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90 Day Fiancé offers a unique look into the world of international dating and matrimony. Using a unique 90-day fiancé visa, the K-1 visa, foreigners will travel to the U.S. to live with their overseas partners for the first time. The couples must marry before their visas expire in 90 days, or the visiting partner will have to return home. They'll have to overcome language barriers, culture shock and skeptical friends and family-all with a clock that starts ticking the moment they step foot on U.S. soil.

The stakes are incredibly high as these couples are forced to make a life-altering decision: get married or send their international mate home!

  1. Diane Jilly

    Diane Jilly9 hours ago

    TLC musta had to pay him good to be willing to me meet with her.

  2. bmilprncss22

    bmilprncss229 hours ago

    Is there anyway we can trade Julia for Brandon?? I mean this guy sucks. She seems so nice and she could do way better.

  3. Ashley Gilmour

    Ashley Gilmour9 hours ago

    After that man went on national tv and said her vagina stinks I can’t understand how she would give him the time of day 🤮

  4. J

    J9 hours ago

    She seems a good woman...not mention she's pretty and smart. Not everyone want a green card..there have many people happy with where they live and where they come from.

  5. Fox Fire

    Fox Fire9 hours ago

    He is not legally allowed to work. "Are you okay with that?" - Like WTF. Shall she change immigration rights or what?

  6. 1

    19 hours ago

    I can believe everything except that she works out....she can't even jump. And yeah! Jonathan was a keeper

  7. Autumnal78 R

    Autumnal78 R9 hours ago

    Everything with them just seems so scripted and awkward.

  8. K It

    K It9 hours ago

    I think the only thing that surprised me was him talking about his feelings apart from the marriage & the green card. To let feelings enter into a plan like that seems odd to me. I'd be curious to hear more about that with details.

  9. Dlb Sws

    Dlb Sws9 hours ago

    I am so uncomfortable and confused but most of all I am here for it lmao. They are icons.

  10. Mrs. Country

    Mrs. Country9 hours ago

    She’s smiling like an idiot all the time,😳

  11. CP

    CP9 hours ago

    Whatever, maybe TLC needs to move on?

  12. Hammond Main

    Hammond Main9 hours ago

    At least his mom tried to be happy for her, for ONCE. Jesus

  13. Hammond Main

    Hammond Main9 hours ago

    I hope my future husband likes my dress.

  14. Hwtreasurer07 n

    Hwtreasurer07 n9 hours ago

    Dinyell never takes responsibility either, mohamed didn't make you drive 12 hours for a ghost

  15. Veronica Veronica

    Veronica Veronica9 hours ago

    Ewwwww he makes my skin crawl. He’s so grossssssss!!!!

  16. Veronica Veronica

    Veronica Veronica9 hours ago

    Dang kelly is fine!!! Good luck girl. Does he have a brother??? Lol

  17. Luigi Höglander

    Luigi Höglander9 hours ago

    she got a iphone from him she should be happy not mad all the time...

  18. Nic Danger

    Nic Danger9 hours ago

    Why do all these houchies come here thinking they are model material ,,you houchies need to go to school and quit thinking your a model

  19. CoolHand Loca

    CoolHand Loca9 hours ago

    Why couldn't she wear that blue blouse and the sleek bob on the date?

  20. sweet dimond

    sweet dimond9 hours ago

    Why is she always smiling when she is mad I think I would have got up and left she giving me the creeps

  21. Elle Gold

    Elle Gold9 hours ago

    I never thought I’d see the day where this would happen again lol

  22. JourneyMan Smitty

    JourneyMan Smitty9 hours ago

    Okay this was fairly civil I was expecting the police to be called but okay at least they talk to each other without yelling and screaming and craziness🤔

  23. Doni Frost

    Doni Frost9 hours ago

    danielle is weird af don't get me wrong but I always thought mohammed makes things very awkward and cringe..

  24. Monika Morales

    Monika Morales9 hours ago

    Im glad he’s in a good place in his life.

  25. sweet dimond

    sweet dimond9 hours ago

    I feel like they don't like each other but she may still have a little bit of feelings for him but are putting on a show for the money but hey this pandemic got some people broke and in nerd of any income they can get

  26. Sarah E

    Sarah E9 hours ago

    Why is her trainer bringing her down during her work out? I would of kept my mouth shut.

  27. Truth Seeker23

    Truth Seeker239 hours ago

    These two have not move on CLEARLY.. lmao why are they meeting up? She wants an apology and he is still blaming her for everything although he said he did not want her bringing up the past.. ironic that he was the one who brought it up first. 🙄

  28. Nalo Burns

    Nalo Burns9 hours ago

    They both very cringe I think she awful but i don't think he was going to stay with her either way tbh 😅 this is cringe

  29. Julie Baeza

    Julie Baeza10 hours ago

    57:00 the not impressed look lol

  30. Ann Carr

    Ann Carr10 hours ago

    Never expected to see them again

  31. Veronica Veronica

    Veronica Veronica10 hours ago

    He looks gross and she is pathetic... so desperate

  32. sweet dimond

    sweet dimond10 hours ago

    Honestly if she takes him back I think she needs help because I really liked him but then I saw how she would follow him and how he would talk to her there both toxic and don't need one another if anything they need to block each other and go there sperate ways. But honestly this was probably her quarantine buddy 😂😂🤦‍♀️

  33. sweet dimond

    sweet dimond10 hours ago

    She is not good for him after all she had accused him of and all she had done to get him sent back to his country that was rude and uncalled for and he's right she was too worried about the drama and trying to accuse him of something new smh🤦‍♀️

  34. sweet dimond

    sweet dimond10 hours ago

    She needs to let him go but I know she would take him back in with no hesitation

  35. sweet dimond

    sweet dimond10 hours ago

    She needs to let him go there not meant for each other

  36. Milann Tchantchou

    Milann Tchantchou10 hours ago

    What Danielle did: - lied about having money, being financial good, and having a good life - got jealous when Mohamed was other females - did not tell him about her debt - had poor hygiene - did not tell him about her criminal records and stolen credit card Danielle lied too much to Mohamed she should have been honest from the start about everything! You can not bring someone from another country and give them a good picture of why they should come to America with you and everything turns into a lie. He quit his job in Tunisia, left his family and friends, and when he comes everything is bad. Danielle wanted a man to deal with all her Issues and her needs.

  37. It-Gamer

    It-Gamer10 hours ago

    That smile is annoying

  38. Justine Brown's Bookshelf

    Justine Brown's Bookshelf10 hours ago

    It should be a surprise

  39. Cara Jones

    Cara Jones10 hours ago


  40. mira ways

    mira ways10 hours ago

    He seem nice asf

  41. Raven Ford

    Raven Ford10 hours ago

    Why is Mohammed dressed like an early 2000s pop star? 🥴🥴 Idk he looks less cute to me. Anyway, I’m happy for Danielle bettering herself. 👏🏽👏🏽

  42. netherwarper

    netherwarper10 hours ago

    "you should have listened"....uhhh ok why? Shes doing stuff for herself on HER time. Say you are grateful for what she did for you and you are sorry for being a dick. I wish Mohammed had gotten kicked out of the country

  43. B C

    B C10 hours ago

    These two walked so every other hot mess couple on this show can run

  44. Emerald Pilgrim

    Emerald Pilgrim10 hours ago

    Brandon is fooling no one with that dumb comb over.

  45. Barbara J

    Barbara J10 hours ago

    Danielle is disgusting

  46. N A

    N A10 hours ago

    He’s annoying ..... far more than usual.....

  47. Jake Judy

    Jake Judy10 hours ago

    Lol awkward. Mohamed is at it again

  48. Guilherme Rocha

    Guilherme Rocha10 hours ago

    I would never forgive him, she is very innocent, he probably came back wanting something.

  49. Sarah Ortiz

    Sarah Ortiz10 hours ago

    This conversation is awkward, Mohammed looks like he doesn't want to be there and Danielle is still vindictive.

  50. Pasta Panda

    Pasta Panda10 hours ago

    Danielle makes me uncomfortable. She always has that weird smile on her face, no matter the conversation.

  51. 24441Chris

    24441Chris10 hours ago


  52. B Jaded

    B Jaded10 hours ago

    Mohammad definitely used her to get to the US but she let him get away with it. He isn’t going to apologize. Let it go.

  53. E DDS

    E DDS10 hours ago

    Mohammed looking good. Healthier. Danielle is going good for herself too. Move on girl

  54. Stephanie Barias

    Stephanie Barias10 hours ago

    Why does it always have to be Americans when it comes to flying to their fiancès?

  55. Daniel Enriquez

    Daniel Enriquez10 hours ago

    I thought she said she was going to work on herself? I see no difference.

  56. Brenda Gnader

    Brenda Gnader10 hours ago

    Until Danielle can let go of the past, she'll never move forward. If she can't trust men, that's her choice. She's choosing to be miserable.

  57. esodust

    esodust10 hours ago

    Mohamed smelled the cameras and ran write back to Danielle with the quickness

  58. B Ruiz

    B Ruiz10 hours ago

    Danielle is STILL dumb and desperate for this fool

  59. Jessica James

    Jessica James10 hours ago

    These women need to know that no man is worth sacrificing their emotional health. We're stronger than that 💪🏽♀️

  60. Barry Shitpeas

    Barry Shitpeas10 hours ago

    You couldn't pay me to use that hot tub knowing the couple who it belongs to. Gross

  61. Albina Yumankulova

    Albina Yumankulova10 hours ago

    Do you take people on a normal basis to choose your everyday clothes? Do you let your mom tell you what to wear? So why would you let anybody else choose or have influence on what you are gonna wear on your wedding day? The choice should be 100% of the bride. I've been bridesmaid before and I only say something negative on support of the bride's comment as in: I think this area here has a weird shape", do you think so? And then I comment. It's mind-boggling that you choose a dress because someone else like it.

  62. A K

    A K10 hours ago

    He looks so done with her the entire conversation lmao and Danielle's just trying to impress him

  63. Grey Love

    Grey Love10 hours ago

    She would take him back in a heartbeat.

  64. RedHat Maddie

    RedHat Maddie10 hours ago

    I’m so happy to hear this! I just love Molly! She’s always just her southern self and doesn’t apologize for keeping it 💯! She didn’t deserve to be put through what she was previously and I truly wish her the best!! ❤️

  65. Ivell Bullock

    Ivell Bullock10 hours ago

    Yara is part of the Me Too movement

  66. Jessica James

    Jessica James10 hours ago

    I hope they both found happiness, mainly Mohammad. Danielle is delusional if she thinks he owes her an apology when she needs to apologize to him.

  67. Mili J

    Mili J10 hours ago

    They doing this for a check from TLC. I respect the hustle.

  68. ViRN

    ViRN10 hours ago

    Why is she smiling through the whole conversation?

  69. Jannah Hernandez215

    Jannah Hernandez21510 hours ago

    She still chasing an apology after 3 years?

  70. essy sanchez

    essy sanchez10 hours ago

    danielle after this “u used me mohammad u used me!!!!”

  71. Paul Wilmont

    Paul Wilmont10 hours ago


  72. Rickgocrazy -

    Rickgocrazy -10 hours ago

    “How’s your driving truck” truck driving dumb ass

  73. Dana White

    Dana White10 hours ago

    Honey, he ain't apologizing 😀

  74. Dana White

    Dana White10 hours ago

    How awkward!

  75. Fire Fly

    Fire Fly10 hours ago

    Liam is Gay He's totally jealous of his mom😂😂

  76. Paper Crane Wishes

    Paper Crane Wishes10 hours ago

    “What did I do?” ?!?!??

  77. Nardy Bojorquez

    Nardy Bojorquez10 hours ago

    Are you curious 🤨 Mo and Danielle’s drama again?????? LOL 😂😂😂I wasn’t expecting it🤷🏻‍♀️😂😂

  78. Coconut Head

    Coconut Head10 hours ago

    You know Mohammad just came for the free food

  79. synthlust

    synthlust10 hours ago

    She just can't move on omg

  80. H. Kirk

    H. Kirk10 hours ago

    I like this girl, she seems to be in it honestly. But that said - he needs to understand that she wants a real man.. That hold the door for her, is galant and a provider. So far all he and his family have shown is being tactless.