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  1. Greg Huber

    Greg Huber7 hours ago

    So did Murphy get dumped by Alyah or what?

  2. synthsolutionmusic

    synthsolutionmusic8 hours ago

    Just imagine if the crowd noise was real and no one cared

  3. 101 Calmer

    101 Calmer8 hours ago

    I would prefer Drew versus Bobby Lashley at wrestlemania, but Bobby, whatever you do, don’t challenge brock Lesnar. It is because Brock Lesnar is the ultimate part timer, there’s no point on having Brock as the champion and holding the belt hostage, 3 to 4 months before defending that title again. So Bobby, all due respect, Drew McIntyre versus you Bobby, don’t bring Brock Lesnar into this.

  4. Drip 1K

    Drip 1K8 hours ago

    Cena may have beat him but he came back years later to claim what belongs to him

  5. Anthony Prado

    Anthony Prado8 hours ago

    Roman no one need you and your inflated ego . Without the fans you have nothing but a paper weight on your hip . Your people don't respect the fake you and you make them look bad . Your tribe is small and there time has passed as your time you have outgrown your place . No leader puts himself before his clain

  6. home9dog2blue

    home9dog2blue9 hours ago

    If they allow him to KEEP the title til then and allowed him to WIN AT MANIA....THAT WOULD BE AMAZING

  7. Blaten Norris

    Blaten Norris9 hours ago

    John Cena must have really gotten in his head because his mic game is on point👍

  8. rufnek292004

    rufnek2920049 hours ago

    Llll,s,sbxhhhxjsksasdfghl? Ow

  9. Roberto Martinez

    Roberto Martinez9 hours ago

    Jey needs to start going after the IC tittle

  10. baloozka

    baloozka10 hours ago

    That actually wasn't a bad promo from roman..respect the growth. Maybe hes more comfortable without a crowd

  11. SirCutEmUp

    SirCutEmUp10 hours ago

    You’re little guy ...you’re a lotto winner you’re the guy who waits in the opportunity and sometimes 🤙🏾🤷🏾‍♂️ it works out 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥 This promo so dope 😂😂😂😂 you need me

  12. RundownOyster

    RundownOyster10 hours ago

    Almost as though they should have let him be a heel years ago

  13. Dion Williams

    Dion Williams10 hours ago

    Jey snatching that mic was hilarious

  14. Willow Dick

    Willow Dick10 hours ago


  15. irvmo_

    irvmo_11 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Daniel Bryan is overrated? Can’t stand those dumbass “yes” chants

  16. jordan the legend gamer

    jordan the legend gamer11 hours ago

    Bobby Lashley should face roman reigns at fastlane

  17. big b wolf

    big b wolf11 hours ago

    They need to make jay more dominant now man he loss a little to much now

  18. Gregory Fosdal

    Gregory Fosdal12 hours ago

    This was one of his Top 5 promos. The evolution is scary.

  19. manichispanic16

    manichispanic1612 hours ago

    Haven't watched WWE in over a year but the highlights to this wasn't bad. Still, now watching AEW, matches like this are really hindered by PG content. There is something about "Blood and Guts" that makes a match like this every bit more ruthless and dangerous looking. With that being said, revolution tonight the main event will not be for the faint of heart.

  20. Marvin xavier

    Marvin xavier12 hours ago

    Daniel = 🐐

  21. thepizzajedi

    thepizzajedi12 hours ago

    so...murphy and rollins are cool again?

  22. Marvin xavier

    Marvin xavier12 hours ago

    Roman talks to much. Daniel needs to kick his jaw in already and take that belt.

  23. William Bell

    William Bell12 hours ago

    Jay is a fool for playing stunt dummy for his cousin and holding up his own career

  24. Phil Mac’s Travel

    Phil Mac’s Travel13 hours ago


  25. blazenferno

    blazenferno13 hours ago

    Jey always sounds passionate when he grab the mic like you believe him

  26. rooseveltheath

    rooseveltheath13 hours ago

    doubtful Bryan going to win...


    ENMANUEL GARCIA13 hours ago

    Murphy back to nothing wwe sucks!!!

  28. Lucy Esposito

    Lucy Esposito13 hours ago

    jey is good

  29. Darryl Johnson

    Darryl Johnson14 hours ago

    Lol so much for being a heel. Lol. Nah that’s just Lashley and he turns up on tv but man we all gotta respect this dude

  30. isaac dias

    isaac dias14 hours ago

    I say Daniel and Roman should do a rematch fast line for the belt like in 2015

  31. Nicky Wampole

    Nicky Wampole14 hours ago

    I sure love how wwe keeps up with continuity one sec Murphy is with the mysterios and now he’s back with Seth I swear wwe don’t make sense anymore

  32. Bri & Me

    Bri & Me14 hours ago


  33. Don Crowley

    Don Crowley14 hours ago

    This heel turn has made Roman’s mic skills.

  34. viclops Xmen

    viclops Xmen14 hours ago

    Lashly Rules !!!

  35. Scotty D

    Scotty D14 hours ago

    The last guy I heard with mic skills as good as Edge was CM Punk. Edge has always been a master on the mic. So happy to see him back.

  36. Rico Clemons

    Rico Clemons14 hours ago

    Roman is doing his best work. His mic skills are way better.

  37. King Ding a Ling

    King Ding a Ling15 hours ago

    Nia only has a job because who she's related to

  38. FreshTy007

    FreshTy00715 hours ago

    Denial Bryan sucks. Roman should win.

  39. Eslam Daineh

    Eslam Daineh15 hours ago

    Bobby lashley is a legitimate champion for the wwe

  40. Adrian Brown

    Adrian Brown15 hours ago

    _"YOU need me"_ That one cut Bryan DEEP

  41. Frieza Freeze

    Frieza Freeze15 hours ago

    Them usos may be handsome but they're late af


    TBSS DETROIT16 hours ago

    The Ultimate Warrior was my favorite wrestler of all time R.I.P to all 3 of them 😫

  43. Soulairus

    Soulairus16 hours ago

    Michael Cole can tell the future

  44. Matt-Wars Supreme

    Matt-Wars Supreme16 hours ago

    All the respect in the world for Lashley, but seeing Satin's face and hearing his voice is an automatic Dislike.

  45. Nicholas Atherton

    Nicholas Atherton17 hours ago

    Old news

  46. Adrian Williams

    Adrian Williams17 hours ago

    I died laughing when he said you’re a lotto winner😂😂😂

  47. Laid Back 1-20-7

    Laid Back 1-20-717 hours ago

    Roman nailed the promo.

  48. Chris Mills

    Chris Mills17 hours ago

    Whoever wrote this is a genius.. can’t wait for jimmy to come back!!

  49. JTG

    JTG18 hours ago

    Jey always looks on the brink of tears.

  50. Magic Kirin

    Magic Kirin18 hours ago

    Fans want Bryan in the main event not you Roman: Little dog Tribal jabroni

  51. Angel X Santana

    Angel X Santana19 hours ago

    Finally wwe world champ 💪🏻🔥💯

  52. Jay Anderson

    Jay Anderson20 hours ago

    If this was 1999-2005 crowd it would've been too LIT

  53. David Gonzalez

    David Gonzalez20 hours ago

    Braun would tear up Bobby

  54. David Gonzalez

    David Gonzalez20 hours ago

    Bobby lashley sux

  55. Desmond Brady

    Desmond Brady20 hours ago

    Best beginning to a match ever the testosterone was through the roof

  56. moon light

    moon light21 hour ago

    Shasha slinging bayley like a puppet Me:as she should though👁👄👁👏👏

  57. moon light

    moon light21 hour ago

    I like how shasha changed her style is so blue and nicee

  58. moon light

    moon light21 hour ago

    Bayley in my opinion is using shasha because without shasha bailey is nothing

  59. Natasha Sherwood

    Natasha Sherwood22 hours ago

    Got beat mr. Giggles otis I feel your pain I a so f ing sorry

  60. Carpe_King Diem

    Carpe_King Diem22 hours ago

    Yea lock is the crippler cross face basically

  61. MidWest Ent.

    MidWest Ent.22 hours ago

    im expecting to see jimmy uso at fastlane

  62. king abe

    king abe22 hours ago

    Jay got mic skills always has

  63. Jonathan Hill

    Jonathan Hill23 hours ago

    BD look like Andrew Luck 😁

  64. wwedxecw

    wwedxecw23 hours ago

    :09 Snooki’s Son 😍

  65. The phenomenal One

    The phenomenal One23 hours ago

    I like how lashley prefers a challenging match than a easy win match

  66. John Alarcon

    John AlarconDay ago

    I don't know why they're wasting their time with this Daniel Bryan starting line instead of building the one with Edge

  67. Krankenstein McHammerhead

    Krankenstein McHammerheadDay ago

    Lmao Jey "lapdog" Uso LOSES again. Put THAT on your table!

  68. Nae'Lyn Nomee

    Nae'Lyn NomeeDay ago

    no wae

  69. Livello 100

    Livello 100Day ago

    Now we know who he's gonna face at mania: Godzilla

  70. j dogg

    j doggDay ago

    Its facts name another superstar who was able to draw big money in both pro wres and mma and still caries that aura of realism about him

  71. Real Bennyluke

    Real BennylukeDay ago

    1:48 Boii.. remember cena said "I'm still here cuz you can't do your job" 💀💀💀 talking about we need him.. hahaha 💀

  72. Max Washington

    Max WashingtonDay ago

    Remember great

  73. Max Washington

    Max WashingtonDay ago

    Edge randy Undertaker tazz brooker t uso doubly boys jeff Hardy boys viking great tag teams

  74. Damorrow Tate

    Damorrow TateDay ago

    He Did What To You Seth Rollins @ 2:03 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  75. Max Washington

    Max WashingtonDay ago

    Goldberg john Tripp high john cena never lost. He

  76. Damorrow Tate

    Damorrow TateDay ago

    Love Is What 🤔 1:24 💙

  77. Damorrow Tate

    Damorrow TateDay ago

    What Everybody Thing Love Is Based Off Of 1:21 💙

  78. David M Barrera

    David M BarreraDay ago

    Yo Morrison in the hurt business won’t be a bad idea

  79. Life with Lit dance

    Life with Lit danceDay ago

    I never found Roman funny entertainment smart I just found him really really really annoying

  80. Zack Kaiser

    Zack KaiserDay ago

    He ain’t the main event. He’s the tribal jackass