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I have a combined 4 years of experience as a Baseball \u0026 Basketball Play by Play announcer, which is where I learned my skills for educational commentary/breakdowns.

“Voiced by Wheels” and “Breakdowns by Wheels” - videos voiced by me (can be seen in titles/descriptions)

  1. Raenzo Galindo

    Raenzo Galindo2 minutes ago

    Yankees vs baltimore?

  2. Martin Samford

    Martin Samford21 minute ago

    Post close games pls

  3. AreWeEverThere

    AreWeEverThere30 minutes ago

    card board fans- how SAD ! Dem. Gov. ( KING ) -More covid BS that won't end ! Tearing apart this Country- The Plan !

  4. Midri

    Midri30 minutes ago

    Can you show South Carolina 16-1 win over Winthrop please

  5. Reid C Hale

    Reid C Hale59 minutes ago

    Ole Miss low key is not that good

  6. Jack Quinn

    Jack QuinnHour ago

    Post Morehead Over Louisville

  7. Stärke

    Stärke2 hours ago

    What happened to Fullerton?

  8. Parra sport

    Parra sport2 hours ago

    El cacher con la defensa mas mala csuf

  9. Seven Keo

    Seven Keo3 hours ago

    We need nc state gamessss

  10. Nairb O.

    Nairb O.4 hours ago

    Second highlight. "Judge smartly let it fall for a base hit". What??? The ball literally hit his glove. He should've caught that. You're a clown, and I'll never watch another second of this trash channel!

  11. Brian FN

    Brian FN4 hours ago

    number 14 for UCLA is my brother

  12. Jake Corbett

    Jake Corbett4 hours ago

    That SS is killing himself and the LF I have no idea how’s he’s a college player he must be a damn good hitter

  13. tony Marques

    tony Marques4 hours ago

    Please more west coast games

  14. Jonathan Santiago

    Jonathan Santiago5 hours ago

    Washington SS is doo doo

  15. Max Gittelson

    Max Gittelson5 hours ago

    Thank You Wheels!

  16. FotochesYT

    FotochesYT5 hours ago

    Don't really know why I watched this to be honest, anyways GO HOGS!

  17. Felina Umali

    Felina Umali5 hours ago

    Go Yankees

  18. Nyc 4lyfe

    Nyc 4lyfe6 hours ago

    lets go I'm looking for another title, seen 5 my lifetime.

  19. Sean Mann

    Sean Mann6 hours ago

    1:54 never touched the zone

  20. Matteo Baker

    Matteo Baker6 hours ago

    Start posting Arizona State games?

  21. Boiling Water

    Boiling Water6 hours ago

    Alternate title: UCLA batting practice for 11 minutes

  22. MrSmokealot 2020

    MrSmokealot 20206 hours ago

    Thanks wheels you the goat 🐐

  23. Jonathan Reed

    Jonathan Reed6 hours ago

    Way too many errors in this game wtf

  24. Chantry Starr

    Chantry Starr6 hours ago

    Need more pac 12 baseball

  25. Anthony Estrada

    Anthony Estrada6 hours ago

    Let's go UCLA!!!!!! My favorite college

  26. Jewish Circumcircle

    Jewish Circumcircle6 hours ago

    The thoughtless worm microcephaly stare because insect ultimately impress in a obscene canvas. shallow, childlike train

  27. CjH11

    CjH116 hours ago

    Why are you SEC teams so obsessed with eachother like damn bro you guys be in the comments saying hail state on a ole miss video 😂

  28. C.E. Malcomesius

    C.E. Malcomesius7 hours ago

    Man watching this live I didn’t even realize the pitcher. I feel bad man

  29. Will Simler

    Will Simler7 hours ago

    Anyone with that kinda lettuce can fucking deal

  30. j lara

    j lara7 hours ago

    Memphis showed up in little league form

  31. Matthew Morgan

    Matthew Morgan7 hours ago

    This is a Little League score.

  32. Tony Hugill

    Tony Hugill7 hours ago

    Dude just throws his bat at the end. Might as well.

  33. P K

    P K8 hours ago

    Fullerton is trash

  34. CjH11

    CjH118 hours ago

    For all you youngins, Fullerton used to be the vandy back in the day

  35. Brett And Brodys Baseball Channel

    Brett And Brodys Baseball Channel8 hours ago

    Thank You Wheels

  36. Stephen H. Smith

    Stephen H. Smith8 hours ago

    its weird seeing fullerton cheeks, all my life they been at the top of the game

  37. Sports Fanatic

    Sports Fanatic8 hours ago

    God bless Jesus loves and has a plan for all have a blessed day good game

  38. David Connor

    David Connor8 hours ago

    Yikes. Fullerton is my favorite team. This, uh, this hurts.

  39. Rodrigo Garcia

    Rodrigo Garcia8 hours ago

    More west coast

  40. Max Payne

    Max Payne8 hours ago

    Go Bruins

  41. HB Nata

    HB Nata8 hours ago

    I love you Wheels

  42. Timothy Fields

    Timothy Fields8 hours ago

    Yess been waiting on a Uva video

  43. Alvaro Hernandez

    Alvaro Hernandez9 hours ago

    Any softball games??

  44. Coach Jackson

    Coach Jackson9 hours ago

    Wheels your are a miracle... Thanks for your vidz

  45. Martin Samford

    Martin Samford9 hours ago

    You might as well post the tcu vs liberty or tcu vs Steven f Austin

  46. Nolan Dunn

    Nolan Dunn9 hours ago

    Thanks for including some pac 12 baseball. Awesome


    COLIN MOORE9 hours ago

    Fullerton got clapped gee

  48. Thomas Garcia

    Thomas Garcia9 hours ago

    thanks for the west coast vibe bro

  49. I dropped the soap

    I dropped the soap9 hours ago

    UCLA just dominated🔥

  50. Faze Spøøky

    Faze Spøøky9 hours ago

    More csuf games please.

  51. Braxton_bond

    Braxton_bond9 hours ago

    Love the college baseball wheels

  52. T. Rover

    T. Rover9 hours ago

    Awesome Wheels, More West Coast Games Please!

  53. Braeden Murawski

    Braeden Murawski9 hours ago

    Can you do some Wake Forest Games? They’re my team!😁

  54. Braxton_bond

    Braxton_bond9 hours ago

    Oh congratulations you beat Memphis enjoy number 4. Hailstate

  55. Jammy

    Jammy9 hours ago


  56. Trent Lancaster

    Trent Lancaster9 hours ago

    Let’s get it dude

  57. Da'mon Bigsby

    Da'mon Bigsby9 hours ago

    Amir Riep is fuckin trash

  58. Jacob Marx

    Jacob Marx9 hours ago

    Where the Tennessee games?

  59. theonewhojustis

    theonewhojustis9 hours ago

    hey wheels, are you the same Wheels that played in the LLWS?

  60. Remy Stern

    Remy Stern10 hours ago

    That 96 to the ribs felt awesome I bet

  61. James Brody DeLamielleure

    James Brody DeLamielleure10 hours ago

    You should post notre dame

  62. Aaron Lovell

    Aaron Lovell10 hours ago

    Ole miss is the 3rd best team in the SEC west. Behind arkansas and Mississippi state. I can't wait to see arkansas beat some ole miss ass.

  63. I dropped the soap

    I dropped the soap10 hours ago

    Ole miss may reclaim there #1 spot soon if they keep this up

  64. Braxton_bond

    Braxton_bond10 hours ago

    Will the Mississippi State games be up this weekend?

  65. BernardJ

    BernardJ10 hours ago

    Wheels! Pumpin these vids. Thanks 💯

  66. Braxton_bond

    Braxton_bond10 hours ago

    I Didn’t even know George Washington was a college. Good video though

  67. Trizpy On CW

    Trizpy On CW10 hours ago

    Does wheels reply to his fans???

  68. Jimmy Guidice

    Jimmy Guidice10 hours ago

    Never sleep on Ole Miss

  69. Tanner Sonntag

    Tanner Sonntag10 hours ago

    First like love what you are doing here man

  70. William McCauley

    William McCauley10 hours ago

    Is South Carolina going to make the cut tonight?

  71. swa_delta_a350

    swa_delta_a35011 hours ago

    I enjoy the videos

  72. StrobetrotterMusic

    StrobetrotterMusic11 hours ago

    keep em coming wheels! much appreciated.

  73. Jammy

    Jammy11 hours ago


  74. Pringles Guy

    Pringles Guy11 hours ago

    I love Clemson but that C logo is wack

  75. sma is a llam

    sma is a llam11 hours ago

    u the real one wheels

  76. Jason Daly

    Jason Daly11 hours ago

    Can you show some Boston college games

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    Jayson Robles11 hours ago

    You answer back ?!?!

  78. Live Sporting Events

    Live Sporting Events11 hours ago

    You inspire me to make talking highlight videos

  79. Ridge Wade2

    Ridge Wade211 hours ago

    Love the work

  80. I dropped the soap

    I dropped the soap11 hours ago

    Clemson looks good