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  1. WhiteTailFreak Hastings

    WhiteTailFreak Hastings11 hours ago

    That was an epic hunt............Have snows will travel:)......

  2. Eric Weber

    Eric Weber11 hours ago

    Hard work and dedication right there. 👏🏻What’s the price tag on all those snow decoys?

  3. Brian Donnelly

    Brian Donnelly18 hours ago

    I’m so glad

  4. Sawyer Luke

    Sawyer LukeDay ago

    Spread looks good to me. We use a drill and a over sized bit and drill right threw the frozen ground if we are hunting with stakes.

  5. Logan Schwada

    Logan SchwadaDay ago

    Seems like they still like to put it down on the ground even near water, although we haven’t tried putting speakers on the water! Gonna try that out! We like to have the main hole behind the blind in the field with a mob close and in front. If youre like us you’ll move most the decoys 10x before it’s all said and done! Good luck! Contents solid!!

  6. Joel Mcmahan

    Joel McmahanDay ago

    I still like the hunts in the timber. Doing great stuff then and now. Gods speed to Goochie TV crew and families 👍🇺🇸🏆

  7. Kirk Rhatigan

    Kirk RhatiganDay ago

    Man buddy good luck that looks awesome,I'm from upstate NY and we are about two weeks from snow goose hunting.its lining up looking good

  8. brann 24

    brann 24Day ago

    Looks awesome boys! Only thing I would say is knock down that row of standing corn behind the blind. Hope you boys get into them!

  9. W Built

    W BuiltDay ago

    that cat was awesome 😂

  10. Jim Ryser

    Jim RyserDay ago

    Jon Lewis warned me about the obsession ... 😳😏

  11. j monni d e

    j monni d eDay ago

    Awesome set ! Hope payoff is bountiful, !

  12. Hunt Harder

    Hunt HarderDay ago

    If y’all are in there on the right days, my god it’s gonna be good! Better have the THP boys stop by in between chasing gobblers!

  13. Ekom Leader

    Ekom LeaderDay ago

    Stoooop killing theeem

  14. Darrell King

    Darrell KingDay ago

    Lot of hard work hope you smash them

  15. Connor Chatfield

    Connor ChatfieldDay ago

    This is badass! Why don’t you guys have a rifle in the truck tho to try and clip them going across those open fields tho? Keep up the good work guys!

  16. Virginia Outdoors Unlimited

    Virginia Outdoors UnlimitedDay ago

    Really cool video, looking forward to seeing y'all shoot some snows over that setup

  17. Rich Barone

    Rich Barone2 days ago

    Where can I find that ball cap 🤔

  18. J H

    J H2 days ago

    As someone who’s old enough to be your father, let me tell you: if you don’t put a ring on her finger ASAP, you’re a damn fool!

  19. Hunter Kulsicavage

    Hunter Kulsicavage2 days ago

    How much money do you think you have spent?

  20. David Fleer

    David Fleer2 days ago

    I don’t know anything about goose hunting so only advice I can give we have a neighbor that would leave a trolling motor going all winter to keep a hole open for their tame ducks but yes it did get really cold the other week. I guess we’ll see how your spread worked in a week 👍👌🇺🇸

  21. Teresa Farley

    Teresa Farley2 days ago

    Good job Gooch! Can't wait to see what y'all get!

  22. Bum

    Bum2 days ago

    We hunted a few fields over from yall on this day, Winchester/dumas area

  23. Myron High

    Myron High2 days ago

    Amazing spread boys!!!! Good luck and God Bless!!!👍🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏

  24. mi_outdoorsman

    mi_outdoorsman2 days ago

    Gotta get alot of silos

  25. v j

    v j2 days ago

    holy ff cat is Killer

  26. Ryan

    Ryan2 days ago

    The cat😳😂

  27. w6 Outdoors

    w6 Outdoors2 days ago

    Looks killer

  28. D Duhdz

    D Duhdz2 days ago

    This is awesome!

  29. Edward Sabo

    Edward Sabo2 days ago

    You guys having a hard time getting ammo?

  30. Game Dinnah

    Game Dinnah2 days ago

    Shame to see Ralphie hunting the high-fence 🐁 🐈 Thought he was a public land kinda cat. Jk Ralphie- solid hunt bub.

  31. Game Dinnah

    Game Dinnah2 days ago

    I would have put out 2000 dekes. Take it from a guy that’s never hunted for snow geese.. just trust me😂.

  32. Penny Rausch

    Penny Rausch2 days ago

    get sleeper shells and put ur speakers next to them

  33. Goltine Hunting Productions

    Goltine Hunting Productions2 days ago

    That's an insane amount of decoys! But if you're leaving it out for a month it makes sense! Looking forward to see how it works.

  34. Mike Bruns

    Mike Bruns2 days ago

    Appreciate it. I love seeing different snow goose spreads and it's cool seeing them from the birds' view. I'm heading out in the morning to put our spread out by myself.

  35. Southern Indiana Outdoorsman

    Southern Indiana Outdoorsman2 days ago

    Bud don't sell yourself short. I don't snow goose hunt, but I found it very interesting. When you watch a lot of shows, they just show ya them shooting ducks or geese off a spread. Really cool to see how much work goes into it & how y'all strategize!!!!!! Good job bud.

  36. Grindstaff

    [email protected] Grindstaff2 days ago

    Dang that's alot of work just shows how much u love it

  37. Grant Wingerter

    Grant Wingerter2 days ago

    Lookin good Gooch! I’d maybe put your land decoys closer together, will look more natural. Either way you guys will slay there I’m sure. Looking forward to the next month of videos. We are headed down to the Dearborn area next weekend to hunt. Should be right in the mix. Good luck!

  38. Joel Mcmahan

    Joel Mcmahan2 days ago

    Wow boys just wow, Goochie TV, from new channel on the block. To one of the best in no time flat. Good job guys and gods speed to ya all. 👍🇺🇸👍🦌

  39. Denny Pitman

    Denny Pitman2 days ago

    I've been guiding spring snows in MO since 2004. Your set up is great! You might want to think about moving all the decoys to the pit. You will have birds land on those sides at times when the wind switches. They don't "family group" like honkers around a lake very often. The arms aren't needed on water like they are land. I'd also open a hole or two behind the pit. Majority of the time the snows go to the tightest packed decoys and where the music is playing. They are super aggressive and will rub shoulders when they find feed. you have everything they need and want there! I hope y'all smash em good!!

  40. William Smith

    William Smith2 days ago

    Have you tried drilling holes for your stakes.

  41. Josh Kalmar

    Josh Kalmar2 days ago

    Where did you get that hat bro!!

  42. Troy Banning

    Troy Banning2 days ago

    Just hope nobody recognizes the shed that all of your decoys are stored in. Hopefully they don't help themselves!

  43. Hunter George

    Hunter George2 days ago

    Oh yeah!! I already know this is going to be a banger hunt!!

  44. Trenton Clark

    Trenton Clark3 days ago

    I wouldn’t mind coyotes being just slaughtered to extinction

  45. Steven Tanner

    Steven Tanner3 days ago

    These kinds of competitions give the rest of us hunters a bad name they need to go away.

  46. Shawn Gambill

    Shawn Gambill3 days ago

    how can you kill deer easy and cant kill a goose at 25 yards.

  47. Shirley Koskela

    Shirley Koskela3 days ago

    Iam a hunter But why are u guys shooting that many,Ya don’t kill any thing just to see who can kill the most except for Rats

  48. Jonathan Simmons

    Jonathan Simmons3 days ago

    That’s gotta be a benelli. You can hear the difference in the shotkam between the two usually

  49. finpainter1

    finpainter13 days ago

    Goose hunt in Michigan ,but that was crazy

  50. Chuck Law

    Chuck Law3 days ago

    Double gainer with a face plant in the ice!!! HAHAHAHA!! That was awesome!

  51. Antonio Fasio

    Antonio Fasio4 days ago

    I dug through the comments for everyone . No bands on them . Must have been a lot of young birds. My hair stands on the back of my neck when we have a plot of 5-10k birds here in jersey . Couldn’t imagine this

  52. Matthew Hunting and fishing

    Matthew Hunting and fishing4 days ago

    How many bands that’s the real question

  53. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson4 days ago

    1:37 Jesus stops by to see how ya'll doin'

  54. David Koehler

    David Koehler4 days ago

    You had one hell of a good year behind the camera and hunting and filming for the Hp channel and your channel .Excellent job and can't wait for the lion hunt . Which bty is a rough hunt but it is a good time .

  55. chris polk

    chris polk4 days ago

    Way to throw it down for Missouri. Didnt get the cold in stl till after season.

  56. some one

    some one4 days ago

    Thats what dreams are made of!!!

  57. Skunny

    Skunny4 days ago

    Badass spot to hunt some honkers!!!

  58. Campus Waterfowl

    Campus Waterfowl5 days ago

    Heck of a season man, great work! Look forward to seeing what you do next season!

  59. Bob Giles

    Bob Giles5 days ago

    Enjoyed your video looked like you guys had a good goose season. Looking forward to seeing your next video 👍

  60. Ali Turnbull

    Ali Turnbull5 days ago

    Why not have a few with bows and a few with some shotguns in case you miss or make a bad shot?

  61. Joel Mcmahan

    Joel Mcmahan5 days ago

    Keep up the good hunting and great videos, Goochie TV. Great year for you and your channel. Gods speed to ya all 👍🇺🇸

  62. Lukas Elmelund Olsen

    Lukas Elmelund Olsen5 days ago

    the thing i hate most about americans is when they call themself "world champions". like wtf. you are in arkansas and mostly competeting against people from arkansas. though it seemed like a good hunt. how many shoots du each person have? 8? thats alot. in Denmark you are only allowed 2 steel shoot per volley per person so we will never get to 473 geese, not even close.

  63. magnus olsen

    magnus olsen5 days ago

    “World Champions” 😂 more like American Champions or Arkansas Champions

  64. Tim White

    Tim White5 days ago

    Killer footage all season. Cool video

  65. Jonas Miller

    Jonas Miller5 days ago

    "OMAHA!" lmao

  66. Logger Brandon

    Logger Brandon5 days ago

    We have a September season if we line some birds up you can come hunt

  67. Spotten Stock

    Spotten Stock5 days ago

    Great job Gooch! Look into a greyhound.... you'd be AMAZED

  68. Eli Inghram

    Eli Inghram5 days ago

    I have one of them snows down low hats

  69. david

    david5 days ago

    Keep it up!!! Love your content and watching you grow.

  70. Dale Steinecke

    Dale Steinecke5 days ago

    Another awesome video

  71. sctsct100

    sctsct1005 days ago

    Watch the dog when you're shooting, it needs to be tied up if you can't control it!

  72. Austin Dorn

    Austin Dorn5 days ago

    good shooting 🤟🏼

  73. Trevor McKinney Fishing

    Trevor McKinney Fishing5 days ago

    Great footage buddy! The dog makes me nervous when he runs in front of you guys.

  74. Randy Hawkins

    Randy Hawkins5 days ago

    Awesome !!!

  75. dan palfreyman

    dan palfreyman5 days ago

    Awesome to watch.

  76. nayeli coello

    nayeli coello5 days ago

    Muy bonitas cazerias amigos q bueno q cazen🇪🇨🇪🇨👍

  77. Josh And Hunter’s Adventures

    Josh And Hunter’s Adventures5 days ago

    Love these duck hunting videos

  78. Hunter George

    Hunter George5 days ago

    Love when Goochie uploads

  79. Jim Doyle

    Jim Doyle5 days ago

    Well done !!! Great season and footage.

  80. Riley McCabe

    Riley McCabe5 days ago

    Pretty work on your season ol’ boy keep it up!