO many 🌙's ago. THANK YOU MORGAN WALLEN FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL VOICE AND SONG! CONTINUED SUCCESS! 👏 👏 👏👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏👏 👏 👏❤ 💕 ❤ 💕 ❤ 💕 ❤ 💕 ❤

  13. Lucas Ricardo Garcia

    Lucas Ricardo Garcia4 hours ago

    what a great song!

  14. Justin haynie

    Justin haynie5 hours ago

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  16. Boys Balciunas

    Boys Balciunas5 hours ago

    had me by halftime and whisky glasses is fav songs

  17. Lindsay Thomas

    Lindsay Thomas5 hours ago

    If you don’t like Morgan Wallen, you’re wrong.

  18. ella davis

    ella davis5 hours ago

    He lives in Knoxville he’s so kind

  19. kirti Nigam

    kirti Nigam5 hours ago

    Can Morgan just make a full acoustic album?!? His voice is heavenly!! 😍😍😍😍

  20. Adam Offen

    Adam Offen6 hours ago

    It would be cool if he put "Spin You Around" on this album.

  21. Jacob Martindale

    Jacob Martindale6 hours ago

    Dude you are releasing songs faster than I can learn them! 😂 Thanks for everything 🙏🏽🙏🏽💙

  22. Edward Speed

    Edward Speed6 hours ago

    Hi there

  23. Naughty child

    Naughty child6 hours ago

    Beautiful song

  24. Rebecca Sanders

    Rebecca Sanders6 hours ago

    Bro u good shit mama dam

  25. Ashton Peacock

    Ashton Peacock8 hours ago

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  26. william rouse

    william rouse9 hours ago

    The 423 repping

  27. Oliver Liekmeier

    Oliver Liekmeier10 hours ago


  28. Zach Holder

    Zach Holder11 hours ago

    Please do an acoustic version of this.

  29. Brendan Lane

    Brendan Lane11 hours ago

    I was really excited when I heard the unreleased version, but the full song came out and the second half was a huge let down.

  30. sik pig

    sik pig11 hours ago

    My ex girlfriend shot me in my heart. I died in May 2020. I came back to life in October 2020. I am starting my journey to learn how to walk and hopefully run in 2021. Thank you Morgan for making me feel something in my heart again.

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  32. Randal Bedard

    Randal Bedard12 hours ago

    Ok so now I can't stop listening to this Morgan Wallen's just like the rest of his songs ...set on repeat ..just great

  33. Stampede Shane

    Stampede Shane12 hours ago

    Too real for country radio. Hang in there Morgan!

  34. Alex Cruley

    Alex Cruley12 hours ago

    My boy was throwing so real heat

  35. This is Sparta

    This is Sparta12 hours ago

    Dam morgan wallen music will hit ya deep af

  36. HeyitsBud 777

    HeyitsBud 77712 hours ago

    Who’s he in 2021???

  37. hidudes 22

    hidudes 2213 hours ago

    I never got a childhood like this I'm stuck in the city and everyone's a crowd follower

  38. Hugo Ramon

    Hugo Ramon13 hours ago


  39. Mike Halve

    Mike Halve14 hours ago

    Wrong lyrics in the description?😂

  40. Jarred Mccary

    Jarred Mccary14 hours ago

    Fuck this albums about to take over the entire country game.

  41. I'm Commenting On Every Vid I See

    I'm Commenting On Every Vid I See14 hours ago


  42. Kimberly Barrett

    Kimberly Barrett14 hours ago

    I love it!! Yeehhhaaww2

  43. George Balascak

    George Balascak14 hours ago

    Skynyrd vibes

  44. Frankie Bunch

    Frankie Bunch14 hours ago

    This dude pulls at the heart strings. Very meaningful words put into music form. Absolutely relatable! You will be the biggest hit yet!

  45. driver 2032

    driver 203215 hours ago

    Good memories

  46. The Messenger

    The Messenger15 hours ago

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  47. Kayla Oubre

    Kayla Oubre15 hours ago

    Been waiting on this to be released! Did NOT disappoint

  48. Connman Dugan

    Connman Dugan15 hours ago

    Keep your head and crown up king 👑

  49. Brandon Denton

    Brandon Denton15 hours ago

    I love it...

  50. ERV

    ERV15 hours ago

    Theo Von is the reason I came here... Looking forward to seeing two nice Alabama neck warmers in the same room. Onward

  51. Gale Grant

    Gale Grant15 hours ago

    I love this guy

  52. Brodo Magee

    Brodo Magee15 hours ago

    is that Hardy in that little convo bit telling him whats he so sad about?!?

  53. kkokay jake

    kkokay jake15 hours ago

    this was on my recommended nice work yt

  54. Molly Ann

    Molly Ann15 hours ago


  55. Blake Bowling

    Blake Bowling15 hours ago

    This dude..... I swear I’m gonna make Spotify run out of plays. If this song goes out of stock blame it on me.

  56. Peachy Fresh

    Peachy Fresh15 hours ago

    This man can let me get to fixing somebody’s problem !!! 🥰

  57. The Court Of Public Opinion

    The Court Of Public Opinion15 hours ago

    Wow it sounds exactly like every other country song that’s ever been written so original

  58. Peachy Fresh

    Peachy Fresh15 hours ago

    This song is our new anthem our here y’all don’t even know keep it up Wallen!!

  59. epicsmith

    epicsmith15 hours ago

    I've been wait for this song

  60. Brodey Miller

    Brodey Miller15 hours ago

    When he started talking about drugs and stuff that was kinda sad. Like this is a completely different type of music than he usually makes this is like sad and not really a country beat like his other songs no hate to him because he’s obviously going through a lot and it hurts me to see him like this.

  61. Christian Rittenberry

    Christian Rittenberry16 hours ago

    This is from tiktok

  62. Sharon Ross

    Sharon Ross16 hours ago

    This isant just a good song. Its an awesome song probley the best i ever herd. And this is how many people agree 🔽

  63. BJ Babin

    BJ Babin16 hours ago

    Is real country music showing actual signs of life!!

  64. Darryl MacDonald

    Darryl MacDonald16 hours ago

    Morgan, your career is about to take off😎

  65. Angie Haer

    Angie Haer16 hours ago

    I am so in love with your music! Wow!

  66. Felicia Hudson

    Felicia Hudson16 hours ago

    Lips, lips, 💋 👄 🤐 💄 💋....that's all I could focus on. Love the song though.

  67. Boone Mcjunkins

    Boone Mcjunkins16 hours ago

    We all make mistakes okay

  68. Isabella Lopez

    Isabella Lopez16 hours ago

    period morgan wallen

  69. Ramon Jordan

    Ramon Jordan17 hours ago

    Fye hot

  70. ONKIE

    ONKIE17 hours ago

    Luke combs, and morgan wallen.

  71. A Erica Dunn

    A Erica Dunn17 hours ago



    DIGS CREW JR17 hours ago

    Not gonna lie... thought it was going to be better.. from tiktok.. but stil a 1000/10

  73. Michelle Leigh

    Michelle Leigh17 hours ago

    I love this song speaks to my heart and hometown. Thank you🙏🎣💙👊🤘

  74. Merica

    Merica17 hours ago

    I never knew a lifestyle could be sang so good.

  75. Anne Maidens

    Anne Maidens17 hours ago

    I want to be your problem

  76. Hunter Moris

    Hunter Moris17 hours ago

    i liked the leaked version better just to much guitar in this one

  77. dlo 2xx

    dlo 2xx17 hours ago

    just gave me a new favorite song

  78. Coolkid Cash

    Coolkid Cash17 hours ago

    Cheez so many people with good taste in music

  79. Blair Ogden

    Blair Ogden17 hours ago

    This song is so sick

  80. Alex Endicott

    Alex Endicott17 hours ago

    I’m disappointed