Elvis The Alien
Elvis The Alien
Elvis The Alien

Earth sucks, the internet's worse

  1. Victoria Flis

    Victoria Flis20 hours ago

    No, shes not asking to be bullied. People need to learn not to bully, not the victims need to hide.

  2. billy joe

    billy joe20 hours ago

    monke :)

  3. Crying Mista

    Crying Mista20 hours ago

    A movie climaxing when arriving at Cairo, Egypt. Sounds bizzare

  4. tania pedro

    tania pedro20 hours ago

    Martyrs is far from being the worst horror film, and even farther from being the most unhealthy ^^ I invite you to look at Thanatomorphosis by Éric Falardeau, and you will understand the true definition of the term. of unhealthy.... next door, Martyrs is almost a joke, Thanatomorphosis is the only film that I found it hard to look at the whole thing...

  5. Shrek Buttz

    Shrek Buttz21 hour ago

    Aliens time should be up by now. I wonder if he's dead now

  6. Overshock

    Overshock21 hour ago

    Holy fucking shit Elvis did it He got sponsored by Adam and Eve Holy shit

  7. Gośka Moriartea

    Gośka Moriartea21 hour ago

    I'm from Poland as this girl that made this movie and ... It was a big thing when this movie came out - and ... it was super popular here.. Why.. I'm so ashamed that Poland doesn't really have good movies.. We maybe have a few. I don't recommend any tbh. Especially this movie - it's rap*y disgusting sh*t :')

  8. xgamer 721

    xgamer 72121 hour ago

    if your house are haunted by a demon call =the DOOM slayer phone number 666

  9. Sake

    Sake21 hour ago

    The budget for this could've easily be used for an SCP movie or show, something that's actually scary and isn't seen as a 4 year old dead trend that only instagram "Influencers" use

  10. Phel Monk

    Phel Monk21 hour ago

    this reminded me to take my anti-depressants

  11. Ü

    Ü21 hour ago

    What the fuck is this and why am I watch this

  12. Alex Neumann

    Alex Neumann21 hour ago

    My muslim friend says that Allah wouldn't want you to judge others. All people who follow the religion should interpret the faith to the best of their abilities and do so voluntarily, and the only one who can judge you is God and it's after you die.

  13. Diego

    Diego21 hour ago

    elvis has got to be the only USlikes that has all of his subs watch his vids

  14. MentallyFloridian

    MentallyFloridian21 hour ago

    "f****** nambees"

  15. Poopy Peepod

    Poopy Peepod21 hour ago

    I hated awfulcalypse so much. glad i wasnt alone

  16. Joshua de Jesús

    Joshua de Jesús21 hour ago

    This is why you send gamers into space, fuckers can last forever in a small room as long as they have access to games. Just produce an AI that can creates games.

  17. Nicolás Flamm

    Nicolás Flamm21 hour ago

    Am I the only person in the world noticing that the wishing stone looks 100 % like a dildo?

  18. Faust Wotans

    Faust Wotans21 hour ago

    nice work, but this stuff shouldn't be on youtube...

  19. Ronnie Condez

    Ronnie Condez21 hour ago

    Can you review on "Dont breathe" because its bad and good at the same time

  20. Daylin Chettiar

    Daylin Chettiar21 hour ago

    Lady licking mic has and only fans now

  21. JulijanPlayzMinecraft

    JulijanPlayzMinecraft21 hour ago

    This movie is sooo disgusting!

  22. felix is gaming

    felix is gaming21 hour ago


  23. Ivan Avila

    Ivan Avila21 hour ago

    Pack pack

  24. Roman Matei

    Roman Matei21 hour ago

    its truly disgusting how some people missed the jschlatt reference at 7:30

  25. Vitor Frota

    Vitor Frota21 hour ago

    Willy's Wonderland is out, dude! Nick Cage vs. Five Nights at Freddy's! Time for that Nick Cage movie review

  26. LaraHarker91

    LaraHarker9121 hour ago

    In fact, when you cut yourself, for about 2-3 seconds, you dont bleed.

  27. Andrew Welch

    Andrew Welch22 hours ago

    Tomorrow we'll know for sure.

  28. yoshimidget

    yoshimidget22 hours ago

    why. why does this movie exist

  29. Zero Reverse

    Zero Reverse22 hours ago

    Never thought i'd see a buthol on the first 10 seconds of a youtube video

  30. Grimm

    Grimm22 hours ago

    Ohhhh it’s French that makes sense

  31. Darina Gaborova

    Darina Gaborova22 hours ago

    Hehe... I'm veri ✨ uncomfortable ✨

  32. Dotty Orange

    Dotty Orange22 hours ago

    This dudes smugness is insufferable.

  33. Idol_Stomper

    Idol_Stomper22 hours ago

    Blatant ripoff of Blood Beach (81)

  34. Dat Disabled Guy

    Dat Disabled Guy22 hours ago

    This film had so many scenes, that didn't make sense! The ending was so stupid! It was like give me your wishes so the world can end. But forgot that his son was in the world

  35. MOMO LOL

    MOMO LOL22 hours ago

    Well I guess this is the time where I say WTF.

  36. Breenanaberry

    Breenanaberry22 hours ago

    You should check out Ouija Shark, it's really really bad

  37. Djordje Toskic

    Djordje Toskic22 hours ago

    its so dumb that i want to die

  38. Bandito STFU

    Bandito STFU22 hours ago

    the sponsor tho

  39. miafrand

    miafrand22 hours ago

    Awesome description ! Want to see it or maybe read the book will be even better !

  40. billy joe

    billy joe22 hours ago

    g0od FilM ?

  41. SMG1 & Bären Tele.

    SMG1 & Bären Tele.22 hours ago

    Even the Elephantman would have a Laughtattack when he sees a Butt in Face. Sorry this Movie disgusting

  42. Jay Kay

    Jay Kay22 hours ago

    "cool" girl is bae "cool" girl is my spirit animal

  43. The Bruh

    The Bruh22 hours ago

    "It's truly disgusting that some people would do such horrible thing" Nice

  44. Diyana Salimovna

    Diyana Salimovna22 hours ago

    You look like steve martin from pink panther somehow.

  45. Tamashii

    Tamashii22 hours ago

    I might be biased because I watched the Dead Meat kill count on Mandy but when I watched this movie I really really enjoyed it

  46. Ruxis256

    Ruxis25622 hours ago

    Jesus fuck I've never actually seen those clips of shane before. You can't even brand that as dark, or edgy, or whatever. That was straight creepy and predatory.

  47. Ronnie Condez

    Ronnie Condez22 hours ago

    Just look at that titan teeth 4:53

  48. sasuke’s bussy

    sasuke’s bussy22 hours ago

    this reminds me when one of my aunts told me how my other aunt ate out an older Italian man’s ass for 3 hours straight

  49. Demafelix Jaymark

    Demafelix Jaymark22 hours ago

    " die smelling females" UIwiIwiwiwIw

  50. Yako tako

    Yako tako22 hours ago

    House Shark is the must funny shark movie ever made

  51. Rosie P.

    Rosie P.22 hours ago

    "yOu LoSt BaBy GiRl?" *vagina makes windowsXP shutdown sound*

  52. Demafelix Jaymark

    Demafelix Jaymark22 hours ago

    Human Centipede 2 Serbian Film What the f-

  53. Demafelix Jaymark

    Demafelix Jaymark23 hours ago

    I would want to watch a sequel of this movie, I'm so curious

  54. Dotty Orange

    Dotty Orange23 hours ago

    Looks like a discount Billy Corgan robot.

  55. Renjiro

    Renjiro23 hours ago

    What the actual frick

  56. EnigmaOfTheEchidna

    EnigmaOfTheEchidna23 hours ago

    Why is it that I click this video to watch on my phone and it says, "This video is unavailable on this device." Only time I've ever seen this message is for this video out of my whole channel binge, now I'm on a mission to watch this video Lmao

  57. Johan Butter

    Johan Butter23 hours ago


  58. GaiaIbis Lady

    GaiaIbis Lady23 hours ago

    I thought when they noticed it Chang ed who it was going to possess based on who said the poem last that they were going to keep calling the Demom back and forth and then you know kill it when it was going between

  59. Demafelix Jaymark

    Demafelix Jaymark23 hours ago

    U gotta have a good rng to get a longer life lmao

  60. MD

    MD23 hours ago

    So this is 4chan: The Movie?

  61. Bruce Luiz

    Bruce Luiz23 hours ago

    Man I loved this movie. It is so extraterrestrial, and at the same time so mundane. This must be how one feels when living in Innsmouth or another Lovecraftian city

  62. Vex

    Vex23 hours ago


  63. Natasha Sadler

    Natasha Sadler23 hours ago

    I agree with your take on how this movie defeats its own purpose by sexualising young girls

  64. kolab

    kolab23 hours ago

    Bunty has the most contagious laugh I've ever heard

  65. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper23 hours ago

    28:46 That is one bold claim Considering how they killed off Li shan in that movie

  66. Mousse Tache

    Mousse Tache23 hours ago

    03:59 NOW I need to watch this movie. Also i'm french and had never heard of it, weird.

  67. Tony

    Tony23 hours ago

    Those call of duty speed reloads

  68. 333deathprone333

    333deathprone33323 hours ago

    A movie about the crazy neighbor lady sneaking around stealing their toenail clippings would be better.

  69. Stefan94_ RedmiA

    Stefan94_ RedmiA23 hours ago

    Serbian movi

  70. Michael Salkeld

    Michael Salkeld23 hours ago

    American Horror Story - when does post-modernism/irony/hommage become plagiarism? Discuss. Do not write on both sides of the paper at the same time.

  71. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper23 hours ago

    22:42 Oh, we were supposed to cry ? My sad emotions will come in 2 or 3 months

  72. DaKingSean

    DaKingSean23 hours ago

    It looks like these kinda videos don't get as many views but please keep doing em🤣🤣

  73. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper23 hours ago

    What is Chi in Mulan ? Simple It's short for Skill Points from the fallout games

  74. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. PepperDay ago

    6:45 We watching bollywood or Disney ?

  75. AlienLobsteroo

    AlienLobsterooDay ago

    da memes are too gud




  77. Quaid Dalton

    Quaid DaltonDay ago

    Somehow the movie makes alot more sense after seeing the director

  78. KUTThroatGDN XB

    KUTThroatGDN XBDay ago

    Lmfao man said she thick *sigh*

  79. Sam Witherington

    Sam WitheringtonDay ago

    The fact I've seen almost all of these films says a lot.

  80. h

    hDay ago

    hide your cats, its more than just a conspiracy