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100 Layers Challenge!
E-Girl vs Soft-Girl
  1. Jerwin divina

    Jerwin divina17 minutes ago

    It's no matter if I'm nerd 🤓 we can just train to be strong to defence our selve


    MOU GHOSH18 minutes ago

    @Triggered Inssan should roast this 🤣🤣

  3. Hema Latha

    Hema Latha31 minute ago


  4. Cutie senpie

    Cutie senpie34 minutes ago

    Cat is not a poor animal any animal is not poor are you rich so your cat rich so this is not any poor or rich animal come on here and the tiger is not real😒

  5. Noah Bee

    Noah Bee34 minutes ago

    Wow austin

  6. Call me Malaima

    Call me Malaima36 minutes ago

    I love the colour black because my room is filled with black staffs and I choose Emily's choice.

  7. Beatriz Altavilla Fortes

    Beatriz Altavilla Fortes36 minutes ago

    you can do a video only of horses?

  8. Beatriz Altavilla Fortes

    Beatriz Altavilla Fortes37 minutes ago

    i love horses!!!]

  9. Lara

    Lara38 minutes ago

    I like Silver

  10. Hamad Mohammed

    Hamad Mohammed40 minutes ago


  11. isabella Rodriguez

    isabella Rodriguez49 minutes ago

    Broke but nerd for sure because the nerds always get rich in the end and the rich and popular usually get poor so yeah.

  12. Joane Pherinces

    Joane Pherinces55 minutes ago

    I chose the broke nerd because we can graduate school and get lots of money i don't care if i'm not popular and rich

  13. Ameliah ruby

    Ameliah ruby56 minutes ago

    Rich and popular jasmine

  14. Ameliah ruby

    Ameliah ruby58 minutes ago

    And rich and popular jasmine

  15. Ameliah ruby

    Ameliah ruby59 minutes ago

    Popular jasmine

  16. Sanglian Hnuna

    Sanglian HnunaHour ago

    Jasmean is soo butiful as u gual

  17. RUTVIK muniraja

    RUTVIK munirajaHour ago

    did he litterally broke a grass block with a pickackes in 1:13 seconds

  18. amuluru anusha

    amuluru anushaHour ago


  19. Cristine Caube

    Cristine CaubeHour ago

    i hate the broke b cus she won't leave the rich boy the s y i hate him

  20. ac team strike

    ac team strikeHour ago


  21. Faryal Qasim

    Faryal QasimHour ago

    Rich because she's popular

  22. Fathima I

    Fathima IHour ago

    Jasmine Jasmine

  23. Liliana Ene

    Liliana EneHour ago

    this is gay

  24. Jana Assem

    Jana AssemHour ago

    Yaahooooo troom troom yay yay yag yay yay yay yay yay yay yay

  25. Josue Zelaya

    Josue ZelayaHour ago

    I would report the teacher

  26. meenal pawar

    meenal pawarHour ago

    I like the rich

  27. idk what to name

    idk what to nameHour ago

    Part2 pls

  28. dprik90

    dprik90Hour ago

    i will be a nered because they get good grades☺☺☺☺☺☺🤩☺

  29. Natalia Batchelor

    Natalia BatchelorHour ago

    That is not fr

  30. eiei phyo

    eiei phyoHour ago

    Poor for sure I am poor ldk but we are not the poor 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  31. john carlo cuyos

    john carlo cuyosHour ago

    nerd cause she is smart

  32. aljen miranda

    aljen miranda2 hours ago

    soft girl

  33. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix Kiddo2 hours ago

    I don’t like you

  34. Sab Chan

    Sab Chan2 hours ago

    But i now on the troom troom select the nerd is poor 🤔🤔🤔

  35. Melody Blackwell

    Melody Blackwell2 hours ago

    I love among us

  36. alias vlogs

    alias vlogs2 hours ago

    This is so cringe ugh

  37. Yaseen Khan

    Yaseen Khan2 hours ago

    Nelly because she has good grade and when you have when she got aps she is going to be rich

  38. Sunitha Pinto

    Sunitha Pinto2 hours ago

    Earth element

  39. Priya Mishra

    Priya Mishra2 hours ago


  40. Artin Ebrahimi

    Artin Ebrahimi2 hours ago


  41. hannah roberts

    hannah roberts2 hours ago


  42. •ᖇᑌKI ᑕᕼᗩᑎ• :p

    •ᖇᑌKI ᑕᕼᗩᑎ• :p2 hours ago

    The nerds always become succesful and get to buy the new fararri instead of being rich and unsuccesful so nellu

  43. kjendl78

    kjendl782 hours ago

    It was funny when they kissed

  44. Yesmina RAMADAN

    Yesmina RAMADAN2 hours ago


  45. Rachael Rollings

    Rachael Rollings2 hours ago


  46. Jane Llano

    Jane Llano2 hours ago

    I think rich pregnat has a baby girl

  47. Juee Gohilqolll

    Juee Gohilqolll2 hours ago

    I love that name jasmine


    AYESHA THANZOOM S3 hours ago

    иә алдау үшін жаза

  49. Pumpkin X

    Pumpkin X3 hours ago

    Actually the nerd is the future rich one mybe richer

  50. Briana Brown

    Briana Brown3 hours ago

    Yes i did that too

  51. Mustafa Mikael Sheikh

    Mustafa Mikael Sheikh3 hours ago

    First one zoey was absent in the gym

  52. Mats Stober

    Mats Stober3 hours ago

    I legit have a Bad sister

  53. Ayesha Khan

    Ayesha Khan3 hours ago

    I like among us☺😊😊😊☺

  54. little cool cool

    little cool cool3 hours ago

    The kiss was the best😂😂

  55. Ayesha Khan

    Ayesha Khan3 hours ago

    Among us is the best game in the world ☺☺☺☺😊😊😊😊😊

  56. Shelo Quinapondan

    Shelo Quinapondan3 hours ago


  57. Kavinu Gunathilaka

    Kavinu Gunathilaka3 hours ago

  58. Chaithra Gowda

    Chaithra Gowda3 hours ago


  59. Mubarek Delgeba

    Mubarek Delgeba3 hours ago

    Like it

  60. Duglas Maldonado

    Duglas Maldonado3 hours ago

    I say nelly becase she always gets good grades.

  61. Kavinu Gunathilaka

    Kavinu Gunathilaka3 hours ago

  62. Kym Ong

    Kym Ong3 hours ago

    I love the first scene coz the nerd was walking so funny 😂 and she was walking soooooooo slow hahaha

  63. Abdul habib alizadah

    Abdul habib alizadah3 hours ago

    I feel so sorry for the poor student

  64. Anju Sidharthan

    Anju Sidharthan3 hours ago

    Nerd.I want to be very smart.🤓🤓🤓

  65. Devashree Pimplikar

    Devashree Pimplikar3 hours ago

    The black looks the best 👌👌👍 white is just to much👎