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Jimmy Oakes

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  1. Bluntrfazuor T

    Bluntrfazuor T5 hours ago

    Hell no to ls swap

  2. Krook

    Krook5 hours ago

    jimmy pulls engines at the rate adam buys cars

  3. Alex Cadenas

    Alex Cadenas5 hours ago

    I would take some grease and grime over rust any day of the week. That thing looks MINT!

  4. Aidan Daubert

    Aidan Daubert5 hours ago

    No LS

  5. Gang Gang

    Gang Gang5 hours ago

    No way you’re just allowing the bumper to almost rip the fuck off coming off your trailer. I’d make sure it comes off perfectly. White people just don’t give a fuck. I swear. Complete BS.

  6. Jesse Hetherington

    Jesse Hetherington5 hours ago

    First mod rips the lip off haha

  7. Shinigami x

    Shinigami x5 hours ago

    Vvl SR pls

  8. DMS92

    DMS925 hours ago

    You’re banned from buying any new cars until you finish one of your projects. And finished includes paint. The kouki is dope but good damn paint one of your other cars. And I still want to know what the hell happened to the vanishing gti? And what’s the truck situation?

  9. James Sweeten

    James Sweeten5 hours ago

    Nice to see B in the video he's been kinda absent lately

  10. Rectro

    Rectro5 hours ago

    im so pissed about that trailer unloading smh

  11. Cali Car Guy

    Cali Car Guy5 hours ago

    I fainted at 2:06 🥲

  12. 1 Dur

    1 Dur5 hours ago

    That thumbnail tho!

  13. Kristoffer Kristensen

    Kristoffer Kristensen5 hours ago

    When he is done with the s14 and s15 daim i would kill to se a s12 build 🤔💪

  14. Garrett Wilkinson

    Garrett Wilkinson5 hours ago

    Okay noted! Never have those dudes move a car! Jeeesh!

  15. Sake Bomb

    Sake Bomb5 hours ago

    NEVER leave RJ in charge! Next time you'll come back to half of a car, smh.

  16. Kevin Hughes

    Kevin Hughes5 hours ago

    Jimmy O getting it in for 2021 ,Nissan yeeeeet

  17. Michael Bill

    Michael Bill5 hours ago

    This car needs an rb26

  18. Dakota Shireman

    Dakota Shireman5 hours ago

    Yoo my jaw dropped

  19. Mr Shua

    Mr Shua5 hours ago

    Sooo is the Kouki gonna be the car that gets Steph into drifting?

  20. Nick K

    Nick K5 hours ago

    Wtf that trailer damage was totally avoidable

  21. SmoothCoastin

    SmoothCoastin5 hours ago

    The taillights ruin the s14 everytime... Such a shame

  22. Rising Sun

    Rising Sun5 hours ago

    I want to see jimmy reaction when he edits and see's the lip destroyed....De..stroyed 😭😭

  23. tomas_mk3

    tomas_mk35 hours ago

    I don't understand why people just continues to drive, while the bumper is being fucked. Just drive back up and do something about it.

  24. Benjamin Hoyt

    Benjamin Hoyt5 hours ago

    Sell the stanky zenki to Rjay

  25. devil kings

    devil kings5 hours ago

    “Huge shoutout to Tom and the Vargas Brothers and RJ for ripping the lip of my perfectly factory assembled OEM bumper”

  26. Autoshopdream

    Autoshopdream5 hours ago

    I would literally fire those dudes for unloading that car like that or not let them touch my shit anymore. How careless regardless if it’s only a 240 imagine if it wasn’t😅 dudes didn’t care at all and it’s not even theirs wtf lol . What a douche then wants to do a burnout

  27. Jacob McDowell

    Jacob McDowell5 hours ago

    Just a little bro tip Cut the handle off your engine level and weld a note on and use a impact and it makes life a little better

  28. Sean Smile

    Sean Smile5 hours ago

    That trailer unloading c'mon man

  29. Cory Evans

    Cory Evans5 hours ago

    We all will be expecting the video for the new rims.

  30. Struggly Boys

    Struggly Boys5 hours ago

    "Ruin" everything! We're here for it!

  31. Mitchell Sell

    Mitchell Sell5 hours ago

    It's nice to see Brian In a video again 🙌

  32. The Unpretentious Vegan

    The Unpretentious Vegan5 hours ago

    "It runs great. Better take it apart." Jimmy can't stand having a car that runs.

  33. Christer Fredriksson

    Christer Fredriksson5 hours ago

    Must have been the same company who delivered Tommys Civic hatch lmao

  34. devil kings

    devil kings5 hours ago

    Bro what the fuck is wrong with this nigga RJ and those movers too? Who rips the lip off someone else’s car?

  35. Daniel Merzetti-Grieve

    Daniel Merzetti-Grieve5 hours ago

    Restore the cookie !

  36. StrayzKid

    StrayzKid5 hours ago

    I like how that red piece of shit got an enclosed trailer

  37. yunus roomaney

    yunus roomaney5 hours ago

    I feel it’s either rb 26 or barra ... ls twins would be awesome

  38. Vintage Tech Repairs

    Vintage Tech Repairs5 hours ago

    Well it look like every other 240 now o_O

  39. DNA Social

    DNA Social5 hours ago

    Someone needs to take that unloading clip and put the "oh no" song from tik tok over it

  40. Sumeer Jugroop

    Sumeer Jugroop5 hours ago

    Need to check Tommy's channel to see if any RB's are mysteriously up for sale again.

  41. Gerald Rogers

    Gerald Rogers5 hours ago

    Everyone ouching and cringing over a lip which jimmy will already replace with some body kit 🤷

  42. chris mendoza

    chris mendoza5 hours ago

    Congratulations man love the content lately you have been killing it ...

  43. gixxernut

    gixxernut5 hours ago

    ??? Am I wrong or did he say it was going to get a rb25tt

  44. First name Last name

    First name Last name5 hours ago


  45. Asen Damyanov

    Asen Damyanov5 hours ago

    The rb from the skyline would be a nice fit tbh

  46. rotary_13b

    rotary_13b5 hours ago

    Just call it a front crank seal.

  47. Zaid Kidwai

    Zaid Kidwai5 hours ago

    😭 I would be so pissed

  48. Antonio Estrada

    Antonio Estrada5 hours ago

    S12 coupe next?🤔

  49. David Gonzales

    David Gonzales5 hours ago

    Please stop putting the camera in peoples faces jimmy if it’s an audio issue get a microphone

  50. Andy Roche

    Andy Roche5 hours ago

    Is the s15 K series going in that?

  51. javir10

    javir105 hours ago

    normal people buy a car and drive it .... Jimmy buys a car and immediately takes out the engine and dismantles them. Why are you not a normal young man? 😂😂😂😂

  52. Mket Design

    Mket Design5 hours ago

    It suuts you rj the cold green s14

  53. BACNandEGGS

    BACNandEGGS5 hours ago

    Bumpers stuck? Fuck it keep going 🤔

  54. Dickerlump1277

    Dickerlump12775 hours ago

    Huge Shoutouts for Two Step Tommy driving that thing from the trailer XD XD

  55. Andy Roche

    Andy Roche5 hours ago

    Hit up dent patrol to do a little PDR on that door :)

  56. Acclimatising

    Acclimatising5 hours ago

    Imagine having a squad that is just down to do stuff like this whenever.. *insert sad pepe meme*

  57. John Dylan

    John Dylan5 hours ago

    I’ve been waiting for some kouki content and I see it’s guts ripped out

  58. Stone Cold

    Stone Cold5 hours ago

    This guy is a fucking moron. He has like 7 cars laying around not even finished and yet he buys more trash to work on. Thats not a car guy that a junk collector. Why dont you just start a junk yard. Never mind looking around your shop you already have one.

  59. Chris Stickler

    Chris Stickler5 hours ago

    Its time to wife Stephy up. She's out here spraying off the KA. She the real MVP lol

  60. Manozionado Z

    Manozionado Z5 hours ago

    Wish every owner took care of there cars like that

  61. r3ktfahdle

    r3ktfahdle6 hours ago

    Jesus Christ I hope those are your friends and not a actual towing company

  62. Sumeer Jugroop

    Sumeer Jugroop6 hours ago


  63. liam321995

    liam3219956 hours ago

    RJ repping the BQR gear! Big up UK!

  64. Lonely Lupus

    Lonely Lupus6 hours ago

    Like for LS

  65. Brian Galeano

    Brian Galeano6 hours ago

    idk man, id be kinda mad they just sent it off the trailer like that

  66. Mike Enz

    Mike Enz6 hours ago

    I'm terrified for what might happen to the Kouki

  67. jrbbikerx jrbbikerx

    jrbbikerx jrbbikerx6 hours ago

    Jesus needs a haircut and a shave that isn’t a flattering look for anyone

  68. Gavin Strange

    Gavin Strange6 hours ago

    This mans bout to have all the s chassis s13 hatch s13 coupe, s14 zenki, S14 kouki and just needs one more s15... what’s next Nissan chassis you are gonna collect Jimmy skylines ?

  69. Bay_SIX

    Bay_SIX6 hours ago


  70. Aeneas Merchant

    Aeneas Merchant6 hours ago

    keep the stride going! good job 👏

  71. Mikey George

    Mikey George6 hours ago

    Paint the zenki and give it away. You’ll make so much more than selling it as is

  72. thatgoldsupra

    thatgoldsupra6 hours ago

    I'd be fucking pissed if I saw someone unload my car like that.

  73. joshua loftis

    joshua loftis6 hours ago

    If it’s running and driving raffle it off! 5 bucks at your shop is one entry! Boom

  74. juliano__vq35

    juliano__vq356 hours ago

    Cringe when the bumper catches on the trailer and they just kept going instead of putting down more wood properly

  75. CaRs R LiFe

    CaRs R LiFe6 hours ago

    I prolly asked before but.... with your outro.... what is the name of the band and song?

  76. John Murray

    John Murray6 hours ago

    Them trailer boys are wankers, 2 extra bits of wood woulda saved that, I would not be happy

  77. RiskTakers215

    RiskTakers2156 hours ago

    The color on the kouki is beautiful

  78. Chris Stickler

    Chris Stickler6 hours ago

    I would have unsubscribed if you put an LS in it. But then re-susubscribed for the homies...

  79. Michael Perez

    Michael Perez6 hours ago

    I love Jimmy’s videos but it hurts at the same time cause a 240 is a dream car of mine and he has so many and I can’t afford one

  80. Nicholas Sander

    Nicholas Sander6 hours ago

    If you pronounce kouki as COW-Ki you are actually just wrong