1. XxRedFredxX racing

    XxRedFredxX racing26 minutes ago

    Young gravy ft Riff raff can you imagine it .... the perfect colab

  2. muffin time

    muffin time35 minutes ago

    0:01 is sis ironing the shirt on the floor?? *white peoplee*

  3. Gabby Reed

    Gabby Reed44 minutes ago

    Why is this man actually attractive

  4. Phoenix

    Phoenix44 minutes ago

    Shaggy makes music ?

  5. Kane Howl

    Kane Howl48 minutes ago

    This man turned a porn category into a music career

  6. John Vermouth

    John Vermouth56 minutes ago

    So whity

  7. dillen campbell

    dillen campbell2 hours ago

    if i saw gravy on the street i would smoke a blunt with him

  8. hetbestek

    hetbestek2 hours ago


  9. Unknown Unkown

    Unknown Unkown3 hours ago

    If anyone is wondering what the background beat is, it's Peaches- Fuck the pain away.

  10. OriginalMooMix

    OriginalMooMix3 hours ago

    Take beats by Peaches, and fast forward 10 years I guess? Still good. Enjoyed listening to it. But yeah, Peaches would probably rip you a new one. You look pretty soft for her style.

  11. Snickers

    Snickers3 hours ago

    this mans head bob so clean it cleaned mr. clean 0:30 - 0:31

  12. David Summerford

    David Summerford4 hours ago

    Get your own beats braaahh

  13. David Summerford

    David Summerford4 hours ago

    He is a thief

  14. David Summerford

    David Summerford4 hours ago


  15. David Summerford

    David Summerford4 hours ago

    This is "peaches" fuck the pain away

  16. David Summerford

    David Summerford4 hours ago

    This beat is "peaches".she made this beat...fuck him

  17. Zenics

    Zenics4 hours ago

    How you so good at this

  18. Abstract Carl

    Abstract Carl5 hours ago

    I would love a gravy x dicky collab.

  19. 公鸡ShukoKar

    公鸡ShukoKar5 hours ago


  20. Faith El

    Faith El5 hours ago

    Erthn thiu in bkinf tis sondg guod

  21. prince shukla

    prince shukla5 hours ago

    I listen this song every day 😁😉

  22. wizard cat

    wizard cat6 hours ago

    Anybody here bc of roomie?

  23. Raul Carlos

    Raul Carlos6 hours ago

    But I like it

  24. Raul Carlos

    Raul Carlos7 hours ago

    I dont know Rick it looks fake Typical afro rhytm, feeling and sound Sorry

  25. victoria Jones

    victoria Jones7 hours ago

    This song is fire

  26. Swarm

    Swarm8 hours ago

    is the other guy meat canyon?

  27. Mandom is Best stand

    Mandom is Best stand8 hours ago

    update: still writing that diss track

  28. Speedskid

    Speedskid10 hours ago

    "Tracy with the honda?" *Pans to a CR-V with blurred out Honda badge*

  29. Kadence Okeefe

    Kadence Okeefe10 hours ago

    Who else was surprised who tall he is?

  30. Emma Bryan

    Emma Bryan11 hours ago

    Happy almost birthday 🎂

  31. Sebo Vr

    Sebo Vr11 hours ago

    This song actually slaps though

  32. Oscar Velazquez

    Oscar Velazquez11 hours ago

    Honestly, gravy looks like your narrator's little brother

  33. Ellyn Carlson

    Ellyn Carlson11 hours ago

    Tell me this isn't the same sounding intro as fuck the pain away by peaches

  34. toast without butter

    toast without butter11 hours ago

    the outfits he wore in this video is like what your GTA character wears.

  35. Nate S32

    Nate S3211 hours ago

    Fruit loops with lemonade. Whoopsie daisy!

  36. Luis HK

    Luis HK11 hours ago

    ami yin kalle

  37. Random Chick

    Random Chick12 hours ago

    This the beat from peaches

  38. Rodney Honeycutt

    Rodney Honeycutt12 hours ago

    Bro he does know supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus means something to say you have nothing to say

  39. Aleksander Zawadzki

    Aleksander Zawadzki12 hours ago

    Kinda cool seeing Shaggy doing something after the Mystery gang broke up

  40. Dis Johnson

    Dis Johnson13 hours ago

    So Caucasianly corny

  41. Miss Pope

    Miss Pope13 hours ago

    She's wearing heels and he's still a foot taller than her

  42. Erik Danskine

    Erik Danskine13 hours ago

    the start was giving me some circle, circle, dot dot vibes for a moment there lol

  43. naruagawa

    naruagawa14 hours ago

    well this was fun

  44. This just-in

    This just-in14 hours ago

    You need a better editor, the video doesn't match the songs tempo

  45. Phoe nix

    Phoe nix15 hours ago

    This video of Kurt is so weird

  46. Juan Haurie

    Juan Haurie15 hours ago


  47. Cap. Calamari

    Cap. Calamari15 hours ago

    Ngl he kinda looks like adler on cold war

  48. Shane Hankins

    Shane Hankins15 hours ago

    Male version of peaches

  49. spung

    spung16 hours ago

    the kids who mom is in this:😭😭😭

  50. matt piet

    matt piet17 hours ago

    Peaches fuck the pain away

  51. MusickIzMyReligion

    MusickIzMyReligion17 hours ago

    This is the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

  52. ButtholeLazer

    ButtholeLazer17 hours ago

    Joe Biden won't heal America, but this hook just might.

  53. ¡Purple Duck!

    ¡Purple Duck!17 hours ago

    Who else came here from xmoqax- 😭🖐

  54. Zombite Gaming

    Zombite Gaming18 hours ago

    Is this the male version of Peaches?

  55. Lauren Scott

    Lauren Scott18 hours ago

    I'm honestly surprised this guy sings so much about sex when he looks like blond Skydoesminecraft

  56. Chestii Tari

    Chestii Tari18 hours ago

    Amish know to rap

  57. Mason Bowers

    Mason Bowers18 hours ago

    I like how he has that rich guy in the 70s vibe

  58. Trav Lund

    Trav Lund18 hours ago

    Mn Love 💕

  59. BlueTheGamer

    BlueTheGamer18 hours ago

    wtf why is gravy so fucking tall lol

  60. Kirishima

    Kirishima18 hours ago

    I have a fear of furries and moscots so that blue bird almost made me cry watching this video

  61. Marco

    Marco19 hours ago

    I wish Gravy could be my uncle

  62. Joel Ledezma

    Joel Ledezma19 hours ago

    So underrated

  63. Pixel_ plays

    Pixel_ plays19 hours ago

    I think this is really overplayed song in 2021

  64. Ayden Kohler

    Ayden Kohler19 hours ago

    Another song ruined by tiktok :sadface:

  65. Ali Uysal

    Ali Uysal19 hours ago


  66. enerji

    enerji19 hours ago

    this is CATCHY bro

  67. CrossFoot

    CrossFoot19 hours ago

    Need more songs like thsi

  68. bowlicious

    bowlicious20 hours ago

    I feel like this is what Dale Earnhardt Jr. would have become if he wasn't in NASCAR.

  69. Shizle

    Shizle20 hours ago

    He should play Shagy in new scooby doo movie.

  70. Katherine W

    Katherine W20 hours ago

    I want to hate this song. I really do.

  71. headlessrust

    headlessrust20 hours ago

    who is the girl with the cap?

  72. patrick blake

    patrick blake21 hour ago


  73. Robert Duggan

    Robert Duggan21 hour ago


  74. Tea Expert

    Tea Expert21 hour ago

    Shagy do be rappin tho

  75. mike Stevenson

    mike Stevenson22 hours ago

    This is 🔥

  76. Grayden Pasmore

    Grayden Pasmore22 hours ago


  77. Inass Ouhammou

    Inass Ouhammou23 hours ago

    Ey yo where is the dog scooby doo?

  78. Daddysexclusively

    Daddysexclusively23 hours ago

    This is TRASH

  79. KIM

    KIMDay ago

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that this sounds exactly like f*ck the pain away by Peaches????!!

  80. KIM

    KIMDay ago

    This is just peaches f*ck the pain away?!!