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  1. Some YT Acc

    Some YT Acc15 hours ago

    I haven’t watched set up wars in months like 6-7 months ago and hey still have the same intro

  2. Broden Richard

    Broden Richard15 hours ago

    Just so you guys know those headphones are 4.4 k

  3. Arjun Joshi

    Arjun Joshi15 hours ago

    Carson setup has a threadripper sitting on his damn shelf 3:48

  4. Supra_Mickey

    Supra_Mickey15 hours ago

    I tried helping my mom and that put me in debt forcing me to sell my car. I would be beyond grateful especially since I never played on PC and want to join that world

  5. PC Builder

    PC Builder15 hours ago

    Wow, the CPU in 0:37 made in my country.......

  6. Guestoob

    Guestoob15 hours ago

    My computer : can't run videos above 720p Their computers : Wee time to play COD with no lag :D Edit: I misspelled something lmao

  7. TGN Magical

    TGN Magical15 hours ago

    I have a terrible console setup. But thanks for helping me to appreciate it

  8. Preston Jones

    Preston Jones15 hours ago

    League of legends knock off

  9. Nathan Kim

    Nathan Kim15 hours ago

    *Him says see Nathan* Me with the name nathan: *WHAT DID HE SAY BROOOOOO*

  10. Brayan Man

    Brayan Man16 hours ago

    Can it connect to phone all of those

  11. moreadityaplays

    moreadityaplays16 hours ago

    I can feel how happy he is

  12. klovrr

    klovrr16 hours ago

    so is the aoc monitor the best on the list

  13. Oni sama senqpi

    Oni sama senqpi16 hours ago

    Those cables are straighter than me

  14. Yousef Ahabashi

    Yousef Ahabashi16 hours ago

    is your wife holding you on gun point just type help me

  15. William Turbyfill

    William Turbyfill16 hours ago

    Just picked up a rtx 3070 lenovo prebuilt and it's been great for 1500

  16. xtrEmEx

    xtrEmEx16 hours ago

    Do you travel different states to biuld people set ups

  17. ynohtna anipse

    ynohtna anipse16 hours ago

    Hey tech source if you think gaming on a console is bad I game on a chrome book which is so laggy so sometimes I cant play at all we can’t get me a gaming set up so that’s what I game on!

  18. Owen Reed

    Owen Reed16 hours ago

    5:37 noice!

  19. Nh2_Batknight

    Nh2_Batknight16 hours ago

    You should react to ninjas set up

  20. Sei

    Sei16 hours ago

    I have a shitty dell computer with a i3 and intel garbage. Why am I even watching this.

  21. Chad

    Chad16 hours ago

    When your pc can’t even be classified as budget

  22. itsbehram

    itsbehram16 hours ago

    19:56 wait wtf is a condom doing there?

  23. Jace Young

    Jace Young16 hours ago

    Wdym he covered the exhaust ports, since when does an xbox have a vent on the bottom

  24. Ali Elkiran

    Ali Elkiran16 hours ago

    would've looked better if he wrapped the side of the psu in pink

  25. Coper508

    Coper50816 hours ago

    i love the part where pokimon is feeding her cat and Ed was like "i don't think u should feed her..."

  26. LandonVN

    LandonVN16 hours ago

    What chair does Nathan have?

  27. Peacaces United

    Peacaces United16 hours ago

    Nice pc bro

  28. itsbehram

    itsbehram16 hours ago

    all the 420 people that disliked your video are dumb

  29. Jace Young

    Jace Young16 hours ago

    Christmas lights aren't necessarily RGB.RGB is red green blue which makes the rainbow but that's not what Christmas lights do

  30. Jacob POLICE

    Jacob POLICE16 hours ago

    HEY! Stop hating maybe things got worse that he expected STOP HATING

  31. Faze Dragon

    Faze Dragon16 hours ago

    hes a simp at 28:11

  32. Axton Marler

    Axton Marler16 hours ago

    can u try to do my room my dream was to be a youtuber and a streamer, by the way you are a good youtuber keep it up

  33. U_got_died_X on Yt

    U_got_died_X on Yt16 hours ago

    me and gianni have the same name and we had like a whole conversation abt it lmao

  34. Megga On 60 fps

    Megga On 60 fps17 hours ago

    I’m not Jealous you are

  35. Simply Sparks

    Simply Sparks17 hours ago

    Lol the firs pic is the expect set up I have MSI lil PC and curved monitor

  36. Joey Telnof

    Joey Telnof17 hours ago

    Hi I wanted to comment and ask a question if you could build me a PC if you could thank you very much my name is Joey

  37. James Grigor

    James Grigor17 hours ago

    cat + filled shelf + upward facing monitor = anxiety

  38. Maradnus

    Maradnus17 hours ago

    cant tell the difference between them.. when the cooler is one and its booted up you can not tell. xD Opening the boxes is where you know the difference

  39. Uchiha Itachi

    Uchiha Itachi17 hours ago

    Acer Nitro is basically $200 above with shipping...

  40. NoMoreShxdows

    NoMoreShxdows17 hours ago

    5:48 Im pretty sure this guy is in a sewer... 🤮

  41. Torn Brady

    Torn Brady17 hours ago

    I dream of getting these setups.

  42. wilkes

    wilkes17 hours ago

    The electricity bill for the first setup💦

  43. benjamin kakarlamudi

    benjamin kakarlamudi17 hours ago

    sees soar Dylans set up ahhhhhh h

  44. Danky Lol

    Danky Lol17 hours ago

    If you didn't know Tfue moved and left FaZe and has a new setup this was 2 years ago I think

  45. ChuckVR

    ChuckVR17 hours ago

    Alright I am gonna try to enter

  46. Reaction Life

    Reaction Life17 hours ago


  47. Graham Whitehead

    Graham Whitehead17 hours ago

    Da intro do

  48. no no

    no no17 hours ago

    One mans trash is another man content

  49. ICYGhost

    ICYGhost17 hours ago

    BRo I'm soooo mad i got banned from his server and it said that I would only get a time out )>:

  50. spooks not so scarry

    spooks not so scarry18 hours ago

    Lol do typical gamers his setup is actually very clean

  51. Fff

    Fff18 hours ago

    Ed ❤️

  52. lowkeet

    lowkeet18 hours ago

    lol he compared cable managment to a house fire lol

  53. AA ron AJ17

    AA ron AJ1718 hours ago

    My set up is a laptop and a desk I could easily use this and want it like 40 times more than this guy I honestly feel terrible for him that he spent a lot of time and he just sold it’s so tragic.

  54. PinkUXyt

    PinkUXyt18 hours ago

    how do it enter the givaway

  55. AsianRicky

    AsianRicky18 hours ago

    Why is he criticizing people’s setup when there not even sending it to them like bro it there bc they don’t care they leave it there bc it there setup

  56. Colton Perry

    Colton Perry18 hours ago

    Ed "Is that a normal size for a cat?" lmao

  57. kingfloatzel

    kingfloatzel18 hours ago

    btw my channel is kingdevolos and kingfloatzel

  58. kingfloatzel

    kingfloatzel18 hours ago

    i have 2 channels now so i have to upgrade

  59. kingfloatzel

    kingfloatzel18 hours ago

    im going to put my gaming/editing setup

  60. ERICK Chavez22

    ERICK Chavez2218 hours ago

    I wish that was me

  61. ERICK Chavez22

    ERICK Chavez2218 hours ago

    Luky I live in Virginia

  62. Xsawcel

    Xsawcel18 hours ago

    Notice how the best players in the world have the worst setups 😭

  63. FaZe Naruto

    FaZe Naruto18 hours ago

    7:05 xD

  64. Thats Hoagie

    Thats Hoagie18 hours ago

    Day 1: commenting until my fav USlikesr builds me a computer:)

  65. LeggoEggoNinja

    LeggoEggoNinja18 hours ago

    Anyone else click the link and the page says it's "Invalid"? Maybe it's because i'm late to the party, i don't know

  66. ItsKingLuck

    ItsKingLuck19 hours ago

    Hey tech source I was wondering how much would it cost for you to build a pc??? Plz answer my comment 🥺😂 I love all your vids btw much love 💯

  67. Dávid Zakkar

    Dávid Zakkar19 hours ago

    Hello someone knows the name of the music? 3:52

  68. Silvia Rodriguez

    Silvia Rodriguez19 hours ago

    I love how he said Gpu.

  69. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah19 hours ago

    Ducky One Two Mini? Tf? Tfue had a custom keyboard made for him by taeha, why the fuck isnt he using that?

  70. Cillian Devenney

    Cillian Devenney19 hours ago

    He said Dublin wrong

  71. CrusherCole65 Games

    CrusherCole65 Games19 hours ago

    Ed where do u put all of ur setups that u build? I mean u build so many pcs and setups

  72. Shem Bunde

    Shem Bunde19 hours ago

    Bruh who cares about cable management? as long the cables are placed at the back it's good

  73. Toyotomi Hideyoshi

    Toyotomi Hideyoshi19 hours ago

    This dude is cool