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I take a lot of pride in my "How to" videos because I like to help others learn how to fix their car. I film, edit and publish each video on my own. They are concise with all of the essential information so anyone can follow along and fix their car from beginners to experts. I have had many viewers comment and let me know how I have taught them how to fix their car themselves and save them $$$ and I love it!

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  1. N C

    N CHour ago

    Well in my country, the 500$ cars would cost like 2000-3000$ or above.

  2. mai leuangkham

    mai leuangkhamHour ago

    Thief: I found the thing Car owner: WHAT THE HELL YOU GOT IN MY CAR Thief: I know Car owner: HOW Thief: idk

  3. Leonel Castro

    Leonel CastroHour ago

    Hello sorry to comment on such an old video but my windshield wiper is this style but it won’t come out. I don’t wanna put more pressure and risk breaking something any idea what it might be? If not thank you for your time anyway

  4. adharsh s

    adharsh sHour ago

    Is nobody gonna talk that he put his dog in the trunk

  5. John Kost

    John KostHour ago

    my dream car is nissan skyline r34

  6. rz

    rzHour ago


  7. Minhaj Uddin

    Minhaj UddinHour ago

    Wouldn’t wd40 work as well as silicone for frozen doors?

  8. John Kost

    John KostHour ago

    my dream car is Nissan skyline r34

  9. BHorst BHorsty

    BHorst BHorstyHour ago

    Jeah, and then Take your Kid for one Drive and do it over again🤭

  10. Bierek

    BierekHour ago

    what is model of this mustnag?

  11. Juan Hernandez

    Juan HernandezHour ago

    The petite nylon cytochemically rhyme because dirt reassuringly confess next a keen plow. nippy, ablaze colony

  12. 1953Stephan

    1953StephanHour ago

    Hey there Chris for your horn Get a Diesel Train Horn ..LOL Now that is a Horn

  13. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WayneHour ago

    How come in like every single old Honda on the engine there are like these wires that you take out it’s like in every single Honda 🧐

  14. Thomas Holmes

    Thomas HolmesHour ago


  15. Karl Inglott

    Karl InglottHour ago

    4:17 "Maybe it's the power trying to come back on".

  16. jen payne

    jen payne2 hours ago

    How would you get stains out of the vinyl, light grey door panel?

  17. R9 Cheverny

    R9 Cheverny2 hours ago

    how you dont have air in the system now??

  18. Anmol Dubb

    Anmol Dubb2 hours ago

    you nearly got 10k now

  19. basdoescee

    basdoescee2 hours ago

    hummer? .. really?

  20. gaurav plays

    gaurav plays2 hours ago

    Now man you have 7 million I saw you like a year ago now I am surprised by your growth keep it up

  21. Tamas F

    Tamas F2 hours ago

    Anyone knows why my brand new ebc brake pads squeak hella loud? They said just drive it around lil bit, but it gets louder

  22. Somes Biswal

    Somes Biswal2 hours ago

    A true love love? The man and his big toy.

  23. William Jemeyson

    William Jemeyson2 hours ago

    9:21 That nut is never to be found.

  24. George Fisher

    George Fisher2 hours ago

    Swear Chris's cars must be the happiest cars in the world. Another great video.