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Larson Farms

We are a 5th generation corn and soybean farm located in west central Minnesota. Doing our best to respect and improve the land we farm while sharing our love of agriculture. We hope you enjoy our content.

  1. colby drake

    colby drake5 hours ago

    Tear the shed down and be like the rest of us country folk and burn it

  2. james kearney

    james kearney5 hours ago

    I must say the more I watch your videos. The more I enjoy them. Have not watched very long. Chet I enjoy your relationship with your Dad and your whole family and friends. Keep it up Great job!! Hope Nicole is doing well

  3. John Olynik

    John Olynik5 hours ago

    Don't worry about what knucklehead say it ain't worth the bother just get that young lady healthy got to love the farmers

  4. Joel M Rust

    Joel M Rust6 hours ago

    Thoughts and continued Prayers for Nicole!! Love the new Truck!

  5. Ned Crabtree

    Ned Crabtree6 hours ago


  6. Exotic Tones

    Exotic Tones7 hours ago

    Good stuff guys.

  7. jimbo's trucking vids Ab

    jimbo's trucking vids Ab7 hours ago

    Man oh man your videos are amazing keep up the great work great farm great family farm awesome. Hope it all goes well with her treatment all are love and support ❤

  8. Gary Koehler

    Gary Koehler7 hours ago

    what kind of soap u used to wash your combine

  9. Steppe Farm

    Steppe Farm8 hours ago

    Good job on editing Chet, Prayers for you and your wonderful wife. I pray that she is doing well, stay strong brother.


    SHANE LIDER8 hours ago

    Did you keep the deer

  11. Exotic Tones

    Exotic Tones8 hours ago

    Getter done guys.

  12. polarisman09

    polarisman099 hours ago

    The Z Tracks get around alot better than the Standard Tracks. Not even close.

  13. Horst R.

    Horst R.9 hours ago

    WOW, what kind of work under the thing, why does something always break where you get the worst, but great work, nice Video ;-p

  14. Robert Hornstra

    Robert Hornstra9 hours ago

    Why does your fuel gel? Aren’t you getting winter fuel in Minnesota?

  15. Checkers X

    Checkers X11 hours ago

    Chet the businessman... tells dad, "You going to bill the farm? I only pay half price for used stuff though." LOL.

  16. Farms Hoffman

    Farms Hoffman12 hours ago

    Great awesome video Chet , dougo , big Swede ,

  17. Mod Squad

    Mod Squad12 hours ago

    Let's be honest you have to like california. I've never been but even on a medical trip there I would try to make the best of it. Hope you are too.

  18. Mod Squad

    Mod Squad12 hours ago

    Hope she's ok and your holding up. Videos good. I haven't noticed to much on editing difference.

  19. Dennis Forrest

    Dennis Forrest13 hours ago

    Don't let the haters get to you, just like a duck let it roll off your back. Praying for a swift recovery.

  20. Braeden Baker

    Braeden Baker13 hours ago

    7:08-7:09 Douggo wasn’t very pleased 😂

  21. swizlstik1

    swizlstik114 hours ago

    Imagine, some equipment only sees water when it rains.

  22. Jerry Drake

    Jerry Drake14 hours ago

    Prayers going out to Nicole, you & your families!

  23. Canadian Farmer

    Canadian Farmer15 hours ago

    Good luck man that’s a tough situation you are dealing with hope she is doing good

  24. Nick Jones

    Nick Jones15 hours ago

    My brother bought a Duramax one time because we needed a truck and it was cheap. We have never had anything besides Cummins. We went to the field and got in the tractor and combine and left and figured out it was a lot quieter than a Cummins because we forgot to shut it off and it was still running 14 hours later.

  25. Bryce Haveman

    Bryce Haveman16 hours ago

    cant you delete the def

  26. 701Chevy

    701Chevy17 hours ago

    Semis use a "wet kit" it's its own hydraulic system for lowboys, and other types of hydraulic trailers. It's a mechanical pump that runs off the transmission, it's own pto basically.

  27. Exotic Tones

    Exotic Tones17 hours ago

    Hope Niki is getting what she needs n your all that seat.

  28. Robert Valentine

    Robert Valentine17 hours ago

    If you really, really like the truck, but not the sleeper, take it off, sell it and get a rear cab panel.

  29. Dominic Overcash

    Dominic Overcash18 hours ago

    Why do you have quad tracks you should get rid of them and replace them with John Deere 9rt,9r, or 9rx?

  30. Darcy Shirreff

    Darcy Shirreff19 hours ago

    just lay down some ad blue and u will spin till the cows come home :)

  31. Darcy Shirreff

    Darcy Shirreff21 hour ago

    Chet to all those poor individuals out there that would question your go fund me page I think you are safe to bet they have never been in the same situation.... cancer is on of the things that is as random as lottery

  32. Randy Robinson

    Randy Robinson21 hour ago

    Kid should be more respectful to his father

  33. Sergei Abbitjakokov

    Sergei AbbitjakokovDay ago

    They're 2 different tractors, the hoods are different anyway.

  34. David Analyst

    David AnalystDay ago

    hoping for the best for the treatments! you guys could have made a little bit more money hauling corn if you had two people and walked from dumping the corn to the second weigh-in. lolz

  35. LandPhyll

    LandPhyllDay ago

    Chet, don't waste your and Nicole's time worrying about the nay-sayers. To a person they are jealous, do nothing little small people who look at other people and know they themselves will never accomplish anywhere near what you, your beautiful wife and your wonderful hardworking family are doing. They are not worth wasting your energy on. Focus on Nicole and your family and GOD. We pray for you and Nicole to return to the farm soon with strength and vigor and good health. And we will all look forward to tomorrow and the many days to come. MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS YOU AND NICOLE. LEW

  36. Brayden M Gordon

    Brayden M GordonDay ago

    "Another hooker?" 😂

  37. Michael Burns

    Michael BurnsDay ago

    Don’t ever give those low life’s a second thought. If they don’t know they type of good hearted caring mind people you are, they don’t deserve any consideration. You have all our support, prayers and love. Just take care of your family and keep the faith.

  38. Sue Gauerke

    Sue GauerkeDay ago

    I love your video s!

  39. Mark Vittorini

    Mark VittoriniDay ago

    I love how you two relate to each other, it's really nice to see in these times!

  40. robert shaw

    robert shawDay ago

    Use pipe dope. It lubricates the threads, seals the threads, prevents corrocial of the mating pipes and makes it a lot easier to take the joints apart of necessary.

  41. walter blow

    walter blowDay ago

    then buy it

  42. Tom Richter

    Tom RichterDay ago

    Kind of wierd, but I am clastrophobic,and I always struggled to work in tight spaces like that.

  43. Ken Graham

    Ken GrahamDay ago

    You just keep taking care of Nikki. We want her back and healthy.

  44. Dave Haug

    Dave HaugDay ago

    Our prayers to Nikki and you, Chet.

  45. Blake Wilson

    Blake WilsonDay ago

    Be cautious about a paccar engine if has one otherwise go for it

  46. Bryant Kohl

    Bryant KohlDay ago

    Keep up the good work. Prayers for Nicki

  47. Lingred006

    Lingred006Day ago

    No expert, but could you possibly have hooked on another tractors hydraulic hoses to the back end steer and then steered it with the hydraulic controls in the tractor?

  48. Ed bgee

    Ed bgeeDay ago

    Prayers for both of you.

  49. Cary Guyer

    Cary GuyerDay ago

    You have life by the balls and are very mature for your age. Good upbringing so thank your dad. As far as people out there in youtube land sending you derogatory statements, they are nothing to even spend a penny of thought on. You take care of your wife and keep up the good attitude. Great content and superb family. Best wishes to all.......

  50. David Camilo

    David CamiloDay ago

    Challenger is owned by AGCO and have nothing to do with CAT for a veeeery long time.

  51. Kim kramer

    Kim kramerDay ago

    I completely agree with dabearsfan811. Since this episode I've had this on my mind and I'm sorry about the heartless people that have responded like that. Best that we can do for them is pray for them. No one has a clue what you and Nicole are going through and you need all the prayers and encouragement you can get. You guys are an exempelary family and I admire your boldness to speak of your convictions. Very refreshing to see and hear. I pray good and positive result for your bride and that God will provide for your needs. Thank you for sharing a small part of your lives with us.

  52. Doc Ennik

    Doc EnnikDay ago

    That was very smart not to try to save the funnel because it could have damaged your fingers. you could tell you were thinking about it but you never follow through which was smart . Thanks again for all your video clips. I enjoy them. I was not that fortunate to be able to be on a farm. I'm more in the city

  53. Doc Ennik

    Doc EnnikDay ago

    When that hose blew remind me of a time when I power washed. I was using a power washer with a boiler heated the water get oils off the metal . same spot where your guys's busted. mine busted as well and I moved it too fast and sprayed the boiling hot water right down my steel-toe boot

  54. sledstorm1

    sledstorm1Day ago

    Hey Chat why do you prefer the helper axle? I though the added weight would be more of a penalty then a help?



    so what happens when you cant afford your leases any more? you just have nothing ? i dont get leasing... i mean i get it on the repairs aspect

  56. Stepfon Smith

    Stepfon SmithDay ago

    Hope you decide to get the new truck and I'll be praying for your family

  57. Antero Sanguin

    Antero SanguinDay ago

    You opened the doors of your house, you allowed me to drive your combine, we together serviced, repaired, washed your machinery, for this reason we will be with you and Nicole in California, we will share your pain and your hope,..and we will trust in the positive improvement of Nicole health. Antero & Raffaella, Italy

  58. Dave Remmereid

    Dave RemmereidDay ago

    Love your channel. You make everyone know what is happening with all the things we all go through on our farms. I think we as farmers all love our lifestyle as much as we can

  59. Charles Shaw

    Charles ShawDay ago

    God bless your whole family,but a special ble ss ing to nicki

  60. BB

    BBDay ago

    HI from ENGLAND, DON,T LET THEM BOTHER YOU MATE. Your doing a great job. Hope everything goes well for NICHOLE, best wishes to you all at the farm, TAKE CARE.

  61. Tucker Corkins

    Tucker CorkinsDay ago

    Asked about goggles that seal had pair of willyx sun glasses they had a memory foam insert set on to frame that sealed up very very well wrk doing asphalt so sweat rewind it but for that think it'd wrk great

  62. Joey Voller

    Joey VollerDay ago

    The last part of the video caught me off guard. I guess its from growing up in small town mn but I can't believe people are that heartless and would actually think that way? I have a feeling it is just the lonely person living in their parents basement hiding behind their electronics trying to get a rise out of you. Don't listen to them and let them get to you, you have A LOT of people in your corner. You take care of your wife, take care of yourself and God bless.

  63. Phil Collins

    Phil CollinsDay ago

    I have noticed during this Covid pandemic how inconsiderate and nasty people are because they have no respect for you, actions like walking too close and not attempting to socially distance whilst out walking and total dis-respect when confronted using profanities in response.It is a sign of the times and is only exposed more because of the situation.Your circumstances are very personal and it hurts more than abuse from a stranger in the street who you can respond to with equal disdain. Think of these people as empty vessels with no soul and your understanding of that makes it easier to ignore their comments and not question your motives.

  64. Art Deco Dreamer

    Art Deco DreamerDay ago

    Hey Nikki & Chet, I'm so glad you fine folks are doing good. I'm sorry to hear about some people saying negative things, so I will say you are awesome...each & every one of you at Larson Farms! You are in our thoughts and prayers every day! You are all such an inspiring example of wholesome family life and how people should strive to be kind and helpful to others. I know I speak for everyone mostly when we say how much we all enjoy the content you create week after week. Please keep making videos, it's so much more enjoyable to see real people living real life with real struggles and triumph over adversity. God Bless you and awesome job!



    We are all here for you

  66. Niclas Jacob

    Niclas JacobDay ago

    What is your opinion on the e18 PowerShift? Is the acceleration really that slow and is it really that bad compared to the e23 in a 8R?

  67. AltairRules

    AltairRulesDay ago

    When you were talking the ice in the system, I saw those propane torch’s and remembered you guys having a hard time with that style a while back. I had the same style and thought it sucked too, so I got their better one and I use it with MAP gas too so I can get them seized fasteners off. If you want to look it up yourself, it’s by benzomatic and is black metal with I believe a brass pipe. It’s very nice.

  68. Phillip Baumlisberger

    Phillip BaumlisbergerDay ago

    I can bing watch these videos all day. I constant find myself laughing along with these three in their daily life and reminds me of the daily life on our farm with my family

  69. Robert Hubbard

    Robert HubbardDay ago

    Dougo raised thousands of pigs in little buildings...yet he whines about smelling cigarettes? I bet he doesn't smell anything!

  70. Brian Benz

    Brian BenzDay ago

    Dont listen to them chet be there for your wife i loss my mom to cancer when i was 10 so i know it can stressful and hard at times just know us fans here are backing you 100% and nicole praying for a speedy recovery may god wrap his arms around you

  71. Doug Berry

    Doug Berry2 days ago

    Sitting on the floor is a Peterbilt thing. Everytime you see one the driver looks like he can barely see over the dash. You guys are doing a great job and hope Nicole is doing well. 🇨🇦

  72. Jim McLean

    Jim McLean2 days ago

    Well yeah I would say that money would go for treatments for your wife don't know what the hell the rest of these viewers would think any different but there always has to a few a _ _ holes in the bunch hope your wife gets better chet

  73. Matt Von Seggern

    Matt Von Seggern2 days ago

    Chet, I really do enjoy your videos and great commentary! Dougo is great and love his quirky comments in certain situations! My prayers are out to nichole (spelling? Sorry). I hope she can make a full recovery very soon! But please!! Leave California ASAP!! Ive heard everything is super expensive there and they don’t have snow... Just please bring Nikki back home in good health and safe travels!

  74. Donnie Hauge

    Donnie Hauge2 days ago

    P!SS on those trolls!!! Prayers for Nikki and Chet!

  75. Wickham Smith

    Wickham Smith2 days ago

    Chet I hope Nicole gets better very soon I will always support you and many prayers coming your way

  76. tom stickney

    tom stickney2 days ago

    god bless you both stupid people say stupid things got this nick.

  77. David Hudman

    David Hudman2 days ago

    Your doing a great job. Prayers for Y'all

  78. Bernie Straight

    Bernie Straight2 days ago

    Don’t listen to ugly people I know it’s hard but don’t give in brother god bless

  79. gus mink

    gus mink2 days ago

    You are doing grate keep up the good work 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  80. Philly Hillbilly

    Philly Hillbilly2 days ago

    wondering why you dont use the old oil in waste oil heaters to heat all the buildings, provide hot water, ect...