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  1. LosoScotti

    LosoScotti22 minutes ago

    He also played for the rockets and that’s like chinas team dam near 😂

  2. bart ow

    bart owHour ago

    Mike Conley

  3. Antonio Melvin

    Antonio Melvin2 hours ago

    IF We as a people learned this lesson in life We would BE who we SAY WE ARE. 💯 GIL

  4. Ali Almomen

    Ali Almomen3 hours ago

    every generation has different set of circumstances to grow up in so, you really cannot blame her for not being that hungry for sport achievement.

  5. Isayah Alexander

    Isayah Alexander4 hours ago

    My coach hated me for this I feel like I don’t understand why they penalize us for seeing things differently especially a hs coach that never played past hs

  6. conanbdetective

    conanbdetective5 hours ago

    The Greek Shaq/Baby Shaq killed the '06 USA Team. He couldn't be contained. The coaching is one thing but Sofo was just a man possessed that game.

  7. East Dallas Rob

    East Dallas Rob6 hours ago

    “Whenever you need it to start” 😂😂

  8. Jeck Chan

    Jeck Chan6 hours ago

    Cliff paul? Bruh

  9. Connor Sivel

    Connor Sivel6 hours ago

    Love Melo but no way hes a top 10 PG rn.

  10. Intel-Pick

    Intel-Pick7 hours ago

    call me crazy. But Will Smith could play a hell of a Gilbert Arenas if there was a movie lol.

  11. ToneHealth

    ToneHealth7 hours ago

    Bruh i think nick is what lamelo will be personality’ wise once he done wit hooping 😂😂😂

  12. Cd Comeaux

    Cd Comeaux7 hours ago

    Idk why he chose to just sit there looking dumbfounded instead of taking notes from arenas

  13. Notfrom Thisworld

    Notfrom Thisworld8 hours ago

    Ball better than wall for sure lol 😂 agree ain’t picking him either over ball

  14. 6reps

    6reps8 hours ago

    He's top 10 passers, not top 10 PG.

  15. 6reps

    6reps8 hours ago

    Conley disrespected.

  16. Payton Davis

    Payton Davis8 hours ago

    Gilbert’s honesty is golden gotta keep it real with yourself 💯💯💯💯

  17. wayne carew

    wayne carew9 hours ago

    If Ball was darker GA would be onboard 🤷‍♂️

  18. Salvador Mota Alvarez

    Salvador Mota Alvarez9 hours ago

    I can’t understand a word Nick says.

  19. Derron Oliver

    Derron Oliver10 hours ago

    Remember wen Wall 360ed on Matt Barnes

  20. Derron Oliver

    Derron Oliver10 hours ago

    You just can't go SGA over CP3..any year

  21. PrisonMike

    PrisonMike10 hours ago

    dumbass Nick didnt even have CP3 in his top 10. That USC education showing

  22. AndreX BX

    AndreX BX10 hours ago

    In the FUTURE he will be a top 10 i believe so but atm give him time to improve and grow

  23. Opochtli

    Opochtli11 hours ago

    Utah Jazz still da best

  24. Moe Knaio

    Moe Knaio11 hours ago

    Bro Donovan Michel wtfff

  25. Julian Olmos

    Julian Olmos12 hours ago

    How you put Ja over Dfox rn😭😭 Dfox literally playing better ball than him rn. Whyyy he get the disrespect

  26. MotoMonkey

    MotoMonkey13 hours ago

    Can't believe they're leaving out Conley, especially with how important he's been for the Jazz this year.

  27. Red Scorpion

    Red Scorpion13 hours ago

    Melo is a Rookie and ever since he started he’s been averaging 20+ and his Stats is very similar to John Wall but Melo got more Rebounds

  28. Red Scorpion

    Red Scorpion13 hours ago

    John Wall is still in the😳NBA

  29. victor santiago

    victor santiago13 hours ago

    ben is not a all round pg

  30. jacob crabb

    jacob crabb13 hours ago

    Honestly gil jus talking about basketball to me is jus as good as first take n undisputed lol he better than most analysts.

  31. Antonio Gause

    Antonio Gause14 hours ago


  32. Goated_don

    Goated_don14 hours ago

    John wall is not better than no damn melo rn.. then they are gonna say hell Na to dragic. These dudes don’t watch games i see

  33. Beasley's Fun House Adventures

    Beasley's Fun House Adventures14 hours ago

    Bronny James is trash end of discussion

  34. Daryl Gladney

    Daryl Gladney15 hours ago

    Swaggy P is a weed head brain dead

  35. Pedro Pabon

    Pedro Pabon15 hours ago

    James Harden is a PG

  36. Dwight Rainwater

    Dwight Rainwater15 hours ago

    James Harden WTH!!


    DEVIN THORPE15 hours ago

    I guess he found that pain 🤣

  38. Michael Wright 2

    Michael Wright 216 hours ago

    Love how he talks about the game so much knowledge

  39. Alex Bergeron

    Alex Bergeron16 hours ago

    yall really didnt mention Mitchell....

  40. Rene Jaramillo

    Rene Jaramillo16 hours ago

    super funny interview ahah

  41. dustin callins

    dustin callins16 hours ago

    Hearing wade talk about contact makes me realize jordan went thru hell to get those 6 rings. It was a different game then 🐐

  42. dustin callins

    dustin callins16 hours ago

    D wade is awesome man 🔥

  43. Manny Swag

    Manny Swag17 hours ago

    So we gone forget about the freshman’s that play for img and montverde

  44. Rasheed G

    Rasheed G17 hours ago

    The funniest part is when Gil was talking about Dragic😂😂😂

  45. Adam kunkel

    Adam kunkel17 hours ago

    Just answer the damn question gilbert, always turn it into something overly intellectual YES OR NO

  46. Leo Gonzales

    Leo Gonzales17 hours ago

    Who's Gilbert Arnes?

  47. jahid hasan

    jahid hasan18 hours ago

    That’s stupid. Sure Kobe would have benefited from Gils offensive prowess, but he also would keep Gil in check and not allow Gil to go full on agent 0.

  48. Fuentinho

    Fuentinho18 hours ago

    Fred Van Vleet is so slept on

  49. J Mc

    J Mc18 hours ago

    Nick is 100 percent high.

  50. NoDazeOff

    NoDazeOff19 hours ago

    It’s crazy to think his physical decline is still better than a lot of guys prime 😂

  51. lienel lee

    lienel lee19 hours ago

    Get J lin on here, Gilb would give em some good advice

  52. Zev Royce

    Zev Royce21 hour ago

    Im sorry but ima say it.....kobe deserved better from nba and lakers i know they eventually got him some help but think about all of these players that could have played with him ill never forget nba vetoed chris paul man and make it worse media created a fake narrative that noone wanted to play with kobe which was a lie according to half the retired players today and lebron got more help his 3 years in LA than kobe did his last 10 seasons

  53. Bradley Fulcher

    Bradley Fulcher22 hours ago

    This just made me mad

  54. CashOut T

    CashOut T22 hours ago

    Gil your tripping bro , the guys playing today would’ve murdered your team

  55. Blast Gordon

    Blast Gordon22 hours ago

    This nigga stay cappin bro

  56. Dr. J.J. Spinner

    Dr. J.J. Spinner23 hours ago

    First and foremost, I love your show, especially for all those who trully love hoop on all levels. However, please do not compare SC to Crenshaw, we opened the doors for SC. We were a dynasty that covered the late 60s to the 90s, 30 years of greatness. Do you realize that Paul Pierce tried out for Crenshaw and did not make then went over to Inglewood. Beyond him, you got to look at guys from Marcus Johnson, Robert Smith, Darwin cook, John Williams, Kevin Ollie, Marcus Williams, Stanely Brundy (who arguably had one of the best careers at DePaul than any other Blue Demon), Stevie Thompson, Tremaine Fowlkes, Kris Johnson, John Staggers (one of the best players ever and only to come off the bench and get city player of the year) Micheal Johnson (most dominant big man ever to play in the city of LA), and tons of players that played professionally overseas as well as in college. You mentioned Westchester, I remember my last year at the Shaw we beat them by 60 or 70 points for city championship in 84. The only thing that made Westchester great was busing. Parents wanted their kids out of the inner-city and sent to the suburbs however they were never the dynasty of Crenshaw. Moreover, we grew up playing against pros our former assistant coach, RIP Joe Weakley started the Run Shoot and Dunk League. This is where all the pros from Freeman Williams, Mark Eaton, John Williams to Marques Johnson would play during the summer and he would have incoming Sophmore team play against them. This is what made Crenshaw special, the legacy, the winning tradition. We made the valley, as our kids migrated and kids became parents they moved out of the community but it all birthed from Crenshaw High School. Westchester has no where near the legacy nor could it be mentioned in the same category, we are the only school in America with a world championship title class of 85 that featured almost ten division one players on one team! FACTS

  57. Rashard Stallworth

    Rashard Stallworth23 hours ago

    Luka, Ben Simmons, and LeBron are Small Forwards aka Point Forwards not pgs

  58. Rashard Stallworth

    Rashard Stallworth23 hours ago

    Gilbert added Luka to hate on LaMelo, Wow Gilbert started of by saying most of todays pgs are really shooting guards, used Westbrook as an example of a guard thats not a pg but then said Luka is a pg when Luka plays exactly like Westbrook, a walking triple-double machine

  59. Alex Kemp

    Alex Kemp23 hours ago

    How about Malcolm brogdon. Averaging 21, 5 and 6

  60. Rashard Stallworth

    Rashard Stallworth23 hours ago

    Westbrook is a point guard, look at his assists

  61. EAD 83

    EAD 8323 hours ago

    Its amazing how Gilbert Arenas makes Terrell Owrns look small. You forget how big these NBA players really are.

  62. ponypower8

    ponypower823 hours ago

    Isaiah and Wade are living legends. They're from Chicago.

  63. ponypower8

    ponypower823 hours ago

    A lot of Carolina boys became allstars. Not to mention, one of them become the modern era GOAT.

  64. Larry Henry

    Larry HenryDay ago

    This shows that Kobe was a true alpha male. A great player of his caliber was afraid. Change the logo

  65. Undercover Gardener

    Undercover GardenerDay ago

    Not a hallafamer

  66. Frank Deux

    Frank DeuxDay ago

    Earl needs a job. I’ve heard nothing but good things about him.

  67. Skip Lemuix

    Skip LemuixDay ago

    Advice to the white dude, don't argue with this fool, he'll never let you be right, he'll control the whole "conversation" or interview

  68. Seymour Prophet

    Seymour ProphetDay ago

    ..basically Kobe's presence alone would have negated the confidence needed to become Agent Zero..

  69. Marcus Pearson

    Marcus PearsonDay ago

    Melo>morant 2020-2021

  70. Lovegun1

    Lovegun1Day ago

    Damn right Melo is top 10!

  71. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel MartinezDay ago

    I thought he was a WNBA player off the thumbnail

  72. Dave

    DaveDay ago

    1. Dame 2. Steph 3. Kyrie 4. Luka 5. Russell Westbrook 6. Trae Young 7. Ben Simmons 8. Jamal Murray 9. Ja Morant 10. Terry Rozier (*Nope...Lamelo didn't make my top 10 point guards today...but is inching closer every day)

  73. AlphaDwg

    AlphaDwgDay ago

    LaMelo ain’t top 10 PG yet but the future is bright and he is coming

  74. Scott Marsh

    Scott MarshDay ago

    I'm my opinion the media should be given certain times after the game in an after game press conference... No locker room access...

  75. Sandra Lang

    Sandra LangDay ago

    Hornets more exciting than Rockets, this year!! And I’m an H-Town fan, facts!

  76. Sandra Lang

    Sandra LangDay ago

    Melo took CP3!

  77. Torago Flint

    Torago FlintDay ago

    Shit like this . Makes me give a really big side eye to anything said about China in our media. ANYTHING!!!

  78. jacob crabb

    jacob crabbDay ago

    For PG: position for me in my opinion is 1.Steph, 2. Dame, 3. Kyrie, 4.Simmons, 5. Trae, 6. Ja, 7. Cp3, 8. Murray, 9. Westbrook, 10. De'Aaron fox....but for "Pure" point guard vision positionless skills is... 1. Lebron, 2. Harden, 3. Luka, 4. Cp3, 5. Jokic, 6. Dame, 7. De'Aaron, 8. Ja 9. Simmons, 10. Steph. 11. Draymond 12. Lamelo



    Dammmmmmmn it’s so crazy to hear all these possibilities years later and just think what if. Gil and Kobe.

  80. Robert Brent jr

    Robert Brent jrDay ago

    Rather have melo than simmons