and err
and err again
but less
and less
and less.

-Piet Hein

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  1. Brett Einhorn

    Brett Einhorn5 hours ago

    Didnt know you got ricky from the trailer park helping you out, awesome!

  2. Matt Goodrich

    Matt Goodrich5 hours ago

    Ahhhh ye ol ford power steering pump whine

  3. Brian Nelson

    Brian Nelson5 hours ago

    Love you guys. I'm 100 miles south of ya. Border still closed, but I'd love to buy you a drink someday.

  4. Dragojuice

    Dragojuice5 hours ago

    Stand Mixer: "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!" AvE: "Very Quiet. Wow!" Me: "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR"

  5. The Wedgie

    The Wedgie5 hours ago

    What a piece of shit.

  6. Kevin Ragsdale

    Kevin Ragsdale6 hours ago

    big lawd he comin chungus haha


    JASON LABBY6 hours ago

    Good air shocks could have an extra air reservoir but it for the last bit of travel almost like a having a longer bottom out bumper lowers end of travel spike and flattens compression curve to make feel like a steel spring. It compensates for having such a small air spring volume.

  8. Mr jason

    Mr jason6 hours ago

    Thanks for shareing .


    JASON LABBY6 hours ago

    Part right, lockout closes off the compression circuit. Most need a shaft oil displacement reservoir to make it work depending on how hi tech the valving and piston are designed . If it’s cheap and main oil flow is through rebound bypass hole, they can use that needle valve to shot off bypass to lock shock up. If you look inside shock body their might be a floating piston that separates oil and nitrogen which compensate for shaft displacement. If it’s super cheap there will be no piston and nitro will be with oil like an air ‘bubble’ that will displace volume from shock shaft but the oil/air can mix and foam which will make passing valving and through piston inconsistent and some what useless some call it ‘shock fade’. That’s way in your car the shock body is mounted at bottom toward the road and it’s real long in relation to the stroke. It also allows the oil and air to be in same chamber and piston can stay ‘bathed’ in oil and not mix up with air which stays at top of body, weight of vehicle keeps shock partially compressed and since it is 95% used only for rebound you only need the piston to be in oil for 90-95% of the travel where the spring rebound force is highest

  10. Joshua Mehay

    Joshua Mehay6 hours ago

    Hey AvE, love the vidgeos! Do you have a good way to contact you? I have a question I would like to ask, thank you!


    DALE CHAPMAN6 hours ago

    Walton tap extractors, I have had pretty good success with them. I try to be very careful but it seems like taps break when a chip gets bound up when I'm backing the tap outwards.

  12. Sean Strickland

    Sean Strickland6 hours ago

    Broke it on the 5th use lol Chineseum bolt snapped

  13. YooToobModerator

    YooToobModerator7 hours ago

    I want to see an "upgrade my mixer" video!

  14. Weldit Jamaica

    Weldit Jamaica7 hours ago

    My Omni pro 220 puffed smoke today ....would love your help with it

  15. Juul Mike

    Juul Mike7 hours ago

    My dad got me one of these when i was like 8 and I thought it was a game but now im 17 and thinking about buying one and actually learning more about electricity

  16. Michael Coomer

    Michael Coomer7 hours ago

    It's poorly made, but I've got radiation induced fibrosis from cancer treatments and it tenderizes my neck just the way it should. I'm giving them a pass cause it works for me.

  17. Lee Byrd

    Lee Byrd7 hours ago

    lmfao I'm surprised those thin gauge wires and gator clips didn't just POOF like det cord when y'all hooked it up and hit the starter. fwiw I have a jump pack about the size of your portable single-use one that I bought from Wal-Mart several years ago. I've used it to jump my Miata and my brother's Altima several times, and even made an unsuccessful attempt on the 6.0 powerstroke with dual batteries once and it still chooches. I love the little fuckin' thing and it's so little I can always have it with me.

  18. Zeek Henderson

    Zeek Henderson7 hours ago

    love the way he tells it like it is.

  19. printerandscanner

    printerandscanner7 hours ago

    Using a li-ion battery pack that doesn't have enough power to jump start the battery. then adding in a makita battery with no protecting device to and could have a caused a catastrophic mess. you would have just been better off unbolting the battery and telling costco to give you a new one. the costco li-ion pack works just fine on sedans.

  20. Rob Bag

    Rob Bag7 hours ago

    So you are a liar in your headline. Jack wagon

  21. BRING more VOLTAGE

    BRING more VOLTAGE7 hours ago

    I will now use ave law 4scfm is actually 0.6 so get a 30+ cfm

  22. Junior

    Junior8 hours ago

    Not exactly what a Gay Guy like Myself thinks when I hear Grindr Pron, ahaha, But still tickles my Fancy!

  23. Maxx

    Maxx8 hours ago

    I'd pay $250. No one makes a good wood handle claw hammer anymore.

  24. MaQuGo119

    MaQuGo1198 hours ago

    Get me greencard and trabajo pls

  25. Eric Dealmeida

    Eric Dealmeida8 hours ago

    I've watched almost all of your videos. You're so entertaining on so many levels just wanted to show some love thanks man

  26. Jacob Kooster

    Jacob Kooster8 hours ago

    I clicked on this video expecting to laugh at some shitty calipers, and you immediate pull out the exact calipers I've had for years. Feels bad.

  27. rob morgan

    rob morgan8 hours ago

    I KNEW IT! CANADIANS DO USE SQUARE WHEELS! #StereotypesAreAlwaysTrue Also... definitely a contender for the coveted "best ironic use of an anti theft device in a USlikes video" award.

  28. Dano C.

    Dano C.8 hours ago

    Reminds me of printers..

  29. J PR

    J PR9 hours ago

    I’m thinkin that a short-film docu-comedy is a cool idea

  30. Peter

    Peter9 hours ago

    Voltage goes through zero 120 times a second for 60 Hz and 100 times a second for 50 Hz actually. This valve is for maintaining minimum flow of coolant (air) otherwise motor would burn your house down.

  31. J PR

    J PR9 hours ago

    The use of “The Club”, as a vehicle theft deterrent, is an excellent example of irony

  32. Ross Tregemba

    Ross Tregemba9 hours ago

    8:22 "We have lapped this surface, well we haven't but some little 14 year old in China has lapped this for us" I'm CRYING dude LOL

  33. Laurence Shaw

    Laurence Shaw9 hours ago

    aaaaaaarrrrhhh *click ... gets me everytime

  34. StringedBeast

    StringedBeast9 hours ago

    Actually, it's pronounced 'Mill-E-wah-kay', which is Algonquin for "The Good Land"

  35. David Mc

    David Mc10 hours ago

    What is this? Ye from Norn Iron?

  36. Dark Slayer

    Dark Slayer10 hours ago

    Lol.. you get a 👍 and a subscribe 😂

  37. livingdeadbtu

    livingdeadbtu10 hours ago

    The green Phoenix screwdriver... best slotted screwdriver ever made!

  38. Dark Slayer

    Dark Slayer10 hours ago

    4:22 what the 😳 .. Your calling Aluminium how us brits say it ... .. Normally with your accent im used to hearing it said as Aluuminum

  39. Quincy Pinemuffin

    Quincy Pinemuffin10 hours ago

    This has absolutely nothing to do with his marvelous video of you and your homeboy drinking a great Booze but i found a rifid on a pair of swim trunks. WTF!

  40. Max Pasciak

    Max Pasciak10 hours ago

    Hey AvE. If you need a badass PC built so you can run autodesk quickly I can help!

  41. Klin Johnson

    Klin Johnson11 hours ago

    Lov u.

  42. Kind Nugz

    Kind Nugz11 hours ago

    Less like a weld and more like a rivet

  43. Pat O'Neill

    Pat O'Neill11 hours ago

    Awesome lunch bucket

  44. Spicoli1Bilek

    Spicoli1Bilek11 hours ago

    Did Ave disband is Channel or what the hell I can't get it to come up

  45. Thomas Hibdon

    Thomas Hibdon12 hours ago

    The things you do when you get bored during a freeze. Same.

  46. poorboyota26

    poorboyota2612 hours ago

    Mine does the same thing. You get one try and then you have to connect it to the wall charger for 15 seconds.

  47. Wyatt Berne

    Wyatt Berne12 hours ago

    lmao, the charger looks like a Nintendo virtual boy.

  48. Wolfie Smith

    Wolfie Smith12 hours ago

    Bit like the republicans, Looks good, sounds good, tells you everything you want to hear but... it’s shyte.

  49. Tommy Sick

    Tommy Sick12 hours ago

    I believe that little metal tabby thing from the beginning helps stabilize it when it's sitting down on the ground I know some high-end gas saws now have those

  50. RogueBrit

    RogueBrit12 hours ago

    I'm sorry Sally was always an easy drill

  51. Indrid Cold

    Indrid Cold13 hours ago

    I really appreciate the use of the very original adjectives. I once drove my old Jeep without a starter for a month by using the bump start technique.

  52. R K

    R K13 hours ago

    I’m English so what the fuck is 4 thou

  53. Bobby Foster

    Bobby Foster14 hours ago

    Bought one of these 15 years ago. Had to replace a switch, otherwise, Still chooching.

  54. EatingBambi

    EatingBambi14 hours ago

    I have a 1987 milwaukee right angle drill that still works, would you be interested in doing a BOLTR on it. I can ship it to you

  55. cuzz63

    cuzz6315 hours ago

    I have a belt sander that it made out of the same metal, I still use it. I bought it over 40 years ago and it was old then.

  56. aqcd

    aqcd15 hours ago

    old boss got the slaves one of these instead of a bonus, shit wont even start the motor-sickle

  57. Ilililili

    Ilililili15 hours ago

    If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy

  58. Parker Wesley

    Parker Wesley16 hours ago

    I got my guns delivered to my doorstep after I was referred to herickcard on telegram he’s the best dude ever💯.

  59. SilverBullet93GT

    SilverBullet93GT16 hours ago

    I can attest that the mythical Norlocs do work in a variety of applications

  60. goochman 420

    goochman 42016 hours ago

    Stamped lettering would be real nice with these. I also like the brass wheel one, but I suppose the steel is likely preferable. Edit of edit - i suppose i should have just continued watching lol

  61. Alex Kerr

    Alex Kerr17 hours ago

    Lester#7752 will got you a 130 amp alternator to replace the pathetic 60 amp stock unit in that truck. Bolts right up just need to do a little wiring.

  62. Wyatt FL!P

    Wyatt FL!P17 hours ago

    Awesome video. Thanks for taking the time to make these.

  63. The Skinnny

    The Skinnny18 hours ago

    Seems like 3 phase motors are less expensive than single phase cap start ones. Almost cheap enough to buy a vfd, and still brake even. Gotta love the soft start feature, overdrive, and underwhelmed load center. If sparky wants to share how he hooked it up for ya and got the plc programmed, that would be awesome. There is also never enough install support for the vfd's. The directions got lost in translation before the thing left china.

  64. Tom KI6ASP

    Tom KI6ASP19 hours ago

    Canadian fix’em up and Canadian exhaust.

  65. Eric L Krepps Sr

    Eric L Krepps Sr19 hours ago

    Catch an injury and they end your career and you get forgotten and replaced in a blink.

  66. Kevin Walters

    Kevin Walters19 hours ago

    I deal with these things on a daily basis for heating control. They take to long to open and close for the intended use. Nearly 5 mins to close so the heat tends to overshoot. They are rarely used in the US everyone I show them to has no clue what they are even the old guys

  67. Chuck Bailey

    Chuck Bailey20 hours ago

    It's too bad this wasn't practical for heavy equipment

  68. Victor Wysocki

    Victor Wysocki20 hours ago

    Humbly request a will it chooch tee-shirt

  69. Stephen Krebs

    Stephen Krebs21 hour ago

    I've never had a problem with any of Makita stuff. Been using them for 10-15 years now at least. I've only had something happen due to age.

  70. Simon Wilczynski

    Simon Wilczynski21 hour ago

    Soak it in mercury?

  71. Systems Planet

    Systems Planet21 hour ago

    You need a real coffee maker

  72. RogueBrit

    RogueBrit21 hour ago

    Doesn't sound right after you rebuilt it they are louder than that

  73. ıllı Sρlιηтεя ıllı

    ıllı Sρlιηтεя ıllı22 hours ago

    You really need to work on the focus. Most of this for detail is just out of focus,

  74. UnBearified Bear

    UnBearified Bear23 hours ago

    _"The plural of anecdote is not "data"..."_ Fuuuuuck.. AvE.. dude 🍻

  75. jayrock4ya

    jayrock4yaDay ago

    I fell off my chair when you grabbed the hammer like your were gonna hit the bullet with it😅🤣🤣

  76. N/a N/A

    N/a N/ADay ago

    overcomplicating a vacuum. or in other words for this scenario, non effecient.

  77. Cameron Jordan

    Cameron JordanDay ago

    Wow. Things that are rewarding are seldom fun, things that are fun are seldom rewarding. I've never heard that before but man thats good

  78. Bruce MacGlynn

    Bruce MacGlynnDay ago

    I'm yelling NO NO don't do that! Then NO NO. Ahhh forget it. What do I know? HA HA

  79. Patrick Nash

    Patrick NashDay ago

    The flashing LED means it is getting ready for liftoff....

  80. Corwin Kelly

    Corwin KellyDay ago

    Cool to hear that you're a fan of Usagi, probably my favorite all time graphic novel series. A bit of a leap from Usagi but I'd also recommend "Transmetropolitan" I have a feeling you'd enjoy it.