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How To Beat HUSH

How To Beat HUSH

2 months ago

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  1. Chelsea Beaver

    Chelsea Beaver9 hours ago


  2. Flavio Xavier Navarro Guerra

    Flavio Xavier Navarro Guerra9 hours ago

    In other words knowledge is power

  3. Dark Ghost

    Dark Ghost9 hours ago

    40? Deaths

  4. Dark Ghost

    Dark Ghost9 hours ago


  5. Dimitri J

    Dimitri J9 hours ago

    I would just make it so everyone dies by getting shot by a cop, and erase everything after the person is dead

  6. Y̶e̶e̶t̶M̶y̶s̶e̶l̶f̶

    Y̶e̶e̶t̶M̶y̶s̶e̶l̶f̶9 hours ago

    *Me, who's homeschooled* : 👁👄👁

  7. Penta Goblin

    Penta Goblin9 hours ago

    If she lived in ireland like me she could've just gon to the hse and had nearly all the cost paid for, she might just have to pay for 3 or 4 thousand euro

  8. VictoriaBTS Army

    VictoriaBTS Army9 hours ago

    Fun Fact : There's actually a comic of this in webtoon

  9. zans Cxz

    zans Cxz9 hours ago

    The day you skip school:

  10. maxim millions2002

    maxim millions20029 hours ago

    These Asian horror movies look pretty cool but I cannot stand these unoriginal comments comparing American and Asian youre not funny

  11. xxx Dre

    xxx Dre9 hours ago

    If you think im gonna pass up an instant death, you're greatly mistaken

  12. the kid no one like: pp

    the kid no one like: pp9 hours ago

    Where can you watch it?

  13. Mercy on the Potatoes

    Mercy on the Potatoes9 hours ago

    How to beat dont breathe Dont break into peoples homes it common sense

  14. Jorden Covin

    Jorden Covin9 hours ago

    The only way to survive death note is to not do anything bad

  15. Guamoi

    Guamoi9 hours ago

    You should do "Why you wouldn't survive Silent Hill"

  16. Mario Mikulek

    Mario Mikulek10 hours ago

    That picture with ,,My Girlfriend" Im dying hahahahahahah

  17. Cipi SixZeroFour

    Cipi SixZeroFour10 hours ago

    Pregnant women survive only after voting to kill their baby

  18. Maite Luna

    Maite Luna10 hours ago

    Can you do the new movie of the wrong turn

  19. Jaxson Millard

    Jaxson Millard10 hours ago


  20. Payton L.

    Payton L.10 hours ago

    I would rather just die.

  21. Neon Catz

    Neon Catz10 hours ago

    Bro just don’t breathe It’s in the title

  22. -

    -10 hours ago

    I would have all jeff bezos money or he nono

  23. myazelle tuazon

    myazelle tuazon10 hours ago

    ok so there's this new anime that just came out yk, high rise invasion. what if- "how to beat high rise invasion" :o

  24. Sprinklejinx

    Sprinklejinx10 hours ago

    If you get the fire cracker one you could always dunk the fire cracker in the barrel of water. They said he had to light a fire cracker in his hand. They never said it had to explode. Plus if you have the choice of shooting the guy or walking away with nothing, she could have always walked away with nothing (Or the 15,000 dollars she got for eating the steak depending on how generous the host was), contacted the police, and then sued the crap out of them.

  25. Xbox Anime Guy

    Xbox Anime Guy10 hours ago

    Bro why are you doing the movie not the anime

  26. ttorrr

    ttorrr10 hours ago

    You've found yourself in a death game. That's your first mistake. If it was me, I'd have put in some cheat codes.

  27. Jevery

    Jevery10 hours ago


  28. Royale Ruby

    Royale Ruby10 hours ago

    i needed to omg im litterally crying like WHY DID KARUBE AND CHOTA HAVE TO DIE ORNDJIJVYWKIA rip karube and chota ????-2020 (in series) rip pay respects dumbasses oi rip cyrt fyry bv3owszISIGEZSIDUISYVOUWAV LGKQALCHV GYUgrywblo aslbfvdiuqw187 😭

  29. kenzie robbins

    kenzie robbins10 hours ago

    Please make a part 2 !!!💕

  30. SenpaiGaming

    SenpaiGaming10 hours ago

    Wow the only survivor is the cameraman

  31. SenpaiGaming

    SenpaiGaming10 hours ago

    Cameraman still alive cameraman never die

  32. Deveyous

    Deveyous10 hours ago

    I'd get a VPN

  33. Ivan Thomas

    Ivan Thomas10 hours ago

    who else is bingeing this guys videos

  34. Bari Dot

    Bari Dot10 hours ago

    How to beat Thirteen Ghosts Love the content

  35. cripfleur

    cripfleur10 hours ago

    its the way ppl think being obese has to mean you’re eating a lot of food/junk food. sumo wrestlers have to eat healthy and a lot of over weight ppl have eating disorders or their metabolism is slow

  36. Exile

    Exile10 hours ago


  37. Unvalted Gaming!!

    Unvalted Gaming!!10 hours ago

    Best way to win battle royale: Crank 90’s to sky limit

  38. Monkey Man

    Monkey Man10 hours ago

    Whenever someone has a nosebleed I start screaming now

  39. Edyt

    Edyt10 hours ago

    Water isnt a conductor...

  40. Antioco pina

    Antioco pina10 hours ago

    just build lol

  41. Gian Van den broek

    Gian Van den broek10 hours ago

    Did the dog survive Edit: oh no i wasnt this far into the video

  42. Foxy Gameing

    Foxy Gameing10 hours ago

    Better than the Netflix version

  43. Jinghong Wang

    Jinghong Wang10 hours ago

    ask him can i be first? loool

  44. Aidonatron10

    Aidonatron1011 hours ago

    SpEEdRun music plays

  45. ً

    ً11 hours ago

    FINALLY YOU DO DEATH NOTE! ive been waiting forever for a youtuber like yourself to cover an anime. esepciaslly death note.

  46. Bianei Lazos

    Bianei Lazos11 hours ago

    The girl who let the chino out is her fault I would shoot her so it doesn't spread even the chimp

  47. Aidonatron10

    Aidonatron1011 hours ago

    11:5 what the absolute frick is this death

  48. Ethan Hendricks

    Ethan Hendricks11 hours ago

    I'm 6'2 that "orange is the new black" guy is gonna get decked

  49. kyle anderson

    kyle anderson11 hours ago

    First mistake in the anime. Trying to kill L. And getting Lind L Taylor. Second mistake taunting the police. Third mistake taking out the FBI. By attacking those who came after him he gave himself away. Without committing the first mistake it would have been nearly impossible to catch him and would have prevented the other mistakes. But this is when we see light developed a God complex. L purposely taunted him and said he was evil. And light with his god complex took the bait.

  50. Monroe Calandar

    Monroe Calandar11 hours ago

    Okay, If I was the neighbor's boyfriend, I would have done something similar, but with a few exceptions, Tell him I think the key is under a potted plant on the side of the house closest to my own, while He's distracted, I'd run back to my own house and call for help, without a long-range weapon, I just have to outrun him for long enough to get inside, locked the doors, and then I can call the police.

  51. Bruhloon

    Bruhloon11 hours ago

    i thought the thumbnail was from left for dead

  52. SCP173 PeanutzGaming

    SCP173 PeanutzGaming11 hours ago

    i want a charmin megaroll horror movie

  53. Ivan challenging videos Lam

    Ivan challenging videos Lam11 hours ago

    "killing is fun and all" well that took a dark turn

  54. Thomas Marquez

    Thomas Marquez11 hours ago

    Is of webtoon

  55. I must consult with the elder gods

    I must consult with the elder gods11 hours ago

    My chances of not consulting the elder gods? Zero People who are perfect in this world? Zero My chances of surviving this? ZERO

  56. Killua Zoldyck

    Killua Zoldyck11 hours ago

    how to beat: just dont rob

  57. Marlon Johnson

    Marlon Johnson11 hours ago

    I would cover my nose and run for the closet with the basketballs to save myself from the knockout gas. If I make it to the end I wouldn't eat the dessert because it's been proven that nothing is as it seems in this game.

  58. Mr Sacrificer

    Mr Sacrificer11 hours ago

    Why do you always use the live action versions?

  59. Eternal Solitude

    Eternal Solitude11 hours ago

    Kill the oldest person alive to test if it is real. Queen Elizabeth (chuckles) I'm in danger.

  60. ChuggieSmalls 420

    ChuggieSmalls 42011 hours ago

    Such a good movie, I know every detail, but I'll still watch this

  61. Fredrik Dahlquist

    Fredrik Dahlquist11 hours ago


  62. kingkaizoku85

    kingkaizoku8511 hours ago

    i would try to communicate to become a slave and work for them. I dont think i could escape.

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    Kate Ambery11 hours ago

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  64. Jennifer Ocampo

    Jennifer Ocampo11 hours ago

    I think there is a movie called quarantine and it’s exactly like this