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  1. tampung terus

    tampung terus17 hours ago

    The legend❤️

  2. shaik umar shareef

    shaik umar shareef17 hours ago

    Indian Mxdoubles will become world no.1 soon

  3. Mo. C

    Mo. C18 hours ago

    God all these indonesians comments are very disturbing, all babbling about karma. Just because Ginting was unfairly treated last year does not make this umpire's decision fair (both are EQUALLY unfair). Crazy indo fans are literally idolizing Hans KSV (here and on twitter) and almost congratulating him for doing the same "unfair thing" that LCY did last year (not admitting a mistake, which was very obvious here compared to HK open). And they don't even see the irony of it all... Oh well.

  4. Mario Klesczewski

    Mario Klesczewski18 hours ago

    these Magic Daddies were at 20%, not more

  5. Christian Wijaya

    Christian Wijaya18 hours ago

    Who come here after H.K.Vitthingus defeat LeeChiukYiu and saved Ginting for WorldTourFinal 👋

  6. Richard0 766HI

    Richard0 766HI18 hours ago

    Pasangan jordan kurang lincah,, dh gendut si oktaviani

  7. Jowy Anderson

    Jowy Anderson18 hours ago

    38:58 lucky shot ? you lousy commentator . He clearly anticipated that.

  8. matthew young

    matthew young18 hours ago

    Nobody: Marin: LDSLKJSFKDJFLSKJ!!!!!!!!!

  9. shaik umar shareef

    shaik umar shareef18 hours ago

    well played issue keep it up stay away from injuries

  10. SEAL777 adallena

    SEAL777 adallena18 hours ago

    Perhaps HKV will get his karma next.? BWF should especially get the blame, not solely the players, need to fix the system.

  11. Victor Yelyseyev

    Victor Yelyseyev18 hours ago

    Very mach respect for Daren Liew!!


    JESUS FERNANDEZ18 hours ago

    Vamos Carolina!!!

  13. Vincent H

    Vincent H18 hours ago

    Felt bad for Lee : (

  14. SL

    SL18 hours ago

    He won and the racquet instantly turned into a trophy!

  15. David Sanusi

    David Sanusi18 hours ago

    vitingus touch the net with his racquet empire need 🤓 lol

  16. Orlando Rose

    Orlando Rose18 hours ago

    Verma has done very well After defeating Lee Zee Jia and almost getting Anders

  17. 冷一衿

    冷一衿18 hours ago

    Bwf ask lee zi jia make a sentence Lee zi jia :ok , start in i think...

  18. 박찬영

    박찬영18 hours ago

    킴/콩 굿!!!!

  19. Singgih Prasetyo

    Singgih Prasetyo18 hours ago

    Para tunggal putra indo harusnya malu nonton ini, mau alasan apa? Capek? Udh tua? Korona? Jauh? Emg dasar kalianya itu ga pnya strategi dan mental tanding

  20. 이지현

    이지현19 hours ago

    다리요정 안세영~💜 Last defence is so nice~👍👍👍

  21. jh kim

    jh kim19 hours ago

    3세트에서 심판이 서비스할 사람 바뀐거 지적한 거 맞네. 선수도 착각했는데 아주 예리하네ㅎㅎ 내가 볼땐 이소희가 네트 플레이 가끔 실수하지만 이중에 제일 큰 실수가 적고 의욕적으로 플레이하는듯. 나머지 선수는 좀더 실수 줄여야할듯. 신승찬은 날렵하지 못해 아쉬움(아마 부상있나?) 실수도 꽤. 장예나는 상대방을 흔드는 플레이(찬스볼 유도)를 잘하나 스매시 파워와 수비가 좀 아쉬움(수비가 뜰때가 많은듯). 김혜린은(눈 했군ㅎㅎ) 전체적으로 무난하고 스매시도 꾸준하게 잘 때리나 잔실수 줄여야할듯. 그리고 장예나 김혜린 조의 실점 최소 5점 이상은 자리 겹쳐서인듯 ㅠ 누구 잘못이라기보단 서로 더 상의가 필요해보임. '승찬아' 안하는데 '소희야' 아주 많음 ㅋㅋ 우리 선수들 화이팅하세요

  22. Teh本

    Teh本19 hours ago

    Goh's back seems hurt

  23. Lung Chan

    Lung Chan19 hours ago

    umpire is sleeping. the racket toched the net, It doesn't mean lee gonna win, but it sucks big time. Vittinghus won, yeah..., always deserving. But he knows he touched the net. And sometimes, you gotta take what it's given. It evens out the time that you are the unlucky one.... Too bad for Lee. Lee was lucky at Hong Kong open If I remember against Ginting... Hey you know what, only momota doesn't need those kinda luck. People saying momota is not Lin Dan level, I seriously doubt that now. I was the one who thinks like that before. Seeing him won so many games, controling the pressure... I really think he is the best I ever seeing. Just the best.

  24. Hariyanto IH

    Hariyanto IH19 hours ago

    1:12:17 I guess I saw Ginting coach, Irwansyah, with his brown shirt watching the match from the corner ;))

  25. Ray Ou

    Ray Ou19 hours ago

    Racket handle in hand, rest of it off-screen behind his baseline, shuttle lands on the far baseline for a winner, game, set and match!

  26. Nikhil Shikarkhane

    Nikhil Shikarkhane19 hours ago

    Sindhu stands tall like a tennis player and rallies like its Wimbledon.

  27. JR 1983

    JR 198319 hours ago

    Good run for English lads always tough to handle the quality of the Daddies

  28. Alexis Huynh

    Alexis Huynh19 hours ago

    This is getting ridiculous, I dont get how with all the technology, we still can't manage proper decision making. This is a joke to professional sports.

  29. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov19 hours ago

    Happy new year y'all Please repent because Jesus is coming soon, Like so more people can see this.

  30. Hasrat ZD

    Hasrat ZD19 hours ago

    39:18 the best defence of kevin ✨✨

  31. Sandeep Reddy Srigiri

    Sandeep Reddy Srigiri19 hours ago

    Amazing game Samir Verma. I wish you all the best and see you top and win tournaments

  32. Simple_ _Life

    Simple_ _Life19 hours ago

    Good match!

  33. Amir Syukri

    Amir Syukri19 hours ago

    3:46 the dork in her just came out XD

  34. Hanif Zainal

    Hanif Zainal19 hours ago

    looks like anime character XD

  35. Jebat Hero

    Jebat Hero19 hours ago

    What a great fighter...he did the same to Lee Zii Jia....but with Antonsen...unlucky....great job verma....

  36. lting001

    lting00120 hours ago

    If I am not mistaken, this is the first time ML wins a set against TTY.

  37. OnMoi

    OnMoi20 hours ago

    Better performance from ML compared to their last meet. Guess it's different for each player to regain their competitive edge. Congrats, TTY. 🙏 Stay healthy.

  38. Chi Ann

    Chi Ann20 hours ago

    Well play to both teams/Congratulations to Thai team 🇹🇭🇹🇭 🥳🥳

  39. Hidden UniMoo 13

    Hidden UniMoo 1320 hours ago

    Congrats, Antonsen! And omg, Verma has so much potential! He played so well today, so energetic and powerful with his smashes. Looking forward to his games in the future! He will go far!

  40. RayRay

    RayRay20 hours ago

    welp time to reconsider getting the Astrox 100ZZ thats like $200 down the drain for one of us.


    OSCO LOIC20 hours ago

    Perfect 🔥


    OSCO LOIC20 hours ago


  43. Satyam Bhandari

    Satyam Bhandari20 hours ago

    Sameer Varma is the real Winner. Amazing Badminton 👍

  44. Ardi Perdana

    Ardi Perdana20 hours ago

    1:38:25 ngapain sih 😂😂

  45. Kai Ng

    Kai Ng20 hours ago

    Why there is HSBC in the middle, when replay the HSBC missing

  46. miko foin

    miko foin20 hours ago

    Jonathan Christie not qualified enough to play profession 👎🏻

  47. Sreekanth Dasari

    Sreekanth Dasari20 hours ago

    No nonsence verma. Great work.

  48. Firdaus Bulber

    Firdaus Bulber20 hours ago

    Verma's footwork tho

  49. Rolf Schumacher

    Rolf Schumacher20 hours ago

    so what should I say ... never underestimate you grandpa lol


    OSCO LOIC20 hours ago

    Daddies 🔥

  51. orang orangan

    orang orangan20 hours ago

    mmm can you guys (on the comment section) focus on the content? it's their right to choose what they wanna be, pls be respectful

  52. harwisel singh

    harwisel singh20 hours ago

    Kalo nonton pake earphone di saat chireng mau nye mash beberapa kali shetty bilang " "marr marrr" arti nya hajarr hajarrr 😀

  53. Kucing Garong

    Kucing Garong20 hours ago

    mainya ahsan asikkkerennn

  54. R. Ferdi Satria Pujianto

    R. Ferdi Satria Pujianto20 hours ago

    Tai is beautyful, magnificent player so admire her🥰🥰🥰

  55. Yee Seven

    Yee Seven20 hours ago

    Indonesia Ardianto too much mistake!!!

  56. Cahyaningrum Ayu A

    Cahyaningrum Ayu A20 hours ago

    Why didn't he ask for a challenge when the line judge said it was out?

  57. Ahmed Nurdinsyah

    Ahmed Nurdinsyah20 hours ago

    Berisik banget lapangan nya gegerubugan😂😂

  58. Ludmila Stone

    Ludmila Stone20 hours ago

    Why Yes Mr. Commentator (whoever you are) us Turks know exactly how to "smash down the door and really take advantage" if it comes to that. But why must you shine your lime light only on the negative when it comes to us TURKS? P.s. Proud Turk!!! You should be ashamed of yourself for your cloaked racist comments 30:29

  59. Space-shuttler

    Space-shuttler20 hours ago

    Vittinghus was just being cocky by bringing up the HK Open 2019 when Ginting was faulted by hitting the shuttle over the net when played against LCY. He brought this up simply to justify his un-sportsmanship because in this case he clearly knew that his racket hit the net as a professional badminton player, whereas in HK Open 2019 it was the umpire's call for Ginting's fault and LCY wouldn't have known if Ginting really committed the fault. In fact if you go back to watch that play it was a very close call from the umpire. All in all, the root cause lies with the BWF's incompetency and inaction in addressing this age old issue.

  60. Syzrl Anwr

    Syzrl Anwr20 hours ago

    Malaysian needs to wake up now. Other countries have improved a lot especially India.

  61. Maulana McTavis

    Maulana McTavis21 hour ago

    Seharusnya tenang layak nya The daddies tu Fajar/Rian kaga emosian lawan ni pair english

  62. Joe Mathew

    Joe Mathew21 hour ago

    Tough day for the line judges in this match...

  63. Paul Beer

    Paul Beer21 hour ago

    Well done guys! Sweaty game! Both players in good form. I'm loving these new games now that tournaments have resumed.

  64. Eddy

    Eddy21 hour ago

    Two people need glasses! Respect for Lee to be courteous to Hans when leaving the court.

  65. Hasril Hafiz

    Hasril Hafiz21 hour ago

    Amazing cross court, 😎

  66. Syahronihasibuan1987 Roni

    Syahronihasibuan1987 Roni21 hour ago

    Rambutnya yang meningkat. Kalaw permainan tambah menurun. Trus teriakannya juga memang mantap.

  67. leo prakoso

    leo prakoso21 hour ago

    Smash ahsan kenceng banget laju ny. Ya pertahankan terus performa ny utk semi final dan final.

  68. Steven S

    Steven S21 hour ago

    Now the Astrox 100ZZ may become unsalable 😂

  69. Safila Tv

    Safila Tv21 hour ago

    Permainan yg tenang namun berkelas💪🇮🇩🇮🇩👍👍👍

  70. Shashank Saha

    Shashank Saha21 hour ago

    I think one of the reasons of the daddies phenomenal play is their quite impressive use of their wrists. If you observe most of today's players, they do majority of their defense in the backhand shot while ahsan and setiawan can hit it quickly and fluently with both back and forehand giving an unreturnable direction to their shots. Kudos to them.

  71. Syakir JK

    Syakir JK21 hour ago

    Keep loosing hmm

  72. Alfi Onad

    Alfi Onad21 hour ago

    Intanion habis potong rambut apa di gulung

  73. Subianus 1993

    Subianus 199321 hour ago

    lee zi jia kalah tapi layak ke semi final????

  74. Jeff seid

    Jeff seid21 hour ago

    Wonderfull game play my country man 🇮🇳

  75. Jey k

    Jey k21 hour ago

    Great effort Verma...!!!! sure you will be in top 10 soon.

  76. Junlin Yi

    Junlin Yi21 hour ago

    I mean to be fair Lee won the HK Open because of a wrong net fault so...

  77. BadmintonLegends

    BadmintonLegends21 hour ago

    Well played 👌👌✌🙏💯

  78. Kenari Af

    Kenari Af21 hour ago

    musuh terberat the dadies saat ini minion,musuh terberat minion saat ini yuta/endo,musuh terberat yuta/endo ya the dadies,liu/yu chen. .berarti juara sejati tetap the bapak sama the anak. .😎

  79. Mei Priscilia

    Mei Priscilia21 hour ago

    Aih mantap

  80. ManOnTheMoon

    ManOnTheMoon21 hour ago

    His movement like Lee chongwei