Italian guy who wants to share his passion for slapping the BASS.

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I'm in a movie

I'm in a movie

2 months ago

  1. Sakurin

    Sakurin19 hours ago

    Kawaki wo ameku or black Catcher

  2. 3ro.Arturo Josué González

    3ro.Arturo Josué González19 hours ago

    forever davie504

  3. Giao Tran

    Giao Tran19 hours ago

    Black Clover third Opening „Black Rover“ !!! 🥰🥰

  4. F 2.0 master

    F 2.0 master19 hours ago

    2:53 amo capire l'italiano

  5. karremania

    karremania19 hours ago

    Its hard to juggle between the 'common flow of whats populair' and sticking to 'what you like most', specialy the last year the flow took a new direction and it not always be the direction you wanna go. But continue as long as you enjoy, as long you stay yourself.

  6. juice

    juice19 hours ago

    "i just want free headphones for life, is that too much to ask" LMAOOO

  7. J-X

    J-X19 hours ago


  8. Josiah Nelson

    Josiah Nelson19 hours ago

    Banana. With strings. Play it again, please.

  9. 1234 Galaxy

    1234 Galaxy19 hours ago

    Hatena pinguin research

  10. Al Mi

    Al Mi19 hours ago

    I laughed at you laughing

  11. Otsugya

    Otsugya19 hours ago

    Manda um salve metaforando

  12. Scott Cruz

    Scott Cruz19 hours ago

    The dislikes are from those that received this video multiple times from their multiple different crushes. At least I like it.

  13. Duane Berry

    Duane Berry19 hours ago

    You want the best you have to go back to Stanley Clark.

  14. John Pomeroy music

    John Pomeroy music19 hours ago

    He said don’t hate guitar players. Finally I feel I’m not hated by one of my idols.

  15. Conor Crowley

    Conor Crowley19 hours ago

    This was nice. Thankyou for opening up

  16. Rush P.

    Rush P.19 hours ago

    Wow Ayemu! So complex, so fast, but such clarity of each note, and such a crazy clean tone!

  17. Duane Berry

    Duane Berry19 hours ago

    Love Tai Wilkenfeld.

  18. pokev25

    pokev2519 hours ago

    This is so akward Davie playing guitar?

  19. Leonardo Vieira

    Leonardo Vieira19 hours ago

    Play "Lost in Paradise" from Jujutsu Kaisen

  20. Ntn Bst

    Ntn Bst19 hours ago

    Started to play bass when you started to post bass videos, it's clearly one of my passion, and I have to thank you for that. Much love and respect for the dedication and inspiration.

  21. venusy

    venusy19 hours ago

    Dude! You are so entertaining and I don't even play bass!

  22. Basty Ramos

    Basty Ramos19 hours ago

    Davie can i have one of your bass the cheapest one i really love to play bass

  23. Steven Veenker

    Steven Veenker20 hours ago

    simp review 👏👏

  24. Ibe Godswill

    Ibe Godswill20 hours ago

    David give me you number

  25. Cedric Dublin

    Cedric Dublin20 hours ago

    Pls do a beyblade while playing BASS


    DORMAMO GAMER20 hours ago

    Pls play black clover opening 4 or 3

  27. David Zaretsky

    David Zaretsky20 hours ago


  28. Steven Veenker

    Steven Veenker20 hours ago

    How about since a lot of these comments are asking for you to play Queen, I dare you to play Queen with a crown.

  29. Lil Probe

    Lil Probe20 hours ago

    see nezuko? press like

  30. ItsToasty

    ItsToasty20 hours ago

    He should play a Dragonball BASS song

  31. Arvan Shimal

    Arvan Shimal20 hours ago

    Face reveal at 10m

  32. Hugo Esnault

    Hugo Esnault20 hours ago

    Cowboy Bebop - Tank!

  33. GarageBand -Finland

    GarageBand -Finland20 hours ago

    This was so cool and a bit emotional too ur the best!

  34. abortodedios

    abortodedios20 hours ago

    Maybe an idea: Can you make a Bass Video about Adriano Celentano ? You look like him a little. Or maybe do the video .....with him ? (both are italians) Awesome speech signorino Davie.

  35. peter andrusenko

    peter andrusenko20 hours ago


  36. abortodedios

    abortodedios20 hours ago

    Slapppppassioooon! passionslap

  37. Alejandro H.

    Alejandro H.20 hours ago

    mdude, I've subscribed like a week ago, and you reach the 9 millon subs. Where is my slap?

  38. Brandon Herygers

    Brandon Herygers20 hours ago

    Sick bass! SlaPP

  39. Marcus Williams 93 (STUDENT)

    Marcus Williams 93 (STUDENT)20 hours ago

    you are the best bass player ever of mankind

  40. Mill

    Mill20 hours ago

    thank you dave ily

  41. K

    K20 hours ago

    Orange 7

  42. Dani Chibari

    Dani Chibari20 hours ago

    I've loved how you're channel has evolved over the past year. Really love watching all your ideas come to light. Thank you for being real with us here. I look forward to what you do next!

  43. Manuel Aguilar

    Manuel Aguilar20 hours ago


  44. Stone D0nuts

    Stone D0nuts20 hours ago

    At 69M we get a 🅱️ass reveal 😉

  45. degenerate negative chad

    degenerate negative chad20 hours ago

    before watching this video hes going to start speaking bass

  46. Mugiwara

    Mugiwara20 hours ago

    damn lucky base.

  47. Jose Constante

    Jose Constante20 hours ago

    Sad And Sorrow from NaRuTo

  48. Tomlink Díaz

    Tomlink Díaz20 hours ago

    You must play Roundabout with the meme TO BE CONTINUED

  49. TheTubeLovers

    TheTubeLovers20 hours ago

    Greatest match-up since Tenacious D vs the Devil.

  50. Kakashi_Literature

    Kakashi_Literature20 hours ago


  51. Chris W

    Chris W20 hours ago

    1000% success rate True, if you mean they like Davie

  52. Commander Baccara

    Commander Baccara20 hours ago

    I originally subscribed to you (about 5 years ago) because of your older videos, where you actually played bass and back then you did these bass compilations with a 100 songs or stuff like that. But keep on doing what you're doing and just make the stuff that you like. ~A fellow subscriber

  53. Arne Johnson

    Arne Johnson20 hours ago

    I have the 100k$

  54. Hero Gaming

    Hero Gaming20 hours ago

    I want you to play saitama first opening song

  55. Jay DeMorest

    Jay DeMorest20 hours ago

    Can you please the 1st theme from Attack on Titan

  56. Kasey Borders

    Kasey Borders20 hours ago


  57. Солидный мужчина Денчик

    Солидный мужчина Денчик20 hours ago

    I don't understand English well, but I understand you. And have been watching your videos since the first speech. I am very glad to have witnessed such growth, very happy for you.

  58. Xx-KingWahib-xX

    Xx-KingWahib-xX20 hours ago

    Ay where’s all the bunny-girl senpai fans at? Yk u gotta play fukashigi no carte... it’s a bop and a half. It’ll also get the tears rollin down hard 😢.

  59. Leonardo Francisco Favaretto

    Leonardo Francisco Favaretto20 hours ago

    Hello Davie. A content suggestion: do some talking/inerviewing with some of your viwers over the world, the open more this ideia that there are all sort of real people in the other side that like you and (maybe) the bass, and have good times consuming your content. Greetings from a long time viwer from brazil.

  60. Maddox_skateboard

    Maddox_skateboard20 hours ago

    Next goal: 69000

  61. ZvezdiBG

    ZvezdiBG20 hours ago

    Play Blue bird from Naruto shippuden🦊

  62. Alex Nichols

    Alex Nichols20 hours ago

    The melody is bad ass. Love that you found different pitches on the face plate, so creative.

  63. Joshua Mccaulley

    Joshua Mccaulley20 hours ago

    That's because when the 5mill sub challenge started. I've been spending every waking second creating new channels to rack up sub count. But I only watch on this my personal account. Sorry Davie... Lmao.

  64. Brian Smith

    Brian Smith20 hours ago

    everyone who disliked this video can go to hell, there is a person explaining his thoughts, if you're not gonna listen them just piss off!

  65. Mannequin 22

    Mannequin 2220 hours ago

    Keep it up man. You’re amazing.

  66. Emilio Del Razo

    Emilio Del Razo20 hours ago

    Blue biiiiird Naruto

  67. Sk8teking

    Sk8teking20 hours ago

    That was epic

  68. Colin Willems

    Colin Willems20 hours ago


  69. Tobias22

    Tobias2220 hours ago

    Davie president

  70. Vinny Cagasan

    Vinny Cagasan20 hours ago

    He looks like a skinnier Ray William Johnson with that wig on

  71. Nesar Ahmadi

    Nesar Ahmadi20 hours ago


  72. Xx-KingWahib-xX

    Xx-KingWahib-xX20 hours ago

    Now all you need to do is play all the persona games and learn all the soundtracks.

  73. Rollin Fiber

    Rollin Fiber20 hours ago

    This was pretty awesome. Didn’t expect this from a bass


    ANDREA LIMA RAMOS20 hours ago

    what song makes davie cry?

  75. Hello Kitty lol

    Hello Kitty lol20 hours ago

    wow exactly one year ago

  76. Leydi Ramos

    Leydi Ramos20 hours ago

    :D Very impressive! Keep steady Davie504!!!

  77. Rok Rasic

    Rok Rasic20 hours ago

    One piece song

  78. Alexander Ledesma

    Alexander Ledesma20 hours ago


  79. The Audrey Griffin Effect

    The Audrey Griffin Effect20 hours ago

    Love seeing a more relatable version of you! Also love your silly character! You're doing a great job.

  80. SWO_Woodsman_945

    SWO_Woodsman_94520 hours ago

    Dave: Threatens me to like with kitchen utensils and a toy gun. Me, who has a collection of knives and bb guns: Are you challenging me?!