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  1. Lily Chappell

    Lily Chappell6 hours ago

    Violet more like Violent

  2. Connected Connor

    Connected Connor6 hours ago

    I thought this video was a joke, until I saw this 1:34

  3. Strongest Flyer5

    Strongest Flyer56 hours ago

    It is 2021 and it says she must sheet

  4. BWW Animations

    BWW Animations6 hours ago

    Too bad Carl Judie died😔😢

  5. Sol Soldier

    Sol Soldier6 hours ago

    Lilly gardens the horrer game will be great game

  6. Kim Nam-Joon

    Kim Nam-Joon6 hours ago

    See I am also insecure about my body and for "Yuri" reasons

  7. usuratonkachi

    usuratonkachi6 hours ago

    JEAN AND BENNY, THIS IS PAIN I WANT THEM SO BAD 💔😭 happy that you got them tho, look up their builds so they can deal more damage too :D

  8. Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd

    Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd6 hours ago

    Also, Bijuu, you should use Noelle

  9. mellowii_

    mellowii_6 hours ago

    my friend just started 2 weeks ago and last week he got ganyu on his 2nd pull. im ok

  10. Some random idiot

    Some random idiot6 hours ago

    The 2nd girl is such a fake friend she only went to Brittneys house because she had a tesla

  11. ROBLOX Gaming Channel with friends

    ROBLOX Gaming Channel with friends6 hours ago

    iPhone best

  12. Sxftie Skye

    Sxftie Skye6 hours ago

    It's always *Jean* Another waifu for Mike :'D

  13. Aidan Bissonette

    Aidan Bissonette6 hours ago

    I'm crying rn this is sad 😭

  14. Among Us

    Among Us6 hours ago

    “She put her hair in the sewer” me:no she put it in rainbow fart paint . . .

  15. yuk1

    yuk16 hours ago

    Angie ready to summon atua

  16. It’s hanako :0

    It’s hanako :06 hours ago

    Oh you no Danganronpa I think there’s a survivor AU .. idk what it’s called but I’ve seen people play it.edit: idk why I bring it up in this video-

  17. karimbitar

    karimbitar6 hours ago

    Lol i like how he says ''Look at me Look at me I'm the Girl Friend Look at me with my legs I just move them back and fourth I don't actually do anything''

  18. Jovic Sojor

    Jovic Sojor6 hours ago

    Yandere chan is is not smiling

  19. Fia Gracia

    Fia Gracia6 hours ago

    Save your pulls, you might get a Hu Tao in the next banner

  20. Oof D-oof

    Oof D-oof6 hours ago

    Ahhhhhh the “sweet” feeling of 2018

  21. Sans And Ashton!

    Sans And Ashton!6 hours ago


  22. Sol Soldier

    Sol Soldier7 hours ago

    I watch the show and watch the episode every day until it come off of Netflix.

  23. Dayton McILvain

    Dayton McILvain7 hours ago

    Where I live the police station is way more the 15 because I live in the country where you see almost no cops what so ever so keep a gun with you🙂

  24. KayLynn Eutsler

    KayLynn Eutsler7 hours ago

    when you are on adventure rank 38 but love seeing his reactions:)

  25. UwU OwO

    UwU OwO7 hours ago


  26. Brittany Diaz

    Brittany Diaz7 hours ago

    i know that BRAT did not complain about a honda and then WALK TO HER FRIENDS HOUSE WTH

  27. Mr. Toilet

    Mr. Toilet7 hours ago

    when you talked about bendy in this video, bendy is a real cartoon, not just a mickey mouse spinoff game

  28. Antonio Raphael Impoc

    Antonio Raphael Impoc7 hours ago

    gives me ddlc vibes

  29. withered freddy and bonnie

    withered freddy and bonnie7 hours ago

    hey nice dog i have dog is so big

  30. mega meme

    mega meme7 hours ago

    Puuuuuurrrrrrr. Nya. Nya. ...... I know i sound cursed but i can't help it, ive been feeling like a catgirl ever since ive gotten into this nekopara phase.

  31. Kim Nam-Joon

    Kim Nam-Joon7 hours ago

    Oh and what I sad about being single in the lat video. Women misunderstand friendships with other girls.

  32. AAA 9287

    AAA 92877 hours ago

    Wtf bru

  33. Cowboy

    Cowboy7 hours ago

    He did leave her because of private information That Is Not Supposed To Be Public

  34. Berwyn Wood

    Berwyn Wood7 hours ago


  35. KTgang

    KTgang7 hours ago


  36. hi i’m haruta

    hi i’m haruta7 hours ago

    bijuu either had great luck, or it was the pity system

  37. Valerie

    Valerie7 hours ago

    Bijju have Xiao and Jean The next video of genshin: Diluc, Mona, Zonglin, Qiqi, Nobile No hate just surprised

  38. Adriana Russell

    Adriana Russell7 hours ago

    His shirt where did he get it from

  39. the bean

    the bean7 hours ago

    i'm HERE BUDDY

  40. Gwenevere_Ooooh

    Gwenevere_Ooooh7 hours ago

    The Father from the 1st video died R.I.P Carl Judie You were a loved Dhar Mann actor

  41. chonk cat gaming

    chonk cat gaming7 hours ago

    You call Male Karen's Kyles

  42. chad chad

    chad chad7 hours ago

    I always buy pants from the men's section

  43. Pokémon plays !

    Pokémon plays !7 hours ago

    Doki doki in among us :3

  44. Simika

    Simika7 hours ago

    @Kraken I guess I lost the challenge 😂❤️

  45. Kim Nam-Joon

    Kim Nam-Joon7 hours ago

    this random guy frustrates me

  46. Katie

    Katie7 hours ago

    So THIS is how he got so good at Friday Night Funkin! The dance machine!

  47. Kim Nam-Joon

    Kim Nam-Joon7 hours ago

    Why is this like "YOU and ME and HER"

  48. poke masta

    poke masta7 hours ago

    you shouldeve did scare to death option in bitlife sense in the movies he needs to scare his opponenets to kill them he grows powerful if you are scared of him

  49. agent_ star87

    agent_ star877 hours ago

    big sad the video is already over.

  50. Fanta bean ovo

    Fanta bean ovo7 hours ago

    Me who wants to play Genshin Impact but I can’t:💧👁👄👁💧

  51. Donut

    Donut7 hours ago

    Bennett is a good boy

  52. Dancer Kids ssk

    Dancer Kids ssk7 hours ago

    Isnt lemon demon from a weird ass game?

  53. BB_ Wonk

    BB_ Wonk7 hours ago

    Yes, Yes, join the Genshin weebs

  54. Filip Staikov

    Filip Staikov7 hours ago

    NO NO DO 777 777 777

  55. Filip Staikov

    Filip Staikov7 hours ago

    NO NO DO 777 777 777

  56. Użytkownik Google :D

    Użytkownik Google :D7 hours ago

    8:20 - ngl the girlfriend do be lookin kinda THICC

  57. Claudette Monsegue

    Claudette Monsegue7 hours ago

    Hi bijuu mike

  58. Daniela Alarcon

    Daniela Alarcon7 hours ago

    wasd that so you wont hit 0

  59. Celeste Sarmento

    Celeste Sarmento7 hours ago


  60. Speed Striker

    Speed Striker7 hours ago

    Try the corruption mod for fnf

  61. Marvin Starr

    Marvin Starr7 hours ago


  62. Kathy Moemyint Ong

    Kathy Moemyint Ong7 hours ago

    bettle juice mike

  63. JustCyka

    JustCyka7 hours ago

    Plot twist: whitty is rush e

  64. 《 kenma》

    《 kenma》7 hours ago


  65. K1-B0

    K1-B07 hours ago

    Bruh why do they animate things nobody is going to see???

  66. OllieTheCat

    OllieTheCat7 hours ago

    Guys don’t tell him that he is calling himself dumb...

  67. Rosaria Mbesha

    Rosaria Mbesha7 hours ago

    Any one notice that he hasn't subed to he's channel

  68. hatake kakashi

    hatake kakashi7 hours ago

    Pretty sure that was the lemon demon not bf

  69. Fjan007

    Fjan0077 hours ago

    Dammmn Mike, I sure hope viewers ain't gonna drag you down into debt hole lol.

  70. Aylin Koll

    Aylin Koll7 hours ago

    Maybe you can do Cartoon Cat next, because I think it won't be able to guess that!

  71. tilly yomozuki

    tilly yomozuki7 hours ago

    WHEN HE FROOZE AT 2:04:40

  72. Ana Rios

    Ana Rios7 hours ago

    While I was watching this vid my laptop literally crashed-

  73. Jean Marie Durogene

    Jean Marie Durogene7 hours ago


  74. Monokuma

    Monokuma7 hours ago

    Oh my it seems bijuu mike is doing a dangenranpa reference by cross dressing lel

  75. ConnorTheGamer

    ConnorTheGamer7 hours ago

    i was gonna dowload fnf mario kart to see it and then you acctually need to pay money to play it XD so i just skipped

  76. Kim Nam-Joon

    Kim Nam-Joon7 hours ago

    Even though Makoto wanted time away from her, he kinda is right about being horrible to Kotonoha

  77. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya7 hours ago

    Girl in video: Maybe that's why I- Ad: I'm a big kid now!

  78. Puppy Bianca

    Puppy Bianca7 hours ago

    You do realize you called yourself gacha mike On Bijuu mike

  79. Bi and proud of it

    Bi and proud of it7 hours ago

    31:01 any Dragon Ball fans notice what's in Gonta's last name? I did

  80. Casey Vidas

    Casey Vidas7 hours ago

    "I am still alive" Whitty: Not for long