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Personal update
  1. Dark

    Dark4 hours ago

    The X370 is the Supra version of a motherboard nice and semxy with a 3700X

  2. JBCoolestGaMEr! !

    JBCoolestGaMEr! !4 hours ago

    Wow this over kill!

  3. Castlers 2

    Castlers 24 hours ago

    My anger levels are to high for you to understand ( 16,099 comments nice. )

  4. Ryan McNatt

    Ryan McNatt5 hours ago

    RIP Fry's.

  5. Brandon-TFK

    Brandon-TFK5 hours ago

    Can anyone PLEASE!!!! tell me, is a 1650 GTX GEFORCE super an upgrade from a 1030 geforce graphics card, I bought a 1650 thinking I was upgrading but is it truly an upgrade?? I need advice

  6. Brad Beyers

    Brad Beyers5 hours ago

    4 months later and the 3070 still never arrived. 😂

  7. Fake Taxi

    Fake Taxi5 hours ago

    Pc are wack. All about console. Who gives a fuck about colors 😂😂

  8. TheGoldenOcean

    TheGoldenOcean5 hours ago

    Holy shit that motherboard looks like my xps 8700 motherboard

  9. Texsoft

    Texsoft5 hours ago

    Fry's is graveyard dead. Stone dead forever.

  10. Zone

    Zone6 hours ago


  11. Kigan Sapp

    Kigan Sapp6 hours ago

    229 well I bought the overclocked on Amazon for 680 lol

  12. Ronky

    Ronky6 hours ago

    Walmart: Employee of the month

  13. Scott Vanderzanden

    Scott Vanderzanden6 hours ago

    My wife just told me today that she wants a divorce it’s painful as hell I hope your feeling better since ik this vid is only a month old ik it’s possible you may not

  14. Pumpkin Patch People

    Pumpkin Patch People6 hours ago


  15. Warren Mc Cormack Jnr

    Warren Mc Cormack Jnr6 hours ago

    Even when bitcoin is 49 exactly um your place is now worth 2 million dollars

  16. Spartan117JMC

    Spartan117JMC6 hours ago

    12:15 you actually forgot to put the links up though :P

  17. Mike

    Mike7 hours ago

    this video actually aged well lol

  18. Ivo Ivanov

    Ivo Ivanov7 hours ago

    jesus fcking christ...

  19. MT

    MT7 hours ago

    Anyone else having halfway flickering issue with these?

  20. Defective Takumi

    Defective Takumi7 hours ago


  21. Chris Serv

    Chris Serv7 hours ago


  22. HM Cuber

    HM Cuber7 hours ago

    2000$ wowwwwww

  23. ColumbusCupKid

    ColumbusCupKid8 hours ago

    Nobody: The Verge: Write that down!!!!

  24. Hulkman Melkman

    Hulkman Melkman8 hours ago

    This is some quality content

  25. Carl Tiede

    Carl Tiede9 hours ago

    POV: you see all these funny comments about ad spot for corsair. There isn't an ad spot for corsair when you get to that point in the vid :(

  26. Dodo1169

    Dodo11699 hours ago

    11:53 U LEFT THE COVER ON THE THERMAL PADS OF THE HEATSINK FOR M.2 REMOVE IT DUDE but its prolly unassembled by now so whatever

  27. Mindless_ Fate

    Mindless_ Fate9 hours ago

    It must be very frustrating to be 27th.

  28. Liam O'Neill

    Liam O'Neill9 hours ago


  29. Pinzari Marian

    Pinzari Marian9 hours ago

    Pa just wanna browse thé HUB dude

  30. A7MADENO

    A7MADENO9 hours ago

    can i add switches on a half mechanical keyboard??

  31. steven brown

    steven brown9 hours ago

    Keep going bro. I know its hard your properly thinking is it me? What did i do? But your health state of mind is more important.

  32. Luis Gomez

    Luis Gomez9 hours ago

    I was about to buy one at micro center but then some asshole baught it and all the other 4 6800 at micro center

  33. danny young

    danny young10 hours ago


  34. Tomáš Švacan Švejcar

    Tomáš Švacan Švejcar10 hours ago

    Really nice, thanks

  35. LucklessCope

    LucklessCope10 hours ago

    Never let this die.

  36. a.s.o.g

    a.s.o.g10 hours ago


  37. erik schneider

    erik schneider10 hours ago

    4:47 when i dobt have an io shield

  38. Gabriel Fabián

    Gabriel Fabián10 hours ago

    Worst porn intro ever.


    MUSHMARIO10 hours ago

    the beta has emilia instead of rem what a fucking loser

  40. aran amanj

    aran amanj10 hours ago

    Cooler master and nzxt best prebuilt PCs to buy prove me wrong (I’m gonna regret saying that aren’t I?)

  41. erik malmberg

    erik malmberg11 hours ago

    2080ti owmers dont worry 30series did not exist

  42. Bang4BuckPC Gamer

    Bang4BuckPC Gamer11 hours ago

    Great review, nice music too. Its crazt how my 2.6Hz 6800 XT OC is curb stopping that 6900XT and 3090.

  43. erik malmberg

    erik malmberg11 hours ago

    2080ri söners dont worry 30series did not exist

  44. S. A

    S. A11 hours ago

    this dude lacks testostrone

  45. Zomakee

    Zomakee11 hours ago

    Linus Sex Tips should have stepped in earlier.

  46. The Jolly Sloth

    The Jolly Sloth11 hours ago

    Even got the RGB cables on the 24 pin, but I'm disappointed there is no RGB SSD. This machine should be called "Death by RGB". It's got more lights than a Christmas tree!

  47. mushfiq

    mushfiq11 hours ago

    i click on asmr and youtube bring me this :D

  48. Iulian David Conache

    Iulian David Conache12 hours ago

    price high bc no stock bruh a

  49. Noah

    Noah12 hours ago

    nice clickbait kyle

  50. David Crockett

    David Crockett12 hours ago

    Why didn’t you water cool the gpu?

  51. NCM Production

    NCM Production12 hours ago

    Imagine bringing your pc today(ryzen 9, x570 ROG, 64gb ram, rtx 3080) back to 93 to show them how powerful your pc that can even compete a supercomputer on that time

  52. Lorin Both

    Lorin Both13 hours ago

    If the 3 is rotated like the cpu-cooler its an M... not a w

  53. Milk Garage

    Milk Garage13 hours ago

    When I start getting good grades u best believe ur coming to give me a new pc

  54. Maddus_

    Maddus_13 hours ago

    I'm surprised that he didn't use a mini ITX board in an ATX case

  55. Mad Southpaw

    Mad Southpaw13 hours ago

    Seeing GPUs in stock. A reminder of a time lost and gone..

  56. C0LLATER

    C0LLATER13 hours ago

    Why is anime so hated

  57. Zuhair S

    Zuhair S13 hours ago

    All relationships must end. People change, I don't believe in marriage Because i know nothing lasts forever even the so called love.

  58. william knight

    william knight14 hours ago

    ok when you change vendors that means that you can not pay for stuff. not being able to find a vendor for months means that no one wants to take the risk of sell you stuff and not getting paid for it.When this happens a company is about to go under. This was a private company so we do not know how bad if was. I think what happened was they took out loans to get products and or pay vendors, or pay some debt that they had but was not making enought money to pay anything but the interest on the loan. They closed so suddenly because they hit a deadline and could not pay so They had to close and file bankruptcy before there suppliers took them to court to get there money. The reason why you do that is because with bankruptcy you can pay only small amounts of money you owe people. without bankruptcy you pay everything.

  59. dengo design

    dengo design14 hours ago

    td500 and h500m which one is better?

  60. Dave Cunningham

    Dave Cunningham14 hours ago

    how much did you get paid to yap yap yap for 30 minutes??

  61. Rod Rayla

    Rod Rayla14 hours ago

    Hi Bitwit I have ryzen 7 3700x I intend not to overclock it any good recommendation for air cooler for a tropical country like Philippines. thanks

  62. Peterpi

    Peterpi15 hours ago

    My hobby is building PCs for my friends and relatives. This video is so useful for me, thank you @. Guys who I get keys from have Windows for 14.99 instead of 49.99 now for a license key -

  63. Paul

    Paul15 hours ago

    If I was making a 3k build I’d want more than a 240 ssd 🤷🏻‍♂️🙄

  64. Its Ya Doof Cloof

    Its Ya Doof Cloof15 hours ago

    And I cant even afford a gtx 1050ti

  65. chloe devereaux

    chloe devereaux15 hours ago

    whats with the livin in a box rip off music????????? why has no one noticed this!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Jimmyn

    Jimmyn15 hours ago

    is better AMD Ryzen 5 5600X or 7 3700X?

  67. Petar Jovanović

    Petar Jovanović16 hours ago