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  1. Vedang Nijsure

    Vedang Nijsure5 hours ago

    Worst bachelorette ever

  2. lauren huggins

    lauren huggins8 hours ago

    Heather reminds me of Anna Camp

  3. lauren huggins

    lauren huggins8 hours ago

    How can she sell a hisue if she cant even sell herself ?

  4. lauren huggins

    lauren huggins8 hours ago

    This was the most vapid conversation I ever heard .

  5. Purple Magic

    Purple Magic8 hours ago

    Poor Brandon Awwww...She's so mean to him..

  6. lauren huggins

    lauren huggins8 hours ago

    That green dress damn ❤🔥

  7. stephanie prempeh

    stephanie prempeh8 hours ago

    Dale is special wish to hug him❤️

  8. Amanda Lawrence

    Amanda Lawrence8 hours ago

    I think he’s shy and she just saw that and twisted in her mind to be him somehow not being genuine...? Maybe? Idk but I do think this was just plainly unfair on her part tbh:/

  9. Mama White

    Mama White9 hours ago

    There is a reason she is still single! She was way too abrupt with the poor guy.

  10. Maggie Mae

    Maggie Mae9 hours ago

    Insecure, attention seeking, immature, despicable OLD drama queen.

  11. lauren huggins

    lauren huggins9 hours ago

    He came to tell her that they got his order wrong at McDonalds. Very serious stuff 😂

  12. lauren huggins

    lauren huggins9 hours ago

    I can lowkey see him like peering through the window with the next one of one she does

  13. Destiny 100

    Destiny 1009 hours ago

    Where is the rest of this interviewer?

  14. lauren huggins

    lauren huggins9 hours ago

    I say this in every video and I'm gonna say it again . Wheres Chad to put people in their place.

  15. lauren huggins

    lauren huggins9 hours ago

    Hannah I have to tell u that I read US weekly and I'm broken hearted to announce that I didnt " wear it better " 😂😂😭😭😭

  16. lauren huggins

    lauren huggins9 hours ago

    At the rose ceremony I woulda look can dead in the eye and said " this ones for grandma " and patted him on the shoulder.

  17. lauren huggins

    lauren huggins9 hours ago

    This is like that episode of key and Peele where keegan makes up stuff at a talent competition to win .

  18. sam alwan

    sam alwan9 hours ago

    She all over him all the time 🤮🤢

  19. lauren huggins

    lauren huggins9 hours ago

    I give my metaphorical condolences to both his g ma and his leg

  20. lauren huggins

    lauren huggins9 hours ago

    How dare u . U dont know who I am or where I came from or what I did to get here lol

  21. Eve Hawa Sinare

    Eve Hawa Sinare10 hours ago

    She should get to know him first before saying so. Feel she is too fast.

  22. Storm

    Storm10 hours ago

    Lets just call it what it is ..the Clare and Dale show. However, I have a feeling it’s Clare who’s going to end up disappointed in the end. He’s definitely going to use this show to advance his own career.

  23. lauren huggins

    lauren huggins10 hours ago

    I would have loved to see Chad against Luke. He would so Put him in his place so quick

  24. Karin Oneil

    Karin Oneil11 hours ago

    What does she keep doing with her lips

  25. lauren huggins

    lauren huggins11 hours ago

    I couldn't commit to someone if I didnt know how they are in ALL aspects of a relationship intimacy is big for me .

  26. nickayla m

    nickayla m12 hours ago

    jane is giving her opinion way too much for someone who nobidy remebers

  27. christina guppy

    christina guppy13 hours ago

    Ugh he’s so hot tho

  28. mary loti

    mary loti13 hours ago

    Ooooooh child what the hell is this 😂🥴🥴. Love island season 2 USA ended and I was like let me peak at the bachelorette for the first time and this just turned me off 🥴💀

  29. kevin clark

    kevin clark14 hours ago

    heath hussar

  30. Brandi Lepage

    Brandi Lepage14 hours ago

    This was absolutely pathetic to me! He was saying he found you attractive n that’s why he came on, he wanted to get to know you, but unlike the other men he HASNT watched the show n doesn’t know anything about you. How can he like your drive or what u have to offer if he clearly hasn’t watched the show!? Physco

  31. Hey Yo

    Hey Yo14 hours ago

    She’s crazy and too much

  32. Anna Maria

    Anna Maria14 hours ago

    I like that she cuts to the chase. She knows what she's looking for/what she needs and doesn't have time for someone with shallow connection points. I see a woman who knows she doesn't have time to waste.

  33. פני אפרצב

    פני אפרצב15 hours ago

    Clare just has so much expectations from these poor guys... I guess he could look her up, but common... Give him a break. Her love language is definitely words of affirmation.

  34. Gracie E

    Gracie E15 hours ago

    0:41 he sounded a bit overwhelming 😬

  35. FFD Farmerproperties

    FFD Farmerproperties17 hours ago

    One may know what you are looking for, please stop being rude and mean. Just be kind to Brandon and the others.

  36. Noel Huerta

    Noel Huerta18 hours ago

    Jordan Vs. Mcgregor 👀

  37. Jonathan Colson

    Jonathan Colson18 hours ago

    Everyone look up "Covert Narcissist"

  38. Susan-The Graceful Lily Market

    Susan-The Graceful Lily Market18 hours ago

    She’s freaking out about just liking her looks, but on the other hand she already picked her future husband in Dale based on purely looks cause she only just met him without getting to know him yet!

  39. Luc Bordage

    Luc Bordage19 hours ago

    She should go home with Dale. The other dudes are all there for no reason. Bring on Tayshia a.s.a.p., even starting the whole thing over (30men).

  40. GloriaC333

    GloriaC33320 hours ago

    Look at his body language. Look at Hera. I see nothing wrong here. She didn’t waste his time.

  41. rando

    rando20 hours ago

    He seems so sweet and all she can do is be fakey smiley and aggressive back like sorry he doesn't know your entire life history before even meeting god...

  42. Sara Rose

    Sara Rose20 hours ago

    This is just coming from me , but as a woman I don't see how a woman can kiss so many guys , I couldn't do it. My boyfriend would freak out it he discovered I was in a relationship like this , however he knows I would never do anything like this .

  43. Jukie Jukie

    Jukie Jukie22 hours ago

    It’s embarrassing:(

  44. Kat Perse

    Kat Perse22 hours ago

    Takes two to tango. A week ago she called Kirpa an idiot for saying Cassie doesn't want Colton and here she ditched. She was sending mixed signals so I see why he went after her. But she needed to say no then and there. Dude really went off the rails big time and the first major red flag was here (although from her perspective she did not see what we saw). People need to learn that one should never settle just as much one should never beg. It's not healthy.

  45. Susie Soliman

    Susie Soliman22 hours ago

    Did she know anything about Juan Pablo when she joined his season probably not

  46. Naiad Baksh

    Naiad Baksh22 hours ago

    “Perfect French” he’s Quebecois 😂

  47. William Salazar

    William Salazar23 hours ago

    She was rippin on that Brandon guy for liking her superficially but she is doing the exact same thing and liking Dale superficially.

  48. Mac Hodgdon

    Mac HodgdonDay ago

    I remember being excited about the prospect of a clare season of the bachelorette. With how dramatic and over the top peter’s season was, I was hoping clares stint as the bachelorette would be a breath of fresh air. Boy was I wrong

  49. 1yorknewable

    1yorknewableDay ago

    i love Sean and Catherine they so sweet together the proposal was stunning genuine and true and magical

  50. OversizeLoad1

    OversizeLoad1Day ago

    That was like a few seconds of silence. What? She wants attention ever single second? The moment one guy gives her what she wants, she leaves him hanging for another guy... She's a Karen in the making! Was she in the Bachelor at some point?

  51. TheDgbin69

    TheDgbin69Day ago

    Thank God she’s no longer the’ sooooo obvious who she chose from the beginning.. what a waste of time

  52. Melissa S

    Melissa SDay ago

    She asked him why he came there. He said for her. She said what was it about her that made him sign up. He was “durrr I don’t know. You’re pretty.” Clare was not impressed. Simple as that. 🤷🏾‍♀️ On the other hand you got Dale so invested in Clare he is praying for her and her ailing mother all throughout quarantine. I mean cmon

  53. Esha Kochhar

    Esha KochharDay ago

    Her demeanor is awful.

  54. snowmoon

    snowmoonDay ago

    i’m convinced everyone hates clare so much that they can’t even for a second, understand where she’s coming from... when i watched this, i wanted HIM to leave as soon as possible because i was cringing at him and the hole he was digging himself in, not clare... if you were in her position of being announced bachelorette way before it’s actually filmed and a guy tells you he’s here specifically for you but can only state your looks as a reason, you wouldn’t feel like he’s just not a good fit for you? (unless being told you’re pretty is enough to get you going?) well then okay lol

  55. Suhhh Bruhhh

    Suhhh BruhhhDay ago

    So she rather have guys there just are just fans? Lmao she just wants to be worshipped and showered with compliments from simps, not find love.

  56. Sichael Mcott

    Sichael McottDay ago

    Damn poor dude

  57. Lesedi Zenani Thebe

    Lesedi Zenani ThebeDay ago

    Aaahhhh I love Eazy oh my

  58. Merlyn Penamora

    Merlyn PenamoraDay ago

    YES YOU GOT ENGAGED and it didnt work out !!

  59. Naiah Fe Paglinawan

    Naiah Fe PaglinawanDay ago

    I never likes Hannah

  60. Lucky B

    Lucky BDay ago

    It is ok to not be attracted to someone but her question was really so weird and out of line! Why are you here? It is so easy to ask but yet so hard to answer it! There is usually no good answer to that question! She was being very unfair to him in this clip. Claire: Why are you here? Brandon: When I heard you're this seasons bachelorette, I immediately signed up. Claire: Why? Brandon: Because you look so beautiful and I wanted to get to know you. Claire: Wait! Other than my looks, is there any other reason why you came here? Brandon: Well...I wanted to know you and see if theres something there. Claire: Wait a second! You didnt even know me and yet you came to see me? Brandon: Well, not on a personal level but I knew all the basics. Claire: Listen I feel like you're not here for the right reason! Can I walk you out? I still cant find anything he did wrong or anything he could've done differently! She was just so weird to him. Frankly speaking, it was hard to watch and kinda uncomfortable.

  61. Karla Becerra

    Karla BecerraDay ago

    Aww Bennett seems like a great guy. Felt bad for him

  62. nylah dabrat

    nylah dabratDay ago

    it honestly wasn’t serious.. i would’ve said well thank you and let’s get to know each other like she did the most. not everybody gone know you girl get over it😭

  63. Elisa Jk

    Elisa JkDay ago

    She’s going to be so high maintenance!! Good luck dale.......

  64. Jay Jus

    Jay JusDay ago

    And to think we wanted a mature woman as the lead 🤦‍♀️. Those 23 year olds would have done better

  65. Kevin Toth

    Kevin TothDay ago

    Can anyone explain to what Bandon was doing wrong. I have no clue. He showed interest and wanted to know her better...

  66. Dani

    DaniDay ago

    She's awful

  67. June Star

    June StarDay ago

    I can't believe she just sent this poor guy home over this! Was this edited? Maybe there was more to this clip that we didnt see but still..she needs to chill out. The guy says he thought she was beautiful and wanted to meet her, so what is the problem? Wow. This girl is full of drama!

  68. dee astley

    dee astleyDay ago

    Owned. He's like the shermanator

  69. My_name_is_Poetry M

    My_name_is_Poetry MDay ago

    It's funny how other guys stepped up but Dale is the only one who's answer she appreciated she just wanted his attention and she is not trying to get to know other guys 🤦‍♀️

  70. Viggo Stokholm

    Viggo StokholmDay ago

    She truly loves bbc.

  71. Still Learning

    Still LearningDay ago

    She’ll get rid of this guy for saying her beauty made him want to get to know her, but keep Yosef who called her CRAZY to her face 🤔

  72. Liana M

    Liana MDay ago

    Wow that was rude from her part.

  73. Casey Williams

    Casey WilliamsDay ago

    I can't find one thing I like about her either. She's the oldest and the worst bachelorette.

  74. Louis Cyfear

    Louis CyfearDay ago

    *_Dude she's 39._* Who cares!?

  75. monica evrard

    monica evrardDay ago

    Love at first sight indeed❤🎂

  76. Mikayla Lange

    Mikayla LangeDay ago

    She’s awful lol

  77. Christopher Steward

    Christopher StewardDay ago

    This tv show is the cingest thing I've ever seen, thats why I love it haha. How can you want to kiss a girl thats kissed 20 other guys. Oh the drama 🤣

  78. abhishek vkd

    abhishek vkdDay ago

    So this is the guy your girlfriend say not to be worried about .........

  79. Storm

    StormDay ago

    One thing I know for sure ..if you’re 39 and need the bachelorette tv show to get a husband then you’re probably going to end up disappointed.