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  1. Donald Mousseau

    Donald Mousseau20 hours ago

    This movie was fun... But not my favorite by far... For a "God" he has a lot of issues keeping him from getting it done...

  2. Tyson K

    Tyson K20 hours ago

    I feel most of these movies have all the flaws you have outlined in this film.

  3. Sarah Roddey

    Sarah Roddey20 hours ago

    I like the idea that capt was there the entire time and just retired

  4. Artech Storm

    Artech Storm20 hours ago

    Well in defense of Suicide Squad, there is no atmosphere because would you do the same if you have a bomb in your neck and one misstep and you die? In the comics and other movies know that Amanda Waller is the worse person in any comics and movies.

  5. Guardian Gibbs

    Guardian Gibbs20 hours ago

    It is not wrong to want to protect your home and family from lawlessness and destruction.

  6. Adryanna Mataele

    Adryanna Mataele20 hours ago

    Thank you explaining all of this, I loved the movie so much but I think because it was so darn different from the other MCU movies I felt confused and thought that co fusion was dislike - but I know now, I actually LOVE this movie, comedy and all!! Lol also love Taika Waititi~

  7. PsyrenXY

    PsyrenXY20 hours ago

    Branching > Closed Loop. The former just needs one quick explanation how Steve got back to the main timeline after living out his life in the alternate one. The latter requires Steve to basically be a monster - no stopping 9/11, no stopping Vietnam, no stopping Ultron or the Chitauri, no stopping the Snap, etc etc

  8. Δημήτρης Ο Δημήτρης

    Δημήτρης Ο Δημήτρης20 hours ago

    Black panther was a very bad movie,awful cgi and even worse story, wastes characters and is straight up stupid

  9. Malik Currie

    Malik Currie20 hours ago

    I just feel like we deserved one more Avengers film before the relationship between Cap and Tony soured 😔😒

  10. Keven Leigh

    Keven Leigh20 hours ago

    Bruh changing the scenes order would have made this movie soooo much better

  11. _________

    _________21 hour ago

    noone toold me hjow similar they were

  12. Skylar

    Skylar21 hour ago

    I watch WandaVision and then watch your easter egg and breakdown/theory videos after. Just finished episode 8. Can't wait for your next video!!!!

  13. alienbob21

    alienbob2121 hour ago

    Is this A Couch T inspired video?

  14. RINZ LER

    RINZ LER21 hour ago

    He said why in endgame. The universe was ungrateful, and people were trying to undo what he'd done, and that he won. So now it was personal, whereas before it was a sort of indifference.

  15. TreguardD

    TreguardD21 hour ago

    I don't like Carol Danvers, because she's an *Ass*. This is true to the Comics.

  16. Gac Acg

    Gac Acg21 hour ago

    what is it at minuto 4:56? is it Tyler Durden?

  17. Rahaman Michael

    Rahaman Michael21 hour ago

    The more you look at Marvel and DC the more you see that the movies are more or less the same. Like Aquaman and Black Pather

  18. LazerViper

    LazerViper21 hour ago

    Yes, Doug is right, I agree with Doug.

  19. Jesus Alfaro

    Jesus Alfaro21 hour ago

    They gave the female everything on a platter.

  20. Elizabeth Hall

    Elizabeth Hall21 hour ago

    this is the best breakdown i have seen!!

  21. Gaby Roralia

    Gaby Roralia21 hour ago

    Thank you for the useless information

  22. bridgecross

    bridgecross21 hour ago

    WORST Planet of the Apes? That would be Battle for Planet of the Apes (1973). This one was fairly entertaining from what I recall.

  23. Mr. EvilOverlord

    Mr. EvilOverlord21 hour ago

    only because she's a WOMAN

  24. Vo Williams

    Vo Williams22 hours ago

    Who else saw the Brad Pitt Subliminal Pop up @4:56? lol



    WAIT IS SENIOR SCRATCHY HER HUSBAND!!? because she never sees him.....

  26. eric price

    eric price22 hours ago

    i just see brad pitt from fight club . at 4.55 in this . is that a sing ? like its all in her head like the movie fight club ?

  27. Fantoos Status

    Fantoos Status22 hours ago

    Mufasa very best king and very smart

  28. RP Productions

    RP Productions22 hours ago

    Did ScreenCrush just made a Snyder Cut for Captain Marvel? He should make a Snyder Cut for Captain Marvel

  29. Fantoos Status

    Fantoos Status22 hours ago

    Mufasa is a best king

  30. Earl P

    Earl P22 hours ago

    One is relatable human story telling, the other is disjointed unrelatable and difficult to decipher. Not hard to figure out.

  31. Greco Cabanero

    Greco Cabanero22 hours ago

    Whose fault captain marvel film is like this?

  32. hespinoza3

    hespinoza322 hours ago

    DId any else capture the quick flash of what looks like an Bradd Pitt /Jame Dean character in at 4:56?

  33. Marwa Yonis

    Marwa Yonis22 hours ago

    so is this in all of our recommendations

  34. Charlie Chan

    Charlie Chan22 hours ago

    It’s a cicada not a moth

  35. Courier 6

    Courier 622 hours ago

    I think the solution was completely cutting out the first fifteen minutes, and having the movie start while she is crashing down to earth. That’s how I initially saw the film (I was on a plane and my headphones didn’t work, I wouldn’t rewind the film and saw the movie as she was just crashing down). After the film of course i rewatched the first fifteen minutes to see if I missed anything super important, But back to the matter at hand it was like watching a completely different movie, when the skrulls first showed up I actually had that feeling of surprise. Because it was centered around the perspective of Nick Fury (your learning about Captain Marvel’s world through his eyes), everything felt way more tense. Compare that to the extremely confusing first fight scene present in the first fifteen minutes (where you literally don’t know half of the characters names, the scene is poorly lit and everything just feels off), the improvement was clear

  36. 1 2

    1 222 hours ago

    Captain America is by far a better movie for so many reasons but the #1 reason is it’s not clouded by feminist BS saturating nearly every scene as it does in captain marvel. It completely ruins the entire film, character, and plot as well as hurts the integrity of the MCU. Marvel if you’re listening just stop with that or people will walk away from your franchise

  37. Eric Vargas

    Eric Vargas22 hours ago

    Sorry but after watching the movies there are two timeliness. Remwber looking disappeared. So they never really returned all the stones to the original timelines which us why it's ok for cap to live a whe different life. Just saying.

  38. Andrew Griffin

    Andrew Griffin23 hours ago

    I'd also say that Chris Evans can calmly have presence (so does Gal Gadot in WW), while it seems like Brie has to try too hard (and over clench her jaw) to be taken seriously (yet still not pull it off). She may be more of a joker, deep down, which doesn't suit the character. Just miscast. Margot Robbie or Charlize Theron (too old though) could both pull it off. They just have a calm confidence that shows up on screen. Brie should have been cast in a more fun loving role--it fits her own personality, just in my lowly opinion. That's why her scenes with Samuel L. Jackson are the best. This is also why any thought of casting Brie as a Jedi in a Star Wars movie is a bad idea. She's better suited playing an underachiever (having too much fun) who makes good on her potential once in a while than one who is supposed to be excellent at all times like Captain Marvel (or a Jedi). She can be great, just cast her better. In contrast, look at Chris Evans and Gal Gadot when they try to be the fun loving characters. It comes off as awkward. See the difference? Again, just my $0.02. What do I know?

  39. Dan Rudd

    Dan Rudd23 hours ago

    Great video, great points! As a long time Marvel Comics reader, I was disappointed by the movie. When your reordered the events, putting them in chronological order, I loved it! That would have been an amazing movie!

  40. Condor1970

    Condor197023 hours ago

    It could also be a certain Actress has the personality of a Fried Lobster.

  41. AlbertOrnstein

    AlbertOrnstein23 hours ago

    My biggest problem with Captain Marvel is that she is too boring. She is the only character that never gets beaten (even when she does "get beaten" in the sparring session, she ends up using her powers and ultimately winning), she brushed off Thanos' headbutt as if it were nothing for gods sake, the same Thanos (pretty much) who made short work of Hulk. She is also the only character that nevers gets made fun of, even when Rocket makes fun of her hair, she responds and Rocket pretty much apologizes (Rocket apologizing!). They tried to make her too perfect, too powerful, too deserving of the utmost respect, and ended up creating and arrogant, impossible-to-like character. It doesn't help that they chose that actress to portray her but that is a discussion I dont want to get into, I am talking about the character and the movies only.

  42. steelfoot98

    steelfoot9823 hours ago

    I don’t mind the twist, though I do think it would have been more interesting to have Wanda be the central antagonist. Agatha being the villain feels like an attempt to deflect blame off of Wanda for the events of the show. It would be far more impactful to have this be truly Wanda’s fault. Plus the reveal scene itself felt somewhat forced, like they couldn’t find a good way to bring it in naturally so they just tossed it in that “uuuuuuhh she finds a suspicious cellar door I guess.”

  43. Everything batman collector

    Everything batman collector23 hours ago

    Horses u mean

  44. Blue Cheese

    Blue Cheese23 hours ago


  45. Klutzy Ninja Kitty

    Klutzy Ninja Kitty23 hours ago

    15:05 - Except this isn’t going to be the “”real version.”” The Snyder Cut is going to be different than what he had intended for JL because Snyder’s had years to work on and edit this version with no real rush to get it done. And he’s also got videos like this to work off of now that basically tells him what was wrong with JL. It’s just a really long reboot.

  46. Derek Warr

    Derek Warr23 hours ago

    The reason Cap America worked and Crap Marvel did not......Chris Evens is a likable person and Brie Larson is a hateful person, simple

  47. Bill Frater

    Bill Frater23 hours ago

    Totally disagree, Ragnarok is utter crap... The God of Thunder, one of the greatest heroes reduced to a clown, like in End Games. Just wrong !

  48. Kolton finlinson

    Kolton finlinson23 hours ago

    Reys acting was terrible. I've seen kids with brooms swing a "lightsaber" more realistically (like actually swordsmanship) and the constipated sad face was bland very quickly.

  49. Rob Slusar

    Rob SlusarDay ago

    The underlying problem with Captain Marvel is that Brie Larson was the wrong person for the role. At no point is she close to being likeable

  50. GlenfinnanForge

    GlenfinnanForgeDay ago

    But, how are you gonna shoehorn all your social agenda into a movie if you don't Mary Sue your character?

  51. Skrap Saker

    Skrap SakerDay ago

    Stupid arguments!

  52. Dan Hauser

    Dan HauserDay ago

    0=A, 1=B, 2=C, 3=D...? 🤷‍♂️

  53. Karl Kiphart

    Karl KiphartDay ago

    I like your idea of remaking Captain Marvel, but I don't feel like she really has the drive to be a hero. With Steve you what he wants, you know his drive, which is to protect. With Captain Marvel she feels like someone trying to make their own brand of justice and if she doesn't get her way she throws a tantrum. She also does her own thing stead of working with the team and has no humility, which is why she didn't work in the the avengers movies.

  54. Steven Panter

    Steven PanterDay ago

    Ive never seen any marvel movie but im watching wandavision so this helped me out a lot It also confirmed that not watching marvel movies was the right thing to do

  55. Danny Estrada

    Danny EstradaDay ago

    I didn't watch the movie because it's no where near accurate to the real Captain Marvel's origin story.

  56. louis george

    louis georgeDay ago

    "Instead of flying across the ocean" *shows plane flying to east asia* 😂

  57. J.L. Wilson

    J.L. WilsonDay ago

    Jeez...what's it like to shotgun ideas and be wrong all the time?

  58. Kent Fink

    Kent FinkDay ago

    Cicada* not a moth

  59. micki boisvert

    micki boisvertDay ago

    Brilliant theories!! On point

  60. Gur Gull

    Gur GullDay ago

    Yes both movies are dumb i agree hehehe

  61. Paulinha Pimplick

    Paulinha PimplickDay ago

    Thank you for putting my love for this movie into words. <3

  62. TriXie Kat

    TriXie KatDay ago

    Why doesn't anyone talk about the things that pop in for one frame during the show? you capture or place one in your video reel but still go unmentioned. @ 4:56 "for the children crowd seen" why? is it brad bit from fight club? aka cigarette burn

  63. Big Niqqa

    Big NiqqaDay ago

    Captain marvel is literally marvels way of saying ‘women are the most powerful people in the universe’ then show no reasoning

  64. Felipe JiRo

    Felipe JiRoDay ago

    I fell asleep on captain america first avenger. To me it was such a boooooring movie. I think it’s the only marvel movie I haven’t watched more than once. I enjoyed Captain marvel waaaaaay more.

  65. Awais Shabir

    Awais ShabirDay ago

    I usually watch these breakdown vids with a geordie guy talking about Wanda Vision, but can't remember his channel name, can someone remind me please?

  66. The Gaming Bay : Skeletor

    The Gaming Bay : SkeletorDay ago

    Monica Rambeau from Wandavision is a better character and probably a better captain marvel than Carol Denvers (she was one in the comics, so fingers crossed that Carol is yeeted)

  67. ErrorOptik

    ErrorOptikDay ago

    Marvel would have been a great movie if they had a better and more respectful actor..

  68. Cody506

    Cody506Day ago

    at 12:48 above agnes, anyone else notice that?

  69. Martian Queen aka GabiV

    Martian Queen aka GabiVDay ago

    It’s insane to me how studios will invest millions of dollars into films that have SO MUCH potential and somehow, a few poor choices make it fall so flat. The Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire films are unprecedented to a degree and any suggested improvements are really just given in retrospective. However, the Marc Webb/Andrew Garfield films had no real reason to restate Peter’s origin story (and wtf was the whole “parents’ disappearance” thing? That whole plot got worse with the second installment.) The whole purpose of the movies was to attempt to revive Spider-man for a new generation but nobody had forgotten him ? Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are fantastic actors and it’s a shame they didn’t have a better script to work with. Their chemistry was the only thing that made the Amazing Spider-Man movies tolerable for me. Otherwise, a cool Peter Parker who chooses to be the outsider is a lot less fun and entertaining to watch than the nerdy Peter who has no choice. Aside from the poor screenplay, this is my least favorite Peter. Garfield is more than capable of playing a dork. He would have been much better as a college-aged Peter who is trying to balance being a student, a hero and a relationship with a moderate struggle of doing it all without a father figure. The man who raised him died, the professor who is taking him under his wing has malicious intent and his girlfriend’s father dislikes both of his identities. It still could’ve worked with a few changes. I hope the MCU knows what they’re doing with Spider-man: No Way Home lol

  70. Michael Cicciarella

    Michael CicciarellaDay ago

    in this short youtube video, you told a better story than the film

  71. John P.

    John P.Day ago

    Also another reason Captain Marvel didn't work is bcos Brie Larson is cocky asf

  72. Anurag Juyal

    Anurag JuyalDay ago

    The best recap ever. Period.

  73. Rose

    RoseDay ago

    Captain America's First Movie Gives Him Enough Depth and Character Development to start off with. Captain Marvel's First Movie Kinda Seems Like A Last Second Installment just so she could Show Up In Endgame, Cause She Has Little To No Character Development Other than getting her memories back. But even that isn't development, it's just recollection.

  74. Nick Hartin

    Nick HartinDay ago

    First avenger definitely better but if they had made captain marvel the way you suggested i think it might have been better haha

  75. louis george

    louis georgeDay ago

    "What movie do you prefer"... is that really a question? 😂

  76. Pudding

    PuddingDay ago

    So new plot hole: if they had to return all past objects to the appropriate point in time to keep the time line intact aka the infinite stones, then why does this logic not apply to people aka Thanos? He died in the future and is this removed from the time lines having not erase anyone in the first place this causes a paradox.

  77. Patchy

    PatchyDay ago

    I saw that flash at 4:56 >:)

  78. louis george

    louis georgeDay ago

    I agree with ur rewritten plot but i don't think they should say who shot her mentor, just that one of them shot the mentor, so we don't like her with the cree but then we find out that it was her new mentor who was the killer

  79. Ray Dehn

    Ray DehnDay ago

    😆 gee it didn't work? Funny, cuz it made a billion dollars