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  1. Hosannah Maes

    Hosannah Maes3 hours ago

    slightly off topic but the movie “Moxie” shows representation by casting AN ACTUAL transgender woman, and I just don’t understand how someone who has worked in the industry for SO long couldn’t do the same.

  2. Niyala

    Niyala3 hours ago

    Love how Pewdiepie's cocomelon diss track got removed because it goes against one of youtubes polcies of having the potential to be harmful to a child's mental state or whatever but Eugenia is still around which has done far more harm.

  3. Jocelyn Brooks

    Jocelyn Brooks3 hours ago

    Its fake its a trend many gurls did this too celebrities 😭


    LIQUID CRYSTAL3 hours ago

    Are you Hard Rock Nicks son?

  5. Sara anderson

    Sara anderson3 hours ago

    Eating disorders can be a way of gaining control over one’s life. She didn’t have any control over her life. All of the adults around her made her feel like she was just a prop or a pawn for the show. Her mother having an ED, teaching her that and the industry did not help and contributed to it obviously. Trauma and family history play a part in ED’s for sure and this was the one thing she could control since adults all around her were taking advantage of her. It gave her a way to make decisions about how much she ate, how she looked and when she ate. She talks about how her disordered habits helped her temporarily relieve anxiety and this makes sense given she was able to control it herself.

  6. Prettyful Brown

    Prettyful Brown3 hours ago

    I don't care if she gains 100 lbs....if she doesn't stop with the voice she's gonna lose all her subs 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Aeryn Lee

    Aeryn Lee4 hours ago

    Jennette is absolutely beautiful wtf

  8. Donna Karen

    Donna Karen4 hours ago

    I wish I could have watched the video without this guy pausing and giving us his thoughts. Totals should have said "my thoughts on an interview"

  9. Luxie 215

    Luxie 2154 hours ago

    I'm probably alone in this thought but when she shaved her head I thought it was a way of saying f#-k u guys. It was a liberating moment for her.

  10. Papi of all papis

    Papi of all papis4 hours ago

    Tbh, I don’t know why people are scared to tell the truth. Just expose this dirty man!

  11. Hallie Nunnally

    Hallie Nunnally4 hours ago

    it reminds me of michael jackson. when he would have an act of a father figure to other children and then later on in life we learned the truth about all that. but it just has a small inching similarity to him you feel?

  12. Joanna Pride

    Joanna Pride4 hours ago

    Gifts are awesome 👏🏽❤️🙏🏼

  13. Amanda Dixson

    Amanda Dixson4 hours ago

    Paramount is owned by Disney. This is even more proof Disney buys people out.

  14. Flor Diaz

    Flor Diaz4 hours ago

    I don’t understand her relationship with Dan tho because I see videos of her like on set behind the scenes running away from Dan or just feeling really uncomfortable when he would come around.

  15. itzShabby

    itzShabby4 hours ago

    Sound guy = “dialogue coach”..?

  16. anime girls

    anime girls4 hours ago

    I always thought she was really pretty when I watched the show

  17. Chell Belle

    Chell Belle4 hours ago

    This is crazy. I know from personal experience that most rehab programs for adults are like this but I thought programs for children would be a little more regulated :(((

  18. Samantha Calloway

    Samantha Calloway4 hours ago

    Since they had their daughter their content just went down hill & the clickbait deff is messy too. Every video has been about their daughter or a semi vlog “thrown together footage”.

  19. BassManBobBassCovers

    BassManBobBassCovers4 hours ago

    It's 10 times more fucked up than what's in this video.

  20. ThatOne Lesbian

    ThatOne Lesbian4 hours ago

    I'm surprised no one is talking about the show they made that had this place and one I attended (RCA) in the comment section. I really hope I can make a video about psych wards and the place I went to, I was abused in psych wards in Utah but the wilderness program was the best treatment I ever got. I actually went as an adult once too. Crazy how different the two must be from each other and I thought they had it too easy compared to my program, but abuse obviously makes it completely different. Hannah deserves the best and I hope she heals from this egregious sh!t.

  21. Joanna Pride

    Joanna Pride4 hours ago

    SLO4N I adore u baby boy I know your heart is in the right place!! But I just had a little look see on my own and honestly I feel Kevin is being an amazing father to those babies! Quietly… He hasn’t gone to media you don’t see him going talking about her negatively that I’ve seen… I think he’s grown up a lot he’s an amazing father he didn’t put Britney where she’s at today. I have to sync with my mom heart....her mother, her sister they have not spoken up to Defend her I guess is the word I should say ...but maybe I think Britney needs help I think she needs the people that love her her family to protect her I think that’s what they’re doing I don’t think that Britney is in danger at all at all honey I really don’t. I pray that she’s happy I pray that she’s healthy I love her I was born 1975 a group with me to Brittny’s beautiful I just hope that she’s healthy and happy I don’t know why this is all happening but it’s heartbreaking. I love u Sloan thx for sharing your Beautiful face with that and you’re beautiful amazing heart with us! Keep doing what you’re doing I know your hearts in a good place! XOXO

  22. Gloria Hooks

    Gloria Hooks4 hours ago

    Definitely needs help

  23. DiorShiesty

    DiorShiesty4 hours ago

    Your so late I been know this for yearsssss

  24. Gloria Hooks

    Gloria Hooks4 hours ago

    Yea that reason I dont watch her stuff. She get paid to get worse and enabled to do so like USlikes, her family

  25. Salem

    Salem4 hours ago

    As a former sound person, I'm so disgusted by the actions of someone in my same field. Mic'ing someone is very sensitive - the actor often has to remove parts of their costumes so we can do it properly. It's a vulnerable position to be in. Acting with respect and responsibility is of the utmost importance. I hope that more actors decide not to get mic'd alone (go be mic'd in groups). I'm not sure how much that would prevent, but I would hope the shame the sound people feel would be enough of a barrier if more people are present. I feel like it is relevant to mention that the sound field is still dominated by men (lawsuits from the gaming industry show how getting men of this certain unsavory kind together, especially in management positions, can lead to a more physically threatening atmosphere for females). I feel so bad for Jennette.

  26. yourlittleplantbasedglitch

    yourlittleplantbasedglitch4 hours ago

    How she expressed that Maddie felt uncomfortable about doing it and she still made her do it. Bye with that trash.

  27. Pasa Cara De Negra

    Pasa Cara De Negra4 hours ago

    i have owned 5 pugs. 3 to adult age. As they get older, skin problems tend to manifest very easily. Nothing you can really do about it but make it more comfortable for the pug. There was nothing wrong with her pug, looked like a regular aging pug. Thats extremely messed up someone would do that to her. So shameful.

  28. yourlittleplantbasedglitch

    yourlittleplantbasedglitch4 hours ago

    I used to look up to Sia... #freemaddie #freeanyoneindanger

  29. k monkey

    k monkey4 hours ago


  30. Nicolette James

    Nicolette James4 hours ago

    It shocks me that she was treated as the "ugly" character and called "homely" when she was always really pretty.

  31. k monkey

    k monkey4 hours ago

    this reminds me of michael jackson. young children sleeping in their bed and their parents allow that it since they are popstars

  32. BloodyNoses

    BloodyNoses4 hours ago

    that is disgusting. i'm 18. an adult. and i would be uncomfortable playing this game.

  33. Kelsi Smith

    Kelsi Smith4 hours ago

    Some of the clips from victorious are so uncomfortable I couldn’t watch them I just had to skip past them. Especially the Ariana grande clips early on. (This is not a complaint about you including video clips for evidence just to clarify, because I totally understand why you did, and I’m not against that.) I can’t believe the network aired some of this crap, it’s so horrifying in very very obvious ways.

  34. Ali Eliot

    Ali Eliot4 hours ago

    “Do you like Italian food” is a sly way of the man asking Freddy on a date

  35. Luna B

    Luna B5 hours ago

    Dr. Phil always seemed pretty sus to me when I was growing up. The aura of that show was gross too and some of the things they talked about felt like it should have been done so in private. I dunno, the whole thing makes me feel....gross...

  36. MrzBadaBing

    MrzBadaBing5 hours ago

    And idk why people send their kids to camps or anywhere alone with people they don’t even know ...don’t be surprised when your kid comes back fucked up

  37. Amelia Saffron

    Amelia Saffron5 hours ago

    U should add subtitles would come in handy

  38. Bri Collins

    Bri Collins5 hours ago

    You should do one on the dirty jokes in spongebob

  39. Erin Celeste

    Erin Celeste5 hours ago

    I have to say that I came across this video in my suggested today. Watched it all and was pleasantly surprised at the end when you opened a couple packages! I loved it! You seemed genuinely appreciative and excited about the packages you got and as a small business owner myself I really enjoyed to see that! You have a new sub 💙

  40. 1 Out Of 7.7 Billion

    1 Out Of 7.7 Billion5 hours ago

    I like jennette more in icarly than the star of the show herself, I always got happy to see sam on camera. How much happier could I be for her that shes now an independent and free woman. Yes her trama may make her feel not so free, but this time for her to expand in her own directions I truly cant wait.

  41. Teresa Howick

    Teresa Howick5 hours ago

    Hey It’s compilations 😉

  42. Climbers Of Ice

    Climbers Of Ice5 hours ago

    Dan trying to be funny and pulling "pranks" behind stage is so cringe and not funny

  43. Pearl Lewis

    Pearl Lewis5 hours ago

    such a great vid concept

  44. God loves you

    God loves you5 hours ago

    Britney loves her very much. I think this is damaging

  45. Ashley Magana

    Ashley Magana5 hours ago

    tbh just leave them alone its their business not urs 😅so stay out of it respectfully

  46. Joanne Dunham

    Joanne Dunham5 hours ago

    I LOVE DR. PHIL don't be a bad lil kid then, act right

  47. SuSu Dandy

    SuSu Dandy5 hours ago

    It’s not okay to talk about subject like this without any basic knowledge. What you’re doing is dangerous.

  48. Johanna Knight

    Johanna Knight5 hours ago

    I am so glad you did a video on this! Especially with how awesome of a public speaker and role model she is for younger girls. Happy she isn't conforming to the pressure of doing the reboot with Icarly

  49. Madrine

    Madrine5 hours ago

    16:07 LOL I'm pretty sure my dude meant "campfire" I don't think it would be safe to experience the smell of a forest fire 😅

  50. Strawberry Cherry

    Strawberry Cherry5 hours ago

    My dad almost send me to the one when I was 13-16 because I was heavy rebelling when I was 13-19 but in the end when I was 16 he knew something was off with those facilities. I cant imagine what would of happen to me if he never research them. I already had enough ptsd imagine if I would of been send to one.

  51. Dana parsons Liquid Cosmos Art

    Dana parsons Liquid Cosmos Art5 hours ago

    Just cus one victim comes forward doesn't mean others will.. it's a personal and very hard journey. Much respect to anyone going through such horrible times

  52. Alexis Berg

    Alexis Berg5 hours ago

    I’m taking abnormal psychology in college right now and we just recently learned about eating disorders and people with them are typically always in denial over having a problem and due to their denial, it’s extremely difficult to treat. Eating disorders are some of the most difficult disorders to treat due to them being in denial and refusing treatment due to the fact that they believe they’re fine. It’s really sad. 😔

  53. es

    es5 hours ago

    I wonder if Paris has spoken to dr Phil about the ranch. Dr Phil has mentioned a few times that he and Paris are really good friends.

  54. krrad123 b

    krrad123 b5 hours ago

    I'm autistic and this makes me really uncomfortable.

  55. Justin Gonzales

    Justin Gonzales5 hours ago

    Like a lot of others, Jeanette may not like all of Nickelodeon as much as her role Sam. But never forget what General Iroh says, "Destiny is a funny thing. If you keep an open mind and an open heart, I promise you'll find your own destiny someday" 😁🍵

  56. Amy Troy

    Amy Troy5 hours ago

    HUGE difference in energy and cognitive awareness between the years 😱

  57. Katie Ashbrooke

    Katie Ashbrooke5 hours ago

    Is that crazy hat man from the Amanda show?!

  58. Renny

    Renny5 hours ago

    She has made so many damn mistake but I think she loves her dog more than she loves herself, so 👏 stop 👏 canceling 👏 over 👏 dumb 👏 shit 👏 and focus on Eugina???

  59. Sharee Robbins

    Sharee Robbins5 hours ago

    It’s very VERY odd to me that YT doesn’t like certain words like the g word, the p word. Words that call those people out for their behavior. It’s almost like they don’t want anyone to learn the words that could ultimately protect them or inform them about what could be happening to them.

  60. ShadowX

    ShadowX5 hours ago

    The Darkside of Disney: Deaths occurring in Disney park rides The Darkside of Nick: Dan being a creep I'm waiting for the Darkside of cartoon network😂😂😂

  61. Tired OfSpam

    Tired OfSpam5 hours ago

    The mental hospital I was sent to against my will is now shut down due to all the horrible events. If you acted out they would tranquilize you, and you would be out for days, no padded rooms they would just put you in a straight jacket hang you on the door. We had no privacy, some were refused meds due to nurses incapability and one girl almost died from it the first day I was there, they strip you and make notes on a chart about everything on and about your body, we weren’t allowed in our own rooms, there were a few suicides inside, assaults, and so much more ugh it was traumatizing and now any time I smell a certain soap I’m transported back to that hell. This was in the CHILDRENS UNIT

  62. Good Vibes

    Good Vibes5 hours ago

    I'm amazed that our society is failing so bad that we have people who become successful by investigating other people's lives, imperfections, and the create a full video about opinions. It starts at the top and goes all the way to bottom. This world has so much to grow.

  63. Car

    Car5 hours ago

    Hollywood is so 🤮.

  64. tawnya brown

    tawnya brown5 hours ago

    So sad. She was always beautiful and talented. So sad that the industry tore her apart like that.

  65. alana

    alana5 hours ago

    So I guess we should deplatfrom everyone with an unhealthy weight as a result of their own personal struggles? I think the fact that she isn't talking about her issue so much and acknowledging it just shows how much she struggles. There are SO many people on the internet who are extremely obese or anorexic. Why arent we tearing down lizzo right now? Why are we supporting people who openly tell people that ITS OKAY to be a certain size as a "statement" just to avoid negative feedback from others who complain and say "you're discriminating or harassing them". Idk man our society is filled with backwards people who like to think in a very hypocritical way. I dont think she likes to talk about her weight AT ALL. She loves fashion and games and connecting with her viewers. She is extremely kind hearted. I am all for people being themselves in whatever body their have and that's fine. But this to me looks like people are looking at just her weight and she seems to hate it so much. People who promote their unhealthy bodies and tell people to eat 3 extra large pizzas or not eat anything at all are the exact same and neither should be labeled as liberating, positive, brave, or anything that is GOOD. I understand people are worried about her but like we are seeing, the media making her image all about her weight is not helping in any way at all. She has a personality with multitudes of passion and kindness and thats exactly what she should be seen as. A human being. Not a freaking threat. She is a grown woman dedicated to the online world being very successful and I would actually be sad to see her lose something she has dedicated so much of her time and energy to.

  66. Juanita Lewis

    Juanita Lewis5 hours ago

    Dr Phil’s a demon and I’m not even religious I mean just look at that creepy smile

  67. Jolie M. V.

    Jolie M. V.5 hours ago

    not him being a whole man and her in 9th grade like what in the f lol

  68. Cindy Z

    Cindy Z5 hours ago

    I liked them over ace family

  69. Kitty Blue

    Kitty Blue5 hours ago

    Love your channel ❤️


    SKY DXDDY5 hours ago

    Italian food reference... pizza gate???

  71. Julie Anderson

    Julie Anderson5 hours ago

    Provo canyon has been a problem for decades. My uncle was sent there in the 70s and they were massively abusive then.

  72. Jennifer Kilpatrick

    Jennifer Kilpatrick6 hours ago

    I think you have to prove that your business was hurt during covid

  73. puuuuurrrfectkitten

    puuuuurrrfectkitten6 hours ago

    Wow rude and how she treated patty strange weired...Did she force recipes on nikloading kids try prevent weight gain i wonder now also...i didnt relise they were together when i watched hungry girl yes use alot procced i noticed when younger. Was just easy recipes i ate at times

  74. Michelle Sutton

    Michelle Sutton6 hours ago

    It's not her hair

  75. Hola Cheska

    Hola Cheska6 hours ago

    I want to see a full documentary about Brittany Murphy. She was my fave actress like, I can see her movies non stop. She was sweet, just like Britney.

  76. yellie sauce

    yellie sauce6 hours ago


  77. Michelle Sutton

    Michelle Sutton6 hours ago

    I''m hearing u great

  78. sara salta

    sara salta6 hours ago

    Bhad bhaby look good

  79. Maryia Stiles

    Maryia Stiles6 hours ago

    I thought she said the coaches name was marnie cooper??

  80. Kaitlin Luther

    Kaitlin Luther6 hours ago

    That rhyme bro, you should be some sort of human rights poet lmao