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  1. Steven Galiniak

    Steven Galiniak8 hours ago

    "Hey I'm Clint" "I don't care" I didn't realize Black Panther was meant to speak for the audience, that's neat

  2. VigilanteKnight7

    VigilanteKnight78 hours ago

    My god these movies are just visually stunning

  3. black chicken

    black chicken8 hours ago

    why they kissing after robbing the bank? Am I the only one feeling weird? Is this normal in America?

  4. wittafa

    wittafa8 hours ago

    He legitimately beat the shit out of Ironman and I don’t know his name!!!!!!!

  5. Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider8 hours ago

    RIP Tchalla. Well Played Avengers.. Good job marvels...

  6. Jakob Braun

    Jakob Braun8 hours ago

    Good thing Cap ate a heavy Schnitzel that day, or the copter would have just lifted him up.

  7. Wesley Gathage

    Wesley Gathage8 hours ago

    With an IQ of 225, what science can you not do?

  8. Jose Raphael

    Jose Raphael8 hours ago

    Anyone notice how tony might be inspired by iron monger’s armor for the hulk buster? Especially with how the cockpit opens

  9. Ballas 4life

    Ballas 4life8 hours ago

  10. ramamsh manchukonda

    ramamsh manchukonda8 hours ago

  11. The Monkey

    The Monkey8 hours ago

    Lol, Thanos was so badass in this scene.

  12. WilliamTubeGamer

    WilliamTubeGamer8 hours ago


  13. Trash

    Trash8 hours ago

    Gonna tell my kids this was Duel of the Fates.


    SABNAM YT8 hours ago

    Love from Indian❤🤟❤🤟❤

  15. McKenzie Gillies

    McKenzie Gillies8 hours ago

    Hulk is a fay ass

  16. Devilrohx the Decepticon A.K.A Megatron’s best man

    Devilrohx the Decepticon A.K.A Megatron’s best man8 hours ago

    They’re in Leipzig

  17. Otoniel Fast Pallet

    Otoniel Fast Pallet8 hours ago

    O mesmo avião e o mesmo túnel que usaram pra o game de Sniper Elite 4 😂😂😂

  18. Gabriel Biel

    Gabriel Biel8 hours ago

    Interressante que nemhum tiro pega nas pessoas

  19. Kenneth M

    Kenneth M8 hours ago

    Wtf idjf9e3k3oc3 fe up we

  20. Hiroto kamalraj

    Hiroto kamalraj8 hours ago

    OMG PUT ON 0.25 SPPED AND SKIP TO (0:19)

  21. BOMEYE95TV

    BOMEYE95TV8 hours ago

    I just realized how oddly swxual this whole scene starts

  22. alt4

    alt48 hours ago

    That headbutt wouldn't actually recoil since if he could knock him out hard by punching him, then he should be able to headbutt him no problem as well, adamantine or no adamantine.

  23. Arne Timmer

    Arne Timmer8 hours ago

    I wonder if Bucky could place the Infinity Stones in his artificial hand, if the vibranium was strong enough not to affect the rest of his body.

  24. OfficialDarus94

    OfficialDarus948 hours ago


  25. Vash Stampeed

    Vash Stampeed8 hours ago

    Im watching whole 2008 movie with this clipsssss

  26. Noah Bate

    Noah Bate8 hours ago


  27. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight8 hours ago

    Ready to feel old? This movie turns ten in July.

  28. Mohammed Ishtiyaq

    Mohammed Ishtiyaq8 hours ago

    00:24 Leave my house with door unlocked ? this ain’t CANADA 🇨🇦.... that’s some respect to all buddy CANADIANS! 😊🤗😂🇨🇦

  29. Ali Gamil

    Ali Gamil8 hours ago


  30. GTRYT

    GTRYT8 hours ago

    Not gonna lie the person that plays black Panther kinda looks like lil nas x a little

  31. Vikas Sahu

    Vikas Sahu8 hours ago

    You like that Westworld?

  32. Nick Muffin

    Nick Muffin8 hours ago

    1:54 Return of the King of Weapons :")

  33. Stephan Cog

    Stephan Cog8 hours ago

    The cgi is awful. These movies are so bad 🙀

  34. Ben Kimber

    Ben Kimber8 hours ago

    Wait...that Ultron head was still glowing. Does this mean Ultron might somehow return in the future?

  35. Jimmy Edward

    Jimmy Edward8 hours ago

    Am i the only one who gets weird uncomfy vibes from watching this, like endgame and infinity war both hurt 😢

  36. Colin Toews

    Colin Toews8 hours ago

    Now if that was World Breaker Hulk...

  37. Richard Gritman

    Richard Gritman8 hours ago

    One of my favorite iron man scenes.

  38. Dag

    Dag8 hours ago


  39. Zachy Chauzers

    Zachy Chauzers8 hours ago

    Hella the god of death💀 Thor the god of thunder⚡ Loki the god of mischief😈

  40. veditz8

    veditz88 hours ago

    I love how Peter is so cringe around the Avenger lmao <3

  41. Andrew Reed

    Andrew Reed8 hours ago

    lol @2:29 [cocks AK-47] [proceeds to beat them over the head with it]

  42. chrisnmelanie1

    chrisnmelanie18 hours ago

    The dad is mean

  43. manduheavy vazquez

    manduheavy vazquez8 hours ago

    1:11 jajajajajaja lol. Greatness

  44. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus8 hours ago

    Obadiah: What you should take away from this is Tony's back and healthier than ever! Me, who just saw him be kidnapped for god knows how long, and saw him eat at least 3 cheeseburgers in the span of like 15 minutes tops.

  45. Der BABA

    Der BABA8 hours ago

    This was a battle who had the strongest believes. While Killmonger was 100% sure in his, T'Challa was questioning everything he learned before.

  46. Ashar Yaqoob Butt

    Ashar Yaqoob Butt8 hours ago

    Even tony's mom wearing a necklace

  47. Sokka

    Sokka8 hours ago

    Savage Opress didn't die on Mandalore...He resurrected himself to a more powerful being to seek revenge on those who deceived him. 😈

  48. Rory Veltman

    Rory Veltman8 hours ago

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  49. Darth Hideous

    Darth Hideous8 hours ago

    Kissed 4 women but still a Virgin

  50. Wael Faddah

    Wael Faddah8 hours ago

    I wish someone could help me, s21 ultra has a MAJOR issue,data switches from sim1 to sim2... Roaming charges thought the roof

  51. AKASH Srari

    AKASH Srari8 hours ago

    3:43 Tony: i want to say that three magical words jarvis...but i cant. "Shutoff the suit"

  52. SolidSonicTH

    SolidSonicTH8 hours ago

    "No...I called you Fatass Frank, now help me out."

  53. Crimson RBLX

    Crimson RBLX8 hours ago

    Ngl the grandmaster is kinda a asshole..

  54. Ashmit singh

    Ashmit singh8 hours ago

    The video quality = 4k 60fps and gyroscope on

  55. Curly Fry

    Curly Fry8 hours ago

    That's a messed up looking dog. 😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️

  56. A Legionary of the Aventine

    A Legionary of the Aventine8 hours ago

    What Quill fails to realize is how close he came to being impaled..if only Peter remembered.


    SABNAM YT8 hours ago

    Love from Indian 🤟❤❤🤟❤🤟

  58. TheJriggins0071

    TheJriggins00718 hours ago

    0:56 mojo...or arcade

  59. Lewis Paul

    Lewis Paul8 hours ago

    Hulk should pwn this YMCIA dropout hamerguy!

  60. Frehiwot Gelagay

    Frehiwot Gelagay8 hours ago

    I love this movie I do not care at all what the haters say this movie is in the top 1000000000000000000th

  61. AKASH Srari

    AKASH Srari8 hours ago

    Fun fact : @t that time ..Tony thought that he was going to he allowed Rhodes to take the iron suit.. as tony wanted to give her legacy to trustworthy person ..


    ANTİ KUZENLER8 hours ago

    İron Man nice

  63. candour

    candour8 hours ago

    can someone explain why banner came from space and how did he know thanos will come?😅

  64. Akshat Aggarwal

    Akshat Aggarwal8 hours ago

    "It's his Basic Instinct"😭😭🤣

  65. scenczyk1429

    scenczyk14298 hours ago

    Oh the tears. Every time the tears!

  66. Rory Veltman

    Rory Veltman8 hours ago

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  67. Victor

    Victor8 hours ago

    Vettel : I just get wrecked by some random guy with electric whips Ferrari engineer : Copy, I'll come back to you, slow button on

  68. Flikz Boizz

    Flikz Boizz8 hours ago

    If only They could have been on the titanic

  69. Geasee

    Geasee8 hours ago

    Vision is suck


    SAI BHARGAV V8 hours ago

    I can't be the only one who wanted the cap to say "I can do this all day" before the portal opened.

  71. DJ Hancock

    DJ Hancock8 hours ago

    It jiggles when Cap touched it. It all makes sense now.

  72. Derek Jeter

    Derek Jeter8 hours ago

    Why the camera man record that little ass?

  73. no no

    no no8 hours ago

    its hard for me to watch this scenes now that... well.. you know ;-;

  74. Lazy cat 123

    Lazy cat 1238 hours ago

    All Tony had to do was shoot his hands to get his weapons out of his his possession

  75. saxaphan dash

    saxaphan dash8 hours ago

    So good

  76. FormulaSquid

    FormulaSquid8 hours ago

    i love it when the god is toxic with a kid

  77. umair maple

    umair maple8 hours ago

    and they say it is the most secured facility when they couldnt even find him inside for the whole night =)


    KI MASTER8 hours ago

    Most disappointing fight in MCU history.

  79. Zhione Drake Masana

    Zhione Drake Masana8 hours ago


  80. Richard Gritman

    Richard Gritman8 hours ago

    Some of the worst acting ever.