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Dream And His Parrot
  1. Nickster7778

    Nickster777813 hours ago

    1:04:18 can

  2. Zoomer Playz

    Zoomer Playz13 hours ago

    This is basically for the people who say "ITS FAKE!!!!, DREAM ISNT EVEN THAT GOOD!"

  3. divit kelmani

    divit kelmani13 hours ago

    That ladder clutch tho...

  4. wavy

    wavy13 hours ago

    As the ender dragon rested on the portal, the mighty dream threw an ender pearl near it. Dream hack at the dragons head like a mad man, and when realization washed over him, he screamed triumphantly, "OH, YOU LOSE! YOU LOSE!" The final hit on the dragons head killed it, and dream had won again. Dream had freed the end once more.

  5. iiAzure_MatRix

    iiAzure_MatRix13 hours ago

    That's a lot of editing to do

  6. Nightmaresnight011 X

    Nightmaresnight011 X13 hours ago

    Im about to wake my house by clicking on this video 😂

  7. akshat goyal

    akshat goyal13 hours ago

    who made badboyhalo the leader of the 4 hunters, he is terrible wth!! hahahahah

  8. Sad Outside

    Sad Outside13 hours ago

    *The hunters get full enchanted diamond armor* Entity cramming: You have no power here

  9. BlueS_ Art

    BlueS_ Art13 hours ago

    dream in normal version: winning the manhunt dream in uncut version: killing every pigman children

  10. GooseBoii

    GooseBoii13 hours ago

    22:11 wholesome dream moment :>

  11. John Stenson

    John Stenson13 hours ago

    George: mlg moment Dream: I'll be the one mlg-ing around here

  12. Ivan Gonzales Guadana

    Ivan Gonzales Guadana13 hours ago

    Omg you guys Almost play minecraft 3 Hours

  13. richard adams

    richard adams13 hours ago

    "how'd he get stone?" STUPIDEST QUESTION EVER!..im legit soooo disappointed. i paused the video and made a coffee in a silence/mood usually reserved for getting a break-up text and trying to keep a bit of my soul from dying inside. i have at least 3 points: you chased him into a ravine. you knew he was still there...and i feel stupid pointing this last one out , but..er..ITS F'ING MINECRAFT!! MUFFIN' HEAD! great manhunt folks!

  14. Amelia Bedelia

    Amelia Bedelia13 hours ago

    BBH: He’s got stone! How’d he get stone? Well he is in a giant ravine sooo...

  15. ლ kydory_chan ლ

    ლ kydory_chan ლ13 hours ago


  16. Nova Intemittnamn

    Nova Intemittnamn13 hours ago


  17. Rhonda Franklin

    Rhonda Franklin13 hours ago

    I think if dream keeps doing videos like this people cant accuse him of faking speed runs. 😏

  18. EBRIMX7

    EBRIMX713 hours ago

    1:04:41 Minecraft temple run

  19. jhan lurnz santiago

    jhan lurnz santiago13 hours ago

    my phone: 94% (watch dream unedited manhunt) my freaking phone my phone:1%

  20. serena ang

    serena ang13 hours ago


  21. trigger happy

    trigger happy13 hours ago

    I like how no one mentions the fact that he had two golden apples in different spots

  22. hwang seombi

    hwang seombi13 hours ago

    I can't watch it without the background music.

  23. Benjamin Mezghrani

    Benjamin Mezghrani13 hours ago

    you should do more of this uncut manhunt. i love it!

  24. World Of Hunter

    World Of Hunter13 hours ago

    This debunks to haters who thought these speeders were fake

  25. palewar22

    palewar2213 hours ago

    *dream when he’s 40 at the doctor* doctor “so what do you think caused your stress dream “it may or may not be sitting playing minecraft in complete unease while my friends chase me for 3 hours at a time”

  26. Gavin O'Connor

    Gavin O'Connor13 hours ago

    just might have to waste three hours

  27. NightMochie

    NightMochie13 hours ago

    I love it when dre is always handling those spoon(shovel) in chill time This is my fourth time commenting here btw shhahansjanna

  28. Halt RT Wefrynor

    Halt RT Wefrynor13 hours ago

    "The dream came truth!" Now i can hear all of dialogues of the hunters and full VIDEO. Thanks so much! :D

  29. illest 1

    illest 113 hours ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about that big ass tree at 20:26?

  30. Bartosz Ziółkowski

    Bartosz Ziółkowski13 hours ago

    Finally i can watch something

  31. Boydoesplays 01

    Boydoesplays 0113 hours ago


  32. Elliot Xu

    Elliot Xu13 hours ago

    Me: watch for about 3 hours. At night: my eyes 👀 are completely dead. My mom:stop! Me: I’m watching another 3 hour video! My mom:

  33. Lorenzo Guimarães

    Lorenzo Guimarães13 hours ago

    I mean i think crafting a shovel when having 2 diamonds instead of a sword is dumb but just my opinion

  34. JanricCyborgYT

    JanricCyborgYT13 hours ago


  35. IcE_-Lightning

    IcE_-Lightning13 hours ago

    Dream ima watch it later lol

  36. Septexe

    Septexe13 hours ago

    Can I have the seed of this world

  37. Blue Background

    Blue Background13 hours ago

    wait a second, THATS NOT THE ORIGINAL VIDEO (in the description)

  38. Michelle Yan

    Michelle Yan13 hours ago

    I never realized how *diffrent* it would be without music

  39. Spookywood

    Spookywood13 hours ago

    How a long antfrost mining for diamond????

  40. QOliver912

    QOliver91213 hours ago

    Petition to bring Tommyinnit in the Survivor vs 5 hunters!

  41. Sishir Chamiraju

    Sishir Chamiraju13 hours ago

    I love how bad said at the beginning “how did he get stone” Me yeah isn’t he just surrounded by stone

  42. vespi

    vespi13 hours ago

    please do this with every manhunt

  43. ༄Reshan GurunG༄

    ༄Reshan GurunG༄13 hours ago

    It’s almost 3 hours long

  44. Julak

    Julak13 hours ago


  45. game guider 321GO!!!

    game guider 321GO!!!13 hours ago

    Dream: *YEEEEES* The Minecraft gods: "I see the player you mean" " *Dream?* " "Yes Take care. It has reached a higher level now-" " *No kidding, It's victory screams are becoming loud enough to hear from the heavens!* " "**sigh** we're going to need more hunters..."

  46. UserMouther

    UserMouther13 hours ago

    Where do you take the music tho? Is there a site or smth with such variety of epic and etc shit

  47. the pheonix

    the pheonix13 hours ago

    this god damn thing is as long as avengers endgame XD

  48. Jasm!ne

    Jasm!ne13 hours ago

    Does anyone else just wanna punch ‘Didi’ right in its face????

  49. North

    North13 hours ago

    This is really good content, maybe you could do this with old manhunts or with the future ones :) Love you Dream, keep up the great work!

  50. rafael cen

    rafael cen13 hours ago

    i think its better to drink the fire protection potion first before throwing it off

  51. 草{Free Music} mobile music creator

    草{Free Music} mobile music creator13 hours ago

    How does he always gets an good seed? Like he found a village in the first 35 seconds?! Is this scripted?

  52. JadeTheWolf

    JadeTheWolf13 hours ago

    The edited video for this is #2 trending for gaming, and this one is #3 trending for gaming.

  53. Gizmo Hey

    Gizmo Hey13 hours ago

    Ok do more

  54. GamingWithChewie

    GamingWithChewie13 hours ago

    I think this is really cool, and it completely debunks any *SCRIPTED MANHUNT* theories

  55. No One

    No One13 hours ago

    GeorgeNotFound was slain by Enderman correction : GeorgeNotFound was found by Enderman

  56. Imperium - Gaming

    Imperium - Gaming13 hours ago

    th-three HOURS?

  57. Bagel 88

    Bagel 8813 hours ago


  58. Spencer Stanley

    Spencer Stanley13 hours ago

    Genius. People can't claim you're faking things by editing the video when you upload a 3 hour, unedited, no music video.

  59. lemonade

    lemonade13 hours ago

    what’s this love story between george and enderman?

  60. Jacob

    Jacob13 hours ago

    This is a pretty good movie

  61. Marko 2019 stefa

    Marko 2019 stefa13 hours ago

    16:00 dream in his head ,,lets stop this speedrun lets make server and house here,, BadBoyHalo GET HIMMMM

  62. Eric Welp

    Eric Welp13 hours ago

    Would have been hilarious if he had gotten lucky with the wither skeletons and spawned the wither on them

  63. bacon

    bacon13 hours ago

    thank you fro the world seed, those mountains are insane

  64. Akin-Lil Cube

    Akin-Lil Cube13 hours ago

    Who else thought there was a problem with there sound at the start because they didnt hear anything

  65. Luke Davison

    Luke Davison13 hours ago

    You should put up a video of edited hunter footage

  66. Quasar

    Quasar13 hours ago

    Petition to show us the hunters POV too

  67. zanish hanz

    zanish hanz13 hours ago

    did dream just went.... coochieman mode?

  68. Twilight Star

    Twilight Star13 hours ago

    1:32:50 it’s funny how the mouse staggers when Dream sneezes, even a virtual cursor can’t handle the power of Dream’s sneezes

  69. The black Gamer

    The black Gamer13 hours ago

    1:54:46 the best thing ever

  70. Darice Lim

    Darice Lim13 hours ago

    Ant isn’t bad at pvp

  71. Aaron Barry

    Aaron Barry13 hours ago

    I need the seed for this world!!!

  72. YoavBar Minecraft

    YoavBar Minecraft13 hours ago

    Badboyhalo swears!!!! 2:43:11

  73. Kristen

    Kristen13 hours ago

    I put the manhunt music in the backround to set the mood. Recomend doing it :)

  74. Cain Zyla

    Cain Zyla13 hours ago

    3 hours?

  75. EzraExtra

    EzraExtra13 hours ago

    I dare who ever is reading this to find a quote in the video and put a " ;) " at the end of it. T r u s t m e


    DARK NINJA13 hours ago

    Feels weird without music

  77. Bigtime Nah

    Bigtime Nah13 hours ago

    See how the pig king still comes out on top


    ABRAR SADMAN13 hours ago

    2:08:21 him thanking the dolphins was a gamer moment

  79. urMumm Minecraft

    urMumm Minecraft13 hours ago

    Tell Marvel to take some inspiration, Dream compressed 3 hours into 50 mins, Tell Marvel to do that with endgame

  80. Emir Yılmaz

    Emir Yılmaz13 hours ago

    I learned it's so boring when it doesn't have this music uslikes.info/house/pn591ceEyG1vmZk/video.html (it's when dream thinks loud)